Sweet revenge

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The bitch had pulled her last stunt. The night before running her dick sucker, (mouth) drunk, at the bar totally out of control. In a nutshell, just a sloppy embarrassment. At one point the topic of her hair came up among her tramp friends, a conversation overheard by many, and unfortunately for her, me as well…

“Hell that fucker (me) has a problem, I think he gets off on me having short hair, fucking weirdo for sure” she said laughing and carrying on so…

“I told the mother fucker it’s my damn hair, just cut the shit and quit acting like a fucking freak already” as they again chuckled, Amanda, her childhood bestie looking over at me laughing.

Our morning began with a stop for coffee, her still hung over, me with revenge on my mind. And boy was this classic!

“Think it’s time for a haircut babe, that shits gettin’ shaggy. It really gets my dick hard to see you in that chair getting scalped, and this morning I’m really in the mood to see you squirm”.

“Please baby, I said I was sorry, please don’t make me do this. I swear it will not happen again,”

“Zip it you fucking cunt, it’s time for a haircut babe, I know how you hate that unkept shit, besides to color left from your last salon visit looks like shit, you’re going to need to start over – from scratch” I said ignoring her pathetic puppy face…

I waited for my cup of Joe to brew and as expected the begging didn’t stop. I pointed at my cock, and immediately Sharon was on her knees frantically positioning herself for a good throat fucking. She knelt as I inserted my limp dick in her mouth, she knew the drill…

“That’s right baby, down my throat mother fucker, real deep, fuck my face hard baby, fuck it hard” she said – this game we had played many times in the past, and she certainly could win an academy award for her role.

“Grab my hair baby, grip my head and slam it into your dick. Better hurry babe, I’m getting the shit shaved off today, then it will feel like a man sucking your cock, nothing but a short bald ass scalp”

She knew this little stunt would make me shoot a massive wad in her mouth, and maybe a reprieve from her scheduled trip to the barber. She knows if I’m horny, her hair is subject to the clippers at any time!

Not today however, as I shoved her head off my shaft and let her know her little trick wasn’t working today. I slowly caressed her head, gave it a few more thrusts on my cock and remarkably was able to contain my load.

“I’m real sorry baby, but today you’re getting a haircut for the ages. We’re heading to Harold’s shortly, you know those barbers well, remember the last visit there? That ole’ Gal in the middle chair really seemed to enjoy taking you boy short” as said know whispering in her ear to please stop talking

I escorted her from the car to Harold’s, an old barbershop east of the square. We walked in, sat, me waiting for a good old fashion haircut for my girl, the bitch, in front of a room full of old timers. We sat, her whispering, begging me not to go through with this, but I was determined this time. As we waited, I started to imagine Sharon sitting front and center, in a classic barbers chair, caped and ready for her haircut.

It was brisk this morning, Sharon had her long scarf in her lap, sitting close to me on the bench seat.

“I swear baby – I’ll do anything, please don’t make me get my hair cut, it’s just starting to grow some…” by now inching her hand under the scarf discreetly now caressing my dick with a firm grip. For a brief moment she assumed she had positioned herself out of a cut.

“Next” the old dude in the middle chair yelled as he blew the mounds of hair from his feet.

I reached over and with a slight whisper, “get your fucking ass in that chair, you know the drill -REAL FUCKING TIGHT” – just show him the picture I just sent . Sharon slowly rose, handed me her glasses and walked toward his chair. The chair, old as the day was long, leather, ripped in a few places, obviously years of haircuts for sure. And with a quick wrap of the cape, and a slow turn towards the front.

“How short young lady” now pumping the chair and reaching for a comb soaking in tonic. The barber was ready for the kill. I’ve seen him in action before, hell I’ve been a victim a time or two over the years – the dude’s brutal.

“A flattop, real tight, sides in like a #1, whitewalls, squared short” she said as the gravity of the situation sinking in. She glanced in my direction as if a reprieve from the Governor for a stay of execution. No dice bitch, as I held my cell reminding her to show him the picture. The image was one I’ve held for just the right time and place, one that would surely send her to tears. A classic find on the internet of an older mature woman, caped in a barber chair, sides and nape clippered to the skin, with only a patch of color left on top. It was a flattop – but fucking short at that! And with a glance on her phone, well, if her expression said anything it was… “oh my god” The look on her face – priceless.

“Hell that ain’t no flattop honey, that’s a high -n-tight marine cut, they’s a big difference” the old dude says now placing the smaller clippers down and opting for the clanky loud beasts! “But I reckon I can square it up as well, but it will be damn short for sure” he said with a smile! I always told Sharon that in old Clyde’s chair, the 10 second warning of the clippers running up the nape would come when he pumped the chair 5 or 6 times, a firm press down of the head, and with the last pump, he literally shoved her head down, her chin now resting between her lovely breasts. With her head being held firm, my girls eyes peered through her bangs, hoping for a reprieve. I said nothing. And so it was…

The roaring sound of the classic 76 clippers, another grip of her crown, then the firm press again as Sharon tried to lift for a breath as the old dude was getting ready for the kill.

“All right young lady, let’s get rid of some hair, shall we?” as the tip of the blade was now resting on her nape.

And over the next 20 minutes or so, the bitch got everything she deserved. After each pass the massive clippers dropped tufts of hair, landing in her lap. Up and down – time after time, slowly removing her blonde bleached hair, revealing the whitest fucking scalp ever. Perhaps best of all, was the color commentary added by the old guy as he sheared the cunt. The old dude, a talker for sure, carrying on conversations about politics, sports and god knows what with every patron in the shop. Stopping frequently as he plowed the shears up her nape, Sharon relaxing her head as he silenced the clippers, on & off, to hear the banter in the room. With each click, firmly gripping my ladies head, positioning it so the clippers slid smoothly over her scalp. I said earlier he was rather rough and today was no exception. My girl would certainly need a neck rub tonight! His comments during the cut…

“Head down young lady, and real still – don’t want to take an ear off” he said, as one of the other older female barbers glanced with over with a smile.

“Better leave a little hair on her Clyde, that bright sun is going to burn her skin” she said now turning her chair around to face the onslaught.

The absolute best was the old guy saying:

“This is the first haircut I’ve done where I had to move an earring” he says with a grin, now all the patrons were on board for the humiliation.

Sharon sat quietly as he finished one of the tightest cuts I’ve ever seen. The smell of the clipper blades grinding, as if it were to raw pieces of metal that needed lubrication. She knew the scent, and knew the hot blades were cutting through her hair like butter. With everything seemingly quiet in the shop at the same time, the 4 other barbers were in the stages of finishing customers, cleaning around their chairs – almost a dead silence. Until…

The shears came back to life for a few additional passes on the bitches head. Sharon knew the drill as each time the barber placed his hand on her head, she dropped, chin to chest, ready for another pass  – the top now no more than 1/16 of inch long and faded down to the skin with perfection. A stop in the action allowed my girl to look up, I could see the glassy look in her eyes. A valiant effort to hold back the tears. The little shards of hair, the ones just removed by the powerful shears were now sticking to the side of her face – she always wore her makeup a bit thick.  She knew she was fucking bald!

I took the opportunity to add insult to injury. As the other barbers were hard at work with their own clients, I walked over as the old dude wiped the hair form her cheeks, placing my palm against her nape. Slowly rubbing up and down…

“Better feel that babe, I know you love it really smooth, may need him go on down to the skin” I said as Sharon began to rub ever so slightly…

“Still feels a bit long, right – I know you too well. We’ll no more than get in the car and you’ll wish you had gone shorter, I know you too well… ” I said walking back to my seat to watch her reaction.

Now reaching for what I assume was the 5’00000 blade and just like that, nothing left but a red, slightly irritated bald ass scalp. Her look in my direction said it all – glass eyed, a few tears. The bitch sat in a room full of old men, in a smelly barbershop, hair piled on the floor. She was certainly uncomfortable and I loved every fucking minute of it!  This would certainly teach the bitch a lesson – one that says keep your fat fucking mouth shut – or else! Wasn’t real sure at the time, but it looked like her scalp was beginning to fucking peel off, the old dude sliding the powerful blades up and down, her head being twisted like a fucking pretzel. I wanted him to take everything, I wanted no reminder that this cunt was a woman.

Next, the lather of the shaving cream covered her nape and high up on each side. She sat silently as he took the blade to her scalp removing all hints of femineity. The hot towel, the smell of the Talc powder – the whole nine yards…

The result today was epic! A stunning haircut, the sides bright white, revealing just how glowing her scalp was under the guise of her dark summer tan. It really took the term “whitewall” to a whole new meaning! The sides glowing and I must admit, my lady looked so fucking stupid sitting in that chair – I oved every fucking minute of it! The whole contrast from the copper tan line meeting her bald ass skin! The top now a classic squared runway, shining, also bald in the middle and tapered out. And boy was it flat!

As he wrapped up and spun her towards the mirror, reality set in. Removing the cape and with a quick burst of air from the clinky old air hose, the old dude slowly let the chair down and commented:

“You’ll certainly be able to land a plane on their now young lady – pointing to her flat, squared scalp.

I fucking love watching my girl get scalped… Don’t get me wrong, she’s indulges in spending spree’s, a nice car, money for her 3 kids, etc.. The list is long… I only ask she keep her hair tidy, and NOT run her fucking mouth.

Sharon walked over and I handed her a $50, told her to pay and for him to keep the change. Let him know we’ll be back next Saturday before we leave for Denver, her looking up as if I had lost my fucking mind. As much of a cunt as she can be at times to me, she’s extremely sweet with a glowing personality (and a glowing bald ass head)

“Thank you so much, I really love the cut, by the way, I think we are stopping in next week before we leave for vacation. As we We walked out, the hot lady there with her kids simply stared, the kind of look where she seemed to feel embarrassed at what she witnessed.

I took the opportunity to rub her nape all the way to the car.

“Damn Baby, he scalped the fuck out of you, but I do love watching you squirm in the chair. And the top, damn girl, it’s so flat you land an airplane on that shit! Ya know, I do indeed like you short, but even this is a bit much – you totally look fucking stupid. You’ll were certainly the center of attention in the shop babe, did you see the lady who brought her kids in? She watched everything as if she felt so sorry for you. I’ll bet she thought you fucking looked stupid as well, in a room full of dudes getting buzzed to the bone. By the way, how do you like your new look? And the the lady in the shop, holy shit I loved her long, super thick, sexy hair. Maybe one day you can grow your hair like a real woman and stop with the whole bad bitch attitude. Remember what you said the other evening drunk off your ass – I really do get off on this shit.”

“Let’s get to the bar early tonight babe, wouldn’t want any of your friends to miss your new cut. By the way, how do you like it, you’ve said nothing for an hour?” She knew the game and a confirmation was what I demanded!

“Can’t wait for all the crew to see your skint fucking head, maybe I’ll bring the electric shaver and make sure you’re smooth ass bald right before we walk in. Ole Gail is going to love this shit, she already makes you jealous as shit when she gets drunk and flirts with all the guys. Her hair is amazing, would love to wrap her locks around my cock.” A slight pause…

“Thanks for paying for my haircut babe, I really love the way it feels, can’t wait for you to watch me next week step up for another trim, you’re the best – just make sure he takes me to the skin, I really hate it when it gets shaggy” Sharon said as I reached over for a feel of her neckline.

“No worries there sweetie, you’re going all bald next week” I said and now with her usual M.O., my girl went to her knees, removed my cock from my shorts and inserted it deep down her throat. I can’t describe the feeling of my rock hard member, in her mouth, and rubbing her bald ass nape as she sucks the life from my cock! I must admit, she does have a big fucking mouth, and it feels amazing each time I thrust to the back of her throat. After 8 years or so, she’s become quite the efficient cock sucker!

The bitch is growing on me for sure…



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