Submitting To The Chair: Nadine Part 1

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Nadine was a tall curvy green eyed bombshell with thick long blonde hair that nearly reach her bum. She and her dominate boyfriend were committed to a special relationship. Nadine had a safe word; however, she never thought of using it. Thomas was a handsome six foot tall ex-military man who now worked as an electrical engineer. Nadine was perfect for him; she was attractive, smart and had a great career in sales. They were both in their late 20’s. Now that they had taken the next step in their relationship by moving in together.

Thomas had been planning for Nadine’s punishment haircut for a long time. He wanted this to be as professional as possible. He even got certified as a barber. His wait for Nadine to slip up enough to justify such a severe punishment had finally arrived.

Thomas caught Nadine breaking one of his biggest rules: flirting or giving affiction to another man. She knew that Thomas found it an extreme betrayal of their dom/sub relationship. Nadine was to have eyes for only for him as long as she was his sub. She had been warned that breaking this rule would result in a long lasting punishment, but she didn’t know exactly what that punishment was.

When Nadine got home she found a salon chair had been placed in the center of the livingroom. Thomas had bought it off Offer-Up pretty cheap. There was also an assortment of haircutting items and a number of bondage items placed the coffee table.
“I caught you flirting and hanging off your boss’ arm.” Thomas told her simply in a disappointed tone.

“That was hardly flirting.” Nadine responded as she closed the front door behind her. “Mark is one of my company’s most important clients. If I throw him a few compliments or stand a little closer than normal or let my hand linger on his arm, that’s just good business.” Nadine tried to explain as she shed her peacoat and toed off her heels. She was wearing a white blouse with tiny pearl buttons tucked into a black pencil skirt that fell a couple inches short of knee-length. Her long blonde hair hung freely and she had blown it out before leaving for work that morning with a little curl.

Nadine’s eyes flicked to the salon chair and she pursed her lips. “That fucking thing is hideous. Maybe you should leave the decorating to someone who doesn’t need help matching their socks.”
She blurted out as she blew Thomas off; walking towards the kitchen for a glass of wine before making dinner.

Thomas followed Nadine into the kitchen and took the glass of wine she poured for herself. After taking a sip Thomas took her by the wrist with his large hand. “You know that flirting is against our established rules. You are smart enough that you do not need to use sex to make a sale. You cheapen yourself and betray my trust when you do that. That hideous chair is part of your well deserved punishment.” Thomas explained with a smirk.

“Well, I hope you kept the receipt,” Nadine replied sullenly, jerking her wrist back. She fiddled with the top button of her blouse and belatedly blurted, “Sir.” She stepped around Thomas walking back into the living room to stand in front of the salon chair and eyed it critically before turning to face him. She momentarily dropped her bratty attitude. “I admit I may have taken it a bit too far this time, but you know I’d never do anything. It’s harmless.” She tried to explian as she folded her arms across her chest, straining the buttons of the white blouse. “I am not sitting in THAT.”

Thomas was pleased that she admitted some of her guilt; However, it was far from enough. Nadine could be very stubborn and manipulative when it came time for a punishment. Thomas knew he had to be firm and take charge of situation. He could tell Nadine was going to need a long drawn out discipline session before she owned up to all of her wrongs. By the end of this she would have admitted to all of her misdeeds and would have a long lasting reminder.

Thomas grabbed the collar of Nadine’s blouse and ripped it open despite her arms being crossed. The little pearl buttons flew everywhere. It definitely made for a dramatic scene. “You will sit in that chair! It is up to you if you want to have a sore ass before hand. SIT!” Thomas ordered sternly.

Nadine stared in shock as the little pearl buttons bounced across the floor. “I just bought that blouse!” She shrieked, punctuating her words with a glare. She reached a hand up and ran it through her hair letting the strands sift through her fingers. “I don’t know what you think you’re going to do here,” she stammered, stalling. “Sir, you need to be reasonable. You aren’t cutting my hair…you can’t.” Nadine replied this time trying a more submissive approach.

“It is a shame about your shirt. You were warned that you would get a harsh long lasting punishment. Nothing says harsh discipline and long lasting like a good haircut.” Thomas told her as pulled Nadine over to the near by couch. He forced her to bend over the the arm of sofa. “I will be cutting your hair but, you are getting that spanking first.” Thomas told her making good on his promise of spanking her for refusing the chair a second time. He picked up a wooden hairbrush and patted it on her up turned butt.

Nadine was no stranger to this position. She let out an undignified grunt and rested her body over the arm of the couch. She gave a little sigh as she felt the brush tap her ass knowing what she was about to receive. Thomas lifted the brush up high and returned to her ass with a thump. It didnt hurt Nadine, but there’s always something about that first whack that made her stomach flip and her pussy clench.

In a span of a few moments she ran through feeling affronted that anyone would dare spank her like a naughty child, to aroused from being overpowered, and put in her place to wary about what’s to come next.
Sighing, she rested on her forearms over the couch and widen her stance just a bit. She knew she was going to be in this position for a while. “One…thank you, sir.” Her voice softer now, her body tensing slightly in anticipation of the next blow. This part she figured she had earned.

Thomas gave her the second blow this time on the opposite cheek. Nadine seemed to accept this spanking as Thomas reminded her of her place. Thomas gave her two more hard whacks before unzipping her skirt. He let the skirt drop to the floor and pulled her panties down to her knees. Nadine did little to object to her ass being made bare. He observed her bare bottom for a short time and noticed that it is starting to show signs of its punishment.

“Stick your ass out nice and high for me. You dont seem to have a problem showing it off when you want to make a sale.” Thomas ordered as he brought the brush up and down giving her two more strokes. Then her gave her a few more hard smacks with his hand. Nadine started to feel the sting and pain build on her bottom. However, she in no way hated it.

She rose up on her toes and presented her ass higher as instructed. She also The sound of an open palm meeting bare flesh was delicious. It only served to make her pussy wet and nipples hard despite the twinge of pain in her rear. “Please Sir, I’ve learned my lesson. I know better than to act like a wanton slut and flirt with other men. I promise I won’t do it again!” Nadine said trying to sound contrite and properly cowed. She was hopeful that if she sounded submissive that Thomas might call the punishment off and settle for a giving her a good fucking instead. She opened her legs wider; stretching her panties between her knees. Hoping that displaying her holes to him would win him over.

“That is what I want to hear.” Thomas told her when she used the words to describe her behavior. Hearing her admit to it made him so hard. Thomas brought the brush down four more times on each cheek. Nadine’s ass was now hot pink with some splotches of red. The way she presented her ass to him gave him a nice view of her pussy. He even caught a few glimpses of her asshole as her cheeks flashed open from the paddling he was giving her.

Thomas knew Nadine was trying to woo him by showing off her pussy like a horny cat. He had spanked Nadine enough times before not to fall for her tricks. Thomas gave her a series of hard fast whacks of the brush. This fierce set of blows pushed Nadine beyond arousal and into feeling real pain. She wiggled some with each continued blow letting out a little yelp.

“I am not falling for your I am so sorry act Nadine. I will decide when you have learned your lesson not to act like a slut. Hell you are practically a prostitute using sex to make a sale. See how you cheapen yourself.” Thomas lectured as he whacked Nadine’s sit spots with the brush. Nadine was panting from the pain and had tears in her eyes when he finally did finish with her paddling.

Thomas took time to inspect Nadine’s punished cheeks. He made her step out of her skirt and panties. Nadine said nothing as she tried to recover from having her ass beat red. Thomas could feel the warmth coming off her ass and Nadine was now fully aware of the pain in her cheeks. Thomas even brought his hand up between Nadine’s legs cupping her still wet pussy. Thomas often inspected her pussy for wetness after a spanking.

Nadine felt warmth between her legs as he touched her, her pussy was heating back up at his touch. She let herself sink into his touch and swiveled her hips to slowly rutting against his fingers, stealing just a moment of pleasure. Nadine couldn’t help but to let out a little coo of pleasure. Normally, this would be the end of her punishment but not today. Thomas was still determined to deal with Nadine’s hair.

Thomas pulled Nadine’s ruined shirt off leaving her in just her bra. “I better be the only one this pussy gets wet for Nadine. You deserve more punishment for your slutty ways. Get your red ass in that chair!” Thomas exclaimed in an stern voice as he pulled his hand away from Nadine’s wet cunt. Thomas’ words brought Nadine back to reality and she eyed the waiting salon chair frozen in place.

Choking back a sob Nadine pleaded with her dominant boyfriend. “Please, Sir, I’ll do anything. Just don’t make me sit in that chair. Please don’t make me. The spanking was enough!” She begged, with a sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach. Her hands reaching back to rub the sting out her cheeks as if she could wipe away the physical reminder of the spanking.

Thomas could hear in Nadine’s pleas that she was moments away from crying. He bet that she would be sobbing when he finally got her in the chair and was chopping her hair off. “The spanking wasnt even for the flirting; you got your ass paddled for talking back to me about getting in the chair.” Her told her as he took a fist full of her blonde hair. Nadine gasped at the painful grip he had on her hair. She had always been tenderheaded and even light hair pulls would make her wince. She had no choice but to depart the couch, if only to lessen the pain on her scalp.

“The haircut will be your punishment for acting like a slut.” Thomas told her as he forced Nadine to stand up straight using her hair as a handle forcing her to stand at her full height of 5’7″. Thomas undid his belt and pulled it free of its belt loops. There is something terrifying about the sound of a belt being pulled free. It was at the noise of the belt being pulled free that Nadine realized how angry Thomas was at her slutty behavior and her willful disobedience.

Thomas started dragging her to the chair while delivering the first lash of the belt to her ass. That lash landed harshly on Nadine’s already well punished ass causing her to cry out. It hurt and not in the way that made her wet and panting with lust. She had no choice but to walk to the chair. Thomas rewarded each step she took with a crack of the belt. Each crack of the belt brought her closer and closer to the chair. She couldn’t help but to feel as if she was going to the gallows.

She still did not accept that a hair chop was a suitable punishment. Her stomach sank as she realized that she might not be able to talk her way out of this one. She opened her mouth to plead for mercy once again, but the words died on her lips. All that came out was sobs as tears begin to stream down her cheeks

Thomas didn’t say a word to Nadine on their short walk to the chair. He was done telling her; now he was going to make her. Finally, he had her where he wanted her; a mere foot from the chair. While maintaining the grip on her hair with his left hand he wrapped his right arm around her waist. He practically threw her into the dreaded chair. Nadine landed in the chair on her ass, feeling fresh pain from every single belt welt.

Nadine had spent enough time in these chairs at the high priced salons she frequented that her arms automatically gripped the armrests and her feet found the footrest. They knew what to do even though she wanted to be anywhere but where she’d been put. Thomas was surprised how Nadine settled down once she was finally forced to sit.

“See that wasnt so hard Nadine.” Thomas told her in a patronizing tone as he wrapped his belt around Nadine’s waist and the chair. The belt fastening her in like a seat belt. “Since you decided to be so fussy I am going to restrain you.” Thomas told her as he reached over and got a set of bondage cuffs. He put them on her wrists and ankles, clipping them to the arm and foot rests.

“There you wont be going anywhere now my long haired slut.” He told her as he gave her a condescending pat on the head. Nadine cringed as his hand patted her head, not wanting his hands anywhere near her hair. His condescending tone ended any compliance that she had shown since being put in the chair. She decided to test the bonds that bound her. Nadine’s left hand jerked in the restraint, and then the right hand followed. Her feet danced against the footrest. She realized she was secure, but couldn’t help but try to wiggle free.

With Nadine now secured in the chair Thomas was free to get his tools. “Since this is your first disciplinary haircut I will take it easy on you. However, you are still going to lose a lot of that slut silk.” He explained to her as he turned his back to her, now facing the hairdressing items. He knew Nadine probably couldn’t help but curiously watch him.

“No! You can’t cut my hair – not a little or a lot,” she protested in a howl. “You love my hair. I love my hair. It’s one of my best features and I’ve put in so much time, effort and money to maintain it. That would all go to waste! You just can’t do this! You don’t…you don’t even know how!” The tears begin anew as she watched him out of the corner of her eye as he select the implements of her doom.

Thomas paid Nadine’s pleas little mind as he placed a ponytail holder on his wrist. Then he draped a folded big red nylon cape over his arm and ripped off a piece of tissue from the roll. The last things he picked up were his comb and scissors; placing them in his back pocket. When Nadine saw Thomas pick up the scissors she visibly flinched. She wracked her brain trying to come up with some reason, some excuse, some threat that would make him stop and set her free with her hair intact…but came up empty.

Finally, Thomas started his walk to his place behind the chair. The ominous noise of his packer boots made it clear where he was headed. Nadine couldn’t help but to renew her struggle to get out of the bonds and the chair when she heard she his foot steps behind her now. Despite her predicament; all of the squirming and bondage had made her even wetter. She hated the idea of the punishment haircut, but being controlled and forced to do something by Thomas always excited her. She stupidly wondered if he would still find her fuckable with a botched, homely haircut.

Once Thomas was standing behind Nadine he pulled the scissors out and snipped her bra off. Nadine’s tits bounced lewdly as the bra was ripped from her body, her nipples rock hard.”You are going to leave this chair a new woman.” He exclaimed as he tossed the bra in the pile of her other cloths. “I actually have never loved your long hair. YOU, love your long hair! Not that it will make you feel less punished; but in my opinion you will be prettier without all this mess.” He corrected her; referencing her incorrect assertions that he loved her long hair as he re-pocketed the scissors.

Thomas hurriedly pumped the chair up as high as it could go. The action made Nadine’s bare breasts bounce with each pump of the pedal. Each pump of the chair made her clit throb. Her arousal was only heightened by the power he weilded over her with the threat of the inevitable shearing. There were times that Nadine hated that she was so easily turned on by how he could control her. She knew it took a special dom like Thomas to control a bratty hard headed sub like herself.

While Thomas prepared Nadine for the big chop she reflected on just how many times she used her looks to get ahead in life. It wasn’t just Mark that had enjoyed her wanton ways. There was the handsome barista that never up-charged her for extra pumps, the police officer that pulled her over three times for speeding but always lets her off with a warning and a wink, the hotel concierge that she came close to fucking in an elevator who always comps her mini-bar pilfers…hell, even her CEO who always steers high profile projects her way. Was there a moment of the day where she didn’t rely on her looks to get ahead? For a moment she wondered if Thomas was right that she had cheapened herself. She tried the shake that idea from her mind but some of it stuck with her…a little bit.

When the chair was at the proper height Thomas pulled Nadine’s long hair into a loose ponytail and wrapped the elastic holder around it just at the nape of her neck. Next Thomas wrapped her neck with the tissue.”Lets get you caped up.” He told her as he shook out the big red nylon cape. He drapped it over her naked bound body before pulling it up around her neck, snapping it tightly in place.

The fabric felt slick as it slid over over Nadine’s taunt nipples. The cape was basic, nothing like the fancy robes she was used to at the high end salons she was used to. Thomas tested the fit of the cape by trying to fit a finger between it and her neck. “That will do nicely. Just think of this cape as a collar my little slut.” He told her approvingly.

It was the red cape being snapped in place and tested for security that brought Nadine out of her stupor. The anger of being sheared was reignited once again. He promised he would still find her pretty with short hair, but she knew no one else would. “I’ll be ghastly, Hideous, no man or woman will give me a second glance” she thought to herself. The realization that her future flirtations would be met with pitying stares; rather than lustful gazes made her burn with shame before he even drew the scissors from his pocket.

Once Nadine was caped Thomas pulled the scissors from his pocket. “Keep your head up and behave yourself. If you can’t take your punishment like a lady I will make you a barbered bitch.” He warned her in a stern tone and pulled her head back by her hair. Her head jerked back as he gripped her ponytail tightly in his fist. Nadine squeezed her eyes shut and thought about how she was going to spin this to her stylist. Nadine’s stylist was brilliant with scissors and product, but Nadine feared she maybe even beyond the best stylist’s help.

The time had finally come to rid Nadine of her slutty locks. Thomas started chewing at her thick ponytail with his scissors. The scissors made a scrunching noise as they chewed through her thick ponytail. Feeling the scissors hacking through her hair left Nadine stunned and unable to comprehend that it is really happening. He was cutting her hair and she couldn’t do anything to stop him. Her breathing became faster and faster as she panicked. She also felt lightheaded. If she was to faint would that even stop him?

When Thomas finally chopped off her ponytail Nadine’s head jolted forward at the lack of tension.”I will be cutting your hair from now on. No more salon trips for you. You lost that privilege when you decided to act like a bratty slut.” Thomas announced as he tossed the long severed ponytail in her lap for her to see. Nadine’s remaining hair fell just past her jaw line in a choppy bob.

Tears cascaded down Nadine’s cheeks. She stared down at the severed ponytail laying across her lap like a trophy…his trophy. She blinked the tears away and studied it with her green eyes. She felt like she will never forget this sight. The ponytail was bound on one end by elastic band. Her former glory was still beautiful, highlighted with subtle light and dark blonde hues that cost a small fortune to maintain. She wanted to pretend that she could still feel her locks falling down her back like a phantom limb.

She just felt naked. Ugly and naked…and angry. With a hiss she spat, “you fucking asshole! I can’t believe you did that! How dare you! Release me right fucking now! I’ll give you a haircut you won’t forget and then I’ll cut your fucking cock off! Just a little trim down there and you’ll be fucking dickless!” She finished with a hateful sneer, twisting and squirming to get free of the restraints so she could have her revenge.

Thomas was enraged by her comments. How dare she speak to him like this. Thomas knew her tantrum is mostly out of shock from having her crowning glory reduced. However, he wouldn’t let a submissive who threatened his manhood go unpunished. He reached his left hand under her jaw and gripped her face firmly. His large hand wrapped around most of the lower half of her face. He pulled her head up so she was looking up at him with her head tilted backwards.

“You earned this treatment Nadine. This is for your own good. I will not allow you to cheapen yourself and embarrass me by acting like a common slut anymore. Your days of prancing around using your looks to get what you want is OVER!” Thomas exclaimed as he reached his right hand out and picked up a medical gag. The beauty of this gag was that it didn’t use a strap behind the head so it wouldn’t interfere with hair cutting. The downside is it makes the victim drool alot. Luckily Nadine was well protected by the big red cape.

“That is quite enough out of you.” Thomas said as he forced the gag between Nadine’s teeth. Then he opened the gag until her mouth was open wide. Nadine’s nostrils flared in anger; she struggled futility against the intrusion of the gag. It only got worse as her mouth was forced open wide by the gag with each ratchet click. She ran her tongue frantically over the rubber coated metal locked in place behind her teeth, letting out a scream of frustration when it failed to loosen. “Eu uckng ahhhhol!” She blurted unintelligibly, emitting a series of undignified grunts mangled words that defy comprehension. Her tone, however, conveyed her great displeasure. A string of drool dripped from the gag to puddle on the protrusion of her breasts before sliding slowly down the front of the red cape in a wet smear.

“Anymore outbursts like that and you will get a taste of the clippers.” Thomas told her in a warning. Now that Nadine was mostly silenced he dampened her locks with a spray bottle. Then he got out his scissors and comb. He sectioned her hair and start snipping the ends even; working on the first layer. Little snippets of hair rained down on the cape. “Just so you know I got certified as a barber. So I will do a good job if you stay still. That is how serious I am taking this, because I care about you.” Thomas explained as he kept snipping. Nadine’s hair was starting to take the shape of a nice a-line bob.

Nadine bucked in her bonds, feeling her tits bouncing beneath the cape. More drool fell from her open mouth. She shrieked in dismay at the small blonde hairs floating in the growing drool puddle on the cape. Belatedly, she realized Thomas had continued his effort to give her a bob. A fucking mom haircut; she snorted in disaproval. Nadine was further enraged by the realization that he must have been planning this forever if he secretly got certified to cut hair.

“Eu uckng edeeot! Htop!” Nadine exclaimed in hardly intelligible speech while wrenching her body forward as far as the belt at her waist would allow. The shorn ponytail slid to the floor. “If my words won’t make you stop then I’ll just make it impossible for you to continue.” Nadine thought to herself as she shook her head back and forth forcefully, spittle flying from the gag, and twisting her body every which way trying to stay as far from his scissors as she could.

Nadine’s constant struggling was making it impossible for Thomas to do a good job. “If your haircut looks like shit you have no one to blame but yourself. I am more than capable of doing a good job, but you need to settle the fuck down.” Thomas told her in a final attempt to give her nice bob cut. Of course Nadine continued to thrash around like a mad woman. Thomas set his scissors and comb aside exchanging them for a pair of Oster 76 clippers snapping the number 2 blade in place.

“You know what; you are getting a taste of the clippers. Maybe that will make you behave.” Thomas told Nadine as he switched on the powerful machine. The motor roared to life making the blades chatter. He shoved her head down so her chin touched her chest. “You have earned yourself a nape undercut. Keep your head down for the clippers.”Thomas ordered as held her head in place.

Nadine squealed in protest as her head was shoved down, and froze when she heard the clippers getting closer to her head. They are loud and obnoxious, like a weed wacker. She absurdly wondered if their neighbors could hear them.
Thomas pressed the clippers into Nadine’s hairline at the nape of her neck. Thomas made a pass up her nape stopping at her occipital bone. Nadine cringed at the first pass up the back of of her head and her chest hiccuped with a sob. A big glob of drool fell from her open mouth. The clippers are like nothing she had felt before. The power the machine had over her as it reduced her nape down to stubble made her realize her mouth wasn’t the only part of her anatomy that is leaking. She never knew she could be turned on by a machine. She still hated what was happening to her, but the power was alluring.

Clumps of clippered hair tumbled down the cape. Some of it stickling to Nadine’s drool. Thomas made more and more passes until her nape is buzzed down to a quarter inch. Thomas switched the clippers off. His plan was to blend her clippered nape into a wedge shaped a-line bob. “Maybe this will be a better reminder for you to behave yourself in the chair.” He told her as he removed the gag and reached under the cape unclipping her right hand.

Nadine bristled at Thomas’ continued admonishment of her behavior. She was the aggrieved party subjected to this horrifying indignity. Then he had the nerve to tell her to be a fucking good girl while he made her into something so ugly!? Nadine thought to herself.

Before she could blink, he had removed the aweful gag and was guiding her hand to the back of her head. She expected to feel nothing but smooth skull but was surprised it was stubbly. It was so short. She could only imagine that it would make her look hideous despite the longer, chin-length hair she still had left. She wanted to ask for a mirror to see it, but couldn’t bring herself to say the words.

“Will you behave yourself now or should I just buzz the rest off?” Thomas asked as he finished forcing her to pet the clippered undercut. Nadine briefly considered wrenching her hand from Thomas’ grasp, but she knew she wouldn’t be able to get the other restraints off before he had overpowered her. Instead, she stared dociliy at him as her wrist was once again secured to the armrest letting her rage simmer.

“Whenever you feel like being a slut you can feel your nape and remind yourself to be a proper lady. I will make your whole head feel like that for further disobedience.” Thomas explained to Nadine as he fixed the cape so it was covering her again. Nadine was relieved that he had not discovered her soaking wet pussy. “So what will it be Nadine? Will you sit in the chair like a good girl for your bob or do I need to buzz all your hair off for being a brat?”

Thomas’ final question sent Nadine into a fit of laughter. She leaned forward as far as the belt allowed trying to quiet her giggles, then she started to cry letting tears stream down her cheeks onto the red cape. She was feeling so many emotions she didnt know what to do. Finally, after several minutes her eyes rose to his and with complete calm she stared at him while she formulated her response.

“I was a good fucking girl! A short skirt, a sheer blouse, a smile. Fucking harmless.” She began, shaking her head disapprovingly. “I should have accepted his room key that night…let him finger fuck me in the elevator on the way to his penthouse. I bet he could go balls deep in me all damn night, and I’d wake him up with a blow job and a smile.” She found herself smiling at the fantasy, remembering Mark’s powerful arms and broad chest.

Nadine’s main motivation for sharing that fantasy was that she wanted to hurt Thomas. He had ruined her hair after all. In her mind she didnt have much to lose at this point and she wasn’t all that keen on having the bob he had choosen for her. She could only image it looked like the typical ‘Karen cut’. A small but lusty part of her wanted to experience the power of the clippers again. “But, I didn’t because of you. Big. Fucking. Mistake.” Nadine spat back with venom dripping from each word.

Thomas couldnt believe that she would say something like that. Her words were extremely hurtful and it took all of his composure as a dom not to break down. Thomas was starting to think that she was party enjoying being punished. Why else would she continue to spout off at the mouth? He knew that Nadine sometimes liked being spanked even if it made her feel punished and feeling sorry for what she had done wrong. Could this haircut be having the same effect on her? Thomas thought as he weighed his options.

He had given Nadine so many chances to avoid the clippers, but she had choosen to ignore them all. She left him no choice but to follow through on his threats to buzz her hair down.

“Oh is that so! You wanted to cheat on me. What kind of slutty bitch are you? You are not a GOOD GIRL! GOOD GIRL’S do not have fantazies about cheating on their dom with their clients. You are a BAD GIRL and BAD GIRL’S get BUZZCUTS.” Thomas yelled in a booming voice. He shoved Nadine’s head down so her left ear was touching her shoulder. “You will find out what it is like to be a barbered bitch.” Thomas told her as he switched the clippers back on.

Nadine blinked rapidly as Thomas admonished her slutty behavior. She felt the first twinge of regret as she heard the hurt and anger in his voice.
She always thought his rule against flirting was simply mark of a dom. She like being wanted…desired, and the thought that her behavior hurt him had never crossed her mind. She felt enough remorse that she let Thomas push her head down to her shoulder.

Thomas was somewhat surprised that Nadine offered up no resistance when he pushed her head down. While holding Nadine’s head down he mowed a path up from her ear lobe to her temple. Then her made another pass up the right side of her head. More hair tumbled onto the cape and into her lap. Some managed to slide off the cape and onto the floor joining her thick ponytail. He made more passes until the right side of her head matched her buzzed nape. Finally, He finished with the right side by folding her ear down; cleaning up any hairs that might have missed.

Feeling the clippers sweep higher across her scalp was terrifying. Each pass seemed to stop near her crown. So much hair was falling down the cape that she was certain there would be none left. Disipte being terrified Nadine also felt the twinge of excitement that she experienced prior when he buzzed her nape. However, she she was still too upset over lossing her pressious hair that she didnt allow herself to slip fully into sub-space.

Once the right side of Nadine’s head was buzzed down Thomas shoved her head down the opposite way. The clippers still running in his right hand. Nadine’s right ear was now pressed to her shoulder. Thomas didn’t intend on sparing the left side. He used the tip of his boot to rotate the chair to get a better angle.

When Thomas pushed Nadine’s head the other way for shearing; she almost begged for mercy. However, she was afraid any such pleas would be rejected. Maybe even deservedly so. Tears started to fall again, this time fueled by self-pity instead of rage. Nadine was now able to feel the nylon cape material touching her closely buzzed scalp; now that her head was no longer insulated by her thick blonde locks.

Thomas begin repeating the shearing he had given her on the right side. The clippers peeled the hair off the left side of her head just as efficiently as they had done on the right. He folded her left ear down and cleaned up the last bit of long hair. When there was no long hair left on the back and sides he switched the clippers off. The top was still long; almost ten inches in length.

Thomas released the grip he had on her head and allowed Nadine to straighten her head. He walked out from his place behind the chair to face her. Thomas wanted her to watch and know it was not over.

Nadine sniffled loudly as the clippers stopped buzzing. She felt such relief that it might be all over. However, her hopes were dashed when Thomas stepped in front of the chair. She could tell by the look on his face that her the time in the chair was not over. A growing sense of dread curled in her stomach as she feared what would come next.

Thomas brushed off the blades and oiled them. The machine had just been put through a workout, but more was to come. Thomas swapped out the blades and added a guard. The number 1 blade blade and the gaurd would leave the hair on the top of her head a little longer than the back and sides. The hair on top would be 3/4 of an inch vs the 1/4 of an inch he left her with on the back and sides.

Nadine watched him with the clippers. She couldnt take her eyes off of them as Thomas swapped out pieces and parts with quick efficiency. She had a fuzzy memory of him talking about training how to do this. An intense flare of jealousy sparked inside her as she wondered if he may have “practiced” punishing her on any other women.

While still standing in front of Nadine Thomas tussled the hair on top of her head. He rather liked the look of this edgy fully undercut bob. For a moment he considered granting her a reprieve and giving her a girlish pixiecut. After a moment he thought better of it. Perhaps, if she hadn’t just admitted to wanting to cheat on him with her biggest client he would have shown some leniency. “I have given you plenty of chances to save yourself from this buzzcut. I feel that I have been more than fair with you. This kind of punishment would not be alright in a normal relationship, but we do not have a normal relationship.” Thomas explained as he finished preparing the clipper.

Nadine flinched when Thomas reached over and ran his hand through what’s left of her hair. His touch was casually possessive. So not to respond in anger she kept her jaw clenched tight as she listened to another speech about how fair he had been. This isn’t the first time he had disciplined her in a manner she found less than fair; only this time the stakes were higher than just a sore bottom. She wondered if she had sat like a good girl if she would still have most of her hair.

“You will hold your head up straight and be quite. Dont make me gag you again.” Thomas ordered as he took his place behind the chair. He dangled a big red ball gag in front of her face before tucking it in his pocket. “I had hoped to avoid taking you this short during your first punishment haircut. However, you have earned this with your bratty attitude and slutty behavior.” He explianed as the freshly oiled clippers hummed to life. He moved to place the clippers at her forehead hoping she would be still and start to show some remorse. He remained ready to take full control of her and finish the well deserved shearing.

Nadine jumped when the clippers come to life again; making the cape billow and shift around her. When he brought the blades to her forehead she begin to weep harder. “Sir…I-I’m very sorry.” This time she really ment it. She was sorry it had taken all of this to get her to see how wrong her behavior was.

I hope that is the truth.” Thomas replied as he made the first pass over the top of her head. “I hope this will cure you of your slutty ways for a long time.” He went on as he made another pass, sending more of her hair tumbling down to the cape and onto the floor. He looked down into her teary eyes as he mowed down the hair on top. The oster clippers made the shearing quick and Thomas made it merciless.

After Thomas had all the bulk buzzed down he exchanged the osters for a pair of andis master clippers. He snapped a guard over the blades and held her head in position with his left hand. After switching on the clippers, he started blending in the sides and top. Thomas adjusted the lever as nessisary. When he finished Nadine had a neat buzzcut.

Nadine sat quietly and behaved herself during the final part of her haircut. She noticed these new clippers were not as loud as the other ones. She found herself letting go of her anger and feeling submissive. The way Thomas held her head firmly in place made her drift into sub space. At this point there was no use in fighting; her hair at been reduced to practically nothing. So she resigned herself to her fate, allowing herself to enjoy the control her boyfriend wielded.

When Thomas finished blending her buzzcut he switched the the clippers off exchanging them for a small trimmer. He loosened the cape and touched up her neck and side burns. Then he shaped her side burns to a point to soften the harsh buzzcut. After finally finishing with Nadine’s haircut he carefully lifted the cape and dumped the hair on the floor.

Nadine noticed the difference between the two clippers and trimmer. She had no idea that there were more than one kind. She found it kind of hot that he had gone this far in preparing for her punishment. She watched Thomas pick up a small jar and fill his fingers with palmade. Nadine could tell as he ran his fingers through her hair and styled it that it was extremely short. When he removed the cape she shivered as the the draft in the room hit her. Her were nipples hard and her pussy was begging for attention.

Thomas checked his watch and realized they had been at this for almost two hours. He enjoyed the sight of her sweaty bear body bound in the chair. His eyes travel the full length of her body and liked how she looked with the new girlish buzzcut. Thomas removed the restaints and took a little jewelry box out of his pocket. “These are for my good barbered girl.” He told her showing her the diamond earrings.

Nadine’s hands shot to her head as soon as she was free of the restraints. She gasped when she found how short her hair was. Her hair was shorter than her boyfriends now. “Its so short.” Nadine squeaked still in shock. She eyed the jewelry box suspiciously before accepting it. A smiled graced her face as she placed them in her ears. It was strange that he would provide her a reward after such a humiliating punishment. On the other hand she was happy to have the diamond studs to make her look feminine.

Thomas watched as Nadine accepted the gift. Then he held up hand mirror so Nadine could see her new look. Nadine stared at herself in the mirror. Her make had ran from all of her crying. There was no doubt that she had the features to pull of short hair. She found that she didn’t look masculine at all. Instead, she just looked girly and cute. However, she no longer possessed the sharp lusty look of a temptress.

Once Thomas thought Nadine had stared at herself long enough; he set the mirror aside. Next he held up a little dust pan and hand broom. “Its time to clean your mess up.” He told her pointing to the mounds of hair on the floor. “On your hands and knees dear.” He added with a snap. Sweeping up up her hair would be her last humiliating lesson for the night. She nodded her head in agreement and accepted the broom and dust pan as she got out of the chair.

She crawled around on her knees as she obediently swept up her mess, as he called it. All the hair he had taken from her was now just a mess on the floor to be cleaned up and discarded. The ache in her pussy remained and she tried her best to satisfy herself by squeezing her thighs together while she swept

Thomas watched as Nadine worked. Every now and then then he caught a glimpse of Nadine’s pussy. He could see that her lips were swollen and slightly parted in arousal. He reach down and picked up the long severed ponytail from the floor. He held it in his hand as he knelt down beside her; keeping her on all fours. Thomas dragged the length of hair over her body teasing her with it from her head to her toes. Finally, he brought one hand up between her legs and pushed two fingers inside her wet slit.

The sensation of Nadine’s own hair being playfully pulled over her body gave her goose bumps. Nadine could smell the familiar scent of her shampoo as it past over her head. She felt tingly as he drew the silky feeling blonde mass over her body. She opened her legs wide for him and arched her back welcoming his hand between her legs. She moaned loudly as his fingers penitrated her sex.

Thomas roughly rubbed and fingered Nadine all the while teasing her with the ponytail. He also couldn’t help but to play with Nadine’s new haircut. Paying the clippered hair on her nape particularly close attention. He could feel that Nadine was getting close to orgasm as she squeezed his fingers with her pussy. He brought the ponytail up under her and teased her nipples with it while playing with her large free hanging breasts.

Nadine moaned as her muscles tensed; the orgasm building inside of her. She loved every bit of the attention he was giving her. She pressed herself onto his fingers and rotated her hips in an effort to cum. Finally she did cum; loudly crying out his name. She was happy to finally get release. Nadine panted as she tried to catch her breath, in complete bliss.

While Nadine recovered Thomas laid the ponytail across her back. He raised her chin to his and gave her a kiss. “I will be giving you a trim in four weeks.” He told her after breaking the kiss. He lifted the ponytail from her back and pulled her up into a hug.

Nadine heard what he said about the trim. However, she was too deep in bliss to argue. She just snuggled into his chest and held on to him. After a while she broke the embrace and took the dust pan filled with her hair to the trash. She figured that he would be keeping her ponytail as a trophy of her submission and didnt even ask for it. As she dropped her hair in the trash she felt as if she was letting go of her old self. “I am tired. May I get cleaned up and go to bed?” She asked him in a soft voice as she returned for another hug.

Thomas gave her a squeeze and a kiss; looking her over one last time before allowing her to go to bed. “Yes you may.” He told her as he took her beauty in for the first time; now that she was unincomboarded by her long hair. She was truly beautiful; her green eyes stood amoungst her soft feminine features. Her gorgeous body also more noticeable to include her large breasts and round ass. He was very happy with what he had accomplished this evening. Though, He knew this wouldn’t fix her tendencies permanently; but it was definitely a step in the right direction.

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  1. This is largely very well done. However, I do have a few criticisms:

    First and foremost: so many typos. I can understand, if English isn’t your first language. But regardless of whether it is, please, ask a friend who does speak English as their first language, to proofread it for you, and help you revise and edit as needed. It also seems like there were a couple spots where you changed your phrasing, but didn’t fully erase what was originally there? I can’t fully fault you for that, I’ve done it many times as well.

    Second: I don’t really like the whole “slutshaming” approach to Thomas’s degradation. I mean, if Nadine’s into that, sure, but otherwise,,, there’s better ways to berate someone over that sorta behavior.

    Third and honestly the least important detail: the difference between a #2 guard/blade and a #1. You were correct in a #2 leaving 1/4″ of hair. However, a #1 leaves 1/8″, not 3/4, meaning the hair on top actually would’ve been slightly shorter. If you wanna leave 3/4″ of hair, you’d need a #6 guard.

    1. Thanks for your reply. This was the first story I wrote and was adapted from a roleplay that I did with someone else. I would like to think my writing as improved some. I will revisit this one an try to clean it up. If you would like to edit my stories i would be happy to send you them.

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