Sweet Revenge

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It was a hot Saturday morning and I was walking downtown to meet my older sister at the barber shop. She had just graduated cosmetology school and was having trouble landing a job at a hair salon of her choosing so she settled for the town barbers to keep her skills sharp.
She had told me she actually liked it more than she thought she would.
She confessed there some pleasure to be had in the power that came with buzzing the hair off of misbehaving young boys and girls.
Trisha told me that they squirmed and begged sometimes but once she had them caped they were powerless. I knew she would be busy today too, it was the beginning of summer break and she would be giving lots of summer cuts.
We were suppose to go eat lunch on her break which was only a hour away so I thought I would hang out a little in the shop and watch her work.
As I approached the shop I saw something shocking from a distance.
My high school tormentor Amy Lawrence was walking into the barbershop with her younger brother towing him by the arm unwillingly.
I nervously hid behind the corner and watched as she dragged him into the barbershop.
I hated her so much and wanted to avoid her at all cost. But my curiosity got the best of me and I walked closer to where I could see through the front window of the shop.
Amy was holding her little brother by the arm saying something to my sister. My sister rose from the big red barber chair and patted the back of it.
Amy pushed the young boy towards it angrily. He pouted a little and slowly walked towards it.
My sister ripped the black vinyl cape off the back rest of the chair and held it open as he turned and sat back into it.
As this was happening Amy watched with her arms crossed. She stood there proudly.
She was admittedly pretty. Her perfect legs were painted black with leather leggings and her tanned arms barely covered by a small tank top.
All the guys loved her and she knew it, all the girls hated her and she knew that too.
I was a little over weight when I was younger and she never let me forget it. She was such a bitch the way she treated different people.
And her long blonde hair was perfect. It bounced around in a high pony tail. It looked like it must of recently been bleached. Not a mis colored strand to be seen.
As her younger brother sat back into the large chair she pulled a cigarette from her overpriced purse and lit it.
She was so entitled, who even told her she could smoke in there. She just did what she wanted.
My sister spun the chair to face the mirror and swung the shiny cape over the little boys body. It settled slowly on top of him and covered him completely.
Amy blew smoke in their direction as my sister pulled the ends around his neck and snapped them shut.
I could see the poor little fella pleading as my sister prepped him and Amy shaking her head at him denying his begging.
Amy walked to the chair and with the hand holding the cigarette flicked through the boys curly mop with a look of disgust on her face.
As he sat there caped and chaired the two girls decided his fate right in front of him. I couldn’t hear the dialogue but I imagine Amy was telling my sister to buzz him clean for the summer.
Amy flicked his bangs around one last time and then took a drag from her cigarette. As she exhaled she turned and started walking to the door.
As she exited the shop I heard her say I’ll be back later.
I ducked back behind the corner and saw her stroll the other way.
Once out of sight I walked across the street to my sisters shop and walked in.
I could smell Amy’s cigarette smoke still lingering mixed with the aroma of shampoo and aftershave.
My sister was at the counter going through a drawer as I entered.
There was Amy’s little brother, trapped in the huge barber chair covered completely by the shiny cape. Only his shoes hung out from under it, dangling helplessly. He sniffled a little and I could see he was holding back tears.
” Guess who you just missed” my sister said jokingly.
” I know I saw her as I was walking up.” I replied.
” this is her little brother and he’s about to lose some hair” she said as she positioned herself behind him and ran her nails up his neck into his curly hair.
” I would love to have Amy in my chair but you’ll do ” she joked as she flicked his length around.
He looked scared at the thought that his bitch sister had gotten him in trouble with the girl about to cut his hair.
My sister placed her hands on his little shoulders and stomped down on the chairs lever. The boy jumped when he felt the chair ascending upwards. My sister pushed down repeatedly sending him upwards inches at a time to an inescapable height.
I imagined Amy in that chair under the black cape, prepped to be sheared and clippered. With her hands gripping the leather armrest begging for forgiveness.
I could see now why my sister enjoyed working here. Amy’s little brother look terrified sitting in the barbers chair as it bumped upwards with every push of the pedal.
He was totally at my sisters mercy and she knew it.
The chair stopped suddenly at working height and my sister patted his caped shoulders.
” ok sweetie , let’s get started she said as she reached in her silver shiny tunics pocket for her comb and shears.
He gulped at the sight of himself trapped under the cape.
Just then my sisters cell phone rang and she went to back of the shop to answer it.
” Hold tight” she said to him through the mirror as she hurried to the back of the shop.
As he sat helpless elevated in the large chair I walked by him and sat in the vacant barbers chair. I had actually never sat in a barbers chair until now.
They were so big and intimidating, I could see how one could be frightened by them. My sister peered out the back of the shop and called me to her with a worried look on her face.
I got up and went to her, I could tell something was wrong.
She explained quietly to me that the alarm was going off at her condo and she needed to go there immediately to see what was wrong.
That didn’t seem like a problem until she suggested I cut Amy’s brothers hair .
She explained it was just a buzz cut with the 3 guard and I couldn’t mess it up that bad. I couldn’t believe she was asking this but it made sense the more she explained how easy it was.
She said she wouldn’t be gone long and to have any new clients just wait for her after I was done with him.
Reluctantly I agreed.
She took off the cutting gown and I put it on. She tied it around my waist in the back and I have to admit it looked good on me.
We walked out into the shop and she explained to him that she had an emergency and the other barberette, me, was going to do his cut.
He didn’t know the difference, for all he knew I worked there as well.
She hurried out the door and I placed myself behind the caped boy in the barbers chair.
A rush of excitement flooded over me as I saw myself behind this caped victim.
I had to feel the whole experience so I stomped down on the chairs lever and dropped him to the floor.
He looked confused as if he had received a pardon and being let go.
I looked at him though the mirror and said” let’s get you back up to where I can work properly”
I placed my foot on the hydraulic lever and pushed down slowly, it felt exciting. The chair nudged upwards with every stomp. His little caped body shook with every jolt.
After several boost he was up where I wanted him.
I ran my fingers into his curly blonde hair and disheveled it, ” let’s get you trimmed up” I said like I had been working there all my life.
I knew it was a buzz cut but I wanted to snip his hair some with the scissors. Why not get the full effect, I figured I may never have this chance again, let’s cut some hair.
I pulled the shears from the gown pocket and snipped them beside his ears a couple times. His eyes widened as I placed my skim fingers on his scalp and cut the hair just above them.
Schnick, schnick was all you could hear in the shop as I sent strands of curly blonde hair to the checkered floor.
I placed his bangs in between my fingers and cut them without warning. I watched his eyes as I reduced his mop to inches.
Hair was gathering in his lap now.
The long blonde strands sat helplessly on the shiny black cape in piles growing higher and higher.
I spun the chair around and back cutting at anything I could grab. The look on his face was that of pure terror as I pulled hair from his scalp and snipped it at the base of my fingers. He sniffled back tears while I cut and cut until hardly any length was left.
I placed my hand on his caped shoulder and spun the chair back to face the mirror. I wiped the hairs off the thick cape covering his tiny shoulders and said ” almost there” .
I walked to the counter in front of him and picked up the clippers my sister had prepared already.
I turned to face him and flicked them on and off one time to test them.
The hum was loud and authoritative.
He sat there trapped under the cape as I walked slowly behind him and readied myself for the fun part.
I really didn’t know what I was doing so I did what felt natural.
I reached around his tiny head and grabbed his chin, I pushed it up so he was looking straight at the ceiling.
Then I placed the clippers above his forehead and clicked them on.
From there I ran them straight back over his head from front to back making several passes over the top. He tried to squirm from my grip but I held his chin tightly.
Tiny buzzed hairs flew off his head into his lap and on his face. It was the ultimate feeling of power.
After I clippered his top enough I released his chin from my hand. I spun the barber chair around to inspect my work which he was now growing more uneasy about.
The the black cape was covered with blonde curls that flew off onto the floor as I swung the chair back around to the mirror.
I stood beside him now and ran the clippers up the sides above his ears and back of neck. The vibrating hum of the clippers filled the barbershop.
Amy’s brother at this point just had a look of defeat on his face, he was upset that his sister had ordered this and further more that I delivered it.
His hair was in clumps on his caped shoulders and piles on the floor.
Before I lined his neck up I wiped hair from his face with my fingers and felt moisture from where he must have let a tear go at some point during the buzzing.
I ran my fingers all through his newly buzzed scalp and reveled at my work.
I seriously considered barber school for a brief moment.
It was all done and the haircut had come to a dramatic end sadly.
As I stood behind him ready to release him from the chair the door swung open and in came Amy.
I had forgotten all about her but played it cool.
When she was all the way in she stopped and looked at me inquisitively.
” You work here too?” She asked
” yes I do and were all finished up here.”
I kicked down on the hydraulic pedal and lowered her brother to the floor.
When the chair stopped I unsnapped the shiny black cape and swiped it off of him. He rose slowly from the red barber chair and rubbed his head with a frown.
I felt so in power I decided to try my luck.
I turned the chair to face Amy and said ” hop up your next”
She laughed and flicked her pony tail around her shoulder.
” I don’t think so ” she said.
” well I do, your mother called and wants you in my chair today.” I responded bravely.
Just then her brother chimed in, ” it’s true Amy, mom knows about the wine you have been sneaking out of the pantry and said you have to get in the barber chair today. ”
I couldn’t believe it, this might work.
She looked astonished at her brother and started to stammer something out. I patted the back of the soft red leather and said, ” she’s very mad, but I’ll just trim it lightly. Sit down now”
Amy slowly walked to the chair and I could see the panic in her pretty face.
Her brother sat down in the waiting area and watched intently as it unfolded.
As amy sat back in the chair I grabbed her tan shoulders and pulled her firmly into the seat.
She was in the barber chair, I had her!
I spun the chair holding her to face the mirror and threw the shiny cape out in front of her.
It settled slowly down over her perfect body and left her ankles hanging out at the bottom. I could hear her leather leggings squirming in the seat of the soft barber chair.
Her face I could see in the mirror was shaking with anxiety. Her eyes were wide open as I pulled the ends of the thick cape up around her neck and snapped them shut tightly.
” well maybe just a trim she offered up nervously as if she was trying to regain control of the situation.
” sure Amy, just a trim” I said as I undid her pony tail and let her long blonde hair cascade over the black cape.
She gulped when she saw her hair touch the cape. As if she knew a lot more was about to be in her lap.
I walked to the counter in front of the barber chair holding her, her eyes following me the whole time. I pulled a cigarette from my purse and placed it in my lips. I turned to face her and lit it. She was watching me like a hawk.
The sight of her caped and in the barber chair gave me such a rush of power, she was helpless and she knew it. I could see her hands gripping the armrest under the cape and loved how she squirmed as I inhaled the first drag.
I blew the smoke in her face as I walked back around the back of the chair running my fingers through her hair as I made my way around behind her.
” maybe another time” she wined and tried to raise up.
I grabbed her shoulders and pulled her back in the barberchair.
” your mother said you needed a cut so I’m cutting your hair” I demanded.
Amy’s face was in full on panic and it caught her by surprise when I started boosting the chair up higher. I stared her down through the mirror as I pressed down on the chairs lever slowly each time. I bumped her up as high as the large chair would go just make her feel more vulnerable.
I walked back to the counter and picked up the burning cigarette from the ashtray, I took a long drag and grabbed the clippers.
When I turned around I held them up in front of her and flicked them on and off just so she could see and hear the instrument that was about to mow her down.
I stood behind her with the cigarette dangling from my mouth and placed my hand on the crown of her head.
I pushed her head forward so her chin touched the vinyl cape holding her in the chair and placed the clippers at her neckline.
The cold metal of the blades startled her and she jumped a little when I clicked them on.
Before I ran them up her neck I looked in the mirror and took a mental picture of the scene before me.
Amy caped up in my barber chair with me holding her chin into her chest as I was about to buzz her down.
The hum of the clippers even startled her brother who was watching like a hawk from the waiting area.
I waisted no time, I plowed them up the back of her head and sent chunks of her long blonde hair to her shoulders and the checkered floor underneath. She whimpered as I worked furiously to buzz her clean.
She sat still and helpless as the barber chair was spun around and around with me running the clippers up her sides and back .
Her lap now had a pile of her beautiful blonde hair in it.
It had all happened so fast, I had hit every hair on her head with the clippers and there was nothing left to cut.
It had been a dream come true for me. Amy sniffled back tears as I examined my work using my hands to rub the fresh buzz cut.
I picked up the hairdryer and blew the mountain of hair off her lap and shoulders and used the soft brush to knock the itchy hairs off her face.
I stood behind her and placed the hand holding the cigarette on her caped shoulder.
I stomped down on the chairs lever and Amy lowered to the floor slowly.
The cloud of smoke hung over her as the barberchair descended.
When she hit the floor I unsnapped the thick cape and ripped it off her body. I spun her away from the mirror to face the waiting area and she stood up slowly.
As she walked away from the barber chair my sister walked in the shop door and gasped.
Amy moved quickly past her through the exit and onto the street with her brother in tow.
When she got outside I could see her hands shaking as she fished through her purse for a cigarette. She was trembling as she lit it and exhaled still shocked from what had just happened in that barberchair.
My sister and I looked on laughing.
My sister finally stopped laughing hard enough to say,” that bitch is even beautiful with no hair.”
” I know, don’t you hate her…” I replied.

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