Stephanie’s Barbershop Experience

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This is a story about Stephanie Harrison, a 14 year old girl in her first year of junior high. Stephanie was already fairly popular and well known around the school as her older sister has been senior cheerleading captain the year before. She was Jessica Harrison, who was a very attractive girl that had every boy in West End High School drooling at the mouth. However, many thought her younger sister Stephanie was equally as pretty and would some day grow up to be more beautiful than Jessica and also become the second Harrison to be senior cheerleading captain.

Both the sisters were known for the longest, most pure blonde hair in all of West End High. It was always flawless in every way. Steph was an average height, slim body with bright blue eyes. Not only was she attractive, she was a very caring and sweet girl, everybody loved her for it, everybody except Felicity Jennings. Felicity was the same age as Steph and also had a sister who finished at West End the previous year, Kelly Jennings. Kelly and Jessica both hated each other, and it was Jessica in the end that won the vote to be the prestigious captain of the cheerleading team. Ever since this glory was stolen from Kelly, the Jennings sisters had hated the Harrison sisters. Stephanie was very innocent and wasn’t interested in the sister’s vendetta at all. However, Felicity was and knew that they only thing standing between her and the junior cheerleading captaincy was Stephanie Harrison. Stephanie was prettier but it was arguable over who was the better dancer and cheerleader. Both of them trained hard and wanted nothing more than to wear that captain’s sash. The time to choose the junior cheerleading teams and hence captains grew closer and closer by the day. Both the older sisters would come down and watch the young girls train when they had time off work. It was equally important to Jessica that Stephanie held the tradition and it was crucial to Kelly that Felicity turned the tables. The two older sister would converse occasionally and maturely but had a deep hatred for one another. Late one Saturday morning Stephanie woke up to yelling from down stairs. She couldn’t get back to sleep so she got up, had a shower, washed her hair and got dressed. It was going to be a beautiful day so Steph put on a nice denim skirt with a thick white belt and a white singlet top. She looked stunning. After drying and brushing her long hair out just perfect she made her way down stairs. In the kitchen Stephanie’s mum was still furious with her 2 sons. She had given them money to go to the barbershop that morning to get their summer haircuts. The two boys despised this time of year as they knew it was time for their annual shearing. The boys didn’t look forward to the trip the barber’s at all and procrastinated as much as they could. On the way they walked past the video game arcade, they looked at their watch and decided they had time for a few quick games. 1 hour past and before the boys knew it they had spent all their haircut money. The two boys had no option but to go home and tell their mother what had happened. Naturally their mother was furious. She decided they would be grounded for 2 weeks and would also receive even more severe haircuts than once agreed. Stephanie gathered the whole situation from just listening to all the yelling. She found it hard not laugh as she knew how much the boys hated their summer haircuts but she contained herself in front of her mother. “Stephanie I’ve got a hectic schedule this morning can you please run your brothers down to the barbershop” “NOOO MUM, THAT IS SOO EMBARRASSING HAVING HER THERE!, WE CAN GO BY OURSELVES!” “Quite obviously you cant!!! You will go with your sister and that is final! I shall ring up now and tell Tom exactly how your hair will be cut!” Still in a rage Steph’s mother walked out of the room to fetch the phone and ring the barbershop. She walked back in with the cordless phone, “Yes the children will be down in 20 minutes, I want number 1 crewcuts, nice and short for summer, no exceptions!” she said with a commanding tone. Steph smiled and walked behind her youngest brother and draped a tea towel over him and tied it around his neck, “one crew cut number #1 coming up” she laughed. Her brothers didn’t see the funny side and began to complain to their mother. “You boys will do what your told, understand!” After Steph got over her joke her sister Jessica walked in. “What’s all this about..?” she asked. Steph told her the story and Jessica began to giggle. “Are you taking the boys?” said Jessica, “Yeah, it will be fun” commented Steph. “You do realise Kelly Jennings works there?” “Really? What doing?” “She’s a hairdresser, didn’t you know that? She went to hairdressing college part time last year and all through summer” Suddenly Steph wasn’t too keen on the idea. “umm are you busy this morning by any chance…?” “Firstly yes I am, I’m going to the salon to get my hair and nails done, secondly as if I would set foot in a place like that. Sends shivers up my spine! Don’t worry bout her, what’s the worst she can do?, just take a Cosmo to read and it will be over before you know it” . Steph sighed and agreed. Just then her mum walked back in the room, “Right young men, Tom is expecting you, behave!” Steph put on her wooden slides and walked out the door with the boys and a generous tip for doing the chore. After walking for about 10 minutes they came to a red and white barber’s pole spinning in the distance. The boys grew more and more nervous because soon they would face their fate. Steph was also a tad toey as she was preying that Kelly wouldn’t be working. They approached the shop that didn’t appear to be too busy and stepped in. With a tinker of the doorbell closed the door behind them. Tom looked up “ah the Harrison children, won’t be a moment.” There was 3 chairs in the shop, but only 2 had barber’s stationed at them. One was Tom and sure enough the other was Kelly Jennings. As much as Steph disliked her, she had to admit that Kelly was rather pretty. She stood taller in her leather boots and dark skirt. She wore a blue singlet top which was rather low cut and exposed her perky breasts which were by no means small. Kelly had dark hair, well looked after in a long shag haircut which suited her well. Kelly was busy attending to a young boy in her chair. The mother of the boy looked on approvingly as Kelly continued to cut the young child’s hair shorter and shorter. Kelly noticed Stephanie in the reflection the mirror, she turned around “Steph! Hi how are you?” Steph was surprised, she forced a smile “I’m good , and you” , Kelly just smiled and nodded. She continued working on the little boy as she snipped and clipped. She pushed the boys head left, right, up and down as she reduce his hair to almost nothing, the child was clearly not enjoying this experience. Kelly then put the scissors down and the mother of the child went up to inspect the haircut. She approached her child in the chair who’s tiny head was poking out of the massive red cape which had been draped over him covering all of his body and chair. The mother fingered his hair and agreed with Kelly to take it shorter. “Poor child” thought Steph. After further alterations, Kelly undid the giant red cape and began to brush the loose hairs away. The tissue was removed, then the cape. Kelly lay the cape over the arm rest of the chair in anticipation for its next victim. After the child and his mother had paid Kelly, she returned to the chair. She picked up the cape, Steph was petrified at this site and it wasn’t even her getting a haircut. “alright who’s first?”, Neither of the boys moved. Steph sighed and told the younger boy Luke to go and sit down. Kelly smiled and helped him into the chair. She tossed the cape over her shoulder whilst she reached forward and removed a strip of tissue from the dispenser by tearing it clear. She folded the tissue in half and gently but quickly wrapped it around the boy’s neck. Next she held out the red cape in front of Luke, and with a flick of the wrist settled it over him, covering his whole body. Kelly grabbed both ends of the cape and drew them together professionally so it was pinned close nice and tight. “Right young man, mummy tells me we are having a bit of a haircut today am I right?” Luke said nothing, Kelly smiled and looked at Steph who nodded. Kelly pumped the pedal on the chair with her leather boots as the innocent child ascended to her desired working level. Kelly ran her long acrylic nails through the boys hair before she reached forward to grab her clippers. She fiddled around with guards until she found the one she wanted. “Say good bye to these long locks sweetie, summers here to stay” she said as she pushed his head forward and gently plough the clippers up Luke’s neck. His long blonde Harrison hair fell down the cape in mounds. Kelly wasted no time at all with this haircut as she soon was finished his neck and started on the sides. Just then Steph looked over to Tom’s chair where she noticed him removing the cape and dusting off the man’s neck. Her other brother Sam was shortly to be shorn. Steph looked back over to her younger brother who was already being clipped. He was trying to pull away from Kelly’s grasp, but to no avail. She gripped his jaw tightly whilst she ran the clippers constantly up and down the boy’s right side. More and more blonde hair peeled off his head and fell in mounds to the cape and the floor. Meanwhile Tom walked back to his chair and looked over to the waiting area, “Who’s next then?” He said as he held out the red cape and flicked it against the chair. Steph look puzzled as to why he asked who was next. There was only her and her brother sitting in the waiting area. Sam nervously made his way to the chair where he climbed in. Tom shook out the cape after wrapping a strip of tissue around Sam’s neck. He then pinned cape into place he wasted no time in finding his clippers and beginning to shear the boy. Now that both her brother’s were in the chairs, Steph felt more relaxed for some reason. She even managed to force a smile as she watched her little brothers squirm under the cape as their hair was made short work of. Kelly had clipped Luke’s back and sides so short there was barely anything left. She stood in front of the boy holding his jaw in her left hand whilst she continuously pushed the clippers down the middle of the poor child’s head. Kelly smiled as she sheared the young boy balder and balder by the second. In no time there was very little hair left on his head to speak off. Kelly walked around the chair observing her work and taking him shorter wherever she felt necessary. Kelly shut off the clippers and picked out the smaller outline trimmer. After touching up behind his ears and his neckline she shut them off and picked up a fluffy pink neck duster. She dusted the hair from around Luke’s neck sending more and more blonde hair falling down the cape and to the barbershop floor with the other mounds of locks. She undid the cape, removing the tissue and continuing to brush out the fine hairs. She reached forward peeling the giant cape off the boy. Kelly put her foot on the pedal of the chair causing it to descend. Luke got out of the chair and walked to the waiting area. Suddenly an evil smile arose on Kelly face. She stood starring at Stephanie, cape in hand next to her chair. Steph was a bit confused, “Next please…” Said Kelly. Steph looked down the row of chairs. Her and her recently shorn brother were the only ones in the shop. Steph’s heart skipped a beat, then she smiled thinking it was a joke. “Common, up you get,” said Kelly. Steph smiled again. “I’m fine thank you, I’m not having my haircut today”. Kelly persisted to stand next to her chair with the large red cape in hand, “Your mother did tell us that you were to have your haircut Steph…” . Tom looked over from his station, “Up you get Steph can’t have your mother unhappy twice in one day.” Steph sat with her mouth wide open. Kelly still stood next to her chair with an evil grin knowing that shortly all her dreams would come true. Steph looked around completely amazed, Luke sat there with his new scalped head feeling extremely upset. He would have given anything to get back at his sister. “Yeah Steph, mum said!” Steph’s mouth dropped once again. “Come on Steph I swore to your mother that she wouldn’t be disappointed”. Steph found herself stand up, she couldn’t believe she was walking toward the chair. “What haircut am I getting??” “We’re just going to take it a bit shorter for summer sweetie” said Kelly who was having the best day of her life. Steph stood in front of the barber’s chair. Kelly tossed the cape over her own shoulder to rest there whilst she settled Steph in. Steph took one step back and before she knew it Kelly had pulled her back firmly in the chair with a hand on each shoulder. “good girl sweetheart.” Steph couldn’t believe she was sitting in a barber’s chair about to receive a haircut from Kelly Jennings. Kelly ran her hands through Steph’s hair. “Mmm so nice and soft” she said as she expertly twisted Steph’s hair and tied it up out of the way. Steph was very restless and kept fidgeting. Kelly kept a close watch and made sure this Harrison was going nowhere. Kelly stepped forward reaching toward the tissue dispenser. She pulled out a long strip and tore it off. After folding the tissue she placed it firmly around Steph’s little neck. Steph had never experience this before and was a bit taken by the whole procedure. Next Kelly shook out the large red cape and flicked it in front of her victim. “I’ve had dreams about this moment, just I never thought it would be this easy” whispered Kelly as she settled the giant cape over Steph and the chair. It completely covered the girl, she felt so lost. Kelly drew the ends of the cape together and made sure it was very tight around her slender neck. Steph looked at herself in the mirror and almost began to cry, she was now terrified. As Kelly slowly pumped the pedal of the chair she undid Steph’s hair letting it gloriously spill all over the bright red cape. Steph rose and rose higher and with each pump of the pedal she felt more and more vulnerable. She looked down at the floor and felt so helpless, so high up, completely covered in a sea of red and tied tightly at the neck. Kelly still had a smile from ear to ear as she stood behind Steph teasing up her hair with her long nails. “Hmm what to do…” “Umm maybe ask me what haircut I would like..?” said Steph sarcastically. “Now Steph your mum gave me orders, and orders are orders sweetie, so sit tight for me.” Kelly produced a comb and began to comb out Steph’s gorgeous hair. “What are you going to do, just tell me please…?” pleaded Steph frantically. “Kelly bent down right next to Steph’s ear where she whispered, “Put is this way honey, by the time you leave my chair, there’s no way your gonna be cheerleading captain, ooh I wish my sister was here to see this.” Steph’s eyes widen and she began to cry. “Ohh now now darling, its just a haircut..” said Kelly Mockingly. Just at that time Tom removed the cape from Sam and let him from the chair. He briefly swept up and then made his way over to Kelly’s chair where he noticed Steph fidgeting. “Now Now young lady, I would sit still if I were you, your mother said if there was any trouble the haircuts would be more severe, now sit still for Kelly”. “FUCK YOU THIS BITCH IS GOING TO CUT ALL MY HAIR OFF!”. “Say what you want Steph, what do u think your mother would say if she head you using language like that. You listen, in this shop whatever the parents say goes understand?, I have restraints out back for kids like you and I will not hesitate to use them.” “Restraints!, what is this place a boot camp?” Thought Steph as began to look down at the floor and sniffled. She would hate nothing more than being tied down and given a haircut so she sat still. The odd tear would drip down her cheek as the two barbers inspected what they had ahead of them. “Alright then, that’s settled, I’m going on my break for lunch, I trust you will be fine here Kelly?” said Tom. Kelly nodded then turned back to Steph as he walked out the door. “I tell you what you little slut I am going to have some fun with you” said Kelly as she stood in front her with a box of tissues holding Steph’s head in one hand whilst dabbing Steph’s tears away with the other. “I think its time to cut some hair don t you?”. The whole time the boys sat back loving the show. Finally their sister was getting back what they had to endure the whole life. Kelly turned Steph’s chair to face the boys, walked forward and picked up her clippers, “Had your hair clipped before sweetie?” Kelly said smiling. Steph had never had her haircut more than an inch or so, “You wouldn’t, you fucking wouldn’t” Steph said shivering. “Wouldn’t I? Sounds as though your mum would?” she said smiling. Steph began to sob more whilst behind her Kelly put on the number 1 attachment to her clippers. “Hmm actually I think I want you to watch all of this,” said Kelly as she turned the chair back around to face the mirror. Steph viewed her hair for the last time before there was a “CLICK” then followed by a loud buzz as the clippers appeared next to her right ear. Steph shirked back and turned her head to the left where it was heavily meet by Kelly’s left hand which held it in place. Steph couldn’t move, Kelly was far too strong and proceeded to place the clippers under Steph’s golden masses. Steph wailed out and Kelly moved the clippers up Steph’s right side causing a giant clump of blonde hair to fall down dramatically to the floor with a plop. This process was repeated over and over again steadily whilst Kelly held Steph’s head tight. More and More blonde hair began to fell over the red cape and down into Steph’s lap and further onto the floor to join the already lopped tresses. Steph was deeply distressed at this stage whilst Kelly was having the time of her life. She continued shearing, folding back Steph’s ear and digging in the clippers to ride up the right hand wall sending more hair to the cape. Kelly kept making pass after pass collecting mounds of hair which would fall quickly to the black and white floor via the cape. Steph’s ears were exposed for the first time as Kelly ran the clippers slowly passed them time and time again. “Oh cute ears sweetie, aren’t they adorable..?” Kelly said laughing as she moved around to the back where she brutally forced Steph’s head down to her chest where her chin rest on the cape. She was forced to stare down at the floor where all her cut mane lay lifeless and helpless. Her cape covered lap was a sea of blond hair that never stayed put very long as more hair would fall and knock it to the floor. Steph tried to lift her head but Kelly held it down forcefully as she drove the clippers up her nape, repeating this process until it was nothing but fine stubble like the right side. Hair fell around Kelly’s feet as she proceed to shear Steph, “Oh your sister will be so proud of you, your such a big girl now” Kelly laughed. By this stage Steph was completely stripped of any pride and gave up hope. Now Kelly moved Steph’s head around she pleased shearing off hair wherever she liked. She stood to the left of Steph and continued the clipping that side. More fresh hair left Steph’s head to make its way down, sliding off the cape covered arm rest and dropping the floor. Now that Kelly had worked around the whole of Steph’s head there was a thick ring of golden hair that surrounded the base of the huge chair. Kelly had finished with the back and sides and only had the top of Steph’s hair left. The full rich hair still spilled from the centre of Steph’s head and remained unshorn awaiting its fate sitting on the cape. The clippers were shut off and placed on the bench. Kelly produced a comb and began to neaten out what was left. “Oooh look at that, soo gorgeous, Stephy has an undercut” said Kelly in sarcastically sympathetic manner. The clippers were turned on once more, there was a hum throughout the shop. Kelly decided she would draw the clippers from the back, up to the front of the crown as it would cause the hair to spill in front of her victim and land in her lap where she was forced to watch her precious locks fall away. “Almost there pumpkin” said Kelly as she firmly gripped little Steph’s jaw with her left hand and began to move the clippers up over the top of Steph’s head. Steph squirmed as she felt Kelly’s grip tightened and her long acrylic nails dig into her cheek where she held her firmly as she was forced to see sheets of blonde hair fall before her eyes. Kelly enjoyed this part the most as more hair and even was stripped from Steph and she was forced to watch, her crewcut was just about complete. Kelly made pass after pass as the last little hair was sent on their way to the floor. Finally after going over every area twice, Kelly was finished. She placed down the clippers much to Steph’s relief. She was physically tired from fighting the haircut she sat motionless. Kelly produced the smaller clippers just to tidy up behind Steph’s ears and the neckline. When she was finished she stood in of Steph with an ear to ear grin. She grabbed Steph’s jaw once more and turned it from side to side to inspect her haircut, she laughed. “You got what was coming to you bitch. Would you like me to blow dry it??…” Kelly smiled and kissed Steph on the forehead. She then walked behind Steph where she undid the cape. As soon as it was unsnapped Steph felt some relief. Kelly roughly dusted Steph’s neck then removed the tissue and wiped her hands with it. “Aah I can’t wait to see what Mummy says about this cut”. Kelly drew both ends of the cape forward and with a flick sent mounds of hair cascading to the floor. She lay the cape over the next chair and lowered the chair. Steph stepped out of the chair looking directly in the mirror and burst out crying even harder, “Tissue?” offered Kelly smiling. Steph ran out of the shop, her brothers were in hysterics and got up and slowly followed her out. Kelly walked over to the register, pulled out $30 from her own purse, “that one was on me Harrison’s.” Kelly couldn’t wait to tell her sister, she rang her straight away and informed her of the news. Right when she hung up there was a tinkle of the doorbell, fresh customers. A mother escorted her young son the chair, “are we able to get a haircut for this young one?” she said, “Sure, take a seat”. About 20mins later the phone rang, Kelly put down her scissors and comb and walked to the phone. “Hello Tom’s Barbershop, Kelly speaking?”, “Yes hello this is Sandra Harrison speaking”, Kelly smiled but was a tad nervous at the same time. “Yes how can I help you Mrs Harrison,?” “My daughters just got home and I’ve seen her haircut…” There was silence, “I absolutely love it, I was wondering if you were still open to fit me in?” “Sure thing Mrs Harrison, see you soon”. She hung up the phone almost oozing with joy, “3 Harrison’s in one day, does life get any better…?”

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  1. It’s a nice story, but your punctuation really gets in the way of reading it. Spend a little time to break into paragraphs, and get the punctuation right. Your writing is good. Your English shouldn’t detract from it.

    1. It’s a shame to hear this. Although I am a huge fan of your stories! They are almost always my favorites. Is there a site where you have all of the stories that you have written?

  2. Great to see this story back in the right hands!

    I love it, the teasing is probably my favorite part, it adds a nice playful nature to the story. Also, the successful revenge by the mean Kelly was oddly satisfying, I think the fact that it was an undeserved revenge made it even better for me; sometimes the bad girls win. The descriptions are also really good and are always great in your stories, it’s what elevates it above some of the others; I can always tell a story is written by you based on the style.

    While I’m not the biggest fan of plain buzzcuts on women I would love to see a sequel, as I think it is ripe for more!

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