Surprise Haircut

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I had just woken up from a long mid-summer nap, partly hungover and dreading the fact that school was coming back the day after tomorrow, and I knew my mom would eventually nag onto me about what we’re going to do about my hair before I’m back in school, she would go on to complain about how my teachers would be dissatisfied with my choice of hair and I would be seen some way. Deep down I agreed but I knew I wouldn’t feel comfortable getting it cut, partly because it’s gotten so long I have to pretty much keep it in a ponytail at all times.. Now it’s not as easy as just getting a late trim and any barber I’ve been too probably won’t even know the how to cut my hair at this point without the clippers, something I’d rather avoid.

I twiddled my thumbs at the kitchen table were my Mother would saunter through the house spotting me and making sure to grab my attention, I glanced up sighing knowing full well what she’s come to discuss “Sam… Look I’m quite fed up really.. You’ve been putting off haircuts all summer and now we have to get tidied up last minute before school begins! I have you booked in with the barbershop tomorrow in the morning, OK?” She stubbornly demanded slightly raising my temper, this was the firmest she’s been about it all summer. I responded weakly “Ok.. I get it I know haircut blah blah blah I’l do it.. But I think I need to go to a hair salon y’know?” She for a moment, had an almost giddy demeanor and a rather devillish grin which seemed to slip “Right right! That’s fine with me, you can go to the same one that I go to! It’s in an office building right near the mall complex in town I’ll book you in right now actually! While she’s free.” I nodded along stubbornly still, I honestly had no idea how I was cutting my hair but I was relieved I could try my luck on some experienced stylist. Soon enough I would be on my way too my haircut, I had my hair tied in a bun and hadn’t a clue how anything will turn out.

My mom later dropped me off at a big building complex which had some restaurants and other services inside, I wasn’t sure where exactly she wanted me to go but I figured it’d be the only hair place within the building, a large oblong panel of blacked-out glass rested above a sign that said Open and inside I could faintly see what I could assume was a desk with a lady tending to the phone and a bunch of hair products and photography around. I treaded nervously inside where I was immediately greeted with a cheery voice in the corner “Hi! Welcome to Burr’s, do you have an appointment” She asked with a gleaming smile as I responded back with a nod saying my mother sent me and that this is her usual place. The lady would almost allure me further grabbing my hand “Not to worry sweetheart, we have you set up back here, come this way” She guided down a hall where some barber chairs were setup I slowly ambled down the black tiled floor “Here we are! Go ahead and take a seat in one of those chairs darling and make sure to take that hair tie off sweetie!” I looked at her a little surprised almost not being able to say no to her charisma. I eventually trotted over to sit, making sure i took my hair tie off unleashing a mane of somewhat shoulder length brown hair I sat patiently scrambling to think of what to ask and how I should ask.

The clacking of heels sounded behind me as an older woman in about her late twenties came to my direction, she had a black tanktop, a chin length bob cut, and moved with authority, as she slowly moved my way and began to ask some questions as she flicked over a cape, covering my body promptly “Hi darling, I’m just going to get some of my equipment out, okay? I’m Ashley” she said softly as she dropped a zipped up bag onto the table “So back to school yes?” I responded with a short nod “Starting tomorrow.. So today’s the last day really” I was still nervous almost, and was getting ready to talk over what I was getting cut. But she didn’t seem to slowdown as she undid the zipper a bunch of clipper guards seemed to sprawl out onto the table along with two bulky clippers which seemed relatively new. “That’s great hun, now that you’re in my chair you’ll be all fixed up before school starts, your mother had called me to make sure” she said with an almost evil smile as I tensed up to the sound of her voice, I really couldn’t believe what was going to happen. “S-so are you going to use those?” I said eyeing over to the resting clippers as the lady ran her fingers through my mane.

“Yes Darling, you’re going to need to keep still” I trembled underneath the cape, unsure if she was even serious, it seemed I had no choice in the matter. Soon enough, Ashley picked up the bulky clippers, and flicked them on, unleashing a loud buzzing noise as she drove them up the back of my head “Much better” she remarked as she flicked the hair off and onto the cape, sending sheets and sheets of long brown hair down as a buzzed patch emerged. The clippers brushing up against my head felt so weird, I was entranced as I felt the absence of hair kick in. She continued to drive them up all the way around my ear flicking off long strands of hair down. “I was thinking of something less… short ma’am” I said nervously almost in defense. Ashley had just continued, buzzing off more hair as she ridded my sides of hair “I know sweetie, you’re going to just have to suck it up and get used to a more proper haircut” she said defiantly and warmly. I just stayed quiet as the clippers ran wild around my head, shearing off more length as my top stayed intact.

She’d reposition the clippers “Head down for me please” the barberette said with attitude as I’d jolt my head down, feeling the clippers shear down the top of my head, sending long locks down in front of my eyes. She’d brush the clippers down the top as she’d enter my bangs, slicing them off, as now my entire head was buzzed down into a #3 buzz. “I think we need to go shorter..” I was struck with fear, now having realized I will be for the first time, near bald. I just couldn’t help but imagine the looks I’d get. “No, this is short enough I think ma’am” I protested, strongly against losing anymore hair. Ashley looked for a second, as she ran the #3 guard over my sideburns and back, eliminating excess hair.

“Mmm… Okay, fine, this will do fine, tell your mother I’d like you to be back here in a few weeks, mkay?” she said with demand, as if she’d make sure of it. I meekly nodded, knowing I wouldn’t dare want to come back here.. Ashley undid the cape sending locks of hair tumbling down as she grabbed my hair tie, slinging it onto my wrist, where I almost found it cruel as now I won’t be needing anymore hairties for a long time.. I stood up slowly patting my hands all over my head, feeling the buzzed length sheepishly as I got ready to leave this so called ‘salon’. “You’ve already been paid for hun, so go and enjoy your haircut” The lady said as I guessed this was goodbye.

I had an angry expression as I turned around the exited the place promptly. I was honestly shocked my mom might have had something to do with the whole haircut seeing as she booked it. Now it looks like I’ll be having some questions to ask, and a new look to come to acceptance with..






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