Summer’s Heat Greeting ……

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Summer’s Heat Greeting

By JimB (C)opyright January 2021

“Argh, I can’t take it anymore!” I grumbled annoyingly to myself.

The immense heat of summer is certainly taken its toll on me.

Working in the sales department, for a sporting goods company, meant I had to be on my feet and traveling almost all the time.

Mostly in the sun.

What’s worse, I have a head of curled hair, which I had gotten a few months ago on a dare.

Now, it was a mess and uncurled hair and the new growth appearing. Without the help of a hair dryer and straightener, I look like a total disaster.

“This had to end,” I said to my self.

I certainly needed something which was low maintenance. Something that is wash-and-go.

So, I can spend more time on my work and other things I like doing.

Living in a small town, with a population of less than two thousand, there was not much business going on here except for this small mall.

I grabbed my car keys and drove towards the mall without a further thought.

The mall has only two places where the towns people can get their hair done.

Sam’s Barbershop for the men and a Unisex Salon for the ladies, or the metrosexual guys.

Usually, I would have gotten my hair done in the city area, where there are more posh salons.

However, desperate times call for desperate measures. I knew this had to be done, here and now.

Obviously, Sam’s Barber Shop was not where I wanted to go.

Thus, I headed towards the Unisex Salon.

As I reached the doors of the salon, I glance inside.

Seeing there was nobody getting their hair done at the moment, I gave a sigh of relief assuring me there would not be any strange remarks for what I am going to do in the next hour.

I pushed open the door and entered the unisex salon.

My entrance did not go unanswered.

A young lady, dressed in a double-denim outfit and a pair of Birkenstocks sandals, greeted me and gestured for a nearby chair.

I took a seat and she excused herself briefly to get ready.

She returned quickly with a chocolate-brown cape in her hand.

I sat as she draped the cape around me and fastened it snuggly around my neck.

“So, how would you like your hair cut today madam?” she asked as the chair was pumped up several times.

“Take everything off,” I said without a second thought in my mind.

“Oh, getting the big chop I see.

“You do have some decent length which is natural though.

“Would you prefer I cut off the length until where the natural ends are?” she questioned.

I deliberated for a moment and came up with my final decision.

“No, I want you cut it all off,” I replied.

“It sounds as if you want all your hair cut off?” she inquired.

“YES,” told her. “Cut all my hair off.”

“I am sorry but we do not do hair cuts like that,” she said as she removed the cape.

“Maybe SAMMIE’S can help you.”

I got out her chair and stormed out the Unisex Salon.

I saw a message board and went to it.

“SAM’S BARBER SHOP” was listed near the food court.

I looked around and saw where the food court was located and started walking.

Sam’s Barber Shop was a few shops from the food court.

It was a three chair barber shop.

And, the sign read “Men, Women, and Children”.  That surprised me.

Usually barber shops are for men and boys.  Maybe it was because it was in a small town.

Then, I noticed something else, I thought was strange.

One of the barbers, the one in the middle barber chair was a young woman, maybe in her mid thirties.

Her hair was about mid back in length and was in a pony tail with ribbons every few inches.

She was dress somewhat like the two male barbers.

A simple blouse and short skirt and comfortable shoes.  No high heels or sandals.

Her make up was not overly done.

As she seemed to be friendly with her customer in her chair and a few waiting their turn.

In fact so does the two male barbers.

I do not know why but I seemed more comfortable with her.  Maybe it was because she was a woman and I have never had my hair cut, nor styled by a man.

As I walked in the barber shop I noticed there was not reception desk.  You just looked for an open waiting chair, which there were few now, have a sit and wait your turn.

I looked at the other customers, waiting and in the barber chairs, and they were a mixture of men, women, and children, both boys and girls.

Each of the barbers had male customers who were getting simple hair cuts.

There were two boys, around fifteen or sixteen, talking about sports.  I almost gave them one of my business cards.

Two women sat a few chairs from me, on either side.  One had a little girl was listening to music on her cellphone with ear plugs.

My attention was drawn to the first barber as his customer got out his chair, paid, and left, telling the barber, “Fishing is great a Whatson’s pond.”

The barber said thanks and called for his next customer, one of the two boys.

“Crew cut,” the boy said as he sat in the barber chair.

The barber wasted no time and grabbed the clippers and began moving it over the boy’s head.

Then, I heard, “Mary Ann,” being called.

I watched as the little girl, who was listening to music on her cellphone, get up and walk to her barber chair.

The lady barber, Corrine for the name plate on the mirror behind her barber chair, caped her.

“Give me that cellphone,” her mom said as she got up and took it from her.

“She wants a short pixie.”

Corrine asked her how short she wanted.

But, the girl was just humming a tone and not paying attention.

“Corrine,” her mom called to her.

“Hun,” was all she said.

“Pay attention,” her mom said. “Corrine wants to know how short you want your pixie?”

“Whatever,” she replied.  “It’s too hot.”

“Either you tell Corrine how short you want your pixie,” her mom said.

“OR, I’ll tell her to shave your head.”

She looked up and her eyes got large, when she heard her mom say that.

“Remember the pixie you gave her a few years back?” her mom asked Corrine.

“Start at that length and we will go from there.”

Corrine turned to her shelf and grabber her clippers and put on a larger attachment.

“Inch,” she told her mom as she showed her the clippers.

The girl looked at the clippers, “Maybe a little shorter.”

“Start with the inch,” her mom said.

She looked at her mom.

“NO way are you getting your hair cut as short as Tom!” her mom said.

“Tom is her cousin.

“He is ten minutes older than she is.

“He has a boys hair cut but the sides and back are really short.

“It looks all most he has no hair on the back and sides.”

Corrine clicked the clippers on and began calipering the right side of the girl’s head, sending about four inches of hair into her caped lap.

As she began calipering the back, Corrine told her mom, “When I have the back and sides to an inch, I will start with the scissor and comb to blend the top with the back and sides.”

The little girl gave her mom a look of displeasure, just a the boy, who had gotten a short crew cut, was getting out the chair.

Her mom looked at him.

“If you give me one more of those looks,” she told her daughter.

“I’ll toss the quarter.

“Tails you get your hair cut like his.

“Heads and it all comes off.”

The little girl shrugged her shoulders and said nothing.

“It does looks a longer than the pixie you gave her back then!”, her mom said to Corrine.

“I used the half inch attachment then,” she told her mom.

“If she wants something shorter,” Corrine said.

“I can take it a little shorter.

“But, it won’t be as short as her cousin’s.”

The little girl’s interest perked up and she smiled.

“As long as her hair is not as short as his is cut,” her mom said.

Corrine changed the half inch attachment for the quarter inch attachment.

She looked at the mom and showed her the clippers.

She just shook her head, “As long as it is not as short as her cousin.”

Corrine clicked the clippers on an began clipping the right side.

As she started the second clipping she looked at the mom, who just shook here head.

“Pretty close,” she told Corrine.

Corrine just continued clipping the right side of the little girl’s head.

Stepping behind the barber chair she clipped the back to a quarter of an inch.

With the left side finished, she looked at her mom.

“Not too short?” she asked mom.

“Pretty close,” she said again.  “But, it will short for the summer.”

“Gee mom,” the little girl said.  “Just a little …..!”

Her mom reached in to her purse and took out a quarter.

“Heads or Tails”,” she told her daughter.

The little girl sat back and Corrine blend the top and back and sides together.

When she had them blended she took her trimming clippers and clipped a long the hair line.

Finished the little girl stepped from the barber chair and looked at her mom.

“Heads or Tails,” her mom said.

“I can always have you sit back in Corrine’s chair.”

Corrine looked at the other daughter.

“No,” she said.  “I like my hair pulled back into a pony tail during the summer.”

Mom paid and the left.

Just as they were leaving the other customers were stepping out the other barbers chair.

The barber by the door, told his customer, “One of these days I’m going to take a few weeks off and head up to St. Paul and see how good the fishing is at Whatson’s pond.”

“See you tomorrow,” the male barbers said as they left the shop.

I looked around and I was the only customer.

Corrine looked at shaking her cape.

“Well, it looks like I am the only one left,” I told her and walked to her barber chair.

“I have a two headed quarter in my purse,” I told her.

She laughed.

“One of these days Stevie is going to tell her mom,” she began.

“To toss the quarter.

“They have been going through this every year since her cousin go his head buzzed.”

Pulling and pinning the cape, Corrine said,” Two headed quarter!

“Is that a hint?”

“Just cutting it all off,” I told her.

“Buss Cut?” she asked.

“As long as it all comes off,” I replied and crossed my legs.

“NO playing with changing the attachments,” Corrine asked as she clicked the clippers to life.

“NOPE”, I replied.

My head was tilted downward.  I felt the clippers touch my skin below the hair line.

“Had a few women come in and get a longish Crew Cut,” Corrine said as she pushed the clippers up the back of my head.

“Stacy, the little girl’s mom, was one of them.

“They were scared as hell when I showed them the clippers with the half inch attachment.  Two of them almost jumped out the chair when I began the first pass.”

“Was Stacy one of them?” I asked as she began another upward moving of the clippers.

“NO,” she told me.  “I almost her thinking about going for a Buzz Cut.”

“Almost?” I asked.

“Yes, but when I showed her the clippers without any attachment.

“Well, she just said, “Too short”.”

“So, I am the first women who is asking you to cut all her hair off?” I inquired.

“Yes,” she replied.

“But, you could be asking for a hair cut like I have?”

Corrine turned the clippers off and stepped in front of me.

She stood there as we looked at each other.

Her left hand raised to her head and she moved the wig she was wearing.

I just shook my head.

She walked behind the barber chair and stood so I could not see what she was doing.

When she was finished she walked to the front of her barber chair holding a large plastic bowl.

“There are ten small folded papers,” she told me showing me what was in the plastic bowl.

“Only two have something on it.

“One is a drawing of clippers.

“The other has a drawing of something which will give you a shorter hair cut.”

“Can I draw more than once?” I asked her.

“That is up to you,” she replied as she shook the bowl.

“How long have you been shaving your head?” I asked her as I reached into the bowl.

“Well, I was seventeen when I started going to barber school.

“The first day they gave us a brief case with two clippers, two types of scissors, three combs, two straight razors, and three books on hair cutting and shaving.

“When I got home, told my parents about my first day.

“Then, went to my room and opened the brief case and took every thing out.”

“I grabbed these clippers.” she said showing me the clippers in her right hand.

“I went into my bathroom and stood in front of the mirror and looked at my self for a few minutes.

“I plugged the clippers in, turn it on, and raised it to my head.

“And, without hesitating I began running the clippers over my head until I had cut all my hair off.

“I turned it off and stood there smiling at my self, when I noticed the can of shaving cream and a safety razor.

“Ten minutes later I walked out the bathroom with my head shaved.

“I even walked to the living room where my parents were looking at television and said, “I shaved my head.”

“They looked at me and shook their heads and went back to watching television.

“I went to barber school the next Monday with my head freshly shaved that morning.  The instructors just shook their heads, the other students just looked at me.

“I have never let my hair grow back.”

I choose a folded paper, “Any problems with the boys or men over the years?”

“I have about fifteen men and ten boys who came to me to shave their head.

“And, they still come for a shave.

“Of course, they come after hours.  So, I can take off my wig.”

I handed her the folded paper.

“AND, WE have a winner,” she exclaimed and showed me the paper.

It had the drawing of the razor.

“Well, it’s it up to you!” she told me pushing the bowl towards me.

“NO thanks you, I told her.  “This will do fine.”

She smiled and walked to the door and pulled the curtain down.

“Why are you doing that,” I asked before she turned.

She stopped and pulled the curtain up so everyone walking by could look in and see her, with her shaved head, as she shaved my head.

“I was thinking, maybe hoping, you might be interested is a little shaving down there?”

I said nothing and she walked back and removed the cape and tucked a large white towel in my blouse and spread it over my shoulders.

She wrapped my head with another large white towel that was warm to the touch.

She flowed shaving lather in her left hand.

Standing behind the barber chair she began lathering my buzzed head.

She wiped the excess lather from her fingers.

Grabbing the leather strap, as she showed me the straight razor, “This is one of the razors I received when I got the brief case in barber school.”

She let the strap go and began shaving my head.  I smiled with each shaving stroke she made.

She took her time, even asking “how I felt getting my head shaved for the first time”.

I just smiled and looked at my self in the large mirror as she shaved stroke, after stroke until she had shaved my head smooth.

She pulled the large white towel from my blouse and tossed it to the side.

“NOW, you can go pulled the shades down, “I told her as I stood up.

“First time shaving my head.

“WHY not first time shaving down there?”

Corrine walked backward to the door and pulled the curtains on the door and large pitcher window down and tiring they down.

“Kind of hoping for something else, too,” she told me.

I smiled at her, as I undid my skirt and removed it and my under pants.

I sat down and she spread my legs out ward and hanging over the arms of the barber chair.

As she walked back to the shelf behind the barber chair she began taking her clothing off, I began removing my blouse.

With her small clippers, she sat on the foot rest of the barber chair and buzzed what hair I had down there.

She blew a few times blowing clipped hair away.

A warm towel was placed between my legs.

Then, she lather me and shaved me with the same straight razor.

When she was finished she wiped the area with a warm cloth.

She started to get up.

“YOU better check for smoothness,” I told her as I pointed to where she had just shaved me.

Corrine looked at me, and I told her, “First time shaving my head.

“First time shaving down there.

“Why not FIRST time checking for smoothness down there!”

I come by every Wednesday right before closing.

When the male barbers leave, I get in Corrine’s barber chair and cross my legs.

She plays with things on her shelf for a few minutes.

Then, she walked to the door and locks it.  She pulls the curtain down and the curtain over the pitcher window.

As she walks back to the barber chair I began taking my clothing off.

She slowly takes her clothing off as she walks back to her barber chair,

She shaves my head, she shave me down there, and checks for smoothness.

Some times we go to her place, or my place, where we shave each other and check each other for smoothness.

JimB (C)opyright January 2021

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