Summer Haircuts

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Adrian signed as his shoes hit the sidewalk, his long golden curls spun and flew in the strong wind grimacing at the thought of how puffy and frizzy it was going to be, hoping the stylist doesn’t get annoyed. He walked to the shops door and opened it, his long blonde curls falling to his waist, and kind amber eyes able to be seen from under his dark thick framed glasses.

Angie would stand out in the concrete metropolis after hearing of a nearby salon with good reviews. It was only natural she felt a bit happy, afterall in the summer heat long hair would be quite the handful. She’d cross a road in the bustling city traffic and made sure not to bump into anyone. On the hot summer day, she sported a sort of rebellious outfit, smaller shorts than usual and a sort of punk shirt. She’d open the door inside to take a good look, seeing all female barbers snipping away at their clients hair, as she continued to scan about, she found a familiar face! She approached him openly “Heyy! How’s it goin? Didn’t think we’d meet here” she followed with a short laugh.


Adrian turned at the voice surprised, “o-oh Angie. Hi! Y-yeah” he blushed and said “t-to be honest with you, i-im not sure what to do with my hair” he said stroking it. “W-what are you doing here?” She smiled warmly, taking note of his well, longer than average hair, she’d take a seat briefly in the shops comfy chairs, crossing her legs and picking up a magazine with the latest trends and styles “Me? Well y’know the usual, trying to get a nice cut for the summer! And this seemed to be the best place around” She’d continue to ramble about the summer heat as she maintained her smile “Sooo.. I take it you’re here for the same reason?”


Adrian sat next to her and smiled saying “w-well not exactly, i sort of just wandered in, i’m not really sure what to do exactly.. I could use some advice.. I’ve never had short h-hair and the idea sorta scares me..”

“Oh really? It must be hard having hair that long in this weather.. For a guy at least,, You should totally think about getting it done! A fresh change haha” She’d keep her legs crossed scanning over the magazine, looking over summer short styles, seeing a number of attractive women sporting short clippered cuts, she’d point to one of the models with an impressive physique who seemed to have her hair buzzed all round. Angie leaned in to show him “Wow! Look at this one! I just couldn’t imagine ever going that short.. What do you think?” She’d run a hand through her auburn brunette curls, reaching down a bit past her shoulders towards the middle of her back, it appeared well, not as diligently looked after as Adrians.

He smiles and says “You would fit perfectly w-with that style! Your cheekbones and eyes would really stand out more.. They are really pretty” he paused, realizing his words and blushing hard looking down in embarrassment, he then looked up and asked “w-what do you think i should get done?” She lit up with a joy upon hearing his compliment “Oh.. Really? Here i was thinking you’d call me crazy for suggesting haha” she would make herself comfortable, blushing a teeny bit before regaining composure “Well for you.. To be honest, I think you’ve come to the right place! That hair is waaay out of control, you should look at some short styles! For guys of course haha” she laughed playfully. “Ooh w-well umm c-could you suggest some o-or… wait okay so go to the stylist when it’s my turn and tell her what to give me.. D-don’t tell me though okay?” he suggested hoping that she would agree to this plan. She’d see he was rather nervous and as soon as she heard what he said she’d lit up with a joy she couldn’t simply describe “Of course! Sounds like fun count me in! Any style is within question correct?” Adrian responded “W-well um n-not bald.. Th-that’s my only request, do you want me to do the s-same for you?” he asked nervous and blushing. “Oh i was going to ask you the same thing! If you could do that for me I’d be grateful I’m quite indecisive with all these cute looking cuts. Just make sure you’d think it look good m’kay?”. That’s when his turn was called.. Frowning and walking to the chair, taking a seat as he looked over to Angie who trailed behind whilst he bit his lip, his curls hanging over the back of a chair, he sat like a sheep ready for shearing. The stylist would seem to be running late, yet to make an appearance, the lady that called him over would wait for a minute after being on the phone and made her way to the two “Our apologies, One of our staff seems to have left sick.. However Rachael over there could handle you in just a moment!” She’d glance to Rachel as she stood tall running a pair of shiny red clippers down a girls head, incorporating a somewhat side-shave style. She seemed to be wearing tight black pants and a black sports bra, though her most interesting feature was her silky black hair which cascaded all the way down her back. “Is that okay?” she asked the two.


Adrian and Angie nod. “Y-yes thats quite alright” he stuttered. Angie was without hesitation “Great! Sounds like a plan” the women turned around and left back to her desk. As she did so, Rachael would finish up, turning the clippers off to put on the rack. She walked towards the two, she had generous curves and seemed to love her job passionately. She’d approach them walking with a pride as she settled to the station. She’d lean over the barber chair Adrian sat in as her chest rose over “Soo what are we doing today?” She took a rough comb and combed through his long thick hair “Dear lord.. This hair will be a hassle for sure..” A wide grin grew on Angies face as she looked the barberette in her eyes “Oh I don’t think we’ll need to worry about that. He’ll have it buzzed short on the sides and back down to a #4?” She replied with an air of confidence as she walked to place a hand on his shoulder “This will be for your own good I promise~” she whispered into his ear as she backed from the station. Rachel immediately stopped combing. “Hmm sounds good to me.. This hair is a bit long for my liking anyways, that okay?” she asked bluntly to Adrian, being somewhat defiant in her nature


Adrian remembered the promise he made early, resigning himself to his fate, nodding to the barberette through the mirror. Angie smiled cheerfully, somewhat wishing him luck. The barberette nodded her head and would turn to the front of him, she would proceed to wrap around a cape and grabbed a long strip of paper from a nearby dispenser, she wrapped it tightly around his neck, making sure no hair was getting inside. And with that, Rachel was ready to give him a good shearing, grabbing a pair of bulky clippers, she flicked the switch after attaching a guard, and without any hesitation she ran them through the boy’s nape watching as they chewed through his long curls slowly and carefully she had an expression of distate, almost not liking the patience needed to cut his hair.


When Adrian felt the clippers, he gasped at the new sensation, he surprisingly liked the new  sensation running up from his neck, and back of his head, he closed his eyes, at mercy to the barberette. Rachel would turn the chair on occasion to begin buzzing over other parts, new long streaks of golden hair flowing down the cape, the clippers roared, more hair tumbling down the cape and upon the floor. The barberette was passionate about making sure it was all evened out, going over sections more than enough times “Mm.. This is a much better look” she continued to clipper off strands of hair around the neck and his ear, leaving only gold stubble left. Angie stood towards the side smiling with glee almost hoping he wouldn’t hate her. Soon the barberette leaned in close to his face to take care of the top, she would appear rather attractive, wearing loads of makeup and jewelry “Hold still sweetie” she took out scissors to snip away, her large breasts coming close to his face. Adrian covered his mouth suppressing a moan as he tried to avoid looking down at her big boobs. He blushed even harder. Rachel gave a seductive smile for a brief moment as she continued snipping. Leaving few inches of hair on top to style as requested. Next she dusted off a few strands of hair from her bra strap and chest from cutting so close “Almost done..” She licked her lips and began to run over the backs and sides with the clippers again, leaving it all buzzed and tidied up. Mountains of hair flew off the cape when it was un-tied and he was freed from the chair. Angie smiled “It looks great! And handsome too”


Adrian got up, his legs trembling walking over to angie, his shyness seemed even worse. “Anything to say? Love it? Hate it?” Angie was curious for the reaction, she kept a warm smile excited he went through with it and wasn’t visibly upset. The assist would appear finished cleaning the immense amount of hair and would tidy the station for its next customer, or perhaps victim. Adrian nods “I-its different.. Im not sure yet, i’ve never had short hair i g-guess..” He confessed “Aww.. Im sure it just takes some getting used too! And hey I think it looks nice!” She tried to cheer him up. Without further ado, Rachel looked at Angie “You’re next, dear” she gave a mischievous smile, beckoning her with her finger “Have a seat, darling. Don’t worry.. I’ll take good care of you” she eyed angie’s mane with a hunger in her eyes. Angie heard the sharp call immediately worried now that she had to go through her side of the bet “Okay!” She took a seat making herself comfortable twirling her long hair in her hand as she gazed in the mirror at her locks of hair as she gazed back at Adrian. “So I guess its my turn haha”


Adrian nods, walking over to Rachel and whispering something to her, Rachel smirked and adrian smiled softly remembering the picture Angie showed him. Rachel meanwhile fastened a paper strip around her neck, she grinned “There might be a quite a bit of hair falling..But I’m sure you’ll look great~” she whispered as she grabbed a new guard, the number three, and snapping it on. Angie continued to softly run her hands through her hair as all of a sudden her heart dropped at the sight of the clippers, she sat trembling “O-Oh.. You’re not panning to use that on me right?” She asked weakly, palms sweating.


Rachel looked down in her eyes, almost smirking “Yes dear, I suppose I am, is there any problems?” Angie was winging at the thought of the clippers near her head “U-um.. No, of course not!” Rachel smiles “There’s a good girl, now you’re going to sit tight and enjoy your clippering~” she said sexily, making sure to drive the clippers down her forehead almost immediately, sending long streaks of auburn hair down the cape. She created two more paths as she drove the clippers, removing chunks of beautiful brown hair at a time, revealing her scalp more and more. Rachel brushed a hand over the shaven locks hanging loosely from her head sending them abruptly down the cape, as she tilted her head to the left, bringing the clippers up the right side enjoying every second of hair falling from her once glorious mane. The warm touch of the clippers was an almost magical sensation, she seem to be at the mercy as well, to the barberette, who’d now move on to shaving the left side, sending more hair to clump beneath the chair. She glanced in the mirror, seeing the left over stubble , she couldn’t help but shed a tear as the shorn locks flew towards the floor, after all, her hair was sort of an identity to her.


“Mmmm.. Yes.. This is looking all ready for the summer!” Rachel remarked, as she forcefully pushed down Angie’s head, shearing up her nape. She became silent, feeling the now more pronounced breeze as hair came off her scalp. “A-almost done?” Rachel nods, finishing up shaving her front bangs and top length. Angie watched the clippers run over her head, and turned her eyes to adrian in a defeated look, Adrian, had began to feel incredibly bad for what he’d done, wishing he could take it back. When Rachel finished, she felt a bit cleaner, it was strange how much of a burden hair would feel, compared to well, this.. She tried to stay optimistic as Rachel undid the paper and cape “All done sweetie, now off you go, I hope you enjoy your new buzzcut”. “T-thanks.” Angie would try not to step in her mess of a hair upon stepping out of the chair. She was surely embarassed after the whole scene, with her now  freshly buzzed hair. She approached adrian slowly, just a while before giggling at his turn in the chair, she felt a bit bad after going through it himself. “Oh adrian.. I’m so sorry! I didnt mean to have it go like this, I guess its my own fault..” she felt her stubble again and again, though if anything, adrian was right about it defining her features. He softly muttered that it was okay “I-its not your fault..” “Oh well. For the record i think you look great! It suits you well, I may look a bit more.. Well ugly, but atleast yours came out all right”.


Adrian shook his head “I think you look wonderful!” He smiled sheepishly, “I-if umm you want to cut mine shorter because of that. I understand..” Angie had smiled again, a yet again, mischievous look on her face. “Weeelll.. Im not liking this length toooo much.. Maybe she could’ve gone shorter?” She pondered as she looked at adrian “Hey! Why don’t we go again? Another turn in the chair? Come on! It’ll be fun”. He blushed hard, agreeing stroking what was left of his curls. “Great! Sounds like a plan~” Angie was giddy with happiness, walking over to the barberette “Excuse me miss, but can we go any shorter by any chance?” She asked with confidence. The barberette gave them a smirk “Absolutely darling, What would you like done?”

“ I want his head to be all shiny smooth in the light when we’re finished, and I want mine the same way just after, no more hair for either of us. Is that okay ma’am?”


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