summer buzz

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i decided to stay over bruce’s for the summer one year. he had a nice place and offered me to stay for 3 months. i get there that night and immediately crash and go to sleep. the next morning i wake up and have breakfast and bruce asks me if i wanna go swimming afterwards. i agree and we change into our bathing suits and go. bruce is a 6’4 bear and probably 270lbs. he has a thick grown-in buzz cut and a thick 5 o’clock shadow. from the neck down he is covered in ┬ádark brown fur. i gulp as i see his extremely hairy body come out from his room. “god it’s so hot out” bruce says “i think i want to give myself a quick haircut before i go, do you mind?” “no” i say anxiously as i see him grab his clippers from the cabinet. we go out to the bathhouse by the pool and bruce sets up his clippers for his haircut. i sit a bit aways and watch as this big hairy men sets up for his shearing. “hmmm i think i might do a #2 for now” bruce says as he pops on the #2 guard. he flickers the clippers on places them near his forehead. without much hesitation he runs the clippers all the way across the top of his head. he continues buzzing the top of his head using his big hairy paw as guidance. i’m watching him watch himself in the mirror so i see his insanely furry back as he runs the clippers up the back of his head and the sides. “ahh there’s nothing like a fresh buzz cut” bruce says with a smile. “hah yeah…” i say. i’ve never had a buzz cut before, but was to say something. “have you ever buzzed your head for the summer?” bruce asked. my heart dropped. “uh no… i haven’t” i said shyly. “oh man, it’s the best feeling ever getting the clippers run through your hair” bruce said as he continued buzzing all over his head. “and it feels awesome to rub the shorter you get!” rubbing his #2 head. “matter of fact, here i’m gonna bring it down to a #1 you’ve gotta feel that” bruce says excitedly as he gets the right guard. bruce again runs the clippers through his already short hair, this time leaving his hair even shorter”. it’s so awesome seeing this hairy bear giving himself a buzz cut. he continues running the clippers all over his head until it’s all short and practically bald. “come here and feel” the large bear says as he rubs his own head. i approach him and he lowers his head for me to rub it. i use both of my hands and rob his head all over. it feels amazing. “nice huh?” “yeah”. tiny stubble is caught all in his shoulder and chest hair. bruce wipes it off.


“i think you want me to buzz your head?” bruce says with a smile as he puts his hairy paw on my shoulder. “uhh… i…” i’m too nervous to speak. just seeing a big bald shirtless hairy bear with a set of clippers is his hand had me to in awe to speak. “let’s do it, it’s the start of summer. your hair will grow back by fall” bruce sits me down as he changes the guard. “don’t worry i won’t buzz you as short as me…. maybe” bruce says as he grabs the 2. he pops it on the clippers and turns them back on. the humming becomes louder as this big hairy man comes in to shave my head. “here he go” he says as he runs the clippers across the top of my head. it feels so nice i could fall asleep. he moves in closer and i can feel his chest hair as he motions my head around to buzz the next strip of hair off. his grip makes me feel like i’m being forced to get this buzz cut, even though i kinda of want it. he ran the clippers up the back of my head as i feel my head getting cooler. “this is perfect for the summer i promise” he says as he rubs the top of my buzzed head . when he was all finished the whir of the clippers turned off and he rubbed my head with his two hands. i asked if i can rub his head again. it felt so good and stubbly. i then asked him if i can rub his hairy body. he agreed and i started with his chest. i ran my fingers through all of that thick fur and it felt so awesome. i had one hand on his buzzed head and the other on his furry chest. i ran my fingers down his hairy pelt on his back. “since i let you do that, how bout i take us both down to complete bald heads” i reluctantly agree.


bruce let me do him first. i stood behind him while he sat on the chair. his hairy back was directly in front of me. i turned the clippers on without a guard and started running them up the back of his head. tiny stubble went everywhere as the clippers left a white bald head in its path. i placed my hand in his hairy shoulder as i passed the clippers through the top of his head. “this is gonna be perfect for summer” bruce said. i continue shaving all over his head until there is nothing left. “all done” i say as place my hands on his hairy shoulders. “and now it’s your turn” he says to me as he stands up and towers over me.

he stands in front of me and let’s me rub his hairy chest as he begins to shave me down. “it’s all going now” he says as he begins running the bare clippers across the top of my head. i can’t believe i’m getting shaved bald by this big hairy bear. i can’t even see anything but his big hairy chest because he’s standing in front of me. he pulls my head forward to shave the back of my head. my freshly bald head is laying on his chest fur and i can clearly feel it on the top of my head. he zips the clippers over and over my head getting every last hair off the top of my head. even places he’s shaved i can still hear hair being shaved off. when he finished he rubbed my head with his hand “now we’re matching baldies” bruce said with a grin.


and for the rest of the summer we would shave each other’s heads every week since we loved it so much

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