Submitting To The Chair: Nadine Part 2

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This is Part 2 of a series. Read Part 1 first if you like.


Four weeks had passed since Nadine had recieved the humiliating punishment haircut at the hand of her dominate boyfriend Thomas. During this four week time period Nadine’s hair had grown out to about an inch on the sides and almost two inches on top. Thomas was surprized how fast her hair had grown. Nadine had started to get used to her grown out buzzcut and it no longer upset her when she looked in the mirror. She still found herself cute and Thomas could hardly keep his hands off her.

The haircut was effective at limiting her opportunities to flirt. Nadine found that men had a severely reduced interest in her. She still had an amazing body but most of the chovisitic men she was used to receiving attention from no longer looked her way. Even Mark had backed off his advances. Without her alluring long hair Nadine had lost her girl next door appeal.

Thomas had been busy converting the spare bedroom into an at home barbershop. Nadine knew he was working on something in the spare bedroom, but Thomas did not allow her inside. Thomas made sure to keep the door locked with a deadbolt. Nadine figured it was where Thomas had moved the aweful salon chair. She would never guess how fair Thomas had gone in his renovations.

Thomas had done a great job completely remodling the spare bedroom into his personal barbershop. Inside the room was a vintage Theo A. Kochs CO. white enamel barber’s chair with red cushions. This chair was much more sturdy than the cheap salon chair. It even had real leather cushions. Thomas had also installed a number of straps to hold the sometimes unruly Nadine in place.

Thomas also installed a large barber’s work station made out of hardwood that matched the rooms dark hardwood floor. The work station included a hair washing basin, a hot lather machine, towel warmer and a rack to hold Thomas’ growing collection of capes. There were probably a dozen capes to choose from. Everything from nylon ones of different colors, shiny thick PVC in an assortment of colors, and even old fashioned cotton ones.

The work station’s various drawers and cupboards held all the barbering and bondage items one could imagine.
The room was decorated to look like a barbershop too. On the freshly painted white walls hung a number old fashioned sports ads and vintage hair clipper advertisements. There was also a red leather couch and a coffee table with magazines waiting area. It was was set up as if more than one client would be visiting the barbershop.

Her hair was no longer the neat buzzcut he had given her. The hair on top was about two inches now. It was much more then she deserved to wear at this point. After finishing her first punishment haircut he told her that she would receive a trim at the fourweek mark. After her four week trim if her behavior remained good, she would be allowed to grow her hair out. Thomas was using Nadine’s hair as the reward for reforming her slutty ways.

After breakfast Thomas went back to his barbershop and made sure everything was in order. Then he went to find Nadine. He found her laying on the couch. Thomas knelt beside her and gave her a kiss. “I am ready to give you your trim. Please come with me.” He told her in a firm but affectionate tone. He ran his fingers through her shaggy cropped hair while giving her another kiss this time on her cheek.

Before Thomas interupted her Nadine was enjoying relaxing on the couch after sunday breakfast. She had her kindle in hand and was reading a murder mystery. Her pj bottoms and a loosely fitting flannel shirt that belonged to Thomas made for a very casual look. She had the top three buttons of the flannel shirt undone and was not wearing a bra. Because of this her large DD breasts threatened to fall out of her shirt as she laid on her side reading her book.

A lump grew in her throat at the mention of the trim. She set down her kindle and returned his kisses. She had been dreading this coming day for weeks now. She knew eventually he would come for her just like this when she least expected it. She was not at all prepared to loose her hair to the clippers again. It was just starting to look like a pixie. If he buzzed her again she would have to explain it to all of her friends and coworkers again.

“Come on lets get you cleaned up babe. This wont take long at all.” Thomas urged as he stood up from his kneeling position. His tone was a little more dominate and urgent this time. Thomas hoped Nadine would follow him back to the barbershop room willingly. If Nadine went willingly and behaved herself the trim would be over rather quickly. It wouldn’t take him long to buzz off her four weeks of hair growth putting her back in the buzzcut he gave her before.

“Can you just trim it into a pixie cut?” Nadine tried to reason with him. “I dont need a buzzcut again. I haven’t acted like a slut since.” She said with a little pout. Nadine tried her best convince Thomas that she didnt need a full. buzzcut.

Thomas frowned in disappointment when Nadine tried to bargain. He knew the easy thing would be to agree with her on the pixie cut. Then once she was in the chair he could give her whatever haircut he pleased. However, he decided that if she wouldn’t submit willing she would be dragged to the chair and further punished. He didn’t believe in tricking her to submit to him. “No you will be getting a full clip down.” He told her as he tried to take her hand.

Nadine’s lip quivered at the thought of being buzzed down with the clippers again. She pulled her hand away and slipped past him so she was standing. “Please Sir I don’t need another buzzcut.” Nadine said as she couldn’t help to voice her opinion on the matter. However, she was able to stop herself from throwing a full on tantrum.

“This is not a discussion dear.” Thomas told her as he grabbed her wrist pulling her close. “You are getting your hair buzzed short. You have been doing good this month but I think one more buzzcut will help to drive home the message.” He told her as he became more stern with her. He wouldn’t put up with any more from Nadine. She was inches from earning herself an extra punishment.

When Thomas grabbed Nadine’s wrist for the second time she didn’t pull away. She could tell by the disappointed look on his face and how his attitude changed from loving to strict; that she was on thin ice. She allowed him to walk her to down the hallway to the spare bedroom. She was curious to see see what he had done to the room.

Thomas opened the door to the barbershop room. Thomas ushered Nadine inside then closed the door. He allowed Nadine to walk around the room and take it all in. “Wow you really did a lot of work in here.” Nadine told him surprized by the transformation of the hardly used spare bedroom. She would be more impressed if remodel wasn’t solely for the purpose of disciplining her with haircuts.

While Nadine took in the room, Thomas put on a blue canvas apron with tan leather stays. Nadine’s like the way Thomas looked in the apron. She actually liked the whole ascetic of the room. It looked just like an old time barbershop. Thomas’ outfit consisting of black slacks, packer boots and white button up shirt matched the atmosphere. She found him really attractive in his barber outfit. So for the time being she decided to go along with being barbered.

Her eyes then moved to the center piece in the room: the large barber chair. She examined it with her eyes and noticed the leather restrains that hung from the chair. It was much more imposing than the salon chair. She was curious what it would like to be to sit in such a chair with its foot rest, head rest and thick leather cushions.

Thomas selected a large cotton pinstripe cape from the rack. Then he rotated the chair. “Alright Nadine time for you to have a seat.” Thomas told her as he patted the seat cushion. Nadine nodded she began walking to the chair submissive from across the room. She was half way to the chair when she spotted something that really upset her. Thomas had framed her long blond ponytail and hung it on the wall. The frame even had her name and date on it.

Nadine went from submissive to raging in blink of an eye. “That is fucked up…seriously fucked up!” Nadine exclaimed as she stomped her foot turning to face Thomas. “I was going to go along with this but there is no reason for you to display that like god damn trophy. Do you know what kind of convincing I had to do to my friends as to why I just decided to chop my hair off. They hardy believe I did it for a cancer benefit. Now what am I supposed to tell them this time?” Nadine told him angrily. When she was in a rage she found that she could rarely stop herself. “I am done with this!” She told him as she stormed over to the door.

Thomas was shocked how quickly her behavior changed. He quickly grabbed her by the upper arm before her hand could touch the door knob. He also tried to grab her hair out of reflex, but found there wasn’t enough to really hold onto. “That is there as a reminder of your submission and obedience to me. Maybe you need a further lesson in that matter.” Thomas told not really caring what she told her friends; as he pulled her along with him to the chair. Nadine was really fighting and dragging her feet.

Nadine laughed when Thomas tried to grab her hair. During her struggles Nadine’s left breast popped out of the oversized flannel shirt. Thomas took full advantage of that and pinched her nipple between his thumb and index finger. The rest of his fingers squeezed into Nadine’s ample breast like cats claws. Nadine let out a groan then a squeak when her nipple and breast were roughly seized. She was now over powered and found her slippers sliding across the smooth hardwood floor.

It was when Thomas tossed Nadine into the chair that she really started throwing really throwing a fit. She kicked and cursed at him. Thomas managed to hold her in the chair and avoid her kicks, while he got the first strap cinched down around her waist. Then he shoved her back against the chair and bucked the chest strap over above her exposed breast. Finally he got her flailing hands and feet under control.

Thomas had a look of pure satisfaction on his face when he looked down at his helpless girlfriend. Nadine found when she tested the restraints in this chair that she could hardly move. Unlike that cheap salon chair that rocked about when she struggled; the barber chair she found her held firmly against the cushions. Nadine returned Thomas’ triumphant grin with an angry scowl. She thought about apologizing for her temper, but couldn’t bring herself to do it.

Thomas walked behind the chair and spun it so Nadine faced the mirror. Nadine looked at her reflection in the mirror, noticing she rather underdressed in her disheveled pajamas. Thomas had not bothered to push her breast back in her shirt and she could see that her nipple was rather hard from the pinching. Looking at herself in the mirror made her vainly wish that she had her own retro inspired outfit. As she started to calm down from her tantrum she also noticed that her pussy was starting to moisten from all of the rough handling.

Thomas lifted the cape off the back of the chair and draped it over Nadine’s body. He let the cape rest on her shoulders while he tore off a strip of tissue from the dispenser. After wrapping the tissue around Nadine’s neck he pinned the cotton cape in place. Nadine found that the cotton cape was soft like a t-shirt and wasn’t as tight fitting as the nylon cape he used last time.

Thomas reached down and pumped the lever on the side of the chair, causing Nadine to ascend. Nadine noticed the difference between the two chairs right away. Unlike, the boob bouncing foot pump of the salon chair; the barber chair’s hydraulics were smooth.

“I figured you would have apologized for being a brat. I will not tolerate your tantrums in my barbershop. It is clear you need more than a trim maybe giving you a headshave will get the point across.” Thomas told her as he picked up the oster 76 clippers and installed the 00000 balding blade.

The announcement of the headshave reignited Nadine’s temper. “Do not shave my head you Fucking asshole!” Nadine blurted out without even thinking. “damn it! I will look like an ugly fucking egg! Please don’t shave me sir.” Nadine pleaded.

Thomas set the oster clippers aside and for a moment she thought she may get a reprieve. However, as she watched Thomas pick a shiny yellow pvc cape off the rack she knew he was up to something. “What is that for? Why do you need two capes?” Nadine questioned worried about what might be coming.

“Because you are such a potty mouth I am going to wash your mouth out with soap.” He told her as he quickly tossed the heavy pvc cape over the cotton one. “I wont have you back talking and cursing at me anymore during a punishment. We have talked about this many times. ” Thomas told her as he pointed to a bar of ivory soap on a silver soap dish on the counter.

Nadine’s eyes got wide at the mention of the mouth soaping. Thomas had threatened such a punishment in the past for running her mouth. However, this was the first time he was following through with it. She decided it was best to keep her mouth shut. The mouth soaping and the headshave would be more than enough punishment.

Thomas remembered from last time how messy the nylon cape got from when he gagged Nadine. “This second cape will keep you from making a mess on my nice cotton one.” He told her as he quickly tossed the heavy pvc cape over the cotton one. This cape had a high collar with a double row of snaps. Thomas added a second piece of tissue high on Nadine’s neck. Finally, he snapped both rows of cape’s snapper closure tightly over the tissue.

Nadine groaned as he fitted the cape around her neck. He had made it tight just like the big red nylon one had been. Only this cape seemed to have a bit of a raised collar that served to restrict her further. She decided that she didnt care for capes with snaps because he seemed to be able to get them to stay on so much tighter. This new cape had a rubbery texture. The double caping made her feel very snug and she was already starting to sweat. It was curious to her that he seemed to have capes for differnet uses. Personally, she didnt care how messy his stupid capes got.

“You are being punished for saying asshole, fuck and damn.” Thomas told her as he picked up the bar of soap from its silver dish. He had trimmed the bar of soap down so it would fit in her mouth easier with his razor. Nadine watched as he lathered it up using the wash basin sink. “Open wide.” Thomas told her as he held the dripping bar of soap up to her lips.

Nadine grimaced at the thought of this humiliating punishment. She bravely opened her mouth, only to find Thomas prop her jaw open wider using his left hand. He pushed the bar of soap in and rubbed it on her tongue and even scrapped some on the back of her teeth. Nadine couldnt help but to gag at the taste of soap. Any arousal she was feeling faded away at the start soaping. To her surprise he he removed the bar from her mouth.

Thomas held the bar near her face. “Why are you having your mouth washed out?” Thomas asked her as he watched her gag and drool. The soap was definitely having an effect.

Nadine spat out some of the soap before trying to answer. She glanced down and notice there was already a puddle of drool forming on the yellow cape. “Because I said asshole, fuck and damn at you sir.” Nadine replied meekly. This was way worse than a spanking she thought to herself, as she spit more soapy drool out onto the cape. Though doing so did little to get rid of the taste in her mouth.

“Good girl. Now hold it.” Thomas told her as he pushed the bar of soap back into Nadine’s mouth. He looked at the soapy trail rolling down the front of the cape and was glad he had added the pvc cape. Thomas wiped off his hands and laid out his shaving items. He selected a vintage Solingen straight razor with and irovy handle. He also set out the lather cup and brush.

Nadine closed her lips around the bar of soap. The way he told her good girl for admitting her wrong doing made her feel little. She was forced to breath through her nose. The scent of soap filled her nostrils with each inhale. In an effort to keep from sallowing the soap she drooled heavily while moaning in discomfort. Minutes seemed like hours as time past in her current perdicament. She could see in the mirror that she was a big mess.

Thomas watched Nadine while she sat with the soap in her mouth. She had drool all down her chin and the front of the cape. There were even bubbles forming at the corners of her mouth. After a five minutes Thomas took the soap from Nadine’s mouth. Nadine spit out even more soapy lather when her mouth was empty. Thomas took a towel and moped up the front of the cape. “I hope we never have to do this again.” Thomas told her as he reached up under the cape and unfastened the chest strap.

Nadine was relieved to have that aweful bar of soap out of her mouth. She swore to herself she would never cuss ever again. Nadine held her mouth open and her tongue hung out of her mouth. “Never again sir.” Nadine replied the best she could. With the chest strap off she could move around alittle more but still couldn’t escape the chair. She was in no mood to try anything either.

Thomas placed his hand on the back o Nadine’s neck. “Lean forward.” Thomas told her as he firmly guided her head toward the sink. Nadine found herself staring into the sink. Her arms were stretched out behind her, still fastened to the armrests. Thomas kept a firm grip on Nadine’s nape with his left hand. Then used his right hand to irrigate her mouth with the hair washing sprayer from the wash basin.

Nadine allowed him to hose her mouth out; she was all to happy to get the taste of soap out of her mouth even if the flood of water was a little overwhelming. She swished and spit until her mouth was free of the awful taste. After a long mouth rinse Nadine let Thomas know she was done by nodding her head. He turned the water off and helped her to sit back in the chair.

“I am so sorry sir. I will never cuss at you a again.” Nadine repented as Thomas resecured the chest strap. She felt his hands moving around under the capes and he took the liberty of pulling her other breast out of her shirt. A little moan escaped Nadine’s lips as he groped both of her breasts and nipples. Now that the aweful soaping was over she found herself becoming aroused at his control again.

Once Nadine was secured to the chair Thomas popped the snaps open on the yellow cape. Nadine breathed a sigh of relief once she was free of the restrictive heavy cape. She watched as he set the messy cape aside and picked up the clippers. She took a deep breath in anticipation of what loosing her hair to the powerful machine. She was over fighting it; knew she earned it for her bratty outburst.

Thomas walked behind the chair with the clippers and straightened the cotton cape. Thomas placed his hand on top of Nadine’s head pushed her head down before turning the clippers on. He pushed her head down all the way to her chest as he guided the hungry blades into her nape. He made a few passes up her head sending clumps of hair down into her lap as the balding clippers took her down to nothing.

Nadine in sighed anticipation when she heard the clippers come life. Nadine was being to understand the differance between the different clippers. Just like last time she found the power and control of these most powerful clippers alluring. She could feel how much closer the blades cut compared to last time. Thomas wasnt joking when he called it a clip down. She just submitted knowing that there was no stopping the stripping of her hair now.

Thomas finished with her nape and moved on to the sides. After every pass he flicked his wrist to drop a clump of hair on the cape. Thomas is very careful with the balding blade around her ear, as he did not want to knick her. Once the hair on Nadine’s on back and sides were clippered down to 1/125th of an inch Thomas repositioned his hand to cover her nape.

Nadine gripped the armrests as Thomas clippered her. He kept her head pointed toward her lap regardless what section of her head he was working on. It was such a naturally submissive position. Whenever he moved his hand around her scalp she noticed the stubble she had left was sand paper like. She watched as the hair piled up in her lap. The clumps of hair seemed to stay put on the cotton cape and not slide to the floor like the nylon one.

After Thomas finished buzzing all of her hair down he went over her head a second time. Thomas wanted to make sure she was properly punished with the balding clippers. Due to Thomas holding her head down during the duration of her haircut she could not see how she looked in the mirror. The anticipation of seeing what she would look like with hardly any hair, only served to heighten her arousal.

The whole shearing took maybe five minutes. Thomas switched the clippers off and let Nadine look at herself in the mirror while he brushed the clippers off. Then he brushed her head off with the barber’s duster. He found her a little more attractive with the buzzcut but he knew the bald look would grow on him. After all Nadine had earned herself the balding. “Was your little outburst worth it?” Thomas asked as he patted her near bald scalp.

Nadine watched as he cleaned up his clippers; he always seemed show them such reverence. She was a little surprised when he dusted her head and face off with the duster. It felt like a giant makeup brush with it’s soft bristles and she caught the slight hint of talcum powder as it touched her face. “No sir.” Nadine answered as she glanced down at the small mound of clippings in her lap. She realized how foolish she was to have fought so hard to save such little hair.

After Thomas set the brush aside he opened a cabinet and removed a thick leather posture collar. “I don’t want you moving around while I shave you; so I am going to have to restrict you further.” Thomas told her as he fitted the collar around Nadine’s neck. When the three buckles were fastened tightly he began mixing the lather in the bowl.

Nadine found that she was forced to hold her head up straight and could hardly turn her head. Despite the collar snuggly encasing her neck she found it more comfortable than the tight high collar cape. She anxiously watched as Thomas made the preparations to shave her. He mixed the lather then wet her stubbly scalp before lathering her head. The she watched Thomas in the mirror as he stropped the razor.

“We are going to do this everyday for a week.” Thomas told her as he started the shaving. He artfully guiding the razor through the lather. He pulled her skin taunt before each pass with his left hand. Every now and then he wiped the blade clean on a towel that hung from his shoulder. “Everynight when you get home from work you will wait for me in here.” He added as he finished with the top of her head leaving only a horseshoe of lather on her back and sides.

Nadine found the shaving process very dominating yet sensual. She watched him work with a determined look on his face. When he announced that this would be a nightly occurrence for the next week she found the news bitter sweet. She desperately wanted to start growing her hair out again but she also enjoyed the feeling of his hands all over her scalp as he wielded the intimidating razor. Before replying Nadine swallowed the lump in her throat. “Yes Sir. I guess I earned it with my bad behavior.”

“You surely were a bad girl. Now you will learn your lesson for being a bald brat.” Thomas told her as he scrapped away a path from her crown to her sideburn. “If you argue the least bit about it this week you will get a through hairbrushing on your bottom.” Thomas warned as he continued his efficient work.

“Yes sir. I promise i won’t be a brat about it.” Nadine replied as she flinched at the thought of having her butt beat with the back of the brush. She could enjoy a hard hand spanking but when implements were added she found it was best not to test him. Nadine tracked his progress in the mirror the only section he hadnt finished was the back of her head. She felt him push down on her head. The top of the collar digging into her throat.

Thomas held her head firmly foward as much as the collar would allow. He needed this different angle to do her nape properly. The thought of removing the collar had crossed his mind but he figured a little added discomfort would help get the point across. He allowed Nadine to lift her head between strokes as he wiped the razor. Then he pushed her head forward again; repeating this rhythm until Nadine was properly bald.

Nadine found when the collar pressed into her throat that her breathing was restricted. She had to resort to holding her breath and breathing between passes. She had never experienced anything like this level of control and bondage before. By the time he finished her headshave she was panting. She also noticed that her panties and pj’s were wet between her thighs.

Thomas cleaned and dried the razor before putting it away. Then he took a hot towel from the warmer and carefully draped it on her head. He wiped Nadine’s head clean with the towel revealing her freshly shaved head. Thomas rubbed her head all over feeling for any spots that may have missed. “There we are all done. I hope you learned your lesson.” He told her as he unfastened the collar.

Nadine was shocked to see herself completely bald in the mirror. At least she had a nice shaped head. She was happy that her neck was free of the huge collar. Nadine was committed to behaving the rest of the week so she could begin growing her hair out again. For a moment she humored the idea of having no hair but she shrugged it off knowing she would miss having at least some hair.

Thomas unpinned the cape and carefully removed it before shaking it out on the floor. Nadine looked rather disheveled with both of her tits hanging out while bound in the barberschair. “I want you to strip and clean up your mess. Then you will get back in the chair so I can shave your body.” Thomas commanded as he lowered the chair and began unfastening Nadine. He dropped is hand between her thighs firmly cupping her crouch feeling her warmth. Thomas was not surprised to find that Nadine’s PJ’s were rather damp.

“Yes Sir.” Nadine replied softly as she waited patently. She let out a gasp that faded into moan when thomas groped her. She looked up into his eyes and noticed a slight grin on his face. It was confirmation that he knew she was randy. As soon as Nadine was free from the straps she stood up. She felt overwhelmed and light headed as she stripped off her cloths. Then she lowered herself to her hands and knees as she swept up the megar amount of hair.

Thomas glanced over at Nadine every now and then as he prepared the chair for the final step of Nadine’s correction. He knew that Nadine did not like having her pussy shaved; as she often complained about the itching as the hair grew out. As he decided on what body hair to leave her with Thomas reclined the chair and raised the headrest. He also repositioned the straps to better accommodate Nadine.

Nadine watched Thomas work as she swept up the hair. It was the last remaining bit of her once elustrious blonde mane. She rose to her feet and dropped the clippings in the trash. She waited by the counter ready to face the chair for the second time. There was something sexy about how he worked on the object of her doom. When Thomas wasn’t looking Nadine gave her clit a little rub; stealing a moment of pleasure. She could feel her closely trimmed pubic hair against her palm. Oh how she ached for him to give her release.

Once the chair was ready Thomas patted the leather cushion. “Up you get.” He ordered as he eyed his bald beauty. As Nadine walked to the chair Thomas guided her with a hand on her shoulder. He helped her into the chair and onto her back. He first buckled a strap tightly around Nadine’s neck. Then her pulled her arms above her head and clipped the wristcuffs to the armrests. Next he fastened he belts over her chest and waist. Finally he flopped her legs over the armrests.

Nadine found that she was seated upright just enough that she could see her self in the mirror. She had never seen herself in bondage before. She kind of felt like she was at the gynecologist the way her legs were open. The strap around her neck and having her arms pulled up over her head strained her body against the other restraints. She felt exposed, helpless and under his control. She silently hoped that he would leave her pussy hair.

Thomas looked down at his spread eagle girlfriend while he mixed more lather. He walked over to her and caressed her breast before lathering her under arms. He stropped the razor before starting on her left armpit. Thomas stretched Nadine’s skin taunt as need as he worked the razor; only stopping to wipe the blade clean on the towel that hung from his shoulder. When he finished with both of her armpits he started on to her left leg; lifting it and placing her ankle on his shoulder.

Nadine found the shaving pretty mundane until he started on her legs. The way the boar bristle brush tickled her thighs made her tingle. She looked up at him as he worked. He was so focused on his work, but every now and then she caught him looking her pussy with a lusty eye. She was pleased that he still wanted her after the balding.

Thomas skillfully worked the razor along Nadine’s lovely leg. He was happy that nadine allowed him to position her leg any way he needed. After sometime he had managed to shave her left leg completely smooth. Thomas returned her leg to the armrest before lifting her other leg. The repeated the process on her right leg. When he finally finished he moved his hand up and down her legs inspecting is work.

He had decided that he would leave blonde hair on pubic mound alone. After a close examination he noticed she had very few hairs on her buttocks and mons. This was exceptable to him. He closed the razor and got a fresh hot towel from the warmer to clean Nadine up with. When Thomas finished wiping Nadine down he hooked to fingers into her vulnerable pussy.

Nadine found the warm damp towel to be very soothing on her sensitive parts. It did not take much coexing from Thomas’ fingers to get her to orgasm. She moaned and curled her toes in bliss as the waves of pleasure rolled over her. Thomas kept working his magic on her until her orgasm subsided.

Once Thomas noticed nadine come down from her orgasm he released her from the chair. Nadine was a little wobbly as she got to her feet.
“If you are good after this week you may grown your hair out again. You will report to the chair each night for a fresh shave until then.” Thomas told her as he cleaned up his tools.

“Yes sir.” Nadine replied while standing behind him looking herself over in the mirror. She was perfectly hairless but for the exception of her patch of pubic hair and eyebrows. “I will be good sir i promise. May i get dressed now?” She asked softly knowing that she was being a little selfish for not getting her dominate off.

“Yes you may.” Thomas told her as he looked back at her. He didnt need sex right now shaving and plausuring his barbershop girl was enough for now. He returned his focus to cleaning up the barber chair and counter.

Without saying another word nadine quickly dressed. Then she slinked off out of the barber room. She knew the whole process would be repeated tomorrow evening and every other night this week. There would be plently opertunities to provide Thomas an orgasm. Right now she just wanted to be alone to come down from all of her emotions after such a long session in the chair. She hoped a week of utter subbmission would earn her the right to grow her hair again.

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