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By JimB (C)opy right May 2021

Her name was Susan Fry, and she was just six years old, when her grandmother took her to a barber shop for her first haircut, outside the home.

At that time she got her hair cut very short, down to about two inches at its longest on top of her head with the back and sides tapered close as the barber used the hair clippers on her.

This was when Susan’s awakenings of her desire to go to the barber shops started.

Susan progressively over the years.

She would ask her mother to have her hair cut more often than was needed.

One time when she was ten years old, she kept hanging around the barber shop in the neighborhood so much the barber asked her if she wanted a haircut, at no charge.

The barber clipped her hair off close to her head leaving it three-quarters of an inch at its longest with the back and sides were clipped almost to the scalp. He even shaved away the hair around her ears and neckline with a straight razor.

When Susan’s mother saw how closely clipped her little girl was she was really beside herself.

For a long time she would ask her mother and the barber to shave her head completely bald, as she saw happen at the barber shop on many occasions.

But, she would settle for a close clipping.

One time her mother took her to a hairdresser for a haircut.

When she got home and looked at herself in the mirror, she didn’t think she cut off enough and trimmed it herself using dress shears.

Susan had messed up her hair so bad, her mother took her to the barber shop down the street.

To get her hair to look nice, the barber had to clip her hair down to less than quarter of an inch on the top with the sides and back clipped to her scalp.

This cut showed the bluish white skin underneath.

Susan loved the haircut.

But, her mother had a fit seeing her daughter looking so naked.

When Susan was eleven years old, the barber retired and another took his place, who was a woman.

The lady barber was in her early twenties and wore her own hair in a very short style most of the time.

Her hair was cut close to the sides and back with the top being cut to two to three inches with bangs.

Susan continued hanging around the shop and the lady barber, whose name was Joanie with hair clipper short, liked to having her there with her.

Susan would generally help out in the barber shop and clean up the hair clippings. All the time she would watch the haircutting being done and subconsciously train herself in the art of cutting hair.

Because Joanie liked Susan, she would never take money from her or her mother for their haircuts.

She would usually trim Susan’s hair every week, mostly just to satisfy the girl. Susan loved the feel of the clippers used on her and the vibrations around her ears and neck, also of the clipped hair they left behind.

One time Susan was telling her mother they should both get identical mother and daughter haircuts, so they would both look alike.

One Friday evening they went to the barber shop for their haircuts.

Susan’s mother, came along a little reluctantly, since her hair was a little past her shoulders and wavy. She would lose quite a lot to the barbers shears.

Joanie welcomed them into the barber shop and she hugged the two women, ruffling Susan’s short cropped hair cut.

They talked for a while.

Joanie calmed Susan’s mother, whose name was Edie, and soon Edie was convinced she would look real good with an ultra short haircut like they wanted to give to her, and Susan wanted for herself.

Susan was first in the barber chair.

Joanie and Susan talked earlier and both agreed Joanie would clip her hair down as close as she dared.

This was so Edie would not get mad.

Joanie snapped the quarter inch attachment on the clipper.

Joanie would stand between Susan and her mother.

Edie would have a difficult time seeing what was going on as she ran the whirring clippers up the back of her head and across the top leaving a quarter of an inch of hair in its wake.

She clipped several paths all over her head leaving the same quarter of an inch all over.

When she switched blades on the clipper to taper it closer on the sides.

Edie could see how close she was cutting and reacting in a concerned way, saying, “You don’t expect to cut my hair that close, do you Joanie?”

Susan spoke up saying, “Come on mom.

“You said you would get the same haircut I had, you promised.

“You know how much I love having my hair cut and how short I like it.

“Come on mom.

“Please cut your hair for me, please?”

“You really would look good without all that hair, Edie.

“You have very fine features and would look just great,” said Joanie.

“I’ll tell you what I’ll do for you.

“I’ll cut all my hair off, after I’m finished, okay?

“And, you can do the cutting.”

Edie looked at them both and answered, “Well, I’m losing much more hair than the both of you combined.

“But, OKAY I’ll go along with it.

I hope I can cope with it so short.”

Joanie finished Susan’s haircut by clipping the hair up the back and sides in a nice tapered effect.

She shaved the tiny hairs all around her neck and ears, leaving a nice clean neckline.

Susan ended up with a haircut like a military recruit.

Now it was Edie’s turn in the barber chair.

Susan got out of the barber chair, running her hand all over her new hair cut and enjoying the feel of it’s soft bristly brush.

Edie also felt her daughter’s clipper head and said to Joanie, ”I guess I’ll get really sheared, won’t I.

“And, we’ll be the same like you want it.”

Edie stepped into the chair and Joanie snapped the cape around the older Edie’s neck.

Slowly she evenly combed out Edie’s hair for her all around her head.

She picked up the scissors and clippers in each hand and asked Edie, ”Which of these would you like for me to use first, hon?”

Edie looked at her in surprise and after a while said, “Oh, I don’t know.

“You may as well start with the clipper, since you will eventually use it.”

“Might as well get it over with much faster,” Joanie snapped a new quarter inch blade on the clipper, and came around to her right side.

She placed the whirring clipper at Edie’s right ear and pushed it up the side of her head.

The first path of clipping she started, she clipped off about twelve inches of hair and it fell to the tiled barber shop floor with a soft plopping sound.

On and on the pretty barber ran the clipper up the sides of Edie’s head, leaving quarter inches of hair in it’s wake.

Then, it was time to do the top.

Joanie put the clipper at Edie’s front hairline and pushed it back to the crown area.

She clipped all the hair off Edie’s head until there was only a soft brush-cut left.

Edie looked at herself in the barber shop mirror and was flabbergasted at how naked her head looked without the hair she used to have.

Susan watched her mother’s clipping with a gleeful look on her face.

Joanie had snapped the “.00000” blade on the clipper and tapered all around Edie’s head, as she had done to Susan.

After she shaved around Edie’s hairline and the stubble at her neck.

Edie got out of the barber chair rubbing her clipped head as her daughter did after her own clipping.

“Well, Edie, it’s my turn now, just as I promised you I would do,” said Joanie, handing her the clipper.

Edie looked at her and replied, “You do not have to do that.

“I know you were only trying to calm me down and get me to give up my hair.

“Besides, I don’t know how to cut hair and would probably mess it up real bad.”

Joanie looked at the Edie with kindness and some admiration in her eyes, and replied, “Edie, I really did mean it when I said you would look real nice with all your hair cut off.

“I mainly did it for Susan who, as you know, has a fanatical liking for haircutting and short hair.

“If you are not sure about cutting all my hair off, how would you or Susan feel about shaving my head for me ?

“I have several wigs and haven’t shaved my head for a long time.”

Edie looked at the barber, and said, “You what?

“You want us to shave your head completely?”

The barber looked at her and said in a voice that was commanding, yet soft, “Yes, I really do mean it.

“I have shaved my head many times in the past and also shaved many people.

“And, at this times I happen to like being shaved.

“Also, I know some women like cutting their hair short and a few shaving their head, just to see how it feels to do it.”

Susan looked at her mom, and Joanie, and said, “Oh, mom, could we please shave her?

“I for one would love to shave her, please?”

Edie looked at her daughter in surprise and wonderment and said, “Wow, I have never thought you would like anything like this.

“I guess we’ll have to help Joanie.

“Would you like us to shave your head now!

“Or, wait until you get a wig from home, first?”

Joanie didn’t say anything and went over to a drawer in the back of the barber shop. She pulled out a bunch of wigs she kept there.

“I always am prepared for a haircut.

“Any kind of haircut that may arise,” she said.

Joanie got into the barber chair and Susan snapped the cutting cape around her best friend’s shoulders.

Edie just stood by watching her daughter prepare the Joanie for her own haircut.

”Mom, would you like to do some cutting now or later?” said the young girl.

”No, you go ahead and cut all her hair off yourself.

“I would like to shave her head clean and smooth for her.


“Sounds good to me, mom,” she replied.

She took the clipper from Joanie, still with the “.00000” head, switched it on and she placed it at the front hairline of Joanie and pushed it back to the back of her neck, leaving a freshly clipped and bluish white path of stubble in its wake.

Over and over she ran the clippers across the woman Joanie’s head, leaving head clipper close to her head.

When Susan was finished, Edie got some lather from the shaving dispenser and coated Joanie’s head.

She took out a safety razor from the drawer. Joanie told her it was in, and shaved away all the stubble remaining.

She shaved Joanie’s head twice to get it smooth enough to suit herself.

Joanie got out of the chair rubbing her freshly shaved scalp, feeling its nice smoothness.

Joanie smiling at herself in the mirror at how nice she looked.

Joanie came over to the two females and hugged them fiercely, saying, “Thank you both, I really love this shave.”

They all hugged for a while.

Susan could not keep her hands off her Joanie’s shaved head.

She loved the feeling and said to her mother and Joanie, “I think I’ll wait until the day school lets out and have Joanie shave my head.

“Is that okay with you mom?”

Her mother looked at her daughter and replied, “I really don’t care one way or the other dear. It’s your hair.

“With our hair as short as it is now, in these brush-cuts, it would not matter if you shaved our head.

“Besides, I might join you for a shave.

“I think Joanie looks terrific without any hair.”

They all kissed and left the barber shop.

Over the next few months Susan would go to Joanie for trim.

A few times her mom would go with her and have Joanie give her a trim.

One day, while going home, Edie passed by Joanie and noticed she did not have a customer.

So, she parked her car and walked to the barber shop.

As the door opened, Joanie was surprised to see Edie.

“Just stopped by, on the way home, and thought I would say “HI”,” Edie said.

“Yes, it is a slow this afternoon,” Joanie told her as she went about what she was doing.

She gave a glance in the mirror.

“I think I need a little trim,” Edie said as she stepped in the barber chair.

Joanie took the cape and capped her.

She reached for her clippers and put on the quarter inch attachment.

Without hesitation she turned and began moving the clippers over Edie’s head.

With the clippers humming she removed the attachment and began moving the clippers up the side of Edie’s head.

As she worked her way around the barber chair, buzzing Edie, she noticed how she was reacting to the movement of the clippers.

Finished, she hung the clippers and walked to the shaving dispenser and flowed some shaving lather,

She began spreading the lather over Edie’s hair line.

This time she started on the left side.

When she got to the right side, she noticed Edie watching her in the mirror.

As she dabbed the last lather along the edge of Edie’s hair line, she noticed she still had lather in her hand.

Joanie took some lather in her right hand and slowly razed it to the side of Edie’s head.

Just as she started to spread the lather.

Edie turned her head, “NO.

“I am not read for that.”

Over these few months Joanie and Edie had come to talk and found out they had a few thing in common.

They both were divorces and they were both in their late thirties.

But, Edie had a daughter and Joanie did not have any children.

They even met for dinner and a few drink a few times.

Neither mentioned this to Susan.

The day Susan got out of school for the summer, she rushed to the barber shop, as previously agreed upon.

As Susan sat in the barber chair, Joanie snapped the cape around her neck and picked up the clipper.

Joanie had the “.00000” blade on the clipper and placed the it against her nape line and pushed it up the back of her head and across to the front hairline.

With a flick of her wrist she flipped the cut off hair into her lap.

Susan smiled broadly as she saw the bluish white path of scalp down the center of her head. Joanie continued clipping off all the girl’s hair until there was just a stubble remaining.

She placed a hot wet towel around her head and waited for the stubble to soften up and applied warm lather all over her clipped scalp.

Joanie put a fresh blade on the Fusion razor and very carefully and slowly shaved away the lather and stubble.

Two times Joanie shaved Susan’s head to get the scalp as smooth as she could.

When she finished shaving her, Joanie wiped the traces of lather away and applied some water diluted Shalimar cologne to give her a nice scent.

When she was finished shaving Susan, she said, “There you are.

“You head is shaved nicely clean.”

Susan smile at her self in the mirror, as she brushed her finger tips over her shaven head.

“Now, if you want to keep this way, you must shave your head smooth every day,” Joanie told her.

“If you want, I’ll shave you every morning went you come to work.


”That sounds real good Joanie.

“I’ll be here first thing every day, except for the days you’re closed.

“And, I’ll have to wait or do it myself.

“Maybe I can get mom to shave me,” answered Susan.

All summer she kept her head shaved nice and clean.

A few times she shaved her eyebrows, to see she looked without the eyebrows.

But, let them grow back.

When school started, Susan shaved her head the first morning and wore a wig to school.

When she showed her shaven head to some of her girlfriends, they encouraged her to take it off.

It appeared everyone in school, including the teachers, liked it.

She got some of them to come to Joanie’s barber shop to watch her get her head shaved as well.

Susan kept hanging around the barber shop as much as possible until she graduated high school and went to college.

Joanie began showing Susan how to cut hair in her spare time, which she became quite good at doing it.

She especially liked using the hair clippers and would shave Joanie’s head.

She even talked her mother into coming to the barber shop on several occasions to watch her and Joanie shave each others head.

Then, came the day, Joanie and Susan had talked about and waited for.

When Susan and her mother arrived there was a CLOSED sign on the door and the curtains were pulled closed.

“Just did a little extra sanitizing,” Joanie told them as they walked in.

“I do not want to be bother with the Saturday morning crowd for a few hours.”

“I hope it will not stop you and Susan from shaving each other?” EdIe said as she took a seat in a waiting chair where she could watch.

“NO way, mom,” Susan said as she stepped into the barber chair and made her self comfortable.

Then, the show Joanie and Susan had talked about and planned for started

As Susan sat in the barber chair, Joanie caped her.

She reached for the clippers, with the “.00000” head.

Joanie showed the clippers to Edie and held it so Susan could give the “.00000” head a kiss.

She began “dancing around the barber chair and playfully moving it over Susan’s head”.

The cape was whipped off and a towel was tucked in her blouse.

Joanie began “playfully” lathering Susan’s head.

Joanie took a straight razor, “playfully” stropped it, and turned to the barber chair.

Susan turned her head and kiss the blade.

Joanie began shaving her head.

Edie sat there shaking her head as she tried to hold back the little laughter building in her.

Joanie put something in the back of Susan’s head and the barber chair was laid back, so she was looking at the ceiling.

Joanie wrapped her face with a towel.

Edie looked surprise.

Joanie lathered Susan face.

Without saying any think, she began shaving Susan’s face, like she would a man’s face.

A quick glance at Edie, told Joanie the surprise was beginning

to work.

Finished, Joanie raised the barber chair.

Stepping behind the barber chair, she slowly pulled the towel from Susan’s blouse.

Stepping to the right side of the barber chair, she glanced a look at Edie.

Edie was shaking her head with a little smile.

As Joanie and Susan looked at each other, then Edie, Joanie moved her right hand from behind her back.

In it was a safety razor and she slowly shaved Susan’s eyebrows off.

Edie smiled, “You shaved your eyebrows a few times and they grew back.”

As Susan stepped from the barber chair she told her mom, “NOT this time.

“I am going to keep my eyebrows shaved.”

Joanie stepped in the barber chair, “Time for my shaving.

“Just like I did you.

“ONLY, NO clowning around.”

“Now sit back, mom,” Susan told her.

“As I give Joanie her hair cur.”

“And, shave her face and eyebrows.”

Edie shook her and sat back.

She looked at the clock, “I have no where to go for three hours.”

As Susan raised the straight razor, to shave Joanie’s head, she and Joanie looked and smiled at each other, “THREE hours.”

“Yes,” Edie replied.

“I have to pick up a package at Holmes Store when they open.”

Susan shaved Joanie’s head, her face, and her eyebrows were shaved like her’s were.

They stepped to sides of the barber chair.

Looked at each other then Edie.

Edie stood up and walked towards them standing there.

She shook her head.  She raised her hands, one to each shaved head, and brushed her finger tips over their shaved head.

“Entertainers,” she began. “Neither one of you will be.

Somewhat bowing and pointing to the open barber chair,

They said, “NEXT.


Susan walked to a waiting chair, “I am going to watch.”

Edie looked at Joanie, who was holding her cape.

Edie took a deep breath.

“I knew this day would come.

“You two knew this day would come,” she told them as she sat in the barber chair.

“Joanie, just leave the eye brows.”

Joanie held the clippers with the “.0000” head.

“The top of her head first,” Susan said.

“You only use the “.00000” head on the back and sides of her head.

“Never the top of her head.”

“You just sit there and watch,” Edie told Susan.

“Let Joanie do what she wants.”

She turned her head to Joanie, “I hope you do the top last.”

Joanie smiled and patted her on the shoulder, “TOP first.”

She raised the clippers to the center of Edie’s head and slowly moved it back.

Edie laughed, “NO turning back now.”

Joanie smiled as she began another slow moving of the clippers.

“I knew she would,” Susan told her mom and sat back and watched.

With Edie head buzzed, Joanie began tucking the towel and wrapping another warm towel over Edie’s head for the first time.

“You’ll get use to it,” Susan said as Edie took a deep breath.

With Edie’s head lathered, Joanie told her, “I am going to shave you twice because this is your first time.

“First, with the straight razor.

“Then, the safety razor,”

Edie shook her head in agreement.

As Joanie began shaving her head, Susan said, “Now we can shave each other at home.”

Joanie did as she told Edie.

First the straight razor.

Now the safety razor.

When Joanie began pushing the barber chair back, Edie just closed her eyes.

When she opened her eyes Joanie was slowly moving the straight razor over her face and start shaving her face.

“Remember,” Edie said to Joanie.  “NO eyebrows shaving.”

Joanie shook her head “yes’.

With the barber chair back, Joanie walked to the shelf and put the straight razor on a towel.

Susan walked to the left side of the barber chair, smiling at her mom, and brushed her finger tips over her mom’s newly shaved head.

She gave her a kiss on it.

“Now we need to get a few new dresses to match each other,” Edie told her.

“How does it feel,” Joanie asked her as she stepped to the right side of the barber chair.

Edie brushed her finger tips over her head and smiled.

“For some strange reasons it felt good, getting my head shave,” Edie told them.

“And, the face shaving.

“I might try doing it at home, once in a while.”

Edie started to stand up and step from the barber chair, when she felt Joanie and Susan push her back in the barber chair.

She looked at them.

Joanie brought her right hand from behind her back.

Susan brought her left hand from behind her back.

Both were hold in a safety razor.

“Joanie, you promised you would not shave my eyebrows,” she said to Joanie.

“Yes, I did,” Joanie told her.

“But, I did not mom,” Susan told her.

“And, we BOTH did not promise we BOTH would not shave your eyebrows”, Joanie said.

“Besides, like they say, “TWO IS BETTER THAN ONE”.

With that said, Joanie and Susan raised their safety razors and shaved Edie’s eyebrow.

With her eyebrows shaved, she walked to the mirror and looked her self over.  She brushed her fingers over her head and face.

As Susan stepped next to her, Edie looked at her, “I do like the no eyebrows look better.”

“Then, we both will be shaving our head and eyebrows once in awhile together,” Susan asked.

Looking at her self more, Edie smiled.

“What do you say,” she said to Susan.

“We get our ears pieced two more times?

Joanie walked up behind them, “Maybe you two should get one side of your nose pieced, too.”

They looked at each other then Joanie.

“I’ll have to think about that more,” Susan said and her mom agreed.

Susan reached down and opened her mom’s purse and took out her car kegs.

She held them up, “I will see you at home later, mom.

“You two need to spend some time with each other.”

Edie and Joanie looked at each confused.

“Yes, I know you two have been meeting for dinner at the Race Trac Restaurant and the Lucky’s Club.

“My friend Nancy works at the Race Trac Restaurant and Brat’s dad works part-time a Lucky’s Club, said he saw two women with really short hair, almost shaved heads, came to Lucky’s and one of them somewhat looked like you, mom.”

Susan took up chemistry in college and got her masters degree.

She soon got a very prestigious job and was paid very well.

Over the years, she when came home on weekends or during school breaks from school and she would visit Joanie and get her head shaved or get a good close clipping.

She even took courses in barbering and cosmetology in her spare time so she could get her license.

Susan finally got her license and would help her Joanie at her barber shop on her days off from work.

She got her teaching degree and taught chemistry at one of the local high school.

Some of her students, mostly the boys, learned she was a barber and stared going to her for their hair cut.

She did not try to talk them into getting their head shaved or cut short.

Though there were a few, boys, she would like to take the razor to their head.  Not because she thought they would like their head shave but because they were a pain in her ass, in school and when they came for a hair cut.

A few girls did get their hair cut short.

One girl wanted a very short boyish hair cut.  She was twelve at the time so Susan called her mother.

Her mom came by a few minutes later and pulled her of the barber shop and thanks Susan for calling her.


A few month later she added the note, which said, “Such as girls wanting a boyish hair cut, or boys wanting their head shaved.”

She later, that summers, added another note, “When you can prove you are eighteen and over, WE WILL CUT YOUR HAIR ANY WAY YOU WANT.”

By that time came most of them were going to college or in the military.


By JimB (C)opy right May 2021

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