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This is a true story!

Sadly I no longer cut Stephanie’s hair. Partly due to the recent Covid 19 lockdowns but mostly it was the fact that her husband didn’t like her hair bobbed short & kept in her natural brunette with a hint of silver coming through. When I first met Stephanie she had a shoulder length bleached blonde choppy cut that just looked awful & it was due to her having fine but lots of it type of hair & the fact that every 4 – 6 weeks she would simply apply an over the counter colourant which soon resulted in a brassy tone coming through & a lot of breakages as well as simply making her locks look & feel limp & lifeless!

She had been contemplating a short crop as she was fed up with the style & overall condition of her hair & as she was running her own little business as a cleaning lady, she often tied it back in a small ponytail or used an Alice band to keep her hair out of her face when at work so over the course of a few days I sent her some photos of pixie crops that would suit her facial shape/features as well as she hair type & lifestyle & whilst she liked them all….she could not muster the courage to blossom into being a pixie girl & showed me a few photo styles of chin length Bob’s that she had liked so that’s what we settled on!

Stephanie was seated, caped & following a vigorous brushing of her locks I quickly proceeded to shear at least 7 inches of damaged hair off & following a 20 minute session of cutting into & trimming up the ends gave her an adorable chin length at the front & slightly angled towards the nape blunt cut Bob with a light layered long fringe rather than a eyebrow length fringe! It made such a difference to her damaged locks that as soon I uncaped her, she began swinging her head from side to side & running her fingers through her new cut & almost shed tears of delight when she saw herself in her hallway mirror!!….a big hug, payment & a generous tip followed with praise of my handiwork was given to me by Stephanie & a promise that she would only have me bobbing her from now on!

Stephanie remained true to her words & over the next year I eagerly trimmed her up roughly every 6 weeks & I always tweaked her Bob about a little bit like taking the sides a bit shorter in the summer & keeping the overall length a tad longer in the winter months & we even discussed cutting in an undercut at the nape as she loved the feel of the trimmers on her nape at the end of each bobbing session but I never deviated from the overall shape of the chin Bob….until however, the time came for her very last haircutting session with me!

I don’t get involved in clients personal lives but I knew Stephanie’s husband wasn’t happy with her choice of hairstyles & her overall confidence boost that she gained following having me as her hairstylist & he told her that his neice if I recall correctly was at college on a hairstyling diploma course & that she was going to commence working in a nearby salon & was seeking new clients for her to gain experience & seeing as she was family, thought it best if Stephanie would become a client for her & he also expressed an interest in his wife becoming a blonde woman again….cest la vie!

Stephanie was sorry about the whole situation & apologised on her husbands behalf & whilst she didn’t wish to not have me act as her hairstylist anymore felt that to keep the peace at home would agree with her husbands wishes but had asked for one last cut as she still had a few months to go before her neice was ready to commence working in a salon as she was travelling around Europe with her boyfriend following leaving college!

Stephanie came to my house for her last cut with me & I told her I was going to take her Bob a little bit shorter than before & she was quite happy in this instance so following consuming her coffee I had her seated, caped, brushed her hair through & got to work bobbing her in my usual diligent & eager manner….but this time I took out my Babyliss Volaire Ferrari Red clippers from my bag instead of my shears that I had used on her in the past, placed my left hand on her crown then quite dominantly pushed her head into her chest, switched on my clippers & invertedly placed them parallel with her nape line which was nigh on 3 inches higher than the bottom of her Bob & sheared in my guideline!!

Throughout the next 45 minutes Stephanie hardly muttered a single word as she willingly & submissively succumbed to a lip length blunt cut & bevelled at the nape Bob by me & it was a few days later when I messaged her too see how she was liking her new cut that she told me that her dear old mum thought it was the best cut she had ever worn & that it was adorable looking on her daughter!

I apologised to Stephanie for taking her shorter than intended & she did say that she was initially stunned & shocked that I had bobbed her so short & that after the very first cut with the inverted clippers she was biting her lip throughout most of the 45 minutes she was being shorn but also admitted to loving the experience & was going to miss our sessions together!

I have since messaged her to see how she’s fairing since I last saw her & she informed me that she was content & glad to be back to work which I was pleased to hear as she wasn’t happy being at home with her husband throughout the lockdown!….I also asked her how she was fairing with her neice as her stylist & she informed me that she has reverted back to being blonde by said neice but has grown out her hair into a one length shoulder cut that she can tie back for work purely because….and I state: “My neice isn’t half as eager or as dominant in cutting my hair as you were Robert!”

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  1. Speaking from experience Jenny I believe it’s vital you have a rapport with your stylist & just say things like “I don’t mind going shorter or having you give me something a bit shorter as it’s only hair & will only grow back!”

    Rhetoric like this gives us stylists a bit of excitement as it’s words we don’t hear too much these days…so give it a go!!

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