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It was the first time after such a long time that Pardis was the one to arrive home early, they both worked in the city but traffic on Ahilya’s side was always lighter. Tomorrow was the weekend so Pardis decided to just wait for Ahilya to come home so she can greet her like Ahilya always does.

She tossed her keys on the counter, Ahilya would probably give her an earful for that, she then laid on the couch with AC blasting the house, the summer was there the sun was on the full power, almost roasting people.

Pardis was on the verge of sleeping when Ahilya came home, “fuck summer, fuck the sun.” those were her first words as she stepped one foot in, Pardis chuckled to that, “that’s not a very nice thing to say kitten,”

Ahilya didn’t expect her to be home already, she jumped, “oh, you are home,”

Pardis dragged herself up from the couch, stretching her hands up, she let out a relieved sigh, “yeah, thought I’d wait for you,” she smiled, ready to give Ahilya a hug.

“Don’t even think about it,” Ahilya threatened, stepping back, “it’s too hot, do not get close to me until I shower,”

Pardis smirked, “ok then,” She took Ahilya’s hand and dragged her to their bedroom, “we’ll take a bath together, we can even-”
“don’t you dare to say save water,” Ahilya groaned at the cliché.

Pardis just rolled her eyes, it was fun to get Ahilya a bit frustrated with stupid jokes like that sometimes.

Pardis filled the bathtub with hot water, she threw in a bath bomb too, then she started to get undressed, “what are you waiting for?” Pardis asked when Ahilya was just standing there, still not really pleased with the idea, Pardis always made the water too hot, not too fun in the summer, she got impatient at last, so she came forward and just took Ahilya’s clothes off herself.

“I would’ve kissed you, but you don’t let me touch,” Pardis said when she was done with undressing her, Pardis sank in the water, her hair got curlier as the water touched them, the sight was inviting so Ahilya stepped in front of her.

“look who decided to finally join us!”

“it’s only me and you here,”

“Oh shush,” Pardis laughed, taking shower spray and bringing it over Ahilya’s head, her long silky hair was all over her body, sticking on her skin, which made her huff, Pardis brushed her hair from over her face and tucked them behind her ear, “turn around,” Pardis put the spray on its place as Ahilya turned her back to her.

Pardis started to braid Ahilya’s hair, “what are you doing?”

“Be patient,” that was all Pardis said as she was done with the braid and walked out of the tub only to come back with scissors, some clips, and a comb.

“wha- no,” Ahilya backed away, making some water to splash out.

“what do you mean no?” Pardis stared at her with no emotions in her eyes, “you need a haircut, it’s summer life would be so much easier.” She explained, getting in the tub again, Ahilya put a protective hand on her hair, “but I love my hair! I’ve always taken good care of them, i-”
Pardis inched closer, splashing some water out of the tub, putting one hand on Ahilya’s neck, not choking her, just keeping her still, “don’t you think I love them too? I love it when they get wet and stick to your skin, I love to pull on them and braid them, but I know cutting them is what is the best for you so, sit still,”

That wasn’t enough explanation for Ahilya to be convinced, it’s her comfort blanket she is losing, “I know what you are thinking about,” Pardis said, pulling Ahilya to sit in front of her, “I know your hair is your blanky, but you can cuddle me, and hide your head in my neck to block the light, I’m warmer and I have hands too, so be a good girl for me, and be still, besides I’m not gonna cut too short, it’ll grow again soon,” Pardis explained as she put her long cool fingers on her shoulder, it sent a rush down Ahilya’s spine, “you’ll feel so much better in the hot summer weather,” Pardis said, giving a bite on Ahilya’s neck, “and I can see your pretty neck easier,”

Ahilya went mute, Pardis wasn’t the strictest dom out there, she wouldn’t take punishments too extreme, but she had the coldest gaze, and Ahilya knew whatever Pardis does, she would enjoy at the end, plus she could always color red if it was too much to handle, but still she was a bit uneasy about the whole thing, she hasn’t cut her hair in a long time, it was a sudden big change.

“Good girl,” Pardis smiled when Ahilya decided not to move anymore, Pardis thought how short she wanted to go, “maybe a bit longer bob.” Pardis mumbled to herself.

Ahilya’s heart was going crazy, she wanted to run, to hide, but at the same time, she wanted to see how would it feel, to finally cutting her hair after thinking about it for years.

First, Pardis boldly cut a chunk of Ahilya’s hair, right down her shoulder, the sound of the scissors cutting every strand of her hair made Ahilya force her eyes shut, she instantly felt a weight lifted off her shoulders though.

The second Ahilya felt the hair was gone, she let out a breath she didn’t know she was holding, “you good babe?” Pardis asked when she heard her ragged breathing, “ye- yes ma’am.”

Pardis combed through Ahilya’s silky straight hair, from the sensation of comb running on her scalp, Ahilya relaxed her head, bending her neck backward, “I told you not to move,” Pardis demanded, not too harsh but alarming. with that, Ahilya sat straight, with her knees to her chest, waiting to hear the noise of scissors.

Pardis made three sections of Ahilya’s hair and secured them with clips. She made Ahilya turn on her side, she was small so making her move in the water wasn’t that hard, Pardis tilted Ahilya’s head to another side as she used her fingers to comb through Ahilya’s hair.

The sound of the scissors was exactly on Ahilya’s ear, it was poking her in every nerve, making her bite down on her bottom lip with a shaky breath, which didn’t go unnoticed by Pardis. She smirked at her little sub who was getting all worked up. And it finally happened, Ahilya was leaking in the water, she could feel the hair rise from her skin as she felt her dom’s long fingers working as the comb, she could see the chopped pieces of her hair floating on the water sticking to her skin, it was like they were there to shout at her what was happening around her, she didn’t dare to touch herself but with everything happening to her at the moment, in the hot water, she felt her vagina throbbing, she took a deep breath to contain herself.

Again Pardis shifted her with forcing her around cuz Ahilya was too in deep to move, this time, Ahilya bent her head exactly like she knew Pardis would want, it gave Pardis good access for the cut, “my perfect sub,” Pardis gave Ahilya a kiss on the now exposed neck.
When Pardis was sure she was done with the last touches, “all done!” she smiled them ran her fingers through Ahilya’s hair, massaging her head, Ahilya let out a tiny moan at the feeling of her nails on her scalp, Ahilya tilted her head back, putting her head on Pardis’s shoulder, her hair was falling all over her face still, Pardis cleared her view.

What Pardis noticed after some time of silence was how Ahilya was stuck in some kind of dreamland, she could feel the small shakes of her body, and how puffy her nipples were, maybe they weren’t that done yet.

“I have an idea,” Pardis voiced out.

Ahilya was still focused on Pardis fingers on her head, she knew she was leaking in the water and she was happy Pardis couldn’t see it.
“how about a buzz cut?” even though Ahilya enjoyed their little play here, she still didn’t want to go that short, “now before you protest, look, we’ll try it little by little, I promise you’ll enjoy it,”

“But that- that’s too short, I’ll have to work, what would people say?” Ahilya went into panic mode, suddenly detaching herself from Pardis’s body.

Pardis pulled her back between her legs, giving a soothing kiss on her neck, “relax for me kitten,” she traveled her hand to play with her nipples down to her tummy and her vagina, she could feel the silky juice on her, Ahilya arched her back a bit, biting her lips to prevent a moan from falling out, “look how you are enjoying this,” she whispered, sending shivers down Ahilya’s spine, “you’ll be so damn sexy with a buzz cut,” she kissed her ear, “and honestly babe, who cares what people think? Whatever you do, you can’s stop them from running their mouths, we’ll just block their noises,”

It was silent for some time, Pardis running her nails on Ahilya’s skin, then she teased the girl by brushing her fingers through Ahilya’s hair, “imagine my fingers could touch your scalp with no barrier, wouldn’t you want that?”

Ahilya had to close her legs at the sudden rush of the imagination, “is that a yes?”, she nodded, Pardis put her hand on Ahilya’s neck, forcing her to look her in the eyes, “use your words.”

“yes, mistress,”

Pardis, satisfied with the answer, pecked her on her lips, and then she gave her a towel and wore her bathrobe herself, “nadu position, in front of the mirror,” Pardis ordered.

She was about to get a haircut in a sub pose, right in front of a full-length mirror, it was too intense, keeping still for a long time like that while getting a buzz cut. Ahilya tried to sit while having the towel around her, her hair was falling in her face and all she could think of was how in a couple of minutes she is gonna have nothing blocking her view, she felt herself getting warmer and more nervous.

Pardis came to the room still in her robe, with a kit in her hand, she tossed the kit on the bed and opened it, Ahilya couldn’t see what was happening cuz she was ordered to keep still, but she could hear stuff coming out of the bag.

First Pardis came behind Ahilya and dropped the towel off her body, Ahilya’s head was down but she knew her nipples were puffy and hard, both from the cold air hitting them and being horny for too long, she felt Pardis securing a small cape around her neck, making it a bit too tight, the cape was covering her upper body only, giving Pardis a perfect view of her vagina.

Her hair was still dripping wet, she could hear the water drops hitting the plastic cape which was giving her a weird kind of ecstasy, the next thing she felt was Pardis’s nails working to section her hair again, they were rubbing on her scalp, not hurting but the sound was something so soothing and yet it was making her think of them running on her clean shaved head, the thought was enough to make her let out a shaky breath.

“You are being such a good girl for me,” Pardis praised her, pushing her head to the right, taking a section with her fingers and cutting it shorter and shorter. Every now and then she would make sure to ask Ahilya if she is ok with keep going, and the answer was always a nod.
To be honest, Ahilya couldn’t find words, her head was filled with the sound of the scissors getting closer and closer to her ears, she so desperately wanted to close her legs, she wanted to beg her mistress to touch her, but her tongue was tied, she couldn’t see but she was sure there was a pool of juice under her, she knew Pardis could’ve been more gentle with pushing her head around, combing through her hair, but they both knew this would work her up faster.

Pardis stood in front of her to cut the front section, she was standing too close, so close that Ahilya wanted to lean her forehead on her, but like a good sub she was, she kept still.

And finally when there were only two inches of hair was on her head, Pardis pulled Ahilya’s head up, “now take a good look, next will be the buzz cut, keep looking at the mirror,” Pardis demanded, walking up to bring the clippers, using #0 on the machine, Pardis turned it on, right next to Ahilya’s ear.

The sudden buzzing sound made the little girl jump a bit, Pardis ignored how fast Ahilya was breathing, taking Ahilya’s chin in her left hand- which was cold as always – Pardis put the clipper right above Ahilya’s ear.

What Ahilya didn’t notice was how her jaw was hanging, what she knew was she was getting close to the edge, about to orgasm from getting bald, the more the clippers ran on her head, the more she felt hair falling off, the more she leaked on the floor, the heat was going crazy in her stomach, pushing her to cum, but she wanted to hold till the last hair on her head would fall.

“You are so near, aren’t you?” Pardis chuckled at her desperate sub, whos eyes were rolled back a bit from how aroused she felt.
Ahilya only moaned, arching her back from the force of holding herself, “what would happen if I shave your head then? With my razor, your head would be so shiny and beautiful, imagine that,” Pardis provoked Ahilya as her chin was still in her cold, long fingers, Ahilya shook at the thought which made Pardis believe she climaxed, “you didn’t orgasm without my permission, did you?”

A tear fell of Ahilya’s eye, she was a good girl, “no mistress, but I’m so close!” Ahilya cried out, her hands were shaking, she just wanted Pardis to finish her off.

Pardis smirked, walking off to bring shaving cream and a razor, when she came back, Ahilya was letting out little moany puffs of air, she suddenly leaked from feeling cream being massaged on her head, “sit completely still,” Pardis warned Ahilya as she started her work with the razor.

The cold metal was running on her scalp, making a small noise, but to Ahilya, it was a scream of relief, “hold it Ahilya,” Pardis urged when she knew Ahilya was coming from how she was letting out short shaky moans.

Ahilya cried out, feeling razor cleaning the last bit of hair on her head, “hold,” Pardis commanded, taking the cape off, leaving Ahilya fully on display, she cleaned Ahilya’s head with a towel, which made Ahilya’s eyes roll back, for the first time she felt her scalp free, shining, she was paralyzed when Pardis bent to her ear to order her to come.

And the second Ahilya let go, her whole body went lax, she could feel every nerve getting calm, she was so gone that she didn’t notice she squirted for the first time in her life. A lot.

“You did perfect, my baby,” Pardis soothed the tired sub, helping her to stand up as she cleaned her wet body, “I’m so proud of you,” Ahilya was quiet all along.

“You good kitten?” she asked after some time of taking a breath.

“Y-yeah, thank you.” Ahilya voiced out after being quiet for a good 10 minutes.

Pardis kissed her, “you are the most welcome!”

After they cleaned up, Pardis put a fluffy hat on Ahilya’s head, it was so smooth on the newly shaved head, and it kept her warm at night when AC was on so no headaches would accrue.

Before they kiss goodnight, “we should do that more often,” Pardis whispered, Ahilya leaned on to her with a smile.
They should definitely do that more often.

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