Straight Down the Middle

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“I said”, Miranda demanded with another slap on the girl’s ass, “count.”

The adorable little sub strapped to the bed gasped with delight at the sensation. “Nine”, she managed to choke out. The girl (probably around her early 20s) had begun their session full of cockiness that often showed when she pulled away from Miranda’s grip on her hair or when she pulled and strained at the ropes after being tied down.

Now here she was, moaning and burying her head into the pillows like a good little sub. She had complained and gasped with outrage during the first few strikes of Miranda’s palm, but once she submitted to her spanking the only words coming out of her mouth were begs for more. It made Miranda wonder just how quickly she would submit to the next part of their session….

“Bad girl”, Miranda said with a smirk. “Raise your ass in the air for all to see.” They did indeed have quite the audience. The person who could only be the girl’s girlfriend sat against the wall with a clear view of the whole ordeal. Her expression was serious and one could barely guess watch she was watching were it not for the hand down her pants.

“Yes master.” The girl’s back arched again as she positioned herself doggy style once more, shaking with pleasure while doing so.

The very instant the girl was repositioned Miranda gave her a swift spanking. Then another. Then another. The sub continued to moan and groan until Miranda stopped. Her ass was a dark shade of pink and her and her girlfriend’s pants were the only thing heard in the room.

“Tha….that wasn’t ten”, the sub whimpered.

Miranda cocked an eyebrow. “I’m sorry?” Miranda reached under the sub and pinched one of her nipples. “Are you unsatisfied with your reward?”

The sub’s head lifted out of the pillows to gasp. “No! No master! It felt so so-“

“You were not given permission to speak beyond counting, Slut.” Miranda smirked and released the sub’s nipple. “Looks like I will have to use some….excessive measures to make sure you know how to behave. Measures you’ll never forget.”

Miranda made quick work of the ropes tying the girl to the bed and, after clipping a leash onto the girl’s collar, began dragging her to a leather chair in the corner. Glancing over her shoulder, Miranda saw the girl’s cum dripping down her leg and her girlfriend following close behind them.

Miranda shoved the girl into the chair and roughly strapped the girl’s wrists onto the chair. The girl seemed to barely notice her new restraints and instead appeared to stay completely enraptured in her pleasure.

Miranda stepped away for a moment, taking note of the sub’s girlfriend standing to the side as she dragged a mirror in front of the girl.

The girl came to her senses and cocked her head at the sight of the mirror but, after a quick look at Miranda, she kept her mouth shut. Miranda looked to the girl’s girlfriend, who returned a nod.

Miranda steppes once more to the side and returned within the girl’s view with a rolling cart. On it laid a variety of tools, including scissors, shears, a variety of clippers, and a bowl of water with a razor and shaving cream.

The girl looked between her girlfriend and the cart. “I…I didn’t….”

“Do you want me to gag you you little slut?”, Miranda grabbed a fistful of the sub’s hair a yanked it backwards.

“No…no master. I just-“

“You have such…pretty hair.”, Miranda released her hair and ran her fingers through it. The girl’s hair was waist length, like her silent girlfriend, only her hair was a wavy and thick strawberry blonde. “It will be so fun taking it all off.”

“What???? No…no I don’t….”

“Quiet kitten”, the girlfriend finally said. The sub looked at her girlfriend and gulped, obviously seeing something in her eyes that made her think twice about disobeying.

Miranda turned to the girlfriend, raising a pair of scissors. “Should we cut off the length first or would yo-“

“First a cut.”, the girlfriend growled. “Then straight down the middle.”

The sub turned pale. Miranda grinned and turned to grab the shears, much to the sub’s distress.

“Please….”, the girl murmured as tears formed in her eyes, “please don’t cut my hair.”

Miranda sauntered towards the chair, grinning at the terror in the sub’s eyes as she watched the clippers instead of her curvaceous body coming towards her. “No….NO!” The sub jerked at the wrist cuffs, her girlfriend stepping forward.

Miranda held out her hand to the sub’s girlfriend to tell her to stop and kept approaching. Waiting for the sub to calm down, Miranda let herself think of the many many ways she wanted to take the sub into her own bedroom and fuck her senseless.

The sub’s rebellion finally calmed to her simply tugging at the wrist cuffs until realizing that even that was futile. Looking up at Miranda, the sub’s lip quivered as Miranda waves the clippers in her face.

“Say goodbye to your hair slut”, Miranda said. And with that Miranda grabbed the sub’s hair and began mercilessly chopping it off.

Scrrrrunch! Scrrrrrrunch! Scrrrrrunch! The scissors hacked away into the thick hair, leaving it choppy and uneven just above the girl’s lovely pink nipples. The more Miranda chopped off, the more enthusiastic she got. She loved the sight of the girl’s shock as Miranda tossed her hair into her lap, the thick hair falling into the pile on the floor more and more, and the way hair flew into the air. She began going quicker, pulling and twisting the sub’s hair only seconds before roughly hacking away the hair. The girl at first pulled away from Miranda but eventually limply let Miranda push her head forward and pull as rough as she wanted. At last, the girl’s hair was at a reasonable length just below her shoulders, longer in some places and shorter in others. The unevenness of the cut, however, wouldn’t matter for much longer.

Miranda cast a glance towards the girlfriend standing to the side, who had developed a serious blush and whose finger seemed to be working faster and faster. She took that as a sign to continue.

Turning back to the sub, Miranda produced the clippers from the cart. She let the sub continue sobbing for a minute before waving the clippers teasingly in her face. “Poor little slut loves her hair sooooo much.” Without turning them on, Miranda shoved the clippers into the sub’s hair teasingly only to be met with the sub jerking away in protest.

Oh no you don’t, Miranda thought. She was too into this now. With a dull thud, the clippers turned on. BzzzzzZZZZZZZ. Miranda grinned out of satisfaction and horniness watching the girl cower at hearing the sound. Miranda turned to the girlfriend. “How short?”

The sub looked desperately to the girlfriend only to be met with the emotionless response of “No guard”. Leaving no time to waste, Miranda places a hand against the back of the girl’s neck and forced her head forward and into the clippers.

The clippers drove into the girl’s crown and straight through the middle of the girl’s hair. The buzzing of the clippers grew louder as they sheared away the thick locks, drowning out the sobs from the sub and moans of her girlfriend. Miranda became enraptured in the task, grabbing handful after handful of hair and driving the clippers into them. Patches of hair stood out l, but Miranda barely noticed. She even barely noticed when the girlfriend, done with not being in the action, walked up and also grabbed a pair of clippers.

The poor sub, all the whole, had to suffer through the humiliation of being strapped to the chair naked and having not one but two people roughly shaving off her pride and joy. Just when she thought it might be over, another set of hands would shove her head to the right and plunge the clippers into her hair. She kept her eyes mostly on the ground but, as her head was yanked back, she would catch sight of herself in the mirror and start sobbing all over again. She was a complete mess!

Finally, after what seemed like hours, the clippers shut off.

“Now now.”, the girlfriend said with a coy and surprising smile to Miranda. “What should we do with her next?”


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