Aparna’s (Final) Decision

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Aparna is a long hair girl. She had a gorgeous long hair upto her waist. She is working in a private company, she joined a company last month. She got her first month salary today. She is thinking what will get for this. Because she loves her father, she don’t have mother. Her mother dies in her small age. After this her father only bought up her with lot of struggle. Aparna is not forget about this. So she want to buy something for her father.

Her father is a retired school teacher. Her father’s dream is marriage for her daughter. But Aparna is not prefer for her marriage because of her father. She want to take care of her father. But her father is compel for her marriage. She said after two years she will marry.  So her father also accepted that.

Aparna decided to buy a silk dhoti and new shirt for her father. So she went to the shop and bought a nice pair of dress, along with the sweets. By the way she thinking her childhood days with her father. In her age of 2 years her mother passed away. After this her world is her father only, she is not remember mothers face. And her 1st tonsure at the age of 3 at her family temple.  She scared about the knife and her father convince her to tonsure. And after that 5 years she joined a school. Her father only drop at in her school. She cried a lot in the first day. And after 3 years her father want to shaves her head again but she is not accepted. Because she had a long hair. So her father also not force her. After this she grows her hair long. Upto college she is not cut her hair. She trim her hair little not big cut. She thinks everything and she touches her long hair.

Once she came back to house with lot of joy, everything is gone, yes, her father is passed away. He died in heart attack in sleep. She tried to wake her dad, but he is gone. She tears a lot she don’t know anything. After some time neighbours are coming and she informed her relations. Most of her relations are in abroad. So some of them only came. Also no male relations in her family, most of them are female. So her neighbours are helping for the funeral for her father. So they are planning to do the final rites by next day.

Next day only everybody asking who is doing the final rites, because if he has a son or son in law they will do but he has only daughter. And she don’t have any cousins or her father’s brother’s also. Finally Aparna said I will do the rites to my father. Initially everybody against that, but they don’t have choice so her relations and neighbour accepted. They took her father’s body to the burial ground. Aparna also going. There is only women in this crowd. One they reached she is started doing the rites. As per her family they have to creamate the body and the who is doing the rites need to shave their heads. Her neighbours are said as she is a girl cremation is enough, no need of tonsure, instead of tonsure she can cut her hair little bit. But Aparna said no problem, I will do what ever per our cast. Everybody shocked, but she said please I am doing for my father, so I will tonsure my head.

Barber also already in the cremation ground, Aparna sat in front of the barber and bent her head, she is thinking her childhood day, she is not accepting her tonsure, but today for her father she is tonsure her head. She is crying. By the time the barber pour the water in her head. Massage her head nicely, then he inserted a new half blade and started shaving her middle of her head. Her long hair is felt in her lap, she feels the chillness in her head. Other 2 mins her head is completely shaved, her long hair is in the land. She touches her head. And she went to take a bath, and her neighbours gave a new dress to Aparna, finally she came with a whit saree and new bald look. And she cremated her father.

Everybody in her house are shocked about her guts. Also the 10th day rituals again she shaved her head. After this she don’t want to grow her hair long. She want to maintains her hair like boy cut.

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