Swashbuckling Steve

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“Swashbuckling Steve” © (by Tsu Donnym).
Conceived 08h10; 1st pen to paper 09h19 Tues 8th Oct 2013.

Swashbuckling Steve; has a plan up his sleeve.
As down through the rafters he swings.
His Gilly’s in distress; hair all a mess
Hair-dryer had apparently spat a flame.

From attic study, he’d heard; squawking sounds like a bird.
Rising in crescendo from “Oh no!”
Due to attend a works do; arranged baby-sitter was down with flu,
He’d been ringing around, seeking help in this plight.

Jug of water, he’d snatch; to put out said fire, in her thatch.
Thankfully her hairspray was nowhere in sight.
Out of the bathroom she’d emerged; her adrenaline surged
Seeing her Stevie flying towards her, full pelt.

The ‘beehive’ now falling, her supposed ‘stacked bob,’ was appalling.
She’d recently paid a small fortune for nothing.
A sudden splash put it out, leaving no trace of a doubt
That her Man would have to effect some repair.

Remaining tufts here and there (thankfully nowhere was bare),
were a pitiful sight to behold.
Tearfully on kitchen chair she was sat; observed by the cat,
two toddlers and a budgerigar.

Action man Steve; with home hair-clippers, must relieve
His poor Gilly, of the grizzly remains.
Amidst terrifying sounds, like a buzz-saw, he shears
(allaying her fears) he’ll not leave her looking too bad.

Pass after pass; this is certainly no farce
She is mown down close to the bone.
With a two on top, a one and then none; the back and sides are soon done.
Tapered to match, like a pro.

Grandma has phoned back, the kids will not lack
A guardian to watch, as Parents go out.
Now in tight, bright red dress; she couldn’t care less.
Matching nails and lips ensure Gilly looks ‘HOT.’

Menacing aforementioned flame; now transformed her to ‘Dame’.
This new style is simply quite stunning.
Faulty dryer hailed ‘a hero’; she’s sporting a buzz cut near zero
Steve is immediately hatching a new plan.

The works ‘do’ can wait; who cares if they’re late?
Dynamic young couple now have more on their mind.
Nearest hotel will suffice; they’re there in a trice
A second honeymoon has instantly begun.


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