Summer is Coming

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She ran a hand through her hair as she stood outside the door of the quaint salon.  She’d passed by it everyday on her way to and from work, nodded cordially to the woman who worked in the small one chair salon.  During her many walks by, they’d introduced themselves – the woman in the salon was Diedre.

“I’m Beth.”

“Well Beth, anytime you want a cut, you just pop on in,” Diedre said.  “I’ll treat you right.”

The words had stuck with Beth and she realized that Diedre knew it.  After that offer, every time Beth would walk by, Diedre would catch her eye and pat her chair invitingly.  Beth would always blush and shake her head, give Diedre a wave as she rushed by.

Something had changed; either it was Beth, or Diedre had worn her down. She stroked a mid-back length lock of hair almost reverently, as if saying goodbye, before stepping into the salon, almost jumping at the little bell that announced her arrival.

“Beth, darling!” Diedre said with a smile.  “Finally taking me up on my offer?”

Beth blushed and nodded.  “I thought I could use a trim,” she said.

“Well, come take a seat.”  Diedre pat her dark purple leather salon chair.  “It’s not going to bite.”

Beth croaked out a nervous laugh as she crossed the room and settled in the chair, shyly clasping her hands in her lap.  “Nice weather we’re having, huh?” she said softly.

“It’s very nice,” Diedre said with a nod.  She wrapped a little strip of paper around Beth’s neck, following it quickly with a very long dark purple cape.  “But it’s supposed to warm up in the next couple of days.  They’re calling for triple digits.”

“Triple digits, you say?” Beth looked at her reflection in the mirror – only her neck and head were visible above the cape that completely covered her almost down to the floor.  Her dark auburn hair sat against the cape, the ends curling ever so slightly.

“Mmmhmm,” Diedre said as she reached for the boar bristle brush and began brushing Beth’s hair in long, languid strokes.

Beth sighed and closed her eyes.  It had been a long time since anyone had brushed her hair for her.  Not since her mother, almost 15 years passed.  Beth missed it … missed the pampering.

“Your hair is so thick,” Diedre said.  “A little coarse, but lovely.  I bet it’s taken you a while to get it this long.”

“Quite a few years,” Beth agreed.  “But sometimes it’s -”  She stopped; she didn’t want to say that.

“Sometimes it’s what, darling?” Diedre murmured, setting the brush aside to run her fingers through Beth’s hair, tugging just a bit.

“Oh nothing,” Beth said.  “Sometimes it’s just a lot of upkeep.”

Diedre hummed her agreement, smiling at Beth in the mirror.  “I find that short hair, while requiring more visits to the salon, is much easier to maintain,” she said.

Beth gave Diedre a hesitant smile.  Diedre wore her hair short; very short on the sides with curls on the top.  “I’m sure,” she said hesitantly.

Diedre smiled and continued the run her fingers through Beth’s hair, massaging Beth’s scalp.  “You’re always walking by here, looking inside when I work,” she murmured.  “It would be so easy for you to just pop in for a touch up, wouldn’t it?”

“Very easy,” Beth mumbled, letting her head drop forward as she felt Diedre’s hands massage down the back of her skull.

“You want to be here, in my chair,” Diedre whispered in Beth’s ear.

“Yes,” Beth breathed.  She didn’t know what had come over her but … she wanted this.

“And with summer coming, and those triple digits,” Diedre whispered.  “Something short would be so much cooler for your walks to and from work.”

Beth hummed and nodded.  “Something cooler for summer,” she said.

“I know just how to start,” Diedre said with a triumphant smile.  She reached around for the scissors and comb, carefully working out any stray knots before starting to cut.

Beth could hear the scissors near her ears, could hear the loud crunch as they sliced through her hair just below her ears.  She felt the scissors move quickly across the back of her head at the base of her skull, feeling her head get lighter as sheets of hair dropped to the floor.

Diedre kicked the hair aside and set the scissors down, running her hands through Beth’s new ear length bob.  “This is nice,” she murmured, pushing Beth’s hair this way and that, watching the girl’s face in the mirror.

Beth hummed, eyes closed as the languished under Diedre’s touch.  “Very nice,” she agreed.  “So much easier to care for, and it feels so much cooler already.”

“But it’s not what you want, is it?” Diedre whispered.  “You want something more.  Even this is too long; you would have take time every morning to brush it, to curl the ends just right.  You want something more wash and go.”

Beth shivered at Diedre’s words, feeling a slow heat start in the pit of her stomach and shift … lower.  Yes, she wanted shorter … had wanted shorter for a long time, but didn’t have the guts to ask for it.  She’d needed someone to make the decision for her – to take control.  “Yes.”  Such a simple word, but it opened so many doors.

“Good girl,” Diedre said, pressing a kiss to the top of Beth’s head.  “I know just what you want.”  She reached for the comb again and began to create a part a full two inches above Beth’s ear and worked her way all the way around Beth’s head, securing the hair to the top of Beth’s head with a clip.  “You just trust me.”

“Yes,” Beth murmured, keeping her eyes closed.  Fear and arousal were at war with each other inside her … and arousal was winning.  She couldn’t remember the last time she’d felt so … free.

Diedre smiled and gave a lock of Beth’s hair one final tug, before reaching for the clippers, flicking them on with glee.  “A soft pelt,” she said as she began to shear the hair from the back of Beth’s head.  “Something to be pet and stroked.”  She worked her way around Beth’s head, reducing the hair to a soft pelt an eighth of an inch long.  She ran her long fingernails over the shorn hair and smiled when she saw Beth shiver.  “You like that, don’t you, Beth?”

Beth couldn’t help but gasp when she felt Diedre’s fingernails on the back of her head.  It was so short!  But it felt so good, sending shivers down her spine, making her wet.  “Yes,” she hissed.  “I love it.”

“We’re not done yet, good girl,” Diedre murmured as she released the hair on top of Beth’s head, combing it down in a curtain all around her head.  “Keep those eyes closed, Beth.”

“Yes, Diedre,” Beth said softly.  She could feel the hair covering her face, brushing against the buzzed part of her skull … it felt so sensitive, so erotic.  She wanted more.

Diedre smiled and picked up the scissors and comb once more and began to work meticulously, snipping away the long locks of hair, creating the perfect little cap of hair sitting an inch above the tops of her ears.  She took her time and made sure each snip was precise, that the bowl was perfect.

Beth couldn’t hold back her gasp as she felt the scissors make their way around her head.  How had Diedre known, could she read minds?  How had this stylist known that this cut was the haircut that both intrigued and scared Beth … that it was something she’d both dreamed about and had nightmares about?

“That’s my girl,” Diedre said as she picked up a brush and dusted any stray hairs from Beth’s face and neck.  “Keep those eyes closed, Beth.  You’re doing so well.”  She ran her hands through what was left of Beth’s hair, humming happily as she played with the short strands.  She allowed herself a few minutes to play before releasing the cape around Beth, sending hair to the floor.  “Okay, Beth, you can look now.”

Beth slowly opened her eyes and blinked at the girl in the mirror.  Was that her?  It couldn’t be.  Her neck looked so long and her ears looked … delicate.  She’d always hated her ears, but now … She hesitantly reached up to stroke the soft pelt of hair, her fingers seeking where the soft pelt ended, finding it slightly under where the little cap of hair started.  “Oh,” she whispered, both hands suddenly exploring her scalp.

Diedre smiled.  “I’ve been waiting for you, Beth,” she said softly.  “Been making plans for months.  Waiting to make you mine.  You want to me mine, don’t you?”

Beth dropped her hands, stood and looked at Diedre.  “Yes,” she whispered without hesitation.  Oh how she wanted to be Diedre’s … to belong wholly to this strong and beautiful woman.  “I want to be yours.”

Diedre smiled and pulled Beth close, lifting Beth’s bangs and pressing a kiss to the girl’s forehead.  “Go into the back room and get changed,” she said.

“Yes, Diedre,” Beth said.

“Miss Diedre.”

“Yes, Miss Diedre,” Beth said again, hurrying to the back room to get changed.

Diedre smiled and swept up the long piles of hair, dumping them into the trash receptacle near the chair.  She folded up the cape and tucked it away, then turned to watch for her girl.

The door creaked open and Beth hesitantly stepped out.  The clothes felt comfortable, yet foreign.  She wore a simple, white, knee length shirt dress with little green polka dots, paired with white ankle socks and a pair of brown leather Mary Janes.

“Perfect,” Diedre said.  “Just perfect, Beth.  You’ll dress like this all the time – simple, modest, demure.  I have a whole closet of clothes just waiting for you.”  Diedre beckoned Beth closer and stroked Beth’s hair gently. “And you’ll sit for me every week, so I can keep this darling cut fresh.”

“Yes, Miss Diedre,” Beth said.

“So beautiful,” she murmured, pressing a kiss to Beth’s cheek.  “You’ve made me so happy, Beth.  You’re happy, aren’t you?”

Beth sighed and nodded.  “Very happy, Miss Diedre,” she said.  And she was.  Her life was going to take some drastic turns in the next few days, she knew it.  Nothing was going to be the same.

She was Diedre’s girl now.

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