Suzie at the Cut & Curl Ladies Salon

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Thank you to all the previous story providers. I’ve enjoyed reading them and now got around to writing one myself. This is part 1 of my first, based partly on fact and previous salon experiences but  mainly fantasy 

In the late 70s I had just left school and working a 9-5 office job. I hadn’t really had a proper boyfriend but much preferred hanging around with my girlfriends.

I loved to go regularly to the Cut and Curl Ladies Salon with my Mum and then on my own sometimes as I got older. We had the same stylist for years who was a lady called Jodie about Mum’s age who always pampered us. She was blond, tall and a slim, attractive ex-model. She would always greet us with a kiss and a hug. Her breasts were big and would squeeze against me and as she would clearly never wear a bra as her nipples were often poking through. Mum tried all the latest, cuts, colours, perms, styles and had shampoos and sets. In the last year or so she had been letting Jodie use the clippers on her neck too after she had unusually had the other stylist Suzie give her a restyle once. My long hair would get trimmed and sometimes I would get a shampoo and set also for a treat. It was great under the dryer watching all the ladies and girls at different stages of getting there hair done and their reactions as the stylist worked on them. This salon seemed to be quite modern and the 3 stylists would often be discussing and then giving their clients a change. For some reason I really loved our visits and the attention paid to me, it gave me a funny but nice warm feeling in my stomach just watching all the girls and ladies getting their hair done, being tightly wrapped in the silky gowns and capes, and having mine washed and done. I just loved the mystery of walking into this female sanctuary and the heavily scented aroma of ladies perfume, shampoo, perm solution, setting lotion and hairspray that engulfed me as I walked in and then the usual excitement/fear of wondering what the stylist might do to my hair. I used to watch intensely to a point of almost staring. As I got a bit older I found that rubbing my pussy whilst watching made me feel good.
The last time we went together Jodie washed, trimmed, and roller set Mum’s hair as I watched from the waiting area intensely at hers and others having their hair done and tried to discretely have a little feel down there. Just before she had fully set Mum Jodie asked one of the other stylists, Suzie, to help me into a silky gown whilst she put Mum under the dryer. I loved the ritual of getting the gown on and how it felt being wrapped in the silky material. It sort of signaled there was no way of  escape once it was on. Suzie did that holding the gown up to put my arms through and moved round the back to tie it up, gently stroking my neck for several seconds as she did it. She had a most lovely smelling perfume on which made my head go light for a second.  Jodie called me over to the chair. I was starting to get a little damp by now. Jodie gave my hair a lovely brush, then grabbed a neck strip and a pink silky cape which she fastened securely around my neck. I was now fully trapped. Then she asked what I wanted. Normally she asked Mum but she was under the dryer. I felt the usual feeling of being trapped with no escape and was now getting aroused and wet. I said just a trim. She tried to persuade me to go shorter, try something different, colour, or even a perm! Not to be rude, I asked her what would she recommend. She got all excited, combing my hair this way and that and said she thought all the boring long mousey hair should go, a wedge with blond highlights would be nice and modern and said shall we do it now and go for  it and was quickly about to cut the length off my long hair. I panicked, blushed and said no and settled for the usual trim with a roller set and not much off. I think secretly I wanted more but didn’t dare.
Then the shampoo cape and towel went on and I was led to the shampoo bowls. Suzie called Jodie to say there was a call for her and she would shampoo me if I didn’t mind whilst she took it. Don’t look so scared sweetie I won’t bite, just relax into the shampoo chair and enjoy being pampered as all the girls always do with me. I had seen Suzie before and there was something about here that drew me to her. She was probably about 10 years older than me, very attractive, wore beautiful makeup, sensual clothing and sported a shortish perm with a clean clippered neck (which was popular in those days) with blond highlights in her brown hair. She always seemed a bit flirty and touchy with her clients and was often hugging  and giving big long kisses.  I had a girl crush on her and was a bit nervous but excited that she was now looking after me.
She gently leaned my head back, lightly stroked the hair off my temples and forehead backwards and started to wash my hair in a seductive way that felt different to any other shampoo I have ever had. I noticed the very arousing perfume again and as I looked up at her she gave me a lovely smile saying she was going to give me a relaxing head massage and conditioning treatment too with my wash and to close my eyes and enjoy it. I was in heaven and gently rubbed my pussy to increase the enjoyment. I was a little confused how she was having this effect on me. After about 20 minutes of heaven she was done and dried my hair with a towel but strangely got real close so her breasts were rubbing against my shoulder and side of my head. Clearly she was not wearing a bra too as her nipples were poking through her tight satin T-shirt. I was sure they had got larger and more erect whilst she was leaning over me. She then took the towel and shampoo cape off but briefly with the back of her hand stroked my breasts and nipples which were hardened by now too. She must have noticed and raised an eyebrow and smiled knowingly. Then took me over to Jodie’s chair. She gently combed through my long hair and tidied the cape so it hung over the chair. My hands were on the arms of the chair and for a moment she accidentally rubbed her pussy quite hard against my left hand. She then quietly said in my ear that was no accident and she enjoyed it and that she knew I had been pleasuring myself and how great it was that I was enjoying myself. She also said quietly how she had noticed before how I always seem to enjoy having my hair washed and styled and always seemed interested in what was going on and was especially looking at her. She said young women did like her and find her attractive for some reason. She said that she also noticed me have consultations with Jodie but always ended up with the usual trim and a long centre-parted style. I reddened up, I was busted. She then started to run her fingers through my hair and massaged my scalp saying that I should let her do my hair sometime in the future in her special area as it would be so much fun for us both, winked, smiled and raised an eyebrow. She said her special area was more equipped for girls who needed a push for a change of style and liked to pleasure themselves under the cape. My pussy then felt really good as if an electric shock had gone through it and then I gasped as I felt myself come and soaked my panties. She smiled and said see what I mean, but if she did do my hair it would be no trim but a total restyle of her choice, with the mirror covered and a lot of hair to be chopped off. I came again but harder. Jodie then came back, Suzie squeezed my shoulder and said it was lovely to meet me and hoped I enjoyed my head massage and that she could do it again sometime.
Wow, what just happened. Jodie then combed my hair through and asked if I was sure I didn’t want more than just a trim. I liked the idea but gulped and said no. So she quickly trimmed my hair and said well I’m going to give you a really curly set then. She combed a very perfumed setting lotion in and following up with medium sized rollers, took the cape off and put me under the dryer with just the robe on whilst Mum had her head pushed down firmly to her chest and then her neck trimmed with the clippers. Then her rollers were taken out and set with firm hold spray, she looked quite glamorous and seemed to be liking the clippers. I thought about my moment with Suzie and how I enjoyed going to the hair salon a bit too much and that this was getting even better and felt my pussy again. Under the dryer I watched Suzie At her special area washing, cutting, and styling another young women who came in with long hair. She seemed to be enjoying herself and looked so hot. She looked across to me as she chopped about 12 inches of hair off smiled and proceeded to give her a chin length bob. The girl appeared to be gasping and was in shock as her hair was severely chopped off. I could see Suzie sometimes whispering something in her ear and rubbing her pussy against the girls hand on the arm of the chair. Strangely the mirror seemed to be covered with a cape. She winked at me pointed to the chair, the new bob, the pile of hair on the floor and then me and mouthed “you’re next”. I blushed and shook my head.
After a while Jodie relieved me from under the dryer hood, tied a little lace comb out cape around my neck, and was taking my curlers out, then brushed the curls out and and sprayed to set it with a mist of firm hold for about 20 seconds. I had a lovely long curly wavy do that rippled when I shook my head.
Mum had gone to the shop next door by now and as I walked to the reception Suzie said to Jodie she would help me out of the gown and check me out as her client had just left. Jodie gave me a kiss and a hug and went back to tidy up. Suzie gently lifted my hair at the neck and removed my silky gown from me and gently squeezed my left breast and tweaked my nipple which excited me again. She checked mum had booked us in for our next appointments with Jodie which was the last one at 6pm on a Friday evening in 4 weeks time. We didn’t normally go on a Friday or that late but guess mum knew what she was doing. She said it was for a trim and asked me with a grin if she wanted her to do my hair instead of Jodie, I nervously said no as Jodie was familiar with my hair as I started to blush and warm up down there again. She said ok but I think secretly you do and you’re curious what I might do to you, what it is like in my special area and chair. You just need a little encouraging and I have ways of being very good at that. Imagine you sat in my chair at my mercy and not knowing what you will end up with. Oh it’s quite a turn on isn’t it, most girls orgasm several times sat in my chair.  The girl who had the new bob just now had her first multiple orgasm she enjoyed it that much. I enjoy doing it so much I often do too. Well at least I can just give you the nice special “Suzie” shampoo again to help out Jodie and said I must wear my best dress and lingerie as it would be nice to see me out of just jeans and a tee-shirt and looking pretty plus a dress would give me better access to inside my panties to pleasure myself. She said she would wear something nice that day too especially for me. She then gave me a long tight hug and kiss on my cheek. I inhaled her intoxicating perfume and nearly came again as she rubbed her leg against my pussy. She looked me in the eye and said she knew what I wanted, how to take care of me, and what I had been doing under the cape during the shampoo and one day she would make sure she gets the chance to fully pamper me with one of her special sessions. She then gave me another long kiss on the lips, her lip gloss tasted devine. 
When we got home Dad fussed all over Mum and stroked the back of her neck, whispered something to her and then said to me they were off to bed for an early night. Mum was giggling as they went upstairs to their bedroom.  I went upstairs and undressed noticing the smell of Suzie’s perfume still lingering on my clothes and sniffed them. Mmm. I put my satin robe on and masturbated myself to sleep after several lovely  orgasms.
As it got nearer to our next appointment I started to think more and more about the last visit, Suzie, and how she scared me yet aroused me intensely at the same time. My girl crush was getting stronger. I started to get those pre salon day butterflies excitement and went through all the thoughts of agreeing to let Jodie to give me a restyle, or should I let Suzie do it? Then I realised I would also be getting another Suzie experience anyway which almost brought me to an orgasm which I greedily finished off. I was safe knowing that, as I was booked in with Jodie. Suzie would not get to restyle me though, just the benefit of one of her special erotic shampoos, head massage, and the accidental touches. There was no danger in that and the touching was very sensual and did turn me on. Then she could pass me back to Jodie for a safe trim afterwards. The girl getting her short bob flashed through my mind for a second, I would have to make sure she didn’t ever get me in her chair. But then did start to fantasize about what it would be like to be totally under her control. Visiting the Cut and Curl Ladies Salon had just got more exciting to visit.

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