Sue’s Roommates

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This story is a sequel to “How Dan Met Sue.”


It was the middle of August, and Sue was getting packed up to move back in to her house for her senior year of college.  She’d spent the summer living with her new boyfriend, Dan, in his apartment across town, but she didn’t want to leave Lisa, Jen, and Angela without their fourth roommate for their final year of school.  Sue hadn’t seen any of them since the week after spring semester ended, when they’d moved out for the summer.  She threw her suitcase in to the back of her old topless white Jeep and put on her sunglasses, running a hand over her fuzzy head. She’d have to stop by a barber or somewhere on the way to the house.

Sue pulled in to the first barber shop she saw, complete with a rotating striped pole out front.  This would be a new experience, but she wanted to get the six weeks of dirty blonde growth she’d accumulated since her zero guard buzz cleaned up, and didn’t want to pay her usual stylist’s fee.  Sue walked in the door to the chime of an old bell, and was welcomed by the barber.

“Hello young lady, come in for a tidy up?”  It was mid-afternoon on a weekday and he was just casually cleaning up the shop, with no other clients there.  Sue smiled at the warm welcome.  Without a word exchanged, he gestured to a chair, and Sue sat down, the barber throwing a cape over her and fastening it.  They continued in silence, the barber pulling out a set of guardless clippers and spraying them before looking over her head and its grown out buzzcut.  Sue had realized how the clippers made her feel the first time she’d had her hair cut short, and she was prepared.  With the cape concealing her, she reached a hand under the waistband of her spandex booty shorts.

The barber set to work without any communication, starting at the nape and running the clippers up to her crown, working around the sides, temple to temple.  He pulled out a comb and started to fade it in to the top, before stopping. He brushed off the clippers and popped on a number two guard, before running it over the top of Sue’s head.

Sue gasped.  She had been planning on growing the top out to more of a pixie or even a bowl cut, but she felt aroused seeing a few weeks of progress fall from her head and slide down the cape, and she knew Dan would probably like it too.  She felt herself coming close to finishing as the barber finished fading the cut, and applied some shaving cream to her neck and over her ears before scraping it off with a razor.  The razor sent her over the top, as she did her best to conceal her pleasure on her face.  Sue came back to reality as the barber unsnapped the cape and brushed off her neck.  The cut was shorter, but she loved the cleaned up look, and thought it somehow looked softer than it would have with the top left longer.  She paid and tipped the barber, then headed to meet her friends at their house.


“Sue!”  Jen shouted from the front door, her curly red hair bouncing over her breasts and down to her elbows.  “Your hair!  Oh my gosh!” The last time her roommates had seen Sue, her first pixie cut had been growing out for nearly a month.  “I figured you were growing it out like Lisa.”  Lisa stepped out of the house, her hair having grown a bit in length, but obviously recently shaped in to a neat chin length inverted bob, with just a bit of short buzzed undercut showing at the nape.  “You’re going to start giving Angela ideas with that haircut, Sue,” Lisa said.  Angela strolled out on to the front porch to greet Sue, her longer, more shaggy grown out pixie dyed a vibrant purplish red.  She brushed some hair out of her face before giving Sue a hug.  “I love it!  I’ve been thinking about doing the same, but I wouldn’t want to look like a copy cat. Let’s get inside.  It’s unbearable out here with the heat.”

During dinner, Jen couldn’t keep her eyes off Sue’s hair.  She sat there, remembering the prior spring, when Lisa had chopped her hair off and gotten all that attention at the club.  Jen was never one to pursue men, though.  Her freckles, bright blue eyes, soft heart shaped face, and long, curly red hair cascading over her shoulders portrayed a sweet, beautiful young woman. Her 5’11” tall athletic body, well over 6 feet in heels, which she often wore when out, seemed to keep most men at bay, probably through intimidation.  She was strikingly beautiful though.

Sue and Jen had a bit of a history together, too.  Although the two volleyball teammates usually considered themselves straight, there had been more than a few moments between them in shared hotel rooms while traveling for away games.  These ranged from cuddling naked, to making out, to full on sex on a few occasions.  Sue’s new haircut was making Jen lust for her from across the dinner table, though, despite knowing she had to respect her relationship with Dan.

That evening, Jen slipped in to Sue’s room, and closed the door behind her.  “Hey Sue,” Jen said, “it’s so good to see you again.  I really love the new look.”

“Thank you,” said Sue.  “You know, it really is liberating.  I had such long hair forever, and to not have to worry about it is just such a nice change.  It doesn’t hurt that Dan likes it short.”

“Dan really likes it buzzed like this?” Jen replied. She figured Dan was okay with the pixie, but had expected Sue to grow it back out.  She was surprised and somewhat turned on when she heard the story about her buzzing off her hair in front of him, with him finishing the buzzcut job while thrusting himself deep inside of her.

Sue carried on. “Honesty, I think Dan has a bit of a fetish for short hair, and even for cutting it.  I almost wonder if more guys than we realize have those kinds of feelings.”

Jen replied without thinking.  She blurted out “I’m pretty sure I might.  You look so hot!”  She stopped, realizing she may have suddenly made things awkward.

“Jen, I know we have a history together.  I love you as a friend and I’m still attracted to you, but I’m in a serious relationship with Dan.  I know it’s early, but I keep thinking he’s the one.”

Jen looked away, bracing for the next words.

“But…” Sue continued. “He and I have joked about a threesome.  Maybe we could work something out. I’d have to talk to him, and the moment would have to be right, but there’s no one I’d rather do that with than you.”

Jen perked up at that.  Dan was tall, muscular, and good looking.  From what Sue had told her, he was great in bed, too.  Having him mixed in to a threesome with Sue would only make things better, she thought.


A couple months passed by, and Dan had come over to visit several times.  Jen watched him, always rubbing Sue’s buzzed hair, especially the fade she had cleaned up every couple weeks. She even caught him peeking at Lisa’s exposed buzzed undercut after trims, and he complimented Angela very sincerely when she finally cut her overgrown pixie in to a tidy bowlcut with a short buzzed undercut.

Angela went as far as to remark to Dan that he must really have a thing for short and buzzed hair on women, to which he laughed and agreed, giving her undercut a quick rub.  Jen wondered if a change of style might pique Sue and Dan’s interest in a threesome.  The next week, when Sue was headed to the barber after Friday’s volleyball practice, Jen hopped in the passenger seat.

“You’re not getting any ideas of copying me, are you?” Sue said.  “Of course not,” Jen replied. “I just want to hang out,” throwing her long red curls in a bun for the open air ride.

The barber shop was moderately busy.  Sue took a number and sat down.  Jen took one as well.  “I thought you weren’t copying me?” Sue joked.  “I’m not.  Just wanting a trim.” Jen replied.

After a couple minutes waiting, Jen watched as the barber welcomed Sue and gestured for her to sit down in his chair.  There didn’t seem to be any talking as he pulled out scissors and started trimming the hair on top of her head.  Sue then said something to the barber, and looked over at Jen with a sly grin.  The barber picked up the clippers and a guard, said “a number one it is then” just loud enough for Jen to hear, and went back over the top of Sue’s head, leaving barely a shadow of her dirty blonde hair as inch long strands slid down the cape.  Jen was hit with a wave of arousal as she watched, and sat there, panties getting wet, watching him shave and blend around the sides.

“Number 17” a younger female barberette called from the back of the shop.  Jen hadn’t noticed her before.  She seemed a little surprised to see Jen stand up and let her volumous red curls drop out of her bun.  “You’re number 17?” The barberette asked. “I’m Jen,” she replied, handing her the number 17 ticket.  The barberette’s mouth was left open, looking up and down her toned body in her short spandex volleyball shorts, sports bra, and cut off tee shirt, with red hair cascading past her mid back.

Sue watched as Jen walked to the back of the shop and took a seat, admiring her legs and shapely backside before she sat in the chair.  She hated to see all that beautiful curly red hair hanging down the back of the chair cut off, but if it caught Dan’s attention, she might be able to get the three of them together to live out what she’d been fantasizing of since that talk in her room two months prior.

After a little talking and showing some pictures on her phone, the barberette sectioned off the top of Jen’s hair and put it in a bun on top of her head.  She made careful adjustments to the line between what was up in the bun and what wad left to hang down.  Then she made a few more ponytails out of the hair that had been left down, and snipped them off close to the scalp before taking her clippers off their hook and cleaning them off.  This all looked familiar to Sue.

The barberette plunged the guardless clippers in to Jen’s hair at the nape, going all the way up to the part in her crown.  She repeated the step, creating a high undercut around the sides.  When she turned the chair, Sue noticed that not only had she done the sides, but she’d cut across the front, 2/3rds of the way across her forehead at a 45 degree angle.  Once she finished with the buzzing, she brought out shaving cream and a razor, sweeping away any evidence of the light red hair below the bun in smooth strokes.  Sue was soaking wet between her legs.  She could feel it dripping past the bottom of her shorts.

Jen watched as the hair fell around her.  She reached between her legs, where her clit throbbed, doing her best to stay quiet as the shaving cream was applied and shaved off.  She held her breath and shut her eyes, nearly climaxing as the last of the cream was cleaned off.  Then, there was silence and a soft sound as the barberette let down her bun.  Some combing later with a generous spritzing of water from the spray bottle, and if you hadn’t seen her super thick hair before, the only clue of her undercut was the bald portion at her temple and above her forehead, where her hair was tucked behind her ear.  Jen let out a sigh and relaxed in the chair, smiling broadly at the appearance of her wetted hair, as the barberette continued combing.  It was over.  She closed her eyes and waited to be released from the cape and chair.  Then, she felt a pull, cold metal against the back of her head, heard a snip, another pull, followed by another snip.  Jen went cold.

The barberette re-checked the picture on her phone to make sure she got this right.  She looked up and took Jen’s silent smile as approval, then started cutting as they’d previously discussed.  She started in the back to remove length first, pulling the curly hair straight, putting the scissors to her head level with the tops of her ears, and snipping away.  She continued the cut over the ears, then angled down toward her nose.  The wet hairs curled back upward a bit, leaving the bottom ends hanging a little higher than where they’d been cut off.  Then she went to work thinning and layering the remainder of her thick hair.

Sue was nearly in shock watching this part unfold.  The undercut on Jen had been severe, but her remaining hair had just been cut off in to a blunt angled bowl cut.  She watched with her jaw dropped as the barberette aggressively layered Jen’s hair shorter and shorter, watching the helmet of hair on top of her head shrink rapidly.  Minutes later, the barberette pulled out a round brush from her personal bag and started blowdrying, revealing that all of Jen’s curly hair besides the bangs was sitting only on the top of her head, not having enough length or weight to fall to the sides.  The stylist blew and brushed her bangs and remaining hair back in to a curly mound about an inch tall above her scalp, the line between the shaved portion and the remaining hair on top cleanly visible all the way around.

Jen’s heart was beating out of her chest.  In a span of 30 minutes, she had gone from having hair that reached her butt when the curls were pulled straight, to hair that only exceeded two inches in length at her sparse bangs, ehich reached the tip of her nose when combed down.  She could clearly see the highly shaved line around the sides, and shaved dart across the front of her hair above her forehead.  She felt more aroused than anxious, though, and looked over at Sue, who was staring at her, awe struck.  She gave Sue a big grin, got up, paid for both of them, and they hopped in to Sue’s Jeep.

“I want very little more than to strip your clothes off right now” Sue said. “But it will have to wait.  We’re going to surprise Dan tonight with our new haircuts.”  Jen screamed with excitement, feeling the wind in her head as she pulled her bangs back in to a tiny ponytail sticking up from her head, snd ran her hands over her smooth bald sides and back.

Sue texted Dan. “Can we change our plans tonight?  I can come over at 8.”

Dan: 8 sounds good.  Want me to have dinner ready?

Sue: No need.  We’ll eat beforehand.

Dan: We?

Sue: Just clean up and look nice.

Dan looked at the clock.  He had two and a half hours, so no need to rush.  Clean up nice?  He went to the closet and got out a nice polo shirt and dressy jeans, then headed to the bathroom to shave and shower.

Sue and Jen arrived home and were immediately stopped in the living room by the shocked looks from Lisa.  “We’re going out,” said Sue.  “We have 2 hours until we need to leave.  Where’s Angela?  Still at her hair appointment?”

The three ladies headed to the bathroom to start getting ready.

Lisa pulled out a set of clippers. “Help me with this, Sue,” she said as she handed over the guardless clippers.  Lisa held up the back of her hair, revealing a slightly grown in undercut that ended at the tops of her ears.  Sue went to work buzzing it down.

Just as the girls finished showering and were doing their hair and makeup, Angela got home.  “Wow girls… this is a wild sight.”  The three nude ladies turned to see Angela standing in the doorway with a fresh undercut all the way around, the top of her bowl cut blown back.  Her freshly dyed platinum hair made her big hazel eyes look much more dramatic.

“We’re going out.  Leaving in 30 minutes.” Sue said.

Sue looked in the mirror.  She and Jen had coordinated their outfits.  They both wore tiny black lacy lingerie tops and the shortest skirts they thought would be allowed in public.  Jen was standing at 6’5″ tall in the six inch heeled boots.  There was a serious height difference, as Sue was not quite 5’4″ tall without heels, but around 5’9″ with her heels on.  The sexual tension in the room was almost visible in the air.

Lisa came in wearing the barely there little black dress she’d let Sue wear for her first date with Dan.  She definitely filled it out better in the bust than Sue did.  They met Angela in the living room, who was wearing a black leather bra and matching tight leather pants with strapped on heels winding up her lower legs.

They drove to Dan’s apartment and all stood at the door together as Sue rang the doorbell.  When Dan answered, his jaw hit the floor and the front of his pants visibly tensed as his blue eyes bulged.  The sight of four beautiful ladies with these amazing haircuts was a lot to take in.  He wore tight dark jeans, a fitted polo, and freshly cleaned up cowboy boots that made his 6’2″ frame seem more like 6’5″.  His beard was neatly trimmed short and lined up, and Sue noticed that he’d cleanly shaved his head with a razor.

“This was… unexpected,” Dan said with a surprised smile, “but not at all unwelcome.  You ladies look phenomenal.”  Sue stepped forward and gave him a kiss.  “Come on, we’re going out.”

At the club, while Lisa and Angela talked up a small group of men, Sue led Dan out to the dance floor, where they started bumping and grinding to the heavy base beat.  Soon, though, Dan felt someone pressing against him from behind.  Dan turned to see Jen looking at him eye to eye in her heels, her freshly shaved haircut only inches from his face.  He had to admit that it looked extremely hot.  Then Sue pulled Dan’s head down to hers.  She kissed him deeply before saying “Jen is with us tonight.” She reached a hand around the smooth back of Jen’s head and pulled her in for a passionate kiss.  Dan was shocked when Jen then turned to him and put her lips on his.

Dan spent the next hour dancing closely with the two gorgeous, freshly shorn women, before Sue informed him that they were leaving.  The three got in to an Uber and headed back to Dan’s apartment.  He was glad that he lived alone.

Once through the entryway, Sue and Jen immediately stripped off each others clothes and kissed, lightly touching each others bodies, as Dan admired the sight in front of him.  The two were different, but both extremely attractive.  Sue was shorter, but she was strong, with muscular legs, curvy hips, a big butt, and a trim waist.  Jen, on the ither hand, was over six inches taller, and couldn’t weigh much more than Sue.  Despite her more slender build and slightly visible abs, she had a nice curve to her hips, perky breasts, and a nice butt.

The hair was getting Dan’s attention more than anything, though.  Sue’s skin tight fade leading to a slight shadow of hair on top, only a day or two’s growth longer than the zero buzz she’d had that summer, was a massive turn on.  Jen’s haircut was almost unreal.  Her light red natural color combined with the razor shave around the sides and back made it look like she had no hair there at all.  He was extremely turned on.

After a few minutes of fondling each other, Sue and Jen turned their attention to Dan.  Sue pulled his shirt off and started kissing him, while Jen pulled down his jeans and briefs, smiling as she noticed he was totally shaved, before taking his throbbing cock in her mouth.  Dan couldn’t control himself, and came almost immediately, one hand on Sue’s bald nape, and ine grabbing the short top if Jen’s hair.

They worked their way to the bedroom, nude, and Dan took time to recover in a chair next to the bed while Sue and Jen rotated, putting their mouths on each others smoothly waxed pussies, sucking and licking their clits.

A few minutes later, the nearly bald women called Dan to the bed. Sue pushed him back on to a pillow while Jen mounted him.  Dan now had view of that glorious short red hair as she bent over to kiss him, with Sue taking a position behind Jen, massaging her clit with one hand while she took Dan’s shaved balls in her mouth.  Dan yelled out with surprise and pleasure, coming ten minutes later while rubbing and kissing Jen’s head.  Dan sat at the head of the bed to take a break, breathing heavy, as Jen and Sue knelt in front of him facing each other, hands going back and forth between fondling each others privates and each others heads as they kissed.

After a brief nude break for some water, wine, and cold strawberries from the fridge, the ladies, entangled on the couch, turned to Dan, who had been staring at them and their gorgeous denuded scalps all night.  Sue got up from her chair, running a hand over her buzzed head while Jen excused herself to use the bathroom.  Dan’s member came to attention as Sue straddled him in his chair and let him slide in to her.  She rode dan slowly but hard, kissing him passionately as his hands traveled from her head, to her breasts, to her butt, to her head again.  Jen hugged Sue from behind, kissing her head and neck, one hand rubbing her own clit and one enhancing Sue’s experience. Dan’s mouth traveled between Sue’s bald head head, and her breasts.

Then, after several minutes of pleasure, they heard a pop, followed by a buzzing noise.  Jen placed the bare clippers she’d taken from the bathroom at her forehead, and pushed them back through her remailing red curls.  Sue gasped and spasmed from the immediate intense orgasm caused by the combined pleasure and sight.  As the last of Jen’s curls fell, Dan came, for the third time that evening, while deep inside Sue, his mouth on hers, one hand on the back of each woman’s head.

As the three laid down, tangled up with each other on Dan’s king sized bed, Sue and Jen both whispered to him at the same time, “do you like our hair, Dan?

“I like it short.” Dan replied.

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  1. I like your story, but one aspect makes it hard to read and follow… When you have to follow three people, all of which getting haircuts, it is really hard to follow and know which one is which. That makes me think and say less is more potentially. This may take away from your story a bit, which is otherwise interesting indeed.
    Then I have a peeve with many having bowl cuts in their stories. Two thirds of this, in sequels or in the same story cut it completely/ buzz it/ go all the way etc. What is it with bowl cuts, unique as they are, that you see in stories here, as well as with folks on the Instas, Failbook, or TikTok – many have it, and half of them buzz it off or cannot take it/ keep it. So what is happening in real life with the bold people having such unique haircuts, is happening in many stories on this side, and in this one. 🙂
    Keep the bowl cuts, work out the part of your story that illustrates and describes how it stands out, but that being good even. Resist the temptation to ‘shave everyone’s head, every time’? I would say it takes more courage to have a bowl cut than a buzzcut or variants of that. The second part here is a plea for a more creative twist/ different story- telling, not a criticism.

  2. Thank you for the feedback!

    Overall there were some parts of this story that I was less than completely satisfied with, namely not integrating all of the characters very well. If I were to re-write it now, I think I would remove Lisa and Angela from the second half of the story.

    I have worried that I was getting repetitive with bowl cuts and buzzcuts. They go along with fantasies my wife and I have been discussing as of late (both unlikely to happen in real life, it seems), which I guess is showing through in my writing.

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