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Supriya is from chennai. She is doing college 2nd year. Her family is traditional family she has one younger sister studying 12th. Both of them studies are average. It was the month of April. The temperature goes up. Supriya and her sister geetha was having hair hip length. Well maintained. To improve geetha study her mom told to her father lets get our daughters for haircut. GeethA s concentrates more on her hair than about Supriya. I m thinking abt the same lets give geetha first then we can decide her later. Saturday mg her mother asked geetha to get ready and took her out Supriya was watching tv. After 2 hrs mom and geetha returned and geetha hair was given short bob over the ears and baby short fringe close to the forehead. The barber made sure that she looks like a kid and reduced her back and shaved her neck completely. Supriya was shocked and looked at her mother geetha went to take bath and returned. Her mom went to geetha and told now concentrate only on studies. Geetha nooded. Her mom went out. Supriya went to geetha and asked wat happened. Geetha told mom took me to barbershop and asked him to reduce the length without wasting time he took me to the chair opened the clips and chopped the hip length to saw my hair and told above the ears. So that she won’t waste her time with hair. The barber told ok madam and gave me nice short bob. She was crying. Then Supriya asked about the fringe. In between mom went out for 5 min. The barber took comb and scissors and came front and told steady and gave a straight cut to the fringes. It was short. He took spray bottle and combed her fringe. Mom came inside and saw me. She was surprised by the fringe and asked the barber. Then he told this will look good on her. Mom told its summer the fringe may cover her eyes soon. The barber again took spray bottle sprayed over the fringes and told i will reduce the length so that it stays away from the eyes and cut close to the forehead. Mom smiled and told okey. The he took thinning shears and reduced the volume from the top. Finally he shaved my back and sides. Supriya rubbed her head and told don’t worry. It will grow soon. Mom told i will be visiting regularly. And she cried. Supriya told i will talk to mom. Two days went. It was monday. They took bath. Geetha hair was wet after shower it didn’t took much time for dryer. She combed and got ready for school . Geetha got ready. Her school uniform was skirt and shirt. She came down. Mom asked for Supriya. GeethA told she s getting ready. Supriya kept her hair opened and came down with tight T-shirt and jean. Mom told both of them to come early after school and clg. Evening GeethA came early. Supriya went out with friends and came late. Geetha was studying . Her mom asked did anyone asked you for the haircut. GeethA told yes mom all were shocked and told its cute. But they told its too short. Please let me grow my hair mom. Her mom came near and told don’t worry this suits you than long hair. You will get used to this. You wont spend more time for getting ready like ur sister. She told and she went cooking. Supriya came after roaming out with full tired. Mom told her to refresh. She took bath and came in with wet hair water dipping. Floor were wet. Mom asked her to dry the hair and cleaned the floor. One month went. Geetha bob grown over her ears. Fringe was almost touching the brows. The kinda looked good on her and she was little happy. Mom told geetha tomorrow i will drop you to school get ready before 1 hr. Geetha asked y. Mom came touched her hair and told you need to get your haircut. Its grown and started covering your face. Geetha pleeded but mom told its just hair so sleep now. Mg mom woke up geetha and she got ready fast with the school uniform. Her mom took her to the same barbershop seeing GeethA the barber took her holding shoulder to the chair. Made her sit and pumped the chair high. The barber was rubbing her head for 5 min and he took a cape and tied her over the neck. He took spray bottle and wet her hair completely. Her mom did not say anything to the barber. The barber turned GeethA away from the mirror and facing her mom her mom kept the phone down and looked at her daughter and barber. Barber asked short bob? Or long one this time?
Mom told you can give her any she is in ur hands now. And smiled. Make sure nothing is covering her face. Barber hold her chin and saw her. Her mom told today eve are you free. Barber told ther can be few customers. Her mom told its okey i will bring my one more daughter her hair is very long and thick. We need to clean her too. Barber told okey madam. And took clipper . And gave geetha nice high bob cut . It was shorter than last time the back was completely clipped and shaved. Her mom watched and told nothing. The barber gave her nice bowl cut and showed to her mom. He took the spray bottle and holded her chin and told im going to cut the fringe short like last time. Her mom smiled and the barber removed her fringe close to her forehead. Blow dryer and got her down. Geetha with fresh mushroom cut and school uniform with short skirt looked cute. Her mom thanked the barber and told will meet evening. Her mom dropped geetha to school. Returned to home. Supriya came back home in the noon to home saying her head is paining. Her mom told you will never dry your hair immediately tats y you are facing headache now. Came and touched her hair. Supriya was scared. She told if i sleep it will be okey. Her mom told no change your dress and come with me. Supriya was scared. Supriya and mom was walking . Supriya mom saw her hair it was longer than hip length. Supriya asked mom where yu are taking me . She pulled her into the barber shop. It was little crowded as it is afternoon. The barber told mam i was expecting you in the evening. She told yes but she came home with headache . So straight away brought her here. He told them to wait there were two person before her and three barber chair filled . There were few more customers came in. Supriya mom told i will go out and come back in sometime you takecare her in the meanwhile. And left she went to collect few items in the nearby shop. After 10 min the chairs were getting free. Supriya though her mom should return. She was scared. The next old man whose turn was suppose. The barber told the old man can you please wait for 10 min i will finish this lady she s having headache. Supriya became nervous. The old man told okey and saw her . Don’t worry child took her hair in hand and told it needed to go soon. She slowly started walking towards the chair. Hoping her mom will return soon. . She sat in the chair the barber pushed the chair higher and tied one cape. The old man instead of siting in the waiting chair stood along with the barber. Then barber removed the band from her hair and took spray bottle. Her heart was beating fast. She was nervous, the barber combed her hair neatly . The old man standing next asked did her mom told wat type of haircut? The barber told no. Then the old man told reduce her length then we will decide, the barber told nice idea and chopped her length. Her hip length hair was lying in the floor tears begin to flow from her eyes. Old man saw that and h
old her chin told stop crying. She scared and stop crying. The barber even the hair with the long bob cut and blowed the dryer. She thought its over and convenced herself. The oldman took her chin up and saw her closely. She was scared. He asked whether its done the barber told yes. He took one comb and combed her hair for few min. Told i guess we need to reduce the length lot its not good for her health. Supriya got shocked by this. The barber took the spray bottle and sprayed more than needed. The barber asked do you have anything in mind. The old man replied yes and showed him a image in the poster. Supriya thought i should have came after this old man. The barber told okey. Lets give her. Supriya was about to turn to see the pic. The old man hold her head down. The barber took manual clippers and clipped her back completely. Then he came to sides. Supriya was asking please don’t cut too short i need to go to college. The sides also clipped like back. She was unable to see any as they turned her away from mirror. Then the barber shaved her side and back to skin. Cape s full of hair. Her face also covered with hair. He took spray and wet her top hair. It was too cold wen she felt the water sprayed on her bad skin in the back. The barber took scissors and started cutting the hair close to the scalp. Only the fringes were left . The top were cut close so that scalp was visible. Then he took the spray and sprayed her head combed the fringes. Took small tooth comb and cut everything and also made sure nothing is left to comb. The old man rubbed her head nicely and told no more headache dont worry child, the barber took powder and applied to her back side and neck. Turned her to the mirror it was faded military cut with side and back shaved smooth. She saw the the top and touched it was like bristles of brush. She got down and sat waiting for her mom. The old man sat and was getting neat man cut. She was thinking wer my mom went and from where this old man came. After few customers left the barber was cleaning the floor. He told only your hair is filled the floor and laughed. She rubbed her head and told ya. He asked which year you are studying? She told 2 nd year. He came and rubbed her head and told no need to worry for next two years. Every one left and only she s in the shop… she told she will leave if mom comes please inform her. The barber told no child wait don’t feel bored i will give you head massage so that your headache will be gone. She told its okey i will wait hear he came near and pulled her to the chair holding her head like a kid. Started to give head message . Initially it was smooth then later he started to give her hard. Since no hair was there. Wen it was about to end her mom came in . She saw her daughter and smiled. Told looks like someone is enjoying the haircut. Supriya saw her mom she came with layer cut to mid level and also highlighted her hair. She was having before hip length. Now she reduced to mid level with layers. She told the barber i guess Supriya received shorter than expected. Barber told yes mam her hair was too thick and long. Initially we gave her bob to shoulder level. Then we thought this haircut would keep her away from headache. Her mom nodded and told you should have left little hair to comb. She don’t needs comb now. Barber nodded and smiled. Her mom hold her chin and told anyways this s also good only. She wont dry her hair after bath. She asked whether its over or still need to finish anything. The barber told almost over wait for 5 min. He tied the cape and took comb and scissors. Her mom was watching her new layer cut in the mirror. She took a comb and started combing herself and see. The barber started to reduce the top hair to nothing. He made her look like bald . Took brush and dusted her top and side applied powder and sent her down. Her mom smiled at her child and told this looks beautiful. And paid the barber. She was scared to go to college tomorrow. After reaching home her mom asked her to take rest.

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