Swati’s Stepdaughter Part 1

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I was 17 when it happened with me it was horrific it turned my life upside down and my future bleak. My father and I were living a peaceful life I had just gotten into the 10th standard and life was alright.

I’m a girl with very beautiful features, the boys at school and my colony were fan of me mostly trying to either propose or befriend me. Along with a beautiful face I had a body of a model, my breasts for a girl my age were quite big I had the perfect C Cups along with a perfect curve on my butt. But the best feature I had was my perfect head of curls I had given time and effort to grow them out, they reached my butt my plan was to grow them further. I use to make sure I had the best products for them and to ensure I made regular parlour visits to enhance their growth. I was the envy of every woman in school and my locality, even some of the teachers mostly the young ones envied me because I looked better than them.

It all changed when she came into our life, her name is Swati she came to our home finding work. I still remember that sunday how can I forget it. Both me and dad had just finished lunch, for weeks now we had been discussing keeping a permanent house maid at our place. We had informed a placement agency about the same, dad had received a call from the agency they were sending someone for the interview.

We were sitting in the lounge when the door bell rang, there was a girl in her early 20s standing on the door. She told me the agency had sent her so I asked her to come in, for a maid she looked pretty. “Nice clothes and a good looking girl but the boycut hair looks weird” I thought to myself as I followed her into the lounge. We took her interview and well all seemed nice, dad explained her she would be living with us 24/7 and would have to take care of the home. She agreed to everything the agency had prepared her a file which contained a resume and her IDs. Dad was fine with her and so was I so we asked her to join from whenever she can. It didn’t take her long she returned after a few hours with her belongings, I was happy I didn’t have to do house chores any more. There was a small storage room near the balcony which was always empty so we gave the room to her.

Well things were fine with her being here one night while we were having dinner I asked her why she had such short hair she told us the house owner where she previously lived cut her long hair then shaved her head. She was great at making believable stories so much so that we started feeling sad for her and cursed her previous employers.

As months went by things seemed okay to me but something was brewing behind my back. Her hair too had started growing in an year of being at our place her hair had reached well below shoulders but her hair were going to be the last of my concern. I was busy with my board exams really giving it all to get good grades. Behind my back in last 6 months she had completely seduced my innocent dad who was falling for her sad stories and sexy body.

I remember it very clearly it was result day I had received average grades even after studying so much but I had still passed my exams. I was so disappointed that I couldn’t sleep properly so I got up to get some water for myself. That’s when I heard some noise coming from my father’s room. When I went closer the voice got clear, it was Swati’s voice “ah.. Ah… Ah”  Was all I could here I knew what it meant it made me feel disgusted but I had to look to ensure. In a swift move I opened the door the sight was disgusting my father was having sex with her. They looked at me surprised and shocked, I didn’t say a word and left straight for my room. The night was sleepless whenever I closed my eyes I could only see her sitting over my dad naked. My eyes gave in tho somewhere near 5 am when I woke up my dad was sitting beside me he had a very guilty look on his face. He apologized to me for nearly half n hour, I loved him a lot and well I thought it wasn’t her fault it’s hers so I hugged him.

“We should kick her out immediately” I said he didn’t reply we went out of the room into the lounge she was sitting there “get your things and get out right now” I yelled at her. She didn’t move an inch giving me a very defiant look. “Dad ask her to leave or I will literally throw her away, you bitch no wonder your previous employers shaved you bald you must have done something similar there too” I yelled at her my dad tried stopping me multiple times before finally yelling my name loud. “Nisha I’m marrying her and you have to understand this, I love her I want to spend the rest of my life with her.” He yelled.

I was in tears hearing this “how could he? ” I thought to myself I wasn’t ready to accept this, I went away to my room where he followed me. After hours of consoling me he finally told me it’s happening and I need to learn to live with it. The next week they married in a court I was taken there to stand for my dad as we had no other family. I wasn’t happy with it but was made to live with it, I could see the hatred in her eyes for me similar to what I had for her.

Our lives were not the same as the first month passed I would spend more time at school to avoid her and when I would come home she would try to boss things only for me to shoo her away. My dad However was changing she was making him more and more close to him, he often would do as she said wear clothes which she asked. I had never seen my dad do dishes in life, he did them for her it was making me hate her more and more.

But she had worst plans for me, one afternoon when the credit card bill came she started reading it. “Who spends so much on parlours? ” She almost yelled looking at the bills it offended me ” I do and its my fathers money not yours so better stay out of it” I yelled back snatching the bill away from her. The next day I saw her at my school she was talking to my class teacher who hated and envied me because of my looks.

Later that night when we were having dinner “Honey I went to Nisha’s school today” She said

“Oh that’s great” Dad replied 

” Not so great her teacher was complaining about her a lot. Miss Avantika told me she never concentrates on studies all she likes is playing with her hair and talking to boys” She complained to my father

Before he could say anything

“She is jealous of me and my beautiful hair just like you are, you both can spend your whole lives treating yourself but will never have hair as beautiful as mine” I yelled at her

“Nisha this isn’t the way to talk to your mother” My dad yelled at me

“Well she is a brat you haven’t taught her any manners. Her teacher told me she should have shorter hair to concentrate in her studies it’s her 11th this year and 12th next year” She almost scolded my dad

“Dare touch my hair, I will cut off every inch of that shitty mid length crap on your head” I almost cursed her and left to my room.

The next morning when I woke up to some commotion in the hallway, when I went out I saw my dad with a suitcase. “I’m going on an urgent business trip for a week behave and listen to what your mom says” He said to me standing at the door before I could answer he left. I went in my room there was still around an hour and half for school but I wanted to leave home early so I started getting ready for school. It must have been only 10 minutes or so i had just finished brushing my teeth when I heard the door bell again. When I went out I saw Avantika miss sitting on the couch while swati was placing a chair in the middle of the lounge as I went further I saw a man sitting there with a steel box in his hand.

“What’s happening here?” I almost yelled at Swati who looked at Avantika miss then towards me with a wicked grin on her face. The bitch almost catwalked towards me, she grabbed my hand quite firmly “let’s get you ready for school” She said. I tried getting away from her she lost her grip. But the bitch grabbed a big chunk of my hair and started pulling me to the chair. Avantika joined her she held my hand the both of them almost threw me on the chair.

While avantika held me on it Swati went out and grabbed a rope and started tying my legs to the chair after the legs she very tightly tied both my hands then my body to the chair. The grip was so tight the rope was hurting me at places, I tried yanking it off but she had tied me very tightly.

“Don’t hustle dear you aren’t going anywhere today. You are very proud of how you look specially these curls of yours. Well today we will give you a proper hair cut” Swati said holding my chin. Avantika laughed at me “she needed this for such a long time if I had the authority I would have done it at school in front of the classroom” She said. “You jealous bitches dare not touch my hair or I will kill you both” I yelled at them still trying to yank the ropes.

Swati went to my room and brought my tripod with her she set her phone on it and started to record a video. “Come do your work” Avantika asked the guy who was watching everything from the couch. He walked up to me as they both stood on one side, he opened his box I could see haircutting tools in the box It made my stomach sink. He took out an ugly looking comb and started combing my hair very roughly, it was obvious he had never combed such beautiful curls in his life. After a few minutes of combing he took out a white cloth from his box “no need for this” Swati said so he kept it back.

“What is to he done? ” He asked them “hmmm make a ponytail actually make 2 ponytails” She giggled while speaking the bitch knew how much I hated 2 tails. “Enough is enough get me out of this now” I yelled my lungs out. Swati grabbed a sock from the corner and stuffed it into my mouth. He started parting my hair to make he had never dealt with curls before it was quite obvious it took him some time but he made 2 pigtails on both sides of my head then looked at both Swati and Avantika. Swati walked towards his box and took out the biggest pair of scissors he had she slowly came towards me held my chin “say goodbye to your curls brat” She said. Then kept the scissor above the rubber band, with a big wicked grin on her face she began shearing my locks. I felt heart broken when I heard “snip…. Snippp….. Snippp” the noise was deafening for me, Avantika too asked for a scissor and stood on the left side she too began chopping the pigtail on the left side. They were laughing and giggling but all i could hear were the sounds of the shears eating away my beautiful curls. I wanted to cry my heart out but i stopped myself I didn’t want to give-in to these bitches.

After what felt eternity my head finally stopped jerking both bitches came forward in front of me holding the 2 pigtails in their hands laughing at me, tears began forming in my eyes when I looked at them holding my pride but i still stayed defiant not giving them any expression. Swati handed the tail to Avantika “please keep it inside I will frame them and hang them in her room” She said.

She then came to me again and shook the hair left on my head “I want sides shaved completely to skin and back too. But keep the top longer like a shaved mushroom cut” She ordered the barber. I could imagine how stupid I would look in it but I kept quiet, I wanted to smash her face but I was tied too tightly. The barber started spraying heaps of water over my head as the two of them sat behind the camera, he was a street barber who had no knowledge of cutting girls hair his hands and gestures were very rough.

He took out something from his box I had never seen the thing in life before it had blades at the bottom and scissor like handles. He went behind me then pushed my head down almost burying my chin into my breast, I could then feel him move that thing on the back of my head right from the nape to the very tip of the back. As that thing moved small strands of hair fell over my shoulders some came falling to my feet. He continued with it for 10-12 minutes then from the back itself he moved towards the right side, there were some kind of manual clippers I think because when they moved I could feel the air on my head. A large pile of small beautiful curls fell over my left shoulder it then bounced and started depositing on my lap, it happened again when he went to the left side. They laughed when they saw that pile fall off my shoulder, I kept my teary eyes locked looking down at my lap. He called swati to check whether it was fine or not, Swati touched on the sides and the back I could feel there was just skin or probably very minute hair left. She asked him to shave everything again with cream and razor, he obeyed her and started lathering shaving foam on my sides and back with rough stokes he removed every strand that was present there.

He then took out scissors for the top “I want the top to he at least 3-4 inches long it should look like a proper mushroom cut” She ordered him. He carefully started cutting the hair holding merely the ends small strands fell over my face some on the floor and some on my lap. After almost 20 minutes of pulling and snipping he finally stopped. He asked them to examine his work both Swati and Avantika came to me this time, they ran their hands on what was left on my head for a few minutes with Swati finally declaring “it’s good for now”

Next part coming soon.



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