Sunny’s Bun

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In college, you would constantly switch classes with other students from the university, but in my case the unexpected happened. There was this one guy that was in all of my classes- Chemistry, Math, Physics, Japanese- and his name was Sunny. By no means was Sunny a bad guy, in fact he was very nice and kind to me and other people whenever we had worked. He usually dressed very well and modern, and his looks were very admirable, regardless of males or females. However his more distinguishing factor was his chestnut hair. 


Ever since the first day of college, all I could notice and see in front of me was a massive train of chestnut hair that was braided with much affection and love. It had been so long in fact that before the class started, he asked me if he could place his hair on my desk because he didn’t want to get the sill chestnut strands dirty by the filthy classroom floor. He was that attached to his mane. When we had talked after class, we had become friends, he talked about topics such as sports and fashion, but I was the one to introduce the topic of hair into the conversation, My hair was quite short for the average student with my buzzcut being 1 inch all over my hair. I did not tell him this because I did not want to ruin the friendship or sound weird, but the whole time he was talking, I was only looking at the magnificent tresses of chestnut hair packet into the braid that was secured by multiple rubber elastics- 14 to be precise. 


I had developed a haircut fetish as soon as I was young because I watched videos about men donation their long locks to charity and then shaving their head afterwards. You could say that this was where my fetish and want to cut very long male hair stemmed from. When he was not my “friend” in the first year at university I did not have a passion to cut or trim his hair, but when we began hanging out a lot more after classes and grabbing food, my addiction and cravings started to begin. 


Today was the annual sophomore student party held by the university, and almost everyone was going, including my and Sunny. We decided to stick together during the pastry since we were both not the most social and then after we could grab some food together. Thus at 8PM I put on my best suit that I had taken care of since high school graduation and walked to Sunny’s dorm, where I expected he would be waiting for me. At the door, I began knocking because I had not seen him standing outside yet, meaning he was still inside getting ready. I knocked louder and I could hear Sunny yelling from the inside, “Come in bro! The door is unlocked!”. I swung the door open and suddenly could not believe what I saw. 


It was Sunny standing in front of the body-;length mirror and he was wearing the most colorful and exquisite cuit I had ever seen in my life. I was embroidered with different threads of mismatching colors and looked as if a butterfly had landed on his shirt and dragged its colors along the entire thing, except for the silver buttons. But more importantly, I had seen his hair down. All the times I had seen and hung out with Sunny, he was always either wearing a braid or kept all the hair under one massive beanie if he did not have time to get ready in the morning. But now I could see the full extent of the chestnut locks will engrossed and covered his entire jacket and body as he was standing in front of the mirror. The silk chestnut trusses waterfall over his body, as he was struggling to button the last button on his blazer. 

He yelled, “Hey David! Yo can you gimme a hand. I can’t get my hair in a bun by myself because I need someone to hold it above me!”. 


I could not believe it. Sunny wanted and trusted me to hold his hair for him to carefully tie and wrap the giant main around in circles atop his glorious head. My fetish started to be released. 


Once he finished getting his clothes ready, he instructed me to grab all the hair I could into a single ponytail and then hold it above him by securing it in a thick scrunchie. I did as he followed and the sensation of silky strands caressing my thumb and each finger was too much to handle. I could not keep it contained anymore. I had to cut it. The scissors were right next to me in the drawer. I had too. But discreetly and quickly. 


I gave him the thick and luscious ponytail, which he smiled and took and then wrapped the gigantic man across the central point of a finger to make a massive bun. I had never seen someone with as thick hair as him, so when I saw the bun I nearly passed out. Sunny was half asian, so he was used to using some hair decorations used by women in his culture. After securing the end of the wrapped ponytail with elastics and a hair clip, he grabbed two hair decorations that looked like poles, and inserted them into the two diagonals of the bun. It was now secure and luminous, almost the size of a huge bee hive. 


I could not resist. I had to shave it off. After he was finished getting ready, he looked at me and said, “Hey man, you ready to go. We are already late thanks to my rapunzel hair so let’s make sure we don’t miss out on the cute girls today!”. 


I had to cut the bun. I told him, “Just gimme a min. I need to get my phone from my room and I will meet you back here in two minutes.”


Sunny seemed annoyed at me but it was not justified because I had to waste 30 minutes for him to get his bun together. As I was leaving the room I quietly whispered, “Enjoy your hair for the last time.”. I was sure he did not hear it but I wanted to make sure he did not leave and escape the shearing.


I went to my dorm and went straight into my bathroom to retrieve the Oster pair of clippers. I am sure to give myself a haircut and heavy duty duct tape I used to cover a dent in my wall. I did not want to show up with these materials in my hand, so I tucked the battery-powered shear in my back pocket and the duck tape in my coat. 


As I was rushing back to Sunny’s room I could only imagine how great and exquisite I would feel to see his massive bun being shorn off and him crying and yelling. I did not have anything against him, but it was simply a necessity for my mental sanity to cut the glorious bun off.


As I entered the room, Sunny said, “Finally bruh. Took you long enough. I don’t think I will be able to wear this bun for much longer. It’s so heavy that it’s already slipping.” I cringed in appearance and savored the moment inside. 

As he was getting his dorm keys, I entered the room and locked the door behind me, with the 3 pairs of locks given on the door. He would not escape. 


As sunny got his keys and walked towards the door, I pushed him and nudged him back to his bed where the shearing show would begin.


“Yo bruh what are you doing? We need to go outside, right?” 


I was not listening. I pushed him more and more towards the bed and held him down onto it with my entire body mass.


“Paneer what are you doing?! Move I don’t like you like that!”. I didn’t like him like that too but the bun had to go. I grabbed the duct tape and tore a giant piece as I grabbed watch of his arms and legs and taped them to the four corners of the bed.


He started screaming, but I was not scared. He had a corner dormitory and the rooms all around him had students who went to the party already. Essentially, the entire floor was empty, and nobody could hear his desperate screams.


I began to smile as I reached into my back pocket to reveal my prized and oiled Oster clippers that were sharp and ready to cut through any mass of hair.


Sunny started to be desperate, “Paneer please man. We have been friends this whole two years at the uni. Please bruh my hair is the one thing I love most in this world behind my parents’ ‘. His wails and screams only added to my fetish to chop off the bun.


I said, “Sunny, you are my only friend too. But I have to give you a haircut. It is simply a sexual necessity of mine, and today you were the one who had uncovered it again for me.” As I powered on the powerful clippers, Sunny’s eyes went as big as baseballs. “You can always grow back your hair, but sorry I have to do this for myself”.


The last thing I heard before I felt the clippers touch his hairline was one simple word from his mouth, “why…”. That was it my clippers had finally had contact with Sunny’s left sideburn and I began selling the clippers through the mass of densely thick locks. At this point Sunny started to become unconscious due to the betrayal I had caused, so he was not even screaming in pain or agony. That was not fun anymore. But I still continued. In a matter of seconds the right sideburn was completely gone and it was time to move onto the left. 


The left side of his bun was even easier than the right to shear, probably because Sunny was starting to lose his thickness on that side from sleeping on it daily. An unconscious Sunny did not even realize how much hair he had just lost within the first two minutes! Reassuring that he was indeed not awake, I moved Sunny to a much more comfortable location where I could experience the sensation of chopping off his bun even better- the full length mirror- the same place where he had envious looks and styles his bun. 


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