Step-Father Gift (The Trim)

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I opened my eyes and saw how Mom was standing in front of me and looking at me as I slept.
M mom what goes wrong.
Esmeralda, I will divorce Tom: she said.
What mom are you crazy, why should you do it?
She started laughing and sat down at my bed.
I sigh and lie down again, thank god you are tasing me.
But Esmeralda we have to talk; said Mom as she touched the top of my head.
Of course, mom tells me, and I sat on my bed next to my mom.
I think you should start growing your hair: said, mom.
But Mom I liked the model I have.
Of course, you like it but this year you have prom, who would invite a girl who has hair as short as a boy: she said.
What if was a guy who would invite me to the prom, I said as I looked my mom in the eye.
If it is a boy then I have no problem with you holding your hair as you like this, or even shaving your head.
I used to be just angry and not looking clearly but I see it and I know how much time it needs to take care of long hair: said, Mom.
Well, we should be adventures after all we have only one life: I said as I rubbed my head.
Tell me how it feels to be almost bald: said, Mom.
Wonderful, no need to even dry my hair after a shower, all I have to do is just ruffling a towel and I am ready to go.
Really she said, as she continued to rub my head.
Yep that all, I said as I smiled.
All right, come and have breakfast, we have to go: said, mom.
Go Where, where will we go mom can I know.
Margaret is coming from university and she has managed to find a job at a bank in our city and we have to pick her up from the airport.
I jumped out of bed, big sister is coming home.
Margaret is Tom’s daughter with his first wife who was on the team with my dad in Iraq when they lost their lives but even though mom tried to get Margaret to grow her hair she was a Tomboy her hair was cut all the time short in a pixie haircut and by the time we were in elementary school everyone would remember that she was a guy who needed a haircut.
Although nature started to develop her body as by the way she has a slim and is a tall woman with about 1.80 cm (5’11) D cup breast and beautiful blue eye and to be honest I have forgotten what hair color she has since she change nearly every week her hair color.
My relationship with Margaret has been wonderful as a real big sister she got along really well with me and my mom.
Yes she is coming, now you are going to go eat breakfast and after that take a shower and let go: said mom, but before she finished the sentence I had left the room and headed to the kitchen.
After breakfast, I headed to the bathroom and after a quick shower I was getting dressed when Mom came into the room and said oh you still haven’t taken care of your hair: she said as she saw the towel on the floor.
No need mom and as I get a towel, I start ruffling at my hair and just apply some gel and then saw at her.
Ready to go I said as I watched from Mom.
She approached and after rubbing my head said: but how is it possible.
One of the advantages of being almost bald I said in a teasing tone in my voice.
Anyway let’s go we do not want to let your sister wait.
We went to the car and surprisingly there was not much traffic and we arrived earlier than we had planned to go there.
While we were waiting for Margaret to come I was thinking what Margaret would look like when she came and as I was thinking this a person caught my eye who looked like Margaret but she had her red hair and it was a little below the shoulders.
As I giggle my mother saw me and said what, why are you giggle.
It’s nothing mom, it’s nothing.
I was waiting for Margaret to come out when I saw how the girl who had looked like Margaret to me was walking towards us with a smile.
The girl was wearing a white shirt tucked inside a gray skirt that reached up to a few inches above her knee and had a red pors on her left shoulder.
Mom has passed so much time: said the girl as she hugged mom and looked at me.
OMG. Esmeralda is that you: she said as she agape and looked at how I was agape and just blinking.
She hugged me and started rubbing my head and she was looking at me, where did your gorgeous hair go: said Margaret after she hugged me.
Margaret, you are: I said in shock and I could not believe my eyes.
Yes silly Is me what are you no longer recognize me: said, Margaret.
But what happened to “I will be a tomboy for the rest of my life, nothing will change me”: I said as I watched from Margaret.
I think I grew up and I do not think the same anymore: said, Margaret.
I smiled and saw how Margaret hugged Mom and said: please do not cry I am here.
Mom smiled and after passing her hair behind Margaret’s ear said: you have grown so much, and those are tears of joy.
Even so, we went home and while I was reading a book I noticed how the door of the room knocked.
Come indoor is open.
Margaret came in with an Adidas tracksuit and said: Esmeralda how is it possible that mom is accepting you with a crewcut.
I do not know but I’m glad she accepted me and if I can not have a companion for Prom I have to grow my hair.
But you do not want to grow your hair: said, Margaret.
No, I do not, I like it that way, I said as I rubbed my head.
Margaret put her hand on my head and said weird last time did you shave the back and sides of your head.
Oh yes, now that I see it I need a trim.
Do not even think that you will grow your hair until the prom is over: said mom as she entered the door.
But mom you told me that if I have a prom companion then I can keep this model.
You’re right I forgot, forgive me, anyway a guy named Eliot is waiting for you down Esmeralda; said, mom.
After I went to the main entrance I saw Eliot holding a bouquet of roses and after smiling, he said: Esmeralda will you become my companion at the prom.
No need for me to tell you what was my response to go with my crush at the prom.
As soon as Eliot left Mom and Margaret approached and started to hug me, dear congratulations; they said.
I looked at my mom and as I was rubbing my head I said, can I cut my hair you said I could do it if I had a prom companion.
Mom sigh and said: okay tomorrow we will both go to the salon to cut your hair.
Oh no, we will go to the barber where Tom took me she will take care of my hair: I said.
“She”: what do you mean: said, mom.
Oh, I did not tell you it is a barbette, where I cut my hair.
Wow, this town really has change I never thought a barberette will work at this town: said, Margaret.
Even so At dinner, I asked if Tom could take me back to Eva for a tirm, but Tom said he could not as he had a trip out of town and that Mom could take me.
Mom looked at me and said as long as she did what it is told to do, why not.
And so the next morning Mom and I were in the car and Mom was waiting for Margaret.
After we went to the barbershop, mom was looking at the store and it seemed like she had some memories of a barbershop.
Mom are you ok: said, Margaret.
I’m good just that when I was in high school I had an experience in a store that looked identical to this: said, Mom.
Esmeralda takes a seat I will be with you in a few minutes: said Eva and I saw how she was bald.
so you did decide to shave your head at last: said, Eva.
Oh maybe who knows, I said as I sat in the chair.
Eva placed tissue on my neck and after putting on the cape she took the clipper and pointed her finger at the guard in the form of a comb.
I just nod my head and smiled.
Eva got a guard and as she was putting it on the clipper, I heard Margaret say: hey Eva please wait a minute what number are you using for the top.
Eva looked at Margaret and after pointing to the clipper said: number 6 on top why.
Hey, Esmeralda why not go for number 4 on the top and I will shave my head: said, Margaret.
Eva looked at me and was waiting for me to instruct her what to do, Eva which number it would cut short but would not reveal the scalp at the top of my head.
Well, I think from number 2 which is the shortest which can go without revealing the scalp: said Eva as she rubbed her head.
I looked at my mom and said ok go on with number 2 then I said as I looked at Eva via the mirror.
Eva smiled wide and simply place a plastic guard with a comb shape at the clipper and she passed behind me placed the clipper on top of my head and moved it high up to the top of my head without saying a word.
You made a bold decision dear but you will look great: said Eva as she made a 2nd pass and I saw how only a few red stubbles were left on my head and I could not believe I would end up with short hair, shorter than boys at prom but as Eliot had asked me, as his companion that was all I wanted.
Eva combed a few more strands on the top of my head and then she removed the guard and as she was using the bare blade of the clipper and a comb as she started moving it from the sideburn to the left temple and then folded my ear and carefully started working over my ear and was looking through Margaret and my mom’s hair.
As Eva finished also behind my ear she crossed to the right and said: ma’am I think you must be Esmeralda’s mother.
Mom looked at me and said: sorry but how do you know.
Oh simple Tom told me about you and how you “forced” Esmeralda to grow her hair, I better said that have to grow: said Eva as she was doing the same process as on the left.
Oh, now I realize I should have left her a little more independent with her hair.
Eva bend my head and said well I think she looks like a boy with boobs: she said with a tone of irony in her voice.
Oh no she does not look at all like a boy: said Mom as she watched as Eva combed a second pass in the back of my head.
After Eva combed a few passes she removed the cape and place a towel at my shoulder and apply shave cream at a few inches above my hairline and it did not take long before she shaves the part cover with shave cream.
I sat on the waiting bench and Margaret took my place in the chair and jokingly said, thank you for warming the seat for me.
Eva placed a tissue and a white cape around her body and said: all off right dear.
“yes please shave me bald and make me as smooth as you can,” said Margaret without thinking.
Eva smiled and after making sure the clipper had no guard and oiled the blade she placed it on Margaret’s forehead and moved it up to her neck sending her red hair to the floor and exposing her scalp.
As Eva brushed a second pass I saw how Margaret was smiling, but it did not surprise me at all the clipper feels really good as it runs from the top of her head and up sending your lifeless hair to the floor.
I’m not surprised why some women love their long hair but I think that once in a lifetime you should also feed the clipper with your hair.
It took no more than 8 passes and the top and back of Margaret’s head were white and had only stubble.
Eva passes to the left and said: well I think it’s a little late to go back.
As if I want to go back, I do not want the shear to stop; said, Margaret.
Eva laughed and simply placed the clipper next to her left ear and moved it up to the top of Margaret’s head sending her red hair into her lap and then slide to the floor.
Oh see that you are not a redhead like your sister: said Eva as she worked over Margaret’s left ear.
“Oh no, I’m not. My fiancé has a weak spot about the redhead, so I became a redhead: said, Margaret.
Eva started working behind her ear and said: well hope your fiancé has a weak spot and bald chick dear.
Oh, me too but if he did not then it is his lost: said Margaret as Eva crossed to the right side of Margaret’s head and combed the same process.
But as I was obsessed with Margaret’s shearing process I did not notice how my mom was reacting and that her eyes were fixed on the clipper movement and there was a look as if she wanted that clipper to be used on her head.
But this fact did not take long and was also noticed by Eva when she started applying shaving cream on Margaret’s head and had an evil grin on her face.
I was not understanding why Eva had that grin on her face and it was not long before Margaret.
Eva took the razor straight and after she stretched the skin on Margaret’s forehead she placed the razor on my sister’s hairline and started making short passes by scratching the cream and stubbles from the top of Margaret’s head.
I watched Margaret close her eyes and was enjoying it as the razor shaved stubbles from her head.
Eva approached and whispered is ‘okay you do not have to hold your voice dear ‘.
as Eva began to shave the back of Margaret’s head, she let out a soft groan, but also and mom felt like she was in a different world like she was in a dream.
it did not take more than a few mins and Margaret was bald to the bone and Eva apply aftershave at her head and remove the towel from her shoulder, as soon as she got up I went to her and started rubbing her head.
My gosh sis is so smooth and soft, and you look amazing bald.
Like a goddess, I will say: said, Eva.
Yes, a bald goddess: Margaret said as she rubs her head.
As Margaret and I were heading for the exit, she stopped and turned Mom are you plan to cut your hair: said, Margaret.
I turned and saw how Mom was looking at the chair and standing a few inches away from the chair and how Eva had a black cape, in her hand, and just waiting as a predator waits for his prey.
Mom what is happening, should we wait or will leave.
Mom looked up and looked like she had been woken up by her daydream.
So Madam you think you need a tirm: said Eva in a teasing voice, but she knows really well what will happen next.
Mom was looking at me and Eva and it was a slightly awkward situation, for Mom if she left.
Mom just looked at us and sat in the chair and Eva immediately put a tissue on her neck and a black cape that she was holding in her hand.
Eva was smiling and after picking up the clipper she used with Margaret said: all off right ma’am as she shakes the clipper in front of my mother’s eye.
Mom’s eyes widened slightly but she did not speak just closed her eyes.
Eva smiled and placed the clipper on mom’s forehead raising her bangs with the clipper and her left hand behind mom’s head.
I was waiting for mom to say something and stop Eva, but Eva didn’t even ask her if mom was sure or not, she just moved the clipper to the top of her head sending her black hair into her lap.
After Eva had made a pass mom opened her eyes and Eva stop for a few secs to let mom see how flapper bob already had a stubble part in the middle of her head.
As Eva began to make a second pass I saw my mom’s eyes fill with tears.
I went to Mom and after holding her hand I said: we can not stop now Mom.
No, it’s not that darling I just can not believe I did it again: said mom,
Mom what are you say: said, Margaret.
Well it is not the first time I sit in this chair and the clippers run into my head and shears my hair; said Mom as she felt Eva push her head towards her chest and start shaving at Mom’s neck sending her short hair to the floor.
You are saying that you shaved your head even before mom.
Yes, I did when we go home I will tell you if you want: said, Mom.
Oh yes, mom, I will love to hear I said as I hold mom’s hand.
Eva made a few more passes in the back of mom’s head and went to the left side and as she placed the shear next to mom’s ear she started to move it up and said: ma’am do not worry Tom will like you bald.
Oh is not that I know he will like me, is just I would like him to be here while I got shaving my head.
Eva, can you not shave your mom’s head, I mean the razor part?
Of course but why: said, Eva.
Mom smiled and simply said: Thank you, Esmeralda.
Oh, I see: said Eva and folded mom’s ear and also started trimming the hair above mom’s ear.
Eva started to shave behind mom’s ear and after a few minutes she said to me: please Esmeralda can you cross to the other side.
I just smiled and after I crossed to the other side, It took Eva no more than a few minutes, and mom had her hair no longer than a few mm.
Eva made a few short passes all over mom’s head and then she took off her cape and said well this is as short I can go without using the razor buzzed to wood, as we paid for our haircuts we also left.
At night we were waiting for Tom to come back from his trip.
The doorbell rang and we decided I should open the door as it would not be so much of a shock to Tom.
But when he entered and saw how Margaret had shaved her head and simply rubbed her head.
Didn’t you think your fiancé would accept you: said Tom.
Do not worry he said that he does not care how I keep my hair and that he loves me and not my hair.
Tom kissed her forehead and said he is a nice guy and I am happy that he has you at his side my dear
Margaret and I passed after Tom and were waiting for his reaction to Mom’s cut.
Tom saw Mom and said: Nancy you are.
Hey, Tom so what do you think of my new haircut: said, Mom.
Tom rubbed mom’s head and said: I think it’s not over honey kiss her on the lips.
And so I was lying down when the door knocked and I watched as Maragaret entered my room.
Hey sis I can sleep with you today mom and dad are doing the naughty: said, Margaret.
Sure but you have to help me with the prom and the dress sis.
And so I and Eliot go at Prom but there he asked me to become his girlfriend.
And so I watched as Mom shaved Tom’s head every morning for almost a week before she started growing her hair back.
To be continued.

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