Swati’s Stepdaughter Part 2- The Transformation

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The barber packed his things she paid him and he left. They started untying me from the chair, I had a lot of fight in me as soon as my hands were untied I slapped Swati straight on her face. Avantika looked at me with shock Swati held her face and stared at me my legs were still tied to the chair she stood straight and slapped me back, it wasn’t one slap she continued thrashing me until she got tierd I can’t remember how many times she had slapped me. Her hands were harder than mine every smack felt hard I was in pain my cheeks burned from those slaps. Avantika untied me completely I was in a lot of pain, Swati grabbed the hair on top of my head and literally started dragging me to my room. She pulled my hair to pull me up in front of the mirror, I looked at the reflection in the mirror it wasn’t me it was some ugly looking curly haired girl with a musroom haircut there were absolutely no hair on the sides of my head her both cheeks were red with finger prints all over her face.

“This is your reality now if you make me angry again it will become worse” She warned me. I stood there looking at my ugly reflection when she opened my drawer and took out my school uniform. “Wear it” She yelled at me i didn’t move from my place thru the mirror I gave her a defiant stare. She came forward started ripping off my t-shirt from my body the next to go were my shorts I wasn’t wearing any undergarments while sleeping so I stood there looking at my naked self. She again grabbed a handful of my hair dragging me to the washroom where she turned on the shower and washed me, then I was taken back to the room where Avantika was standing with a grin on her face. As I was being dried with a towel she came close to me and held one of my breasts in her hand “Too big for a girl her age don’t you think?” She said looking at Swati, Swati squeezed my nipples so hard I almost screamed out in pain “I will deal with them later” she told Avantika. She quickly made me wear a bra then panties and then the uniform for the school, I was sat down on my dresser chair she took my hair brush out from the drawer and started combing the hair to make it look like a perfect mushroom makeup was also used to hide Swati’s fingerprints from my still red cheeks. Meanwhile, Avantika took out one of my favourite clutcher from the open drawer “Swati ji can I take it? She won’t need it now anyway” she giggled. Swati allowed her to keep the clutcher then declared I was ready for school. I didn’t want to go I knew what humiliation waited me there so I stood my ground not moving from the chair, Swati was frustrated with me she went out of the room after a minute returning with my father’s belt. Before she could strike me Avantika held my hand and pulled me up “I’ll take care of her from here Swati Ji you please don’t worry”. Both of them took me downstairs people in the society knew me they were shocked to see me without my hair, some laughed at how ridiculous I looked.

Avantika brought out her scooty from the parking signaling me to sit on it, I wanted to run away but had very les options. I sat on the scooty behind Avantika miss , she started the scooty and we left for school. When we reached school she parked her scooty outside, there was next to no rush there as we were already 10 minutes late. She took me straight to class holding my hand she took me in, as soon as I stepped inside I could see faces in shock when they looked at me. The shock soon turned into laughter I could girls who were jealous of me laughing and playing with their hair to tease me. Keeping my head down I walked straight to my desk and sat there, I could hear them murmuring, giggling and laughing looking at me all eyes of the classroom were on my head.

The whole day went like that the news that I had lost my beautiful curls broke out to all other classes people who knew me Or were jealous of me all came to see if it was true. I was like a clown who people were coming to see after every period. Teachers who hated me came near me held my chin and examined my hair, some taunted, some giggled some merely took part in making fun of me with other girls. Avantika made sure the humiliation reached its peak when just before the school was supposed to get over she came with her best friend Radha miss. She made me stand in my place then ran her hands properly over my hair, showed her my shaved sides and back. “Boys and girls this is a proper punishment for girls with too much attitude” She announced to the whole class hearing her everyone laughed at me. I wanted to run away from there but couldn’t. As soon as the school got over Avantika miss took me home, back at our society some other girls saw me too they laughed at me asked avantika miss what happened to which she happily replied “she got punished”. We reached home where she handed me to Swati, I wanted to run straight to my room but was ordered by Swati to bring water for Avantika miss. She sat there telling her what happened at school they both laughed at my ordeal.

After she left Swati took me to my room she removed my Uniform and the undergarments then handed me a tank top and shorts to wear. “Clean the house properly first with the broom then with poncha then was all the clothes” She ordered me. I don’t know why but I was subdued to her I was alone she had beaten me to a pulp earlier that day so I was scared of her, I did as told she sat in the lounge watching me finish all the chores. When everything was done I wanted to sit on the couch but she ordered me to sit on the floor in front of her. I sat there while she played with the hair on top of my head sometimes she touched the bald sides and back, she gathered a handful of hair from the very top using a rubber band in her hand she tied a small ponytail on my head. Then took out her phone and took pictures of me she warned me to smile or else I did as asked.

The whole night I cried my eyes out sitting on my dresser looking at myself, she broke me I wasn’t ready for this humiliation. On the weekend when my dad returned he too didn’t say anything to Swati he just shook my hair and said “good haircut”. I knew there’s nothing that can be done about the situation but the situation became worse. A month after the haircut my sides had grown to stubble, I still got attention at school because of my perfect body so I started getting normal again at least at school. One sunday she and dad went out to buy groceries when they returned my dad was clean bald, she took him to their room where I could hear them having sex. After half n hour I heard my dad screaming I thought he needed help so ran to save him but when I opened the door the sight literally blinded me, he was wearing her nighty on his all 4s while she was fucking her in the butt with a dildo. “Leave” She yelled at me I quickly closed the door and ran back out to the lounge.

After the incident I almost never had any conversations with him, she would often make him wear her clothes sometimes even parade him at home in front of me in those clothes. A few months after this incident she called her friends some from our society also Avantika miss to hang out. Dad wasn’t there he was on some business trip. It was around the evening hours when they came one by one she made me a male-vest and a male underwear I was strictly ordered to serve them everything and sit on the floor.

They drank alcohol and ate the snacks some looked at me and laughed at my appearance as time went by I was sitting on the floor. Avantika miss now slightly drunk asked me to come sit in front of her, I went there she ran her hands in my hair which had now grown to a longish boycut on sides but looked more ridiculous because of the longer top. “Swati you didn’t trim her hair?” She asked her Swati came near me half drunk and roughly shook my hair “yeah she needs a haircut, i’ll take her tomorrow” She said “no need I have a trimmer in my bag I’ll do it” I almost jumped up listening to her.

She pulled the strap of the underwear almost pulling it down, I almost fell on the floor my breasts popped out of the small vest. “Her boobs are bigger than mine Swati” one of her drunk friend said she sat beside me and started touching my breasts and nipples. “Too big for her age and her vest” Another said making everyone in the room laugh. “Well I don’t know what do with them” Said Swati. “I know what can be done I have texted someone to come help, until she comes let me feel them they are so soft” Said the one touching my nipples everyone laughed again.

The woman held my nipples in her hands playfully squeezing and tickling them it gave me a very uneasy feeling. Just then I head a pop from behind before I could move I saw clippers near my forehead, Avantika held my chin tightly from one hand then ran the clippers straight thru my forehead. Heaps of hair fell as she made more passes on my head the hair that had grown were all coming down falling from my head to my shoulders and onto the ground. I felt air on my head when she moved to the right side making relentless passes from those clippers, it took her less than 5 minutes to move to the left which gave up rather quickly. The whole scenario was very sad for me seeing my hair fall from my head reminded me of the day they chopped my tails. My eyes welled up with tears a women I barely knew was squeezing my nipples pressing my boobs. I didn’t know what else would they do with me, Avantika continued the shearing she was humming with the sound of the clippers eating my hair. After more passes on the back she started examining her work, then ran the clippers all over my head once more.

After a while of shearing she finally stopped without saying a word she left the room, the woman touching my breast removed my vest completely and started kissing and licking my nipples. I was moaning while she kept on pressing and licking them. I don’t know if I was enjoying her touch or hating it but I kept moaning everytime she did it. I don’t know after how much time but I heard the door bell the woman stopped and told Swati “your solution is here” The both of them went to the door and returned with another woman with a very big suitcase, she came near me and held my right boob in her palm “well well well look at these you’re carrying a pair of watermelons aren’t you” She taunted.

“What do you want me to do? ” She turned towards Swati who called her towards her, I don’t know what she said to her but they both seemed happy about it. They opened her bag some kind of machine was taken out from it, I had never seen anything like this before it had 2 big cups on top connected with tubes and another big box. I was made to lie down on the floor the woman placed the 2 cups on my breasts the cups almost grabbed by breasts whole as if there was some kind of a magnet. The machine was turned on “it will take some time” She announced. It felt like the cups were sucking on my nipples I was getting orgasmic.

Everyone got back to enjoying what they were doing. Avantika returned she had a can of shaving cream and my dad’s razor in her hand “I wasn’t finished” She said looking at Swati “well you have to wait, come here we’re playing cards” Swati told her. It felt like the cups were sucking on my breasts I was moaning gently, it continued to do so for over an hour as I saw one woman after the other leave the only people remaining were the 2 woman, Avantika still holding the cream and razor in her hand.

Finally, the machine was stopped when she removed the cups I felt the shock of my lifetime. My breasts were gone I had a flat chest flatter than a boy with nipples standing stiff over them. “wow if I knew this was possible I would have done it earlier” Said a very triumphant Swati touching my flat chest and nipples. I could not stop crying looking at my flat chest. “Will this be permanent? ” Swati asked “it can be if you want, they will start growing again but will take years to be as big as they were before. You can call me in an year again” She said

“I always wanted a boy, now she looks like one too” Swati laughed at me. “Well I have another product that can give you some sense of it” She said. “What? ” Swati’s eyes lit up. She opened her bag again and took out what looked like a very small penis. “Shouldn’t this be bigger?” Swati giggled “well it’s a sensor based attachable dildo when you touch this will start growing big” She said “great attach it I will buy it too” Swati said. I was made to stand up the underwear was removed she with help of a transparent strap attached it to me, Swati took pictures of me standing with the dildo attached and no breasts. I was taken to my room that’s when I had another shock I saw myself in the mirror.

I had no boobs, no hair and a penis attached to me. It wasn’t the worse to happen as she continued the torture till I left the house for further studies.

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