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I am Michelle, 34 years old. Together with my friend Andreas (36 years) for four years . We are now living in our shared apartment on the outskirts of Munich for three months. We have settled in well and get along very well. Andreas really likes to cook, I take care of the household. Tasks are well distributed

Yesterday, like every Wednesday , Andreas is playing tennis with his buddy Ralf . They have been playing together for years. Standard I went with my girlfriend Andrea on the road in the city or in the gym. It didn’t work yesterday, Andrea and her husband Georg were invited. I have then looked on the large computer from Andreas and I see various shopping portals. But just looking is no fun either, the move and lots of new furniture put a lot of strain on our cash register. There’s not much in it with new clothes right now.

Then the thought occurred to me to clean up my cell phone again, the memory was again full to the brim with pictures. Andreas had already set up folders from the last vacation together and more. A new folder was in it, just created yesterday. Well, there I put everything in first , I thought. But the folder wasn’t empty, there was already a lot in it, probably from Andreas. Images and video, those were the two sub-folders in it.

Then I went to the pictures, but they weren’t vacation pictures. Lots of joyful pictures , only heads. Partly while cutting your hair, partly just hairstyles and even some with a bald head. Bald women, you rarely see that, I thought. Then I clicked through the pictures. Partly extremely short, a woman had her hair cut like a pot cut all around a finger’s breadth over the earlobe. Bob haircuts, and many views of the neck, some very short and also very high shaved. I thought pretty daring hairstyles to myself, but where did all the pictures come from ?

Then I’m back to the video folder. They were sorted by date. Yesterday the last. But now I was curious what to expect and turned on the newest one. A woman was standing in front of the hair salon. She had quite long brown hair. She always ran her hands through her hair. Finally she went inside. It was an old movie, I thought, the salon wasn’t up to date. An elderly lady took care of her. She was led to the chair. It was the turn of the frill and cape. That was going too slowly for me now. B eim fast forward then everything went very fast, wash your hair, cut hair clipper came also used , and the result could be seen quickly. The woman got a bob cut. The woman was very good. Chin long at the front, slightly shorter at the back. Interesting, I thought

But what does Andi do with such videos

Whether the data is actually from Andi?

I’m back to the video , definitely 70-80 pieces. Next: A Young F rough about 25-30 years old, blonde good shoulderlengs hair, got into a barber shop hair dyed. A mahogany brown looked good on her, but went further, then the scissors were used , the hair was cut all around just above the length of the chin. Bangs were cut to the middle of the forehead. Suddenly the woman saw again. The hairdresser reworked everything exactly, the hair dryer is then used , blown inwards nicely . It was called the French Bob. This woman too: TOP! Man looked good after that.

I was wanting more, looked at the clock, no Andi could not come now, I think its 1 hour until he comes.

I notice a video with 92 minutes and 1.2 GB of data. So long What was that? I’m curious. The doorbell rang and the camera operator opened it. A woman in her late thirties stood in front of the door , pretty in a short dress . “Am I at the right place with the hobby hairdresser” , are you Ralf ? Aha, but again a hairdresser. I was already thinking maybe a porn. The woman in her mid / late 30s with medium-long blond hair was greeted as Simone and shown in. She put it down and was led into the living room. Middle of the room stood ready a chair , that’s why he around a large white bed t uch on the floor . He asked you to take a seat there . They probably met in a chat. Now there was talk. Pictures of different hairstyles were viewed.

I fast forwarded. Simone then washed her hair in the bathroom. Then came back to the chair wearing only a bra, panties and socks. Ralf probably had the camera on his head, you couldn’t even see it. He put a frill around Simone and a lilac-colored short cape, which went straight over her breasts. You looked cute with it, I thought. Well blow-dry too, fast forwarded again , felt like it took forever. Then the hair was combed straight. They were shoulder length all around.

Now the hair-cutting scissors came into play. Oh there is a pony. It was cut in a straight line just above the eyebrows. Simone then suddenly had a full perspective. But human looked good on her. Whether I also …

Then he cut the hair just below the ears around the head to a length. Wow. The woman enjoyed the procedure apparent hair fall n mass enhaft to the ground and covered more and more the white sheet. The excess down on the neck was trimmed short with a hair clipper.

Nice, the result was impressive, Simone was great.

Strangely, only 25 of the 92 minutes were up.

And it also looked as if Simone was not satisfied. Pictures went around. It should get shorter. It should be a bowl cut. Bowl? Bowl … Oh God, she won’t be able to make such a round cut. The scissors were used again. The bangs have been shortened. This time in the middle of the forehead, or, maybe that was a little higher.

The hair was then pinned up all around. Everything up to 3 cm above the ear hung down, the rest up. The clipper was used without an attachment, and whoosh everything was shaved off except for the skin. All around. EVERYTHING! Craziness. Then Ralf loosened the clips, took the scissors and placed 2 cm below the pony, about 1 cm above the ears and cut everything straight around.

The cut edge was then cut off bluntly and precisely with the clipper , while the neck was definitely half a cm shorter. The woman was blown away, Ralf shows you a mirror from the back of your head.

I got warmer and warmer.

Simone then rummaged in her pocket and brought out disposable razors and shaving cream , which seemed to surprise even the hobby hairdresser. He pinned his hair up as best it could with the shortness. The shaving foam from the can was well distributed and rubbed in . Then the razor came to use , Ralf pulled the razor down lane by lane. He makes the razor a bit wet for another shaving. Foam everything again and over it again. The skin was completely bare now. Ralf put some cream on everything, and it really looks shiny.


Clips came out then. The hair dryer was still used. Ralf blown a slight inner wave as well as he could. That looked great. Super daring.


Simone was thrilled. Took off your cape. Pulled Ralf over to him, the camera fell off his head.


Ralf was short to see.


But oh shock, the hobby hairdresser was Andreas !!!!!!! 8-10 years ago , for sure , but it was!


It goes on….


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