Super Store Girl Makeover

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Rick was in the local retail Superstore when he looked over at the Jewelry counter and saw a girl working behind it that caught his attention. She had long dark shiny Raven hair with barrel curls that was near waist length. She was slender and looked to be of Hispanic decent. He figured she was in her mid 20’s.

No one was around so he approached her at the counter. ” Hi, my name is Rick and I own Rick’s House of hair. I couldn’t help notice how pretty you are. Now, I’m looking for Models for a new set of Makeover shoots. I pay a nice fee to my models. I don’t know how many hours you get here but I’m sure you could use extra money. I’ll pay you $25 cash just for stopping by for a consultation. Here is my business card. What is your name do you think you might be interested? ” The superstore girl looked back at Rick. “My name is Valina. Do you really think I’m model material?” Rick ” Oh, yes and I want to take a few cell phone photo’s of you to send off to someone I know to get their opinion. Could you step over by the watch display so I can take a few photo’s of you from front and back away from the counter.” Valina step over to the watch display and pretended like she was showing Rick various watches. Valina ” How much do you pay your models?” Rick,” It will be more than you make a week here if you play your cards right. We can discuss that during your consultation. Rick What is your race?” Valina ” I’m Navajo-Hispanic. When can I come in for a consultation?” Rick: ” How about 4pm tomorrow. Do you know how to find my place?”Valina ” Yes, it is an upscale salon and I can be there at 4pm tomorrow. ” Rick ” One more item. Are you over 18? Valina ” Yes, I’m 22.” Rick ” Now when you come just report to the reception desk just tell them your there to see me or my wife Jessica. Now,it was nice to meet you and I think you will make a good model for us.” Rick hung around and took a few more casual photo’s of Valina and her shiny thick black mane.The whole discussion had taken less than 15 minutes. Rick knew there were several long haired girls working within the Superstore and if he get Valina to make a major change it might encourage a couple of the other long haired girls to follow her example.

Rick got back to the shop and asked Jessica his wife ” What do you think of the Superstore girl?” Jessica ” I think she has alot of potential.” Rick, ” Well, I just got a text from Emily and she thinks she does to if Valina makes a change.”

The next day at 3:55pm into the shop walked Valina with her think hair up in a bun.Rick was called up front by the receptionist. ” Hi Valina, I’m glad that you could make it. You look different with your hair up and I must say in a most positive way. Let’s go back to my private office. Jessica is waiting for us there.” They walked back to Rick’s office and Rick told Valina to take a seat. Jessica went over and stood by Rick. Rick sat down and looked across the desk at Valina. He smiled and looked at her with her thick bun. “Valina here is $25 cash for coming in and talking to us. Now, I want you to stand up and let down your hair so that Jessica and me can appraise the value of it to start.” Valina stood up and Rick and Jessica came over behind her as her long thick dark shiny hair tumbled toward her waist. Jessica came over and finger combed the main feeling the thickness of it. Then Rick pulled it into a thick ponytail and exam ended Valina’s neck and nape. Valina was told to sit back down. Rick, ok Valina I can pay you this much if you agree to let me cut your hair into a short pixie. We will make a video of the haircut and take some still photo’s to be put into our makeover books in the front reception area.The video’s will be sold on line to a select group of clients. I will need you to wear a bright colored bikini red, yellow or turquoise. Now, your hair needs to be cut into a short style because I called Emily and she can use you as a model but not with the long hairstyle you currently have. Emily for your information is the Lady that is charge of the wholesale Jewelry company that puts out a twice yearly calendar. She pays her models a nice fee. We are talking some very good money between me and her. What do you think?” Valina ” What is a pixie cut?” Jessica took her i pad over and let it run a series of photo’s for Valina to see. Valina ” Wow, that is short. I’ve never had short hair before.”
Jessica ” Yes it is short but your hair will grow back and I know you can use the extra cash.” Rick,” You have 24 hours to think it over as I have other girls to interview if you don’t want to do it. Now, if you want to do and are not afraid of making a change and not afraid of being a model then I want you here at 8am tomorrow with your hair the way it was the other day shampooed and a nice bikini in hand. Our website has some makeover on it for you to look at. Now, if you are not here by 8:30am then I will consider that you have refused my offer. Here is a makeover agreement I need you to sign. Dose that all sound ok with you?” Valina “Yes, it does I just don’t know about cutting my hair that short and how I’d look.” Jessica ” Now don’t worry dear your not going to leave here looking like a man.” Valina got up and walked down the hall and out the door. Her long shiny black mane swaying back and forth near her waist line. Jessica looked at Rick ” Boy, you really pushed her and I know we don’t have other girls to interview.”
Rick, ” We shall see tomorrow morning.”

The next day Rick was at the shop early at 7:30am along with Jessica. The studio was ready and all the hidden cameras tested including the ones in the changing room.
Just as Rick had hoped up to the door at 7:55am walked Valina with her long black mane in Barrel curls. Rick opened the door ” Good morning Valina. I see your ready to make a change and some good money for easy work. I see you signed the contract already and are ready to do it. I want you to follow me to the production studio. I want you to put your hair up in a bun like yesterday and go into the bathroom and change into the bikini you brought. Then you can come out and we will start your makeover. It is normal for you to be nervous.” Down they went to the production where upon opening the door stood Jessica. Valina took the scene in the the styling chair with counters and mirrors on three sides. Various cutting tools were on the counter. She twisted her thick hair up into a bun and went inside a brightly lit bathroom and stripped off her clothing and put on her bright red bikini.{ The bathroom was lit up so the hidden cameras could film her naked body as she changed.} When she came out she was met by Jessica.

Hi Valina: I want you to stand on the Star where I will take some before photos with your hair up and hair down. I like your choice of bikini colors as red will make a nice contrast to your black hair. ” Valina stood still while photo’s of her were taken. Then she moved to the styling chair area where Rick came over and told her to sit down and he placed a nice silver cape tightly around her neck. Rick” Valina it is time to say goodbye to your long mane.” He sectioned the hair off into several ponytails full of curls and with his oyster clippers began removing the long 22 inch locks. He placed them carefully on the counter. Valina watched stoickly as her long tresses were cut off. Then with a number 3 guide he ran the clippers up the back of her nape and around the sides of her petite head. Black locks of hair fell to the floor. Then using scissors and a comb he shaped her new pixie style. A Ann Hathaway type look. Valina looked very sexy with her new style and Rick finished it off by removing the cape and razoring her neck area.
He handed her a mirror and the Superstore girl felt her super short new style and could only say ” Holy Shit”. She got up took some after photo’s , took the envelope full of money and left the building by 9am. Jessica and Rick looked at each other as they cleaned up and said “Now that was a Super Makeover”
The end

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