Taking Back Control

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First story from a long time lurker on the site, I hope you enjoy!

Lotty was a good girl, always had been, always would be, she kept her grades up, respected her parents, volunteered at the local soup kitchen and generally spent all her time doing things that good girls do. Lotty was lucky, in part due to her people pleasing nature and in part due to the fact that she had lived down the street from Felicity Jones her entire life, she was part of the cool girls group in school. Ruled by Felicity Jones, Queen bee, fashion icon and royal bitch, the commoners at their high school practically quaked in their sneakers when Felicity, Lotty and their friends Tessa and Natalie walked past, no one dared to take their table in the lunch room, or even approach them without invitation. Lotty loathed it really, always on show to the masses that judged their every move, but with popularity came great responsibility, or so Felicity used to say, they had a responsibility to show the rest of the high school just how perfect they could be.

This weekend would be no different, Felicity was turning 18, the last of their group to do so, and she planned to do it in style with a huge party in her parents gazillion room mansion, they would be conveniently away for the weekend leaving felicity and her brother Gabe, who had turned 20 last month, to basically do what they pleased.

It wasn’t the first time and Lotty felt sure it wouldn’t be the last, she was constantly amazed at how little of a shit Felicity and Gabe’s parents gave about what their kids got up to and wished her mother were the same. The truth was her mother was domineering and ruthlessly authoritarian, she wouldn’t let Lotty do half the things she did with the girls if she wasn’t also so power hungry. Lotty’s Mother would do almost anything to keep in with Felicity’s family, literally keeping up with the jones’s and so fully supported the girls friendship, Lotty often thought that her mum cared more about her friendship than she did, but of course she kept it to herself and carried on with a smile for everyone.

Lotty was currently trying to decide what to wear to the weekends party, it was late Friday night and she had just got back from helping felicity decorate her home, this had really just been code for the girls getting drunk and she had quickly become bored and retreated home when Gabe and a bunch of his friends had arrived to join the festivities, she had nothing against them but she wasn’t a big drinker and she had the next nights party to get through too.

She blew her bangs out of her face to look in the mirror, her mother had been practically grinning with glee when she had told Lotty that she had bought her a dress for the party, of course Lotty hated it, she tended toward floaty florals but her mother had handed her a deep pink body con with jeweled straps with a ‘doesn’t it look like something Felicity would wear’ and therein lay the problem because it absolutely did, but Lotty knew she would wear it, because she always did what her mother asked.

Just then there was a soft knock at the door and her mother walked in without bothering to wait for an answer ‘you are going to look all kinds of adorable for the party tomorrow dear’ she started ‘maybe you’ll catch the eye of one of the Jones’s rich friends, imagine that!’ Lotty did imagine it and thought that her mother must be imagining something very different to her. ‘I’ve made an appointment at the salon for you to get a trim in the morning sweetheart, we’ll have you looking just peachy’.

‘Mum I really want to grow my bangs out okay so I don’t want to trim them’ they had had this conversation each time she had been to the salon for the last year and each time Lotty had been helplessly overruled by her mum and stylist. Her mum made a humming noise and narrowed her eyes at Lotty over her shoulder in the reflection ‘It just looks so messy’ she said ‘ bangs growing out with such long hair’ Lotty had to admit her hair had been getting very long, it hung in a thick velvety black curtain to the middle of her back, her bangs were thick and straight too usually just skimming over her eyes but now very much flopping into her eyes. ‘perhaps if you lost a little on the length then you could grow it out’ her mum mused and Lotty felt hopeful she might win this time ‘we can decide at the salon’ her mum told her cheerfully before kissing the top of her head and wishing her good night.


Saturday mornings were always busy in the salon and as Lotty waited with her mother she watched the other patrons, it was very much a ‘blue rinse’ and ‘can i speak to the manager’ cuts kind of place, she couldn’t help but wish her mom would let her go to one of the swankier salons in town where her friends were sure to be getting pampered. Soon her turn came and she was was caped and sat in the usual chair where her mother and their stylist Julia, a heavy set woman in her 60s with a tight peroxide blonde perm, huddled behind her. ‘We’re taking some of the length today’ her mother told Julia ‘she wants to grow out her bangs you see’ Julia nodded knowingly ‘so where were you thinking about here?’ Julia asked waving her hand somewhere behind Lotty where she couldn’t see ‘Oh no, more here’ her mother replied making the same motion. Lotty didn’t feel too worried, her hair was so long that even if they decided on cutting a few inches off, it would still reach past her shoulders. forgoing washing her hair Julia instead began spritzing it with a spray bottle and combing it out and sectioning it off at her crown.

Before long Lotty heard the tell tail *schnick* of the scissor and felt the tension on her hair as Julia picked it up to trim each lock and let it lay flat again, this continued for a few minutes with Julia releasing the hair at the back of her head section by section, until she began working toward the sides. Lotty watched in the mirror and began to worry when she realised that Julia’s hands were much higher up her back, no the back of her neck, than she had imagined. Internally she began to panic and face flushed pink she finally asked ‘How much are you cutting off?’ but Julia continued to work, either too engrossed in severing her long locks much shorter than she had agreed too, or because of the volume of the dryer next to them, Lotty repeated her self louder ‘Julia, How much are you cutting off?’ Julia noticed then and motioned for her collegue at the next station to turn off the dryer ‘Whatcha sayin darlin?’ she asked, lotty fought back tears and asked again ‘How much are you cutting off’ Julia simply held up the most recently severed lock she held in her hand and Lotty’s mouth fell open in horror at the sight of a 2 feet long lock of her hair hanging in mid air and most indefinably no longer attached to her head. ‘Oh hush child’ her mother chided from her seat across the salon ‘you agreed to lose some length’ she tsked and went back to reading an interior design magazine. ‘Shall i carry on’ Julia asked her, all Lotty could do was nod, there was nothing to be done about it now so with tear filled eyes she watched closely as Julia picked up another large section of the hair on the left side of her head and unceremoniously sheared it off in line with her Jaw, the severed hair making a wet thunk on its final resting place on the floor. The tears threatened to leak from her eyes as Julia cut the final hair on the left side of her head, her reflection now sporting a minuscule bob on one side and what remained of her long luscious locks on the other, but not for long. She refused to let her mother see her cry so she stuffed down her feelings tightly and watched as Julia finished the job, long lengths of silky black hair were coiling on her lap on top of the cape now, some slithering off to land on top of the growing pile on the floor, she felt like she was in a dream, or maybe a nightmare, being publicly humiliated by her mother and her domineering ways, but she decided then and there that this would be the last time.


As Lotty walked up the drive to Felicity’s house in the late afternoon sunlight, dress in one had and overnight bag in the other, she ran over the days events again, her chin length bob blew around her face and she felt sick at the reception she was about to receive from felicity and co, she knew it looked bad, not the right length to be stylish, she felt like a mushroom. She hadn’t spoken a word to her mother on the way home from the salon, her mother had branded her childish and laughed at her distress. She had spent several hours trying to make it better, but washing it and blowing it out had just made is look shorter, she considered curling it but it was too short to do that with her straightening iron now and she had only ended up puffing the ends out, making it even more toadstool like, she had tried pinning it up but because she had just washed it, it was too soft to hold, eventually she had just stuffed her overnight things in her bag, grabbed her dress and booked it to Felicity’s house to face the music.

‘OH.MY.GOD.WHAT DID YOU DO TO YOUR HAIR’ Felicity shrieked on opening the door, tears sprang to Lotty’s eyes and she let them fall helplessly ‘did your mum do this to you?’ felicity asked more calmly, showing actual concern which only made the sobs come all the more forcefully.

‘She tricked me’ Lotty explained ‘ where’s the wine?’.

‘Now you’re talking my language babe’ Felicity said guiding her inside ‘lets get you a drink and see what we can do with this…. style?’ felicity finished with an upwards inflection to make it clear that the haircut had anything but style.

A few hours and glasses of wine later Felicity stepped back with Tessa and Natalie all looking assessingly at Lotty ‘I think we’re finished’ felicity says with a nod and letting Lotty look in the mirror, she had poured herself into the tight pink dress her mother bought her and it hugged her like a second skin, she slowly lifted her eyes to look at her face, heavy smokey makeup had her feeling like a clown, but she had to admit it does accentuate her cheek bones and her eyes look wide and clear. Finally she looks at her hair, straightened to within an inch of its life it sits flat and close to her head, with the help of several different products that she had no idea what they were used for and some sparkling slides her hair looked passable in a sleek, straight mini bob. ‘You look great’ Tessa told her to which Natalie agreed enthusiastically and felicity told her ‘Gabe has loads of friends coming tonight too, you look like a vixen babe, you’ll definitely pull’.

Still studying the girl in the mirror, Lotty could barely believe that the refection was her own, a few glasses of wine and a couple of shots down already she decided that tonight, she wasn’t going to be herself, people probably wouldn’t recognize her anyway, tonight she was going to shed the good girl she had always been and have fun.


The party was in full swing and had been for several hours, Lotty had continued drinking with the girls and was more than a little tipsy, she had danced and danced and her feet were beginning to feel like they were on fire in the heels she had borrowed from Felicity to pair with her dress, but she stumbled to the kitchen for another drink anyway. She had been right and people she had known for years had asked her how she knew felicity, a couple had realized it was her once they got chatting but more than a few had not. she had been flirted with and flirted back with more guys tonight than she had in her entire life to this point and she wasn’t sure if it was the dress, the hair, the makeup or the newfound drunken confidence that had lead to the change.

Having refilled her glass she made for the back door, stumbling out to where groups of kids were smoking pot or having heart to hearts scattered across the fairy lit darkness of the expansive back yard, It was still warm even at the late hour and it smelled of summer, she took off the painful heels and threw them back toward to door to collect later, wriggling her toes on the soft grass. ‘Lotty is that you?’ one of the guys broke off from a group huddled close to her smoking pot, she realized it was Gabe, he looked good, dressed in jeans and a dark shirt, more of a man than any of the guys her own age, that extra two years had given him time to fill out a little, muscles visible where the boys her age were still scrawny. She couldn’t lie, she had always had a little crush on Gabe, best friends older brother, what a cliche. He stopped in front of her with a big smile of affection on his beautiful face, he probably still saw her as an extra little sister she thought and smiled back at him shyly.

‘It is you, I almost didn’t recognize you, your hair is so different, and that dress, did you let felicity dress you?’ he asked mock accusingly.

‘Worse’ Lotty said solemnly ‘my mother’ she was rewarded with a huge bark of laughter and his arm around her shoulders ‘come sit with us’ he said steering her toward his little group. She recognized most of the faces and joined in with their chat, boosted by the alcohol in her system and the fact that Gabe was glued to her side, she could feel his leg pressed against hers and every now and then he reached down to squeeze her knee when he was talking. The party drew quieter, people drifting off in twos and threes until she was left alone with Gabe, they chatted a little, drank some more and it felt natural to curl into him when he put his arm around her, he reached across with his other hand to tilt her face up so he could look at her. ‘You’re different tonight Lotty, not just the dress and the makeup, somethings changed about you’ he muses while searching her face trying to decide what exactly it is that has changed.

‘I decided today not to be a doormat any more’ Lotty confides ‘My Mum, My friends, your sister, I just do as they ask, i do as I am told and I am sick of it, I want to have control of my own life’ she tells him.

‘That’s a brave thing to admit and a big change to make’ he muses ‘are you ready for that?’

‘I am’ she nods emphatically.

‘So what changed?’

She drops her head into her hands to cover her face, mortified to have to recount her shearing to him, she does so without looking at him, heat blazing in her cheeks as she admits how her mother tricked her ‘infact she didn’t even trick me, I just let her do it, mother knows best right?’

Gabe tilts her head back up to look at him, he leans in to kiss away the lone tear that has escaped to make it’s way down her cheek, then he whispers ‘I happen to think women with short hair are extremely sexy’.

Lotty can’t believe what she just heard but she has little time to process it because Gabe’s mouth crashes over hers, he kisses her with a hunger she has never experienced, his fingers cupping the back of her neck, she feels them weaving into the short hairs there, making her moan into his mouth. They pull back breathless, Lotty feels like she is seeing stars, looking into the eyes of the only boy she has ever thought about doing this with. He smiles and runs his fingers through her bob, her scalp tingles where his fingers touch it and she leans into his touch ‘you’re beautiful’ he tells her, but she doesn’t feel it, she still hates the way it looks and the way it was done to her, she tells him as much and he ponders this for a moment ‘so do something else with it’ he tells her ‘an undercut,a pixie cut, a crazy colour, the world’s your oyster’ she stares at him wide eyed ‘Why the fuck didn’t I think if that!’ he chuckles and leans in to kiss her again but she leans away ‘nope, you need to help me first’

‘help you with what?’ his brow wrinkles with confusion

‘duh, my hair’

‘you’re joking right, were drunk, that’s a bad idea’

‘no, it’s a great idea, besides it can’t possible look any worse’ Lotty waves her hands on either side of her head to emphasis her point ‘if you help me’ she leans in close ‘I’ll do anything you want’ she promises, kissing him again.


Lotty follows Gabe through the party, hands clasped as they manoeuvre through the house, he leads her to his room and locks the door behind them, shutting out the rest of the party. His room isn’t somewhere she’s spent alot of time but from the few glimpses she’s had over the years she knows it’s clean and orderly, decorated in dark blues and grays, it’s still much the same, a desk laden with collage work and a laptop, a guitar leaning against one wall under a poster of his favorite band.

Gabe turned then, pulling her to him for another scorching kiss ‘you sure about this?’ he asks her and she nods.

‘do you have scissors and stuff in here’ she asks looking around.

‘in the bathroom’ he walks to the door on the other side of the room and she follows him. In the bathroom he opens a draw to reveal scissors and clippers, Lotty raises an eyebrow at him ‘conveniently prepared’ she teases and he races to tell her ‘I do my own hair sometimes’ his cheeks showing a blush he can’t quite control.

Lotty stands in front of the mirror studying her reflection, her face still caked in too much makeup she runs the tap to wash it off and he hands her a towel to wipe her panda eyes ‘that’s better’ she says.

‘much better’ Gabe agrees ‘so what will it be today’ he asks in his best mock stylist voice, it defuses some of the tension that has suddenly filled the air now they are alone in his room.

‘stylists choice’ she tells him through her reflection in the mirror ‘it cant look much worse’ she reminds him.

Stepping up behind her Gabe picks up a comb and uses the slides already in her hair to section it off so that all the hair above her ears is caught in a pineapple looking knot above her head. With a gentle hand he guides her head forward until her chin tips toward her chest then picks up the clippers, she hears him fitting a guard on them but has no idea which one, being at his mercy feels thrilling in a way she definitely wasn’t expecting. the thrill intensifies as he flicks on the clippers, gripping her shoulder with his other hand, he runs his thumb up and down her neck making her shiver with anticipation, then the clippers make contact with the back of her head, changing pitch as they plunge into the hair there. Lotty feels the clippers work their way up toward her crown, the feeling pleasurable in a way she could never have imagined, Gabe makes pass after pass up to her crown and around the sides of her head, gently tilting her head this way and that to make sure he takes all the hair there, she can see now that he chose a guard that left some length rather than shearing her to the skin, less than an inch is left in a soft pelt of an under cut. Gabe flicks off the clippers and releases the hair that has remained untouched, the awful bob still looks almost the same save for a glimpses of shorter hair playing peekaboo at her temples.

‘What do you think’ Gabe asks her and he sure seems nervous for a man who holds all the power. Lotty runs her fingers up the back of the undercut, it is so short and soft and her scalp feels unexpectedly sensitive, especially when Gabe’s fingers join her own. She tucks the longer sections of hair behind her ears, letting the undercut peek through but she still can’t stand the bob, there is only one way to go from here.

‘I think the bob needs to go Gabe, I want you to cut it all off’ she tells him

‘I’m not sure about this Lotty, I am no stylist, i literally have no clue how to do anything other than one length with these’ he says waving the clippers behind her.

‘That’s fine’ Lotty assures him ‘Go for it’ she meets his eye in the mirror and sees his hesitation turn into desire as he flicks the clippers back on. This time using his other hand he pulls her hair back from her face and brings the clippers to her forehead, slowly as though giving her a chance to backout, but of course she doesn’t and the clippers quickly desimate her fringe and he drags them back, they leave a wide trail of short hair in their wake, which is soon paired with another and another. The hair slides from her head down onto her shoulders, her chest and floats feather like to land on the floor around them, once again he is thorough and takes his time to make sure he has passed the clippers over every inch of her scalp.

He turns of the clippers and places them on the side of the sink in front of them as she runs her hands all over her head, the hair there is around 3/4 of an inch long and sticks straight out in all directions making he look like a fuzzy black tennis ball. Gabe hands join her own as he caresses her newly shortened locks, she turns into him and their passion for each other is spelt out in kisses of fire, his erection pressing into her through their clothes, she can feel wet heat pooling between her legs, there is only one way this night is going to end and they both know it.

But first Lotty lets him go and turns back to the mirror, grabbing the clippers she quickly flicks off the guard, flicks on the power and pushes the powerful teeth into what remains of her hair. The short hair peels away to reveal her darkly stubbled scalp, Gabe’s hands snake around her waist as he pressed against her back, palming her breast through her dress, he nipples are so hard its painful. She continues to shave her head until she can no longer reach the back, at which point Gabe takes over to finish the job. Once finished he kisses her newly nude scalp, her fingers feeling the scratchy stubble left there, she is on the edge of orgasm and Gabe has barely even touched her.

Gabe reached to undo the zip at the back of her dress ‘we should get cleaned up’ he explains and flicks on the shower, he cleans up the hair on the floor while she shimmies out of her clothes and steps into the shower, washing away the hair that sticks to her, she is soon joined by Gabe who runs his hands over every inch of her, under the guise of soaping her down, she is almost a quivering wreak by the time they are done and Gabe lifts her up pressing her back to the wall, she encircles is waist with her legs as he slides a hand down between her legs ‘so fucking wet’ he moans against her lips and she can do nothing but writh under his expertly placed touches until he tips her over the edge into the best orgasm she has ever had.


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