Tangled Desires: Riddhi’s Transformation – The Domination of Raj

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Riddhi hesitated for a moment, her fingers gripping the armrest of the chair she was sitting on. She glanced at Ananya, who gave her a small, reassuring nod despite the slight tension evident in her eyes. Taking a deep breath, Riddhi stood up and walked towards the chair, feeling as though she were walking into the unknown. She had decided firmly to stick to a trim after seeing how Ananya’s hair was cut much shorter than she desired.

She sat down and Raj immediately wrapped a cape around her, his movements swift and practiced. But as he tied the cape tightly around her neck, Riddhi found it unusually restraining, almost suffocating. The moment the cape was secured, her initial resolve to not let Raj dictate her haircut began to waver.

“Could you loosen the cape a bit?” Riddhi asked. Ananya’s eyes widened at Riddhi’s words, knowing what Raj would do next.

Raj’s smile tightened, and without missing a beat, he pulled the cape even tighter around Riddhi’s neck. “It’s supposed to be snug for the best results,” he said, his voice firm. Riddhi realized what had just happened and thought back to when she had asked Ananya if her cape was tight. Ananya had simply denied it, likely knowing it was better to keep quiet.

Raj tilted her head slightly to the side, examining her hair with an expert eye. “So, Riddhi, any specific short style in mind or should I surprise you?” he asked, his voice smooth and confident.

Riddhi gathered her courage, “I… I was thinking just a trim, actually.” Her words felt less certain than she intended.

Raj smiled knowingly, “You’ve changed your mind after seeing Ananya’s shorter haircut, and now you’re scared, aren’t you?”

He looked over at Ananya, “Ananya, anything to worry about?”

Ananya’s face showed a mix of nervousness and empathy, but she looked stunning with her new pixie cut. She started to say, “Well, Riddhi, I think that—”

Raj interrupted before she could finish, “See, even Ananya agrees with a shorter cut.” His manipulation was subtle but effective. Riddhi realized his potential to twist words and situations but found herself trapped by the intensity of his presence.

“Trust me,” Raj said, his tone both soothing and intimidating. Despite her inner conflict, Riddhi felt compelled to believe him.

With those words Raj then turned the chair away from the mirror, and Riddhi now faced Ananya. Both of them were shocked and surprised by what Raj had just done. Before, Ananya could see her slightest reflection in the mirror, but that was completely denied to Riddhi.

As Raj began cutting, Riddhi felt a mix of fear and anticipation. She watched as long strands of her hair fell to the floor, each snip of the scissors making her heart beat faster. The tight cape and the unstable chair only heightened her discomfort, making her feel trapped and anxious. Ananya sat nearby, observing Riddhi’s situation with a knowing expression. She smiled slightly, imagining what Riddhi must be feeling.

“So, Riddhi,” Raj began conversationally, “what made you decide to come to our salon today?” His tone was casual, but there was a sharpness in his eyes that made Riddhi feel as though her answer mattered more than she realized.

“I heard good things,” Riddhi replied, trying to sound calm. “And Ananya recommended you.”

Raj chuckled softly, “Ananya is one of my favorite clients. Always up for something bold.” He glanced at Ananya, who smiled weakly in response.

As the haircut progressed, Raj struck up a conversation with Riddhi. “You know, a long bob is really trending right now. I think it would suit you perfectly,” he suggested.

Riddhi, despite her growing discomfort, found a glimmer of excitement. “I’ve actually wanted to try that for a long time. I was inspired by Ananya’s haircut,” she admitted.

Raj’s smile widened. “If Ananya inspired you, then maybe you should go for a pixie cut, just like hers. It’s what she got now.”

Ananya and Riddhi stared at him in disbelief. “No, I don’t want it that short,” Riddhi started to protest, with Ananya trying to support her.

Raj cut them off, “I have a better idea. Let it be a surprise.” His tone was ominous, and he didn’t reveal his plans. An evil smile played on his lips, which Ananya noticed, filling her with dread. She anticipated that Riddhi might end up with a haircut even shorter than her own.

As Raj continued, large chunks of Riddhi’s hair fell onto the cape. The tightness of the cape around her neck made it hard to breathe, and the accumulating hair added to her sense of entrapment. She tried to move her head and lift it slightly.

Raj noticed and said calmly, “Usually, my customers stop moving when they see how much hair is accumulating on the cape.” His words were a warning, and Riddhi froze, understanding that any more movement could result in even more of her hair being cut.

Raj then chuckled and said, “You know, they say a bad haircut is like a bad relationship—it’s tough to get rid of but gives you a good story to tell.” Riddhi felt a wave of misery wash over her, while Ananya, knowing Raj’s sense of humor, found it amusing and couldn’t help but chuckle.

Raj continued his work with a confident and precise rhythm. Eventually, he revealed her new look: a trendy wolf cut. It was much shorter and more layered than she had anticipated.

As the final look was revealed to Riddhi, she thought aloud, “I wonder if this trendy wolf cut will be considered professional and acceptable in the corporate world.” She touched her hair and looked at her reflection in the mirror, sharing her concern with Raj.

Raj, with a sly smile, responded, “Let’s ask your manager herself.” He turned to Ananya, putting her in a difficult spot. Ananya knew that if she denied the look, Raj might retaliate in some way.

Caught off guard, Ananya hesitated, trying to avoid a direct answer. “Thank you, Raj, for my haircut and for making Riddhi look different,” she said diplomatically, trying to steer the conversation away from the question.

Riddhi also thanked Raj, her mind swirling with mixed emotions. She wondered if she would ever want to come back for another experience like this. While the final result was beautiful, the process had been intense and unsettling. As she left the salon, she couldn’t help but think about the unexpected journey she had undergone and whether it was worth repeating.

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  1. Maybe a story where Riddhi’s haircut is not work acceptable so Ananya has to take her back to go to a work appropriate bob or pixie. Maybe she takes a friend also who accidentally succumbs to Raj’s scissors

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