Suzie gets Jodie in her chair

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Mmmm. I just love my job. Well I’m really in the mood now said Suzie as she picked up the special silver gown and shook it out and gave it a little spray of her own perfume with a knowing smile.  It was also already covered with the aromas of Caroline and her hairspray and other things!


Right then Jodie where are you hiding you lovely sexpot I’ve not forgotten you, get ready for a session of pure sexual bliss and a trendy new hairdo.


Jodie tried to hide in the changing room but Suzie soon  found her and said oh there you that will save me bringing you in here to change.


Right darling face the mirror and we will start the journey of your new transformation.


Jodie took in a deep breath and turned to face the mirror and let her arms fall loose by her sides as Suzie circled behind her and gave her a big tight hug bringing her hands around to her breasts and squeezed and kneaded them until her nipples started to point out through her silky dress and her pussy was already starting to feel quite damp.


That’s a good girl Suzie said no bra covering those massive boobs. I wonder if you’ve got any panties on? She moved her left hand down to the hem of the dress and gently slid her hand under and up til her index finger traced a line gently up her pussy lips and circled her clit. Jodie let out a gasp.  Good girl no panties either but quite hairy so we definitely need to give you the full service this evening once we’ve got your clothes off and your cosy bondage gown on then to go to the special shampoo bed, shave it smooth and give you a right good seeing to with big Bertha. She then gently caressed Jodie’s neck and sensually ran her fingers through her hair and massaged her temples and scalp.


Suzie was already catching the aroma of the perfume and was melting into the occasion and hadn’t even noticed that the zip of her dress was being slowly undone down her back and soon Suzie had peeled it off, exposing her full breasts and bushy pussy. Suzie moved around in front of her bent down and went straight in and sucked and licked her pussy and by now she was definitely getting very wet down there.


Suzie worked her way up and started kissing Jodie’s ample breasts and then sucked and licked her nipples. Jodie gasped as Suzie gently nibbled her nipples and flicked them with her tongue. She knew how to warm Jodie up.




Suzie then snapped the gown out in front of her and said this is decision time. All you have to do is move your arms and slide them into the gown, totally submit to me, and let me take control of you or you just get dressed again. As the gown got nearer to Jodie she caught the wiff of Suzie‘s perfume that was on it and without even thinking stepped forward into the gown and then felt Suzie tightly fasten it at the neck and the three straps at the back and finally securing her arms across her body and fastening the ties behind her. She let out a big gasp but felt nice and warm inside in her silky cacoon.


This is my lucky day darling said Suzie and she stepped in front of suzie and they both passionately went into a deep long French kiss till both were gasping for air.


Right let’s get you on the nice shampoo bed first and then we will go to my area to give you your new cut and stacked perm. You’re going to look so hot and trendy by the time I’ve done with you. You are also going to feel so satisfied by the time big Bertha’s been pushed up your pussy and made you come several times. She’s so big you will feel like a truck has driven up there.


They walked out over to the shampoo station and Suzie helped Jodie lay back gently placing her head into the shampoo bowl. And strangely she wrapped a soft leather collar around her neck which  closed at the back with Velcro then she clipped a strap to the loop on it and securely fastened that at the back of the shampoo bed. Her head was now tightly in the shampoo bowl and she was unable to lift it up more than a few inches. Her body  movement was restricted by the gown anyway and lying on her back on the bed enhanced that. Next Susie went down to Jodie’s legs and spread them wide open so they were either side of the bed and secured them to the legs with some more restraints. She was now in a totally vulnerable and submissive  position and could barely move anything as Suzie lifted up the gown hem a little. Her pussy just oozed in anticipation.


The hum of the clippers kicked in and she squealed as Suzie placed them gently at the top of her pussy and ran them down very slowly denuding her along the way. Jodie gasped oh just what I need as she felt her pussy started to ooze even more. The shaving foam was then gently massaged in and Jodie was in heaven as  the razor removed all her stubble.


Right first orgasm coming up said Suzie as she worked her head up under the gown and started to roughly lap up and suck Jodie’s pussy. It wasn’t too long til Jodie gasped and let a big orgasm rip through her. Just as she was recovering she saw Suzie pick big Bertha up and smeared it with lube and smiled, leaned into Suzie and gave her a big kiss. This will certainly make you gasp. Get ready to have your cute little pussy stretched.


Suzie knew Jodie liked it rough and quite firmly put big Bertha between Jodie’s pussy lips and pushed it in and up hard with a massive squelch. Then thrust it up and down hard several times til she was oozing again and dripping with her cream. Jodie screamed out and gasped but couldn’t move which aroused her even more. She then sighed and smiled as Suzie turned the vibrations on to 4 out of 10.


Suzie then started to wash Jodie’s hair. Just as her conditioner was being rinsed out she had another big orgasm and as she squealed in delight she squeezed big Bertha right out and squirted all over the bed.




Mmm lovely looks like that was just what you needed. We’ll pop her back in whilst your perm is setting when I’m going to give you the best hottest and roughest multiple orgasm you’ve ever had. She dried and then slapped her pussy leaving it tingling.


Jodie was released from the neck strap and helped to gently sit up and they walked over to Suzie’s chair. As she sat in it The chair. Oh I just love being secure in your chair not being able to move, not see what your doing, and not having any say in what you are going to do. It gets me all wet just watching you do it to your unsuspecting clients. Poor old Caroline didn’t know what had happened earlier and just sat here in shock. But she did look so hot after her transformation. You should try it yourself one day Suzie it really is satisfying but a bit scary at the time.


Oh no it’s not for me said Suzie I get my kicks out of dominatating and doing not receiving. I don’t think I would enjoy it.


Hmmm I m sure you would said Jodie deep in thought. Perhaps her and Fiona could arrange something she thought.


Quickly she was strapped in the chair and her movement was restricted. A neck strip and the large black silk cape were tight fastened around her neck. Suzie started to brush through her long hair and said my my you have left it a long time but don’t worry a lot of this is coming off darling. It’s about time you had a good undercut too.


As she said that Jodie’s hair was harshly pushed forward and sectioned at the back. Suzie picked up the clippers with one hand and firmly held Jodie’s head on her chest with the other. Jodie went all giddy as she smelled  Jodie’s perfume on the gown. The  gentle hum of the clippers soon turned to a crunching  noise as they met resistance and hair rained down over Jodie’s shoulder and dropped onto the cape and floor. The way Suzie was forcibly dominating her with her head held forward and the feel of the vibrations from the clippers was getting her all aroused again. Suzie kept running them up and over her neck and sides up to her temples until there was was a velvety stubble left. Jodie gasped in ecstasy at the feeling and was enjoying Suzie being rough and dominating her.



I’ve taken it higher up this time and we’ll get the razor out when your rollers are in. That ok? Oh it will have to be as you’ve no say in it have you. Ha ha.


She lifted Jodie’s chin, leaned in and their lips met passionately  as they greedily probed each other’s mouth with their tongues until they were both gasping for air.


Suzie went behind Jodie, leaned forward til her breasts were cradling Jodie’s head and wrapped her arms around her cupping her large breasts and squeezed them tightly and pinched  her nipples hard until they were solid again and pointing out. After a minute of this Jodie panted, squealed out loud  and released another orgasm.



Mmm. Works every time you slutty girl, you just love that don’t you.




Jodie could not explain it but Suzie had such a power over her and always gave her the best orgasms. Better than any man could. She seemed to just know what turned her on. Her perfume was irresistible and she was the only woman she had a sexual attraction for. No other partner could ever compare. Mmm she thought I’m so lucky to have her. Some women may never experience this level of bliss and she will get an amazing new hairdo out of it.


She was snapped out of her daydream as she saw and heard Suzie hacking a lot of her long hair off at the back and before she knew it she now had about 12 inches chopped off and had some long bangs. Her hair had not been that short for a long time although there was still a lot of length left. Then the mirror got covered by a cape.


Oh I forgot to cover that. Next time you look in here you won’t recognise your self with a nice flicked out stacked perm style which is going to be quite short at the back and sides but plenty of length on the top and I am going to give you the same tarty makeup as we did for your daughter Chrissie. I fancied her so much like that I just had to lick out her pussy. She seems to love me doing it more than you like me doing it to you!


She span the chair round put a shampoo cape and towel over Jodie’s shoulders and tilted her back into the shampoo bowl. Suzie gave Jodie a lovely long shampoo and head massage with every inch of her scalp and neck being caressed. She also loved to do it to her clients and to watch them melt into her gently caressing their scalps  and watch their faces as they clearly would often start to get aroused.


She was then then sat upright and her hair was rubbed dry with the towel and the shampoo cape removed. Suzie snipped away for quite a while getting the new much shorter style into shape. Then announced that she was ready to put the perm in.



Jodie couldn’t see the new cut or touch it but could see from all the clippings that a lot had come off. The feeling of helplessness just made her more randy.


Suzie quickly rolled the shorter hair up rather than under into the small perm rods and was soon dousing it with the smelly perm solution. No going back now sweetie.



Suzie spun the chair around and laid Jodie’s head back in the bowl. Need to leave this for a while so as you’re laying on your back, massively aroused and up for it I’m going to try out something new with big Bertha. She went under her counter and pulled out a strap of some sort and plonked big Bertha in Jodie’s lap.



This a special new harness that l can attach Bertha to it has a little device that will pleasure me too whilst I fuck you rough and hard. Suzie removed her skirt and panties.



She stood alongside Jodie and she gulped as she saw Suzie set it all up with Bertha pointing out if the harness. The device was inserted into Suzie’s pussy. It would vibrate the same as Bertha. Bertha looked so big and she wondered how it would all fit in her pussy. Jodie turned Bertha on an a loud buzzing noise filled the room.


Suzie went to the front of the chair and lifted up the cape and gown to expose Jodie’s smooth hairless and very wet pussie. She then crawled up with her knees either side of Jodie and lay on top of her and gave her another passionate lingering kiss. She nibbled her earlobes and whispered I’ve always wanted to really fuck you hard and now it’s going to happen. Mmmm. We’re both going to have massive orgasms.



She then positioned Bertha between Jodie’s legs and then it found her pussie lips. She was oozing already. Then with a big thrust Bertha was pushed in all the way up and hard. Jodie just gasped and felt like she had been split in half but loved it and particularly now as the vibrations were taken effect. She was in no position to do anything about it and just totally submitted to her fate.



Suzie was quite rough and just kept thrusting up and down and up and down. She was enjoying the effect of the vibrations too through the attachment.



After a few minutes Jodie cried out, arched her back and as her body shaked, she broke into a shattering multiple orgasm which seemed to last forever until she passed out.



Suzie wasn’t far behind her and she gasped and squealed as she also enjoyed a multiple orgasm too.



Jodie soon came around and could smell the lovely perfume. She felt herself being in a state of serene bliss and felt numb and all warm down there.  Suzie soon neutralised her hair and was taking the perm rods out. Another lovely shampoo, conditioner and head massage followed.



Suzie did her usual trick of holding Jodie’s head into her breasts as she towel dried it. Jodie cheekily licked and then sucked on a poking out nipple that then got stiffer.


Well that’s taken really well and the cut and shape are ok. Let’s get your rollers in and then I can clean that neck up with the razor.



Suzie doused the hair in a strong scented setting lotion and then methodically put the rollers in winding upwards so when it dried this would help the flick  to curl outwards. A pink hairnet was fastened over the rollers and the dryer pulled down over her head and the humn soon had Jodie nodding off into a blissful sleep.



The dryer stopped after a while  and she was released from under it.


Jodie’s head was forced onto her breasts again so she was looking into her lap and the tingly shaving foam was gently massaged onto her neck. The razor scraped it all off and a warm towel was used to wipe it off. Jodie was starting to get aroused again. Surely I can’t manage to come again can I, she thought.


Her head was lifted and Suzie gently removed the rollers and brushed the hair out and upwards.


Suzie said wow that looks great on you. So hot and sexy.  You look drop dead gorgeous, honey. If that husband doesn’t show an interest in you and screw your silly when he’s back off that business trip tomorrow he must be mad.



Suzie removed the large cape and neck strip. Jodie was just left sat there with the silky gown on and was still naked underneath. Suzie went in front of Jodie and leaned in and gave her a long passionate kiss which lasted for what seemed ages. She then circled round behind her and hugged Jodie from behind and cupped her breasts and roughly squeezed and massaged them. Soon the pointing out nipples were shown no mercy and were circled and pinched. Jodie felt her pussy tingling back into life and started to ooze again.



Suzie stopped and then grabbed a can of hairspray and doused the new do in it all all over. Jodie always liked the smell of fresh hairspray.



Suzie than said right then, the big reveal you sexy minx. She grabbed the cape on the mirror and slowly removed it. Isn’t it devine?



Jodie looked in the mirror and saw a hot beautiful confident woman looking back at her all wrapped up in a silver silky salon gown. The hair was short at the back and sides but had plenty of length on top which was all curled out. She then realised it was he face with that hairstyle and just gasped orgasmed on her spot.



Kiss me. Suzie said and they had another long French kiss. Just what I needed , it’s great.



Suzie then released the straps and helped Jodie out of the chair and then helped her to get dressed.


It was now time to go home and they checked the appointments  book for tomorrow.



Oh looks like I’ve got a new client in called Natasha for a restyle. Mmmm I just love doing those. Said Suzie.


Yes you do, don’t you. I booked her in especially  for you to have some fun with. She seemed quite a pretty and innocent young girl who’s just moved to here from the country for a new job and wanted something more professional and grown up looking but not too drastic for her new solicitors office job. She was desperate to get it done tomorrow as she starts the day after. She didn’t know where to go in town and had heard that we are good at turning out great hairdos. She had seen Sarah and Caroline walking out the other day and was impressed. Also when she was in booking she liked all our styles too. Ha, she hasn’t seen my new one yet. She seemed to notice and be especially attracted to you and was eying you up. She had quite long straight dirty blonde hair so you’ve got plenty to work with, darling. I’m going to enjoy watching you do her.



They locked up and gave each other a hug and a kiss and went off on their own ways.


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