Summer Hair Cut

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Summer Cut Hair

By JimB (C)opyright June 1999

Over the course of a few years I grow my hair fairly long.

Then, one winter, when I was fifteen, I gradually started cutting it a little shorter throughout the spring and finally an overall buzz for summer.

This is my account of this years summer cut.

It was mid spring and I headed for a little barber shop I frequented for a final trim before being shorn for the warmer summer months.

As I opened the door the friendly barber and owner Sheila looked up, from the Crew Cut she giving to a little boy, and said “HI.”

“Have not seen you in a while.

“Take a seat, you’re next for shearing.”

I smiled and took a seat beside the boy,s Mother.

“Is this short enough for you Mom?” Sheila ask her.

“That’s with a number three attachment.

“I can take it in shorter if you want?”

To my surprise the boy’s mother said me, “I’m useless at this what do you think?

“What Is the next length shorter?” she looked worried and not that happy at the hair cut her son now sported.

I looked at the hair around the chair and realized the boy had come in with a fair head of hair and had been pretty well shorn.

“Well he seems to have lost a fair amount already,” I told her.

“how old is he?”

“Ten and getting a ‘Skinhead’, as he calls it, is what he wants.”

Sheila spoke up, “It’s what all the boys around his age are asking for.

“Normally if they’re on their own this is the shortest, a number one attachment, I’ll go even if they ask for a ‘Zero’.

“But, the shortest I’ll do is a ‘number on attachment’ even with their parents permission if they’re under twelve.”

I laughed at the look of bewilderment on the his mom’s face.

“Confused with the terminology?” I asked her, someone who only fifteen and a teenage girl at that.

“It’s to do with the size of guard she fits on the clippers.” I told her.

“I’m not sure how short is a number one attachment is.

“Why don’t you ask Sheila.”

“Why don’t you let him decide?” Sheila told her.

“Okay, son do you want it shorter?” his mom asked him.

I could see Sheila was getting annoyed with the delay.

“Let me show you,” Sheila said as she held up the clippers with the number one attachment.

“You okay with this?

“It won’t take long to grow back.”

The mother gave a very slight nod of approval and bit her bottom lip as Sheila began moving the clippers up the back of the boy’s head, “Now I’ll have to do the back and sides shorter.

“But, I can leave the top as it is with the number one all over?”

Again his mom asked him, “Son do you want it shorter?”

He smile and told her and Sheila, “Yes.”

Sheila removed the attachment and showed the clippers without any attachment.

“You said he wanted a “Skinhead”, Sheila inquired.

“This is the only way to give him that hair cut.”

“Son, do you want the “Skinhead” like you said,” mom asked him.

He smiled and told her, “YES”.

She stepped behind the barber chair and began moving the clippers up the back of his head.

As she stepped to the left side of the barber chair.

She lifted the cape a little and asked the boy, “Feel the back”.

As he rubbed the back of his head and there was a look of shock and tears glazed both his and his mother’s eyes.

“He’s almost bald,” his mom said shocked.

“All over?” asked Sheila.

“YES,” said the boy.

“Okay,” Sheila said and quickly stripped the hair from both sides of the boy’s head.

As she finished I saw a huge smile appear on the boy’s face as he jumped down from the chair.

Even the Mother laughed as she rubbed his head.

“It’s cool Mom”, he told her.

As she paid she apologized to Sheila about the delay and listened as Sheila was advising her, ” If you go elsewhere it’s called a “Buzz Cut”.

“if you leave it grow for a couple of weeks, come back and I’ll give him a number one or two all over.”

As I sat her barber chair I could tell that Sheila was still a little perplexed.

“I do not know what his mom would have said if he wanted “Skinhead Cut”, which is a shaved head.

Sheila looked at me “You getting your summer shave?

Or, a tidy up?” I told her.

“Not warm enough for the shave yet.”

“Okay, what Numbers?” she asked me.

“I’m not too sure how long is a Number?”

We both burst out laughing, “Don’t you start!”

“The usual, number three on the back and sides.

“A little longer than a number three on top.”

“No problem,” and Sheila had returned to her normal cheery self.

We chatted away as she clippered and trimmed my hair. Finishing with a straight razor trim shave.

As she held up the mirror for me to see the back she asked, “All off next time?”

“Maybe!” I told her.

“But, I’ll be back in about three weeks if get hotter and you can give me a “Proper Skinhead.”

“I’ll hold you to that!” Sheila said.

“It’s a deal,” I told her as I stepped out of her barber chair.

Within five days the weather did change and became very hot and only ten days until I returned to Sheila’s barbershop.

But, I could not wait ten days.

I told mom I was going to get my hair cut and she said, “Didn’t you get one a week ago?”

“I did,” I told her.

“This time I am going to let Sheila shave my head!”

“DO WHAT?” mom asked as I reached for the door.

“Just joking,” I told her..

“She had a little boy there with his mom and she did know how short the clippers would cut his hair.

“He ended up with a Buzz Cut.”

“BUZZ CUT!” she replied.  “You mean like your Uncle Roger gets ever summer?”

“Yes, like Uncle Roger gets, I told her.

“Given it is so hot, I might get a Buzz Cut like Uncle Roger.”

“Damn, girl,” she began telling as she laughed.

“You might as well get your head shaved.”

As I opened the door, asking her, “Are you telling I can get my head shaved?”

Mom just started laughing.

As I closed closed the door, mom jokingly said, “If you do.

“I might go to Sheila and get mine shaved, too.”

As I closed the door, “I will tell her that.”

As I entered Sheila smiled a hello and shrugged her shoulders and pointed to the waiting three people, “Hot weathers bringing them all out.

“You might have to wait a bit”

“Okay how long?” I asked her as I told a seat.

“Skinhead, right?” she asked and pointed to end of the waiting chairs.

“Yes”, I said unconsciously running my hand through my hair.

“Well at least two or three hours for me.

“But, Tracy from the ladies salon at the back can do you in ten minutes”

“Ehhmmm“, I said.

“Don’t worry she’s good doing a number one or two all over.”

“Yes, okay,” I told her.

Sheila shouted,“Tracy, got a skinner for you in ten minutes, OKAY?”

The voice from the back replied “I’ll do it now send him through”

“There you go, straight through the back,” she told one of the boy waiting.“

“I don’t want to jump the a head of anyone”, he said.

“Don’t worry about that,” Sheila as looked over the others waiting.

“Anyone else wanting a SKINHEAD?’


“Good there you go all settled.

He made his way to the back salon and was met by a very pretty girl with cropped blond hair and a name badge, “Tracy”

“Hi,I believe I’m your next victim”, he told her with a smile

Tracy laughed, “Well yes.

“I was expecting a man but take a seat”.

She waived to Sheila and smiled.

As the customer in her barber chair got out, she motioned her next customer.

As he took a seat she pointed to the two people waiting and smiled.

There was the little boy and his mom.

“NOT AGAIN”, I mouthed to her as she capped the boy in her barber chair.

With him capped, she took hold of her clippers without attachment.

Tilting his head, she pointed the clippers toward the boy and his mom.

Just as she was about to began place the clippers at his hair line, she pointed to the head of the clippers then to the boy and his mom.

“This time both,” she said out loud.


With his head buzzed in the back, she stepped to the left side of her barber chair and began buzzing the left side of his head and side, “Maybe the razor.”

The boy turned his head, “RAZOR!”

“No,” she told him.

“Just a little joke between me and Nancy.”

When she finished his Buzz Cut, he stepped out her barber chair, “Which one is Nancy?’

She smiled and pushed him towards the door.

“Who’s first?” she asked looking at the little boy and his mom.

He got up and walked to her barber chair.

“Same as last visit?” Sheila asked.

“YES,” he told her.

“What is shorter, than our last visit?” mom asked Sheila.

Sheila had a big smile as she showed mom the straight razor, “SKINHEAD!”

O’well, he wonted on the last time,” she told Sheila.

Before mom could say anything Sheila was moving the clippers over his head.

Within a few minutes his head was buzzed.

She removed the cape and began lathering his head, before mom say a word.

She sat watching Sheila shaving her son’s head.

He began smiling.

As she finished his mom walked to the barber chair, “IS that a SKINHEAD CUT?”

“Sure is,” Sheila told her as she removed the cape and he slid out her barber chair.

Shaking the cape, Sheila looked at mom, “You NEXT?”

She looked in the mirror, “I do need a little taken off.”

She hand her purse to her son and told him to have a seat.

Sheila smiled at me and told mom as she sat in her barber chair, “JUST a trim.”

“So, what attachment you want me to use?

That look of confusion appeared on her face.

I saw it, Sheila saw it.

She patted mom on the shoulder, “Let me guess?

“You do not remember from you first visit?”

Mom turned and looked at Sheila, who now had a wicked look on her face.

“Why don’t you let me choose the attachment?” Sheila said as she reached back and took hold of the clippers she had just used on her son.

She looked at me, with the wicked smiled, and tilted mom’s head.

Before she knew it, Sheila was moving the clippers up the back of her head a third time.

Her long hair came sliding before her eyes.

She tried to raise her head but Sheila held it downward.

When Sheila let her head go as she stepped to the left side of the barber chair, mom brought her right hand from under the cape.

She looked up at her self in the mirror and saw Sheila moving the clippers, without any attachment, up her head.

She took a deep breath, “Guess I will be getting a SKINHEAD hair cut?”

Just as she was starting to lather mom’s head, the boy she sent to Tracy walked out with a number one of top and the back and sides shaved.

“He would not go for the Skinhead hair cut,” she told Sheila.

“YOU my next customer,” she asked me.

“NO, she is my next customer,” Sheila.

“I will be giving her a Skinhead Shave”.’

“O’, Skinhead Shave?” I said to her.

Sheila smiled as she continued shaving mom.

“MOM,” the boy said standing next to the barber chair, “You getting a Skinhead Hair Cut?”

Turning her head to Sheila, “NO son.  Mom’s getting a “Skinhead Shave”.”

He shrugged his shoulders and returned to the waiting chair.

As she lowered her barber chair, mom raised her fingers and brushed her head.

“Now that is a great Summer’s Hair Cut”,” Sheila told her.

“ON me,” Sheila told her as she stepped form the barber chair.

“Just come back in a week.”

Taking her son by his hand and walking out the barber shop, “Maybe in a few days!”

“Okay, your turn?” Sheila said as I sat in her barber chair.

“Let’s see,” I said to her.

“Skinhead Hair Cut!

“Skinhead Shave!

“Or, Summer Hair Cur!”


“I am going to SHAVE YOUR HEAD,” she told me.

“Just shave your head.

“NO Skinhead Hair Cut of Shave.

“Just a plan old head shaving.”

With my head buzzed, she began lathering my head.

With first shaving made, I looked at her, “Can not believe I am getting my head shaved for the summer.”

My head was tiled to the left, when I heard, “Did not think you were going to do it?

“Hi, mom”, I told her as she stepped in front of the barber chair.

“Hi, Sheila,” mom said.

“Still at it, I see.

“What are you calling it this time?”

“Well to some of my customers it is a Skinhead Hair Cut.

“The latest one is Skinhead Shave.

“But, I like I was telling Nancy, “just a Summer Hair Cut.

“Like we called it.”

“For years,” mom said.

“Just sit back and let Sheila give you a Summer Hair Cut.”

“What’s dad going to say?” i asked her.

“Left him a note: “Nancy and I a going to SHEILE for a Summer Hair Cur.

“Plan and simple.”

“But, what will he say when we get home?” I asked her confessed.

“Who do you think talked me and Sheila into getting our first Summer Hair Cut,” mom told me.

“Just let Sheila finish shaving your head.

“I want my head shaved for the summer, too.”

With my head shaved, mom walked to the barber chair.

She and Sheila hugged.

Mom sat in the barber chair, “What about you Sheila?’

“Just a soon as I finish shaving your head,” Sheila told her as she turned on the clippers.

“And, when Nancy finishes her last customer.

“She went to cosmetology school and is co-owner to my Barber Shop and Hair Salon.

“I will shave her head and she is shaving my head.

“As far as Nick.  I’ll take care of him when we get home.”

“What about Dan?” Sheila asked mom.

“He will be your first customer tomorrow morning,” mom told her.

Sheila had mom’s head lathered and was stropping her straight razor, when Tracy walked from the hair salon.

“Would you believe me if I told you Miss Carson, my high school chemistry teacher, just walked out the salon with a Summer Hair Cut!”

“Miss Carson?” Nancy asked.

“I have her for Chemistry one this year and will have her for Chemistry two next year.”

“The same one,” Nancy told her.

“And, her five feet of hair is still on the floor around my chair.

“She told me she might keep it until next winter.”

With the last shaving of mom’s head, Sheila asked her, “Anything else you want shaved?”

“No thanks, Dan takes care of that,” mom told her as she stepped from the barber chair.

Nancy started to laugh.

“You know he does,” she told me.

“I told you that went you started shave there.”

Tracy sat in her mom’s barber chair.

“We’ll let you go,” mom told them.

“Maybe come back Thursday when I don’t have many customers,” Sheila told mom.

“Sounds great,” mom said.

“I’ll let you shave my face then.”

“Nancy,” Tracy said.  “Why don’t you come too.

“We could get to know each other while I give a Summer Hair Cut, touch up.”

Mom and I waived bye and head home.

Summer Cut Hair

By JimB (C)opyright June 1999

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  1. Very strange butchering of a story with the same name by keepitshort on haircut You can tell where the plagiarism stops about halfway through because that’s when it becomes impossible to follow the story.

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