Tangled Desires: The Domination of Raj continues

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A few months later, Ananya’s edgy bob had grown out, and she found herself yearning for another experience under Raj’s skilled hands. This time, she was determined to get a stylish bob, but deep down, she wondered if Raj would have something else in mind.

Ananya had always been a strong and competent manager at her workplace, a well-known marketing firm. Her team looked up to her, especially Riddhi, a bright and enthusiastic colleague who had joined the firm a year ago. Ananya had taken Riddhi under her wing, mentoring her and helping her navigate the challenges of their fast-paced environment. Riddhi admired Ananya’s leadership and often sought her advice, both professionally and personally. She saw Ananya as a beacon of strength and independence, someone who excelled in both her personal and professional life.

Riddhi herself had long, thick, wavy hair that cascaded down her back in rich, dark brown waves. She often received compliments on her hair’s volume and shine, but she had been considering a change for a while now.

One morning at the office, Riddhi complimented Ananya on her current haircut. “I love your haircut, Ananya! It’s grown out so nicely. Where do you go to get it done?” she asked, her eyes sparkling with curiosity.

Ananya smiled, her thoughts drifting back to her last visit to the salon. “I go to this place downtown. There’s a stylist named Raj who does an excellent job,” she said, choosing her words carefully. She didn’t want to reveal too much about her last haircut experience, where she had felt both humiliated and controlled under Raj’s hands.

“That sounds amazing! Maybe I could join you next time. I’ve been thinking about getting a new look myself,” Riddhi said enthusiastically. “Who knows, I might even get a haircut from Raj.”

Ananya’s heart raced at the thought of another visit to the salon, but she nodded, masking her complex emotions. “Sure, Riddhi. I’d love for you to come along.”

A month later, Ananya mentioned to Riddhi that she was planning to go for a hair trim. “I’m going to see Raj for a trim next week. Would you still like to come along?”

Riddhi’s eyes lit up. “Absolutely! I’ve been wanting to change up my look for a while now. It’ll be fun.”

The day of their appointment arrived, and they both stepped into the salon. Ananya’s heart raced with anticipation. Raj looked up from his current client and greeted her with a knowing smile. “Welcome back, Ananya. Ready for another change?” he asked, his voice rich and inviting.

Ananya smiled and introduced Riddhi. “Raj, this is my colleague Riddhi. She’s interested in getting a haircut today.”

Raj’s eyes gleamed as he took in Riddhi’s lustrous hair, imagining how it would soon lie lifelessly on the floor. “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Riddhi,” he said smoothly. “Why don’t you take a seat in the waiting area for now? It’s right behind Ananya’s workstation, so you can watch her haircut.”

Riddhi nodded and took a seat in the waiting area, her eyes following Raj as he guided Ananya to the chair with a firm hand on her lower back, just as he had done before. Ananya felt the familiar thrill as she sat down, the anticipation almost unbearable.

Raj secured the same white colored embroidered cape around Ananya’s neck tightly. As the familiar sensation enveloped her, Ananya couldn’t help but recall her last visit. The memory of how she had asked Raj to loosen the cape, only for him to tighten it even more, the mock concern in his voice making her feel trapped and exhilarated all at once, flooded her mind. Today, she didn’t bother to ask—she knew better.

Raj then pushed Ananya’s head down and started shaping her bob with precise, practiced movements. Riddhi noticed the way Raj’s hands moved with a blend of control and finesse, how he caped her and captivated her to his chair and how Ananya seemed to accept it without question.

Just then, an old friend of Raj’s and a regular customer, Priya, walked in without an appointment. “Hey, Raj! Busy today?” Priya called out, her eyes twinkling as she took in the scene.

Raj continued to brush Ananya’s hair, pushing her head down further as he casually responded, “Hey, Priya! Yeah, I’ve got a few haircuts lined up today.” He then led Priya to his cabin, assuring her he’d be with her shortly.

In Raj’s brief absence, Riddhi noticed that Ananya had not moved her neck up and had kept her head bowed down. Concerned, she approached her manager and whispered, “Is the cape tied too tightly? I saw Raj being a bit rough and quick when he capped you.”

Ananya, without lifting her head, replied softly, “It’s fine, Riddhi. Not tight at all.” She knew the consequences of complaining and chose to endure the discomfort.

Riddhi was shocked to see her usually strong and independent manager sitting quietly with her head down, seemingly under Raj’s control even in his absence. The sight of Ananya, subdued and compliant, unsettled Riddhi deeply, revealing a side of her manager she had never imagined.

Once Raj returned, he resumed cutting Ananya’s hair and, at the same time, asked Riddhi, “How did you find your manager’s last haircut?”

Riddhi replied, “I loved it. I’ve been considering a change in my look because of it.”

Raj smiled and said, “It was Ananya’s decision to go that short, from long hair to a bob haircut.” As he said this, Ananya tried to look at Riddhi, her eyes attempting to warn her that it was Raj’s dominating and scissor-happy attitude that resulted in such a drastic cut. However, Riddhi didn’t catch the warning glance.

Raj completed the trim of Ananya’s bob, but he felt that it was too soon for her to step out of the chair. With authority in his voice, he suggested, “Since it’s summer, why not go even shorter? Have you ever considered a pixie cut?” He paused for a moment before adding, “But of course, that’s just a rhetorical question. Ultimately, the decision is yours.”

Turning to Ananya, who was looking at herself in the mirror, he continued, “You do want to try a pixie cut, don’t you?” Ananya felt a lump form in her throat, finding it difficult to voice her disagreement. Despite her inner hesitation, she found herself nodding in agreement, unable to resist Raj’s persuasive tone and the pressure of the moment.

As Ananya nodded in agreement to Raj’s suggestion of trying a pixie cut, Riddhi couldn’t help but feel a pang of concern. She observed the interaction closely, noticing how Raj’s authoritative demeanor seemed to dominate the conversation, leaving Ananya with little room to express her own desires.

Riddhi wished Ananya had looked to her for support or at least considered her opinion, but she understood the subtle control Raj exerted over the situation. She couldn’t shake the feeling that this wasn’t the first time Ananya had succumbed to Raj’s influence.

Watching Raj expertly wield his scissors and comb, creating a rhythmic melody as they worked their way through Ananya’s hair, Riddhi couldn’t deny the skillfulness of his craft. Yet, beneath the surface, she sensed a darker undercurrent—a sense of manipulation and control that made her uneasy.

As she continued to observe, Riddhi found herself questioning whether Ananya truly enjoyed being under Raj’s control, or if there was something more complex at play. However, she couldn’t draw any conclusions without more evidence.

Throughout the haircut, the sound of the scissors and comb working in tandem created a musical rhythm that filled the salon. Despite the soothing sound, Riddhi couldn’t shake the feeling of discomfort that lingered in the air.

Raj, while cutting Ananya’s hair faster than before, looked at Riddhi and noticed how she was observing his work. With a confident smile, he mentioned, “Just a few more minutes, Riddhi, and then you’ll be next in the chair.” Riddhi found it hard not to think about how her own haircut would turn out, just like Ananya had done previously.

Ananya, well aware of what was going on in Riddhi’s mind, couldn’t help but recollect her last experience with Raj, feeling a mix of apprehension and empathy for her colleague. She imagined what Riddhi would experience once her hair was in Raj’s hands, knowing all too well the power he wielded over his clients.

Raj continued to cut Ananya’s hair into a pixie, making it slightly shorter than she would have desired. As he put the finishing touches on her new look, he turned to Riddhi and said, “Your turn, Riddhi. Are you ready for your transformation?” His tone was both inviting and commanding, leaving little room for refusal.

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