Tailor Maid

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Author – Tigris

Title – Tailor Maid

Category – Forced

Location – Salon

Type – Fiction

Rating – X

Tags – Head shave, face shave, Maid, forced

Jazmin could not believe it, she finally made it, after months of struggling on this new city she had finally caught some room to breathe, sure the job wouldn’t be as glamorous as she would had liked but the pay was very, very handsome and they said they would allow her to continue her studies!

All good references of course regarding Ms. Tailor, the wealthy and frankly eccentric lady that lived up on the mansion had reached for her after Jazmin helped her out on a book store she was currently working at, it seemed she had made a very good impression with the lady as they chatted while picking up all Ms. Tailor needed

She really did not expect the letter that arrived the very next day, stating the Miss desire to have her work for her as soon as possible

She was offered almost as much as she did in a year each month, she would be allowed to live at the mansion with no rent to pay, her food would also be covered and it stated her education would be provided for and encouraged during her stay

She only had to follow some very simple rules and work in the mansion as a maid, sure, she had heard the mansion was huge, almost like a castle, but she also had heard that lots of girls worked there and that many had indeed made their way in life after working with Ms. Tailor

For her, it seemed like a very sweet deal, sure the mansion could be very large but she understood that she had to work hard to get what she wanted, and her new pay slip would certainly help with that

She smiled as she gave her two weeks’ notice to her employer, she had had a wonderful time working at the store and her employer was sad to let her go, but understood that she was going to a better place for a better life, her employer allowed her to leave right away and was even kind enough to pay her for the two weeks…

Jazmin was super excited as she spoke over the phone to confirm her appointment with the head maiden, she mentioned her name was Helga Otorova and that she was to expect her in 3 hours sharp, she barely had time to get ready and run out to get a cab to make it, smiling all the way

One thing was hearing about it, but actually looking at the house as the cab got nearer was another thing entirely, it was indeed a castle, it was way out of the city, at the edge of a large lake, and the view was stunning…

She wondered how she was going to make it to the university from there in time every morning, she would probably need to wake up very, very, very early but it would be worth it, the cab reached the main gate and was let in by a couple of mean looking security guys but that were quite amicable and nice, she couldn’t believe it took them another 15 minutes to reach the front gate

The main gate was a door made of lovely crafted tinted crystal, golden outlines and handles adorned it and made it look regal, a couple of roman style columns sat next to them, she could not see inside, as the color of the crystal was dark, but she could see a silhouette that approached the door as she paid the cab driver and he took his leave

A smiling girl, dressed as a French maid, with a very short skirt and black hair in a perfectly cut bob greeted her

-Hello and welcome to Ms. Tailor home, may I have your name?, she asked as she made a small courtesy

-I am Jazmin Vodelaire, I have a date with the Head Maiden Helga Otorva?, she answered as she made the same gesture as the girl smiling as well

-Oh Yes!, she replied  -You are expected!, please follow me, she waved her hand to signal her to enter as she closed the door, and then led her through the mansion

The place was a marvel to behold, tasteful statues, paintings, art of almost every kind adorned this dream house, lovely indoor plants placed here and there as well as flowers gave it a natural and colorful look, the floor was pure white marble that seemed to tinkle with every step they made, their heels clicking harmoniously as they walked, this gave her a chance to study this lovely girl in front of her

As mentioned before she was dressed in a traditional black and white sleeveless maid uniform made of what seemed to be some sort of plastic that had quite a daring cleavage showing her ample bosom pretty well, the skirt was just below her buttocks and enhanced them quite nicely too, she wore high heels that were tied at the ankle, white stockings with a lovely lace on the thighs, what seemed to be white cuffs at her wrists, a black and white lace collar in her neck and the lovely and frilly headpiece sitting atop her head

She could see that the bob was cut evenly all across her head, just at the middle of her ears that showed that her nape was shaved clean, just smooth skin, and it was combed and straightened to perfection, even as it moved and waved with her steps, it always fell back into place, her bangs cut perfectly to frame her lovely face

Her makeup was also perfectly done, her lips perfectly outlined with a deep crimson red, her eye shadow was dark toned, a deep ocean blue and some purple her eye liner made a perfect cat tail that made her look sensual and mysterious, her nails were manicured and coated with a lovely shade of red

Jazmin immediately thought about her how long auburn hair, she was sure she would be required to wear that uniform, perhaps even be requested to go to a salon to have her hair styled in a conservative up do as well as doing her nails, she would need to practice her make up a lot too, she was no slacker, but that make up was definitively professional

However as they walked around and encountered more girls, she could see that every girl had the same hairstyle, black hair, perfect bob and perfectly done make up, different colors at times, but most were the deep blue purple and crimson lips…

She fingered the ends of her hair nervous, this was probably some curiosity… some coincidence… she just knew it

Soon enough, after moving through a couple of gorgeous halls, they reached the office of the head maiden, the maid knocked the door and they waited patiently

After a few moments the door opened and Jazmin could not believe what she saw, she was a goddess, full figure, round large breasts, lovely hips, tall, around 1.85 meters, her face was divine, but stern looking

She also wore her hair in the same bob as the maids, but hers was platinum blond, her makeup was also perfectly done, but her attire was very different though, black silk stockings, a lovely skirt and a suit vest, a white full blouse with long sleeves

She smiled brightly and extended her hand

-You must be Miss Jazmin, delighted to meet you, I am Helga Otorova, the matron or head maid of this house, I would love to welcome you to our family, she said quite happily

Jazmin just noticed her accent, she didn’t heard it over the phone but now it was very clear she had to be Russian

-Thank you Miss Otorova, I am very happy to be here, Jazmin responded shaking her hand with happiness

-Please, it’s just Helga, come in and we’ll get started, she said as she waved her hand to show a pair of chairs and a lovely ebony desk, -that would be all Anna

-Yes matron, said the lovely maid, she made another courtesy and left them alone

Helga moved behind her desk and smiled; she rummaged through her desk’s drawers, happy once she found what she was looking for as pulled out a large contract, probably over 40 pages long and handed it to the amazed girl

Jazmin was stunned by the size of it; the letters on its pages were very small

-wow!, was all she could muster as she skimmed over the first few pages

-We understand if it seems like a lot, it covers everything that will be required of you, this one is the contract for our student employees, it states the nature of your studies, how they will be imparted, we will be covering the costs of those, it also provides details on your new living quarters, and our compromise to move your belongings into them, as well as compensation, duties, code of conduct, uniform and that you accept that your personal image will be our responsibility from now on and that you accept all changes we deem necessary, Helga said smiling, as she looked at the face of Jazmin, studying her from head to toe, smiling pleased, she would fit right in

Jazmin was reading the thing little by little, as she heard the explanation, it was composed of very complicated legal wording, but it all seemed fine, indeed they would be taking care of all her expenses…

She even had a room completely furnished with its own bath and Jacuzzi; she also had access to the entire mansion except for the room of Ms. Tailor unless invited by her, as long as she completed her daily tasks

-Is… is this accurate?, she asked as she read all regarding her studies, -Will I’ll be taking classes here?, she was surprised by this

-That is correct, the best teachers from over the world best universities will be tutoring you over the internet on the assignments we got for your career from the university you used to attend, we took the liberty of reviewing it and making it best so you get a competitive build up when you graduate, as well as list of possible jobs

Jazmin was awestruck… she could not believe it, she was so happy…

-This… this is amazing, why?, why would you help a girl like me so much?, she asked teary eyed as she grabbed a pen, Helga handed her a facial tissue and stopped her from signing right away

-Because you showed kindness and potential in madams eye, if you act well without expecting anything in return, you will be rewarded, but trust me, it will be difficult, you will have a tight schedule and will have to work hard, you will have little time to yourself, before you sign you must also know that your hair, make up and nails will be under our supervision and we will change it as we see fit, you will be attending the mansion salon and are not allowed to go to any other, if you fail to comply or to uphold the contract, or fail to perform your duties constantly, you will be fined with 4 times your monthly salary as well as being expelled from the university with no possibilities of further higher education in this country, is that understood?, the length of the contract is one year, at the end of which a new contract will need to be signed, stated the stern looking woman, making sure Jazmin understood it all

-Well that’s… interesting, why is the personal image so controlled?, she asked worried a little bit

-It’s a formality requested by the mistress herself, she loves uniformity on her staff, as well as a favored look that she likes, said Helga with a smile on her face, caressing the ends of her bob

Jazmin thought about it for a moment, she sighed, the worse that could happen was that she would end up with the same style, she loved her hair indeed, she had taken care of it for years, it was her treasure, but for all the benefits she was told, it would be worth it, she could after all, regrow it when she left the service of Ms. Tailor…

She took a deep breath, took the pen and without a doubt, she signed the contract

-Wonderful!, exclaimed Helga with happiness as she filed the contract, she walked over Jazmin and stood beside her, extending her arms, Jazmin smiled as she stood up, Helga hugged her with care

-Be welcomed Jazmin, finally into our family!, she said smiling, she requested Jazmin to provide the address where the mansion personnel will be picking her stuff up, as well as the details of her previous landlord and keys of her previous apartment

Helga then took a measurement tape, took her measurements, and sighed looking at her hair, she looked at her watch that was on the back of her wrist and smiled

-All right its one pm, the assistant hairdresser should be on her lunch, I will attend you myself, she said with an air of confidence

Jazmin was baffled, this was going too fast, Helga pushed her out of the door and walked her over a couple of halls down to a beautiful pink door, she opened it to reveal a fully equipped beauty salon, however, it had barber chairs instead of normal salon chairs, classic black and chrome huge barber chairs

Helga smiled as she pointed to the closest one to the door

-Take a seat; I’ll be with you in a moment- she said as she disappeared behind another door,

Jazmin hesitated a little, but she remembered the noncompliance clause, she took a deep breath, and climbed up the chair, she placed her hands on the armrests, resting her back on the leather covered seat, it was really comfortable she closed her eyes for a moment enjoying the sensation when upon a sudden she heard a click and felt something tight around her wrists

She opened her eyes scared, seeing her wrists tied with built in straps, seeing a belt applied to her waist, locking her to the chair; it was Helga who had tied her down

-What… what is going on?- she asked a little bit scared as Helga moved around her

-The style we will give you requires a lot of precision, I can’t have you moving around and ruin it…, said Helga smiling, leaving through the door once again

She was a little bit worried, she didn’t had any reason to doubt her words, she wouldn’t hurt her, and the bob was indeed very precise, it should be ok

Soon after that, the pink entrance door opened, and another maid came in, she was a little bit younger than her, she had a cute face, but a very petite body, she looked at Jazmin and smiled, walking to a closet that was nearby and opening it, it revealed a lot of white styro-foam heads, most of them empty but a couple had… black bob wigs on them

The girl rose her hands to her head, and slowly peeled away another bob wig, she was bald, absolutely bald not a single hair on her head, Jazmin was shocked, she saw as the girl left the Wig there and walked out of the door without a word

She let out a scream and yelled

-OH my God!!, while she fought against her bonds, but they were very secure

Helga walked in worried, she now had a white barber smock on her, and she looked amazing

-What happened?, why are you struggling?, she asked, moving behind Jazmin

-I saw a girl and she was bald!, why was she bald?, Jazmin asked petrified, looking for ways to free herself from the bonds on her wrists and waist

-To make the wigs sit better, this was specified on your contract as well Jazmin, I thought you had read it, asked Helga surprised, as she raised her hands to her own platinum bob pulling it off, she was also shaved, it made her look completely stunning

-You are not shaving my head!, do you know how long I have taken care of my hair?, how much it means to me??, she yelled as tears ran down her face

-Then you are prepared to pay up the fine of breaching the contract you just signed, and forgo all further attempts at education in this state?, asked Helga impatiently as she tapped her foot on the ground

-But I… I’ll look hideous, I…, she said as fought to look for words but could not find any

-You won’t girl, you have a lovely face and a gorgeous bone structure, you will be one of the loveliest maids we ever had, I promise you’ll enjoy it very much by the time I am done with you, stated Helga, knowing very well what treatment this girl in her chair needed

Jazmin knew her fate had been decided, why didn’t she read the whole thing?, she ceased all movement and looked at her reflection with teary eyes,

The head maid didn’t lose a moment, she grabbed a latex cape from one of the nearby service carts and covered Jazmin with it, it was bright red and it almost hid the whole chair, only her beautiful head visible now, Jazmin closed her eyes as soon as she saw the matron picked up some very mean looking clippers..

Helga smiled as she saw Jazmin was closing her eyes, she knew what she had to do, she had to straighten this girl up a bit, only one way to do that, she grabbed the clippers and turned them on, placing them right in the middle of her captive client’s forehead and without further ado, they mowed a clean path down the middle of her head

Jazmin shivered, this was not what she expected, the clippers, though mean looking, were not roaring as she had imagined, they emitted a low buzzing sound, she felt a vibration on the middle of her forehead and then the sound of her hair being separated from her head, but, as her eyes remained closed, her other senses picked up something else…

A nagging tingling she could not believe would present itself now, she clenched her legs together, quivering a little, trying to remain calm and not invoke the ire of the woman removing her hair, she was feeling very aroused…

The head maid had seen this a lot of times, little girls not knowing what they were in for once they were secured to the chair, she smiled as she slowed her movements, letting the clippers glide and linger on the girls head, removing the hair so slowly…

She had moved to the side of her head already, the top already cleared, the beautiful auburn hair was now lying all around Jazmin, and she could feel it, how her tresses slid little by little over her shoulders and landed on her lap briefly before cascading down from the latex cape as the clippers continued to tease her, from her forehead to her crown, from her temples to just behind her ears, simply buzzing away…

Helga was almost done with the clippers, only a small fraction of hair still attached to the girl’s skull; she pushed her head down, making Jazmin chin nearly touch her breasts and moved the clippers closer and closer to her nape

Jazmin could not believe what she was feeling, her stomach felt empty, her legs trembled slightly, she should not be feeling this unless on the most private of places, feelings only a lover should invoke, but there she was, tied to a classic barber chair, covered in a large latex cape and being clippered by a woman, and her new boss at that!, why?… her mind asked, but that small voice in the back of her head simply smiled and whispered “enjoy…”

She lost herself as the clippers denuded her nape of the last remnants of long hair, the buzzing sensation nibbling higher and higher until it touched her crown again, where they lingered a little before moving back down, and repeating it over and over again, she shivered, her breathing intensified, the tremble in her middle sections did not lie… she had just reached an orgasm, and one like she had never felt before

Helga was pleased, the girl would behave now, she was going to be happy and fit right in with the rest, she knew it would be so, they all surrender in the end but she was not done, placing a firm hand on Jazmin forehead she lifted her head so she was looking straight, her eyes still closed, her lips slightly parted, her breathing intense, the blush on her face was delightful, the matron moved the clippers all over her head a couple of times more, slowly and one might even say sensually, leaving only the tiniest stubble behind, satisfied, she set the clippers down, and went on to retrieve a hot towel…

Jazmin could not believe what just had happened, what would her new employer think!?, was it too obvious?, would the matron feel disgusted about her?, was something wrong with her?, as the questions formed a strong hand on her forehead moved her head up…

She was trying to recover, trying to at least conserve a little modesty, she didn’t wanted to open her eyes, not yet, she was still delighting on the sensations she just felt and trying to recover and control a little as the clippers danced across her head again and again…, but she didn’t last long… a hot towel wrapped around her head suddenly stole a gasp and a small moan from her

She heard the matron laugh a little, but no other reaction, what was this?, she had never seen this before, it felt amazing, but what was she going to do?, she heard some clicking sounds, like if something small was hitting a porcelain bowl, and a wet wooshing sound she could not identify, what else was in store for her…

A few minutes after the towel was set on her head it was beginning to cool down, the clicking and wooshing sound ceased, Jazmin wondered what was next, she still kept her eyes closed, her breathing a little elaborated, and at that moment, she was quite pleased and expecting, a small smile on her parted lips…

The head matron was happy, she had seen this new girl had potential and she was quite delighted with her response so far, but her insubordination should have a punishment and she was happy to dispense…

Jazmin was thrilled, what would the matron do now?, she wondered as she felt the towel removed from her head, a warm wet feeling replacing it, it felt soapy, and it glided as the matron moved a small brush around her head with fast, strong and confident round movements, even rocking her head a little as the brush danced on her head, then it downed on her… she was being lathered… she was going to be as bald as the girl she saw before…

But instead of dreading it, instead of feeling despair and sadness over the loss of a treasure she had kept for so long, the new sensations she was feeling, the amazing warm feelings between her legs had her enthralled and wishing for more, welcoming this new sensation and what was to follow, the round warm brush dancing over the top of her head, on her temples and sides, not even caring about her ears, moving all the way down her neck until she touched the cape covering her she repeated this movements several times, until the brush nested on the top of her head, she was so ready to be shaved…

But something she didn’t expected happened… the little round brush began dancing down on her face…, she could feel the soapy sensation on her forehead, on her eyebrows, her cheeks, her neck, she even joined the lather on the back of her head with the one in her throat, under her chin, until finally even her lips were covered, she opened her eyes amazed, she saw a beautiful girl with a white soapy face and a white leathery cap on her head, all but her eyes and nose was being covered by the warm leather, she looked on the smiling eyes of the matron, she looked at her, and said simply

-You are being punished for insubordination, I suggest you don’t do anything to ensure your dismissal, she said as she continued to apply more and more lather into her whole head

This sensation was new, but not unwelcomed, the warmness, the lovely soapy feeling as it covered her face and head was delightful, she was thrilled as her head rocked and moved around by the strong hands of the head maid and her wonderful brush…

Coat after coat of shaving soap was applied to her head, soon all but her eyes and nose, was covered in white fluffy warm leather, even her ears and mouth deeply covered, and still she smiled, as she felt another wave of ecstasy move through her, she had tightened her grip on the chairs armrests…

Once satisfied with the amount of lather on her newest punishment victim Helga admire her work, the white cap not even letting a hint of skin show, her face deeply surrounded by white cream, her lips hidden beneath a thick coat of soap…

She left the brush and mug on the service cart nearer to her and grabbed a disposable razor, one of those that held three razors on them, and firmly, using two fingers to grab the girls temples she placed the razor right at the beginning of her forehead

Jazmin seemed to have fallen into a trance as her head moved around from the lathering, she almost didn’t noticed when it stopped, she was so lost in the pleasure waves running through her body that she shivered when she felt a strong grip on her temples and a cold metal feeling gliding through the soap

It had began… she was being shaved…

She was lost in the sensations she was getting once more, she felt the razor glide through the stubble that remaining on her head, without a tug, without a burn, just smooth sensual movements as the razor moved and the cream and hair were slowly being shaved, but the rasping sound it made, was pure pleasure

The matron stopped every now and then to rinse her razor, Jazmin thought she heard her changing the razor a couple of times as she removed the cream on top of her head, going always from forehead to her crown and down her nape, all around

Once the top had been cleared, the matron released the temples of Jazmin and placed three fingers on the recently shaved skin, Jazmin couldn’t prevent a moan through closed lips as the touch sent jolts down her spine and straight into her middle section, her legs clenched and twitched, hidden by the huge latex cape

The matron gave a knowing smile, she carried on with her job, using the fingers on top of her victim’s head, she maneuvered expertly shaving the sides, from temple to nape a couple of times, rinsing the razor and moving to the next side, finishing with three slow swipes over the nape, she let the head go and moved to Jazmin’s side, she folded the cream covered ear and sensually shaved behind and around it, all the way down to the cape

Once the top, sides and back of her head had been shaved, the matron moved in front of Jazmin, placing her whole palm on the top of her head, feeling quite satisfied as her newest girl was shivering with what was, without a doubt, pleasure, the matron smiled as the razor glided over the forehead of the caped girl stopping just above the eyebrows, of course they didn’t last long, a couple of swipes on each made short work of them once the rest of the forehead was shaved

Jazmin sighted, what would she look like without eyebrows?, she had once pulled them out so much only a thin line remained, but never went fully browless…

What happened next had her shivering with excitement, anticipation and a little fear, She felt the head maid strong hand on her forehead once more, pulling her head back, making her face the ceiling, exposing her neck and face to her hungry razor…

Oh god…. she felt as the razor glided slowly over her cheeks, it found no resistance what so ever, but it was something so strange, so… masculine… and yet it felt so right…

The matron was taking her time with this part, she knew the benefits of using a razor on her employees faces, the ex-foliation, the renewal of the skin, the removal of wrinkles, all good benefits but nothing beat the sensation of the razor gliding over your neck…

Jazmin stood very still as the razor moved slowly from her jaw down her neck all the way down to the cape, she felt the next orgasm building as her neck was finally cleared of soap and her chin was being slowly shaved, she felt deliciously terrified as she thought the matron would be shaving her lips too, but she expertly shaved around them, even hiding under all the lather, soon even her upper lip was done, and only her lips were covered in cream, the matron walked away for a few moments leaving her to relax and try to focus, she was so lost in what she was feeling she didn’t even care what the matron thought of her any more

Helga grabbed a warm towel and expertly cleared the remaining soap on Jazmin head and face, pushing her head up

-Open your eyes girl, you need to look at your punishment!, said the matron smiling, as she wrapped a new hot towel around her head again

Jazmin obeyed, her eyes half open as well as her lips breathing slowly, lost in pleasure as she saw the matron getting near with that lovely white covered brush…

She was hypnotized as she watched the brush dance over her head, the strong round movements returning as before, moving her head around without much resistance

Jazmin had surrendered to her treatment completely now, just allowing the waves of pleasure engulf her and guide her, she loved the white substance being spread on her head, she almost wished it never ended, as her recently shaved skin was tender and the sensations were very different from the first time, now they felt more sensual… more exciting

Jazmin felt delighted as the brush began to move over her face, and could not care less that her eyebrows were now gone, she even puckered her lips so they wouldn’t be filled with soap this time, watching the head maid nod with approval, once again she was lathered thoroughly and was ready, she let her lips go and opened them slightly

The matron smiled, she was really happy with the positive response from her captive girl, she’d made sure Jazmin enjoyed this often, once she was satisfied with the lather once more, she left the mug and brush to rest, but this time she went to grab a different tool…

A straight razor…

Jazmin shivered once she saw the mean looking razor on the matron’s hand, how she came closer and grabbed a thick belt that was sitting next to the chair she was on, she hadn’t seen it before…

The matron pulled the belt taught and began moving the razor over the belt in swift motions, up and down, Jazmin was a bit confused by this, she was new to all this after all

Once Helga was happy with the stropping of the razor, she moved in front of Jazmin and pulled her head down, and carefully began shaving her, starting on her neck and moving up, all the way up to her nape, with swift, small and simple movements, leaving very smooth skin behind, Jazmin’s legs trembled, she could not believe the sensations she was getting all over again, she might become addicted to this…

Once Helga was done with the nape, she pushed Jazmin’s head up gently, and began shaving the top of her head, from crown to forehead, going in the opposite direction than from the first shave, this had Jazmin thrilled, Helga was being very careful of course, shaving little by little, caressing every now and then to make sure everything was smooth, making Jazmin squirm a little on the chair, she knew those feelings very well after all

The top of her head was clear after a few minutes, the sides of her head and the rest of the neck was clear quickly enough as well, Jazmin looked at herself in the mirror, her head was porcelain white now, only smooth skin, no trace of the auburn tressed girl any more, but a smiling bald girl that couldn’t be happier

The image on the mirror fade replace by the lovely decoration on the ceiling as her head was pulled back, she fought hard not to close her eyes as she saw Helga’s lovely features very close to her, as she place the razor on her forehead, clearing everything with three long swipes, she passed the razor over the place where her brows just to be once more just to be sure, and then place the razor just at the beginning of her neck

Jazmin was frozen, trying to control the tremble coursing through her as the razor glided over her exposed neck, little by little, Helga was using slow little strokes to shave her, pulling the skin here and there, playfully of course as there was nothing to shave on the first place, but it seemed her barber was enjoying this as well, next were her cheeks shaved in a couple of swift movements, the chin was tricky and Helga took her time, and a lot of little strokes to end, and with two last wipes over her upper lip, she was done…

Helga cleared the remaining shaving soap around her lips with one finger, as she grabbed another warm towel and dabbled all over, cleaning leftover soap here and there, then she moved the chair around, facing away from the mirrors so Jazmin could not see herself just yet, Helga then positioned herself behind Jazmin and pulled something she could not see, and then began spreading some sort of cold cream all over her head, the sensation was indescribable, Helga rubbed and rubbed all over hear head spreading the cream until she was sure every inch was covered

Next she moved in front of Jazmin, took her chin on her left hand and moved her head around, studying, investigating, once she seemed to have found what she was looking for, she released Jazmin’s chin and turned to the service cart, pulling a very professional looking make up kit, she then began to do her make up little by little, Jazmin was ordered to close her eyes once more, which she did without hesitation, once Helga was happy, she took a sponge and began removing the cold cream on her head with swift circular movements

Pronouncing herself done, Helga turned Jazmin chair around, and she could not believe what she saw, the girl in front of her was stunning, her make up perfectly done, her crimson lips inviting and sexy, her eyes mysterious and lovely, her makeup was of course similar to the one on the other maids, but it made her look so sensual, she also noticed her head shined a little it seemed she had been waxed, but her eyebrows, it seemed like she didn’t lose them at all, they were beautifully drawn…

Helga cleared the little hairs around her neck with a duster and removed the cape, but before she removed the belt and straps on her client she moved to the cabinet that held the wigs, and pulled out one, black of course, and slowly and carefully placed it on Jazmin’s head, adjusting it a little

Jazmin loved what she was looking in the mirror, the bob sat on her head as if it was her own hair, the bangs covering her forehead but exposing her lovely drawn eyebrows, she was the picture of loveliness now

Helga placed her own platinum blond wig on her head and released Jazmin from the chair

-I hope you have learned your lesson, she said smiling, looking at the chair, it was very wet…

Jazmin blushed a little bit embarrassed now, as she could clearly see the wet spot, now that she was free and returning to the world she could not believe her behavior while on the chair…

-But then again… misbehaving a little might get you to be treated like this again, said Helga with a wink as she cleared the chair with one of the towels she used on Jazmin

-Your fist duty will be to clean this mess up Jazmin, the dustpan and broom are over that door, don’t be long as I’ll be waiting outside to take you to your new quarters, Your belongings will be here within a couple of hours, you will take a bath and the other maids will be showing you around the mansion, dinner will be served at 7, be there on time, also, we expect you here daily at 7 am sharp, she said as she looked at a schedule on the wall, if you arrive even one minute late you will be moved at 6 and be punished like this daily, understood?, she asked looking at her with a knowing smile, walking out

Jazmin blushed smiling, getting up at little before 6 wouldn’t be a problem, she swept her long tresses of the floor with a smile, she knew she felt very sad right before losing them, but now she was honestly happy that they were no longer attached to her head, she even dared to take the wig of and caress her head for a few moments, it just felt delicious…

It took her a few minutes and a tap on the door to snap her out of it and she quickly put the wig on her head, heading out

Helga smiled as she fixed the wig again and walked with her to her new room

This… was going to be the best job she ever had…

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