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My first experience with a short haircut did not start as I had planned.  It was a result of a wonderful day on the lake with an unfortunate ending.  It was mid July and we were preparing for another hot summer day.  My boyfriend at the time had access to his family’s lake house and suggested we spend the day boating with some friends.  I was so excited as I had not been to the lake in several years and recalled many fond memories from my childhood on my family’s ski boat.  Well, long story short we spent the day soaking in the sun as I relaxed in the back of the boat with my best friend while her boyfriend and John took turns driving us around the lake.  It was amazing, relaxing with the wind whipping through our hair.  We took several stops to dip in the water and swim.  It was the during the last dip and getting ready to ride in that my friend noticed it.  My hair had somehow worked itself into a knot.  When I say a knot I really mean a mat.  Just to the right of my occipital bone.  My usually fine, strait shoulder length bob was a tangled mess.  We tried everything to get it our from olive oil, butter, soap and peanut butter with no avail.  I called my hairdresser for advice and she agreed to see me the next morning.

John was nice enough to drive me to the salon the next morning.  The mat was no smaller and in fact my have been a bit higher after all the manipulating I had done.  Entering the salon Trina greeted me with concern.  “Let’s have a look at it.”  She investigated.  Her assessment was not good, “Chris, I don’t think there is anything else I can do except cut it out babe.”  My worries were confirmed.  “Let’s get you to the chair and take a closer look dear.  John, you can take a seat over there if you like.” as she guided us to the back.  Seated in the chair she took a comb to it and admitted “I can get it out but you are in for a short haircut today girl!”  Trina exclaimed.  Startled “Oh, how short does it need to be?  I want to keep my bob.” I pleaded.  Giving me the truth Trina explained “The knot is right up to the nape of your neck.  If we try to keep some length with a bob it is gonna be just above your earlobes and really short in the back.”  “Whoa.” was all that I could get out.  Trina left and came back with her phone showing me a post from Instagram.  “This is what I am thinking.  If we have to go short we might as well do something edgy and fun!”  The girl in the picture had auburn hair that was cut into a really short bob that revealed her ear lobes.  The back was shaved close to the scalp and angled upward.  “Whoa, that’s really short.  John, what do you think?”  John walked over and shrugged “Not much else you could do babe.  If you ask me I kinda like it.”  he admitted.  Accepting my fate, “Ok Trina, you know best.  I trust you.”  Trina smiled “Don’t worry girl this is gonna turn out to be fun!”  We all laughed nervously…

Trina got to work quickly.  “First we will get the knot out and see what we have to work with.”  She began working with her shears.  They made their way through the first section with a schick as the mat began to come loose.  As she continued I could feel the cold steed on my scalp as Trina worked with a look of concentration and concern.  Part of the mat came free as Trina bit her lip and revealed her assessment as the remaining mat remained tangled on my nape “It is gonna need to be real short in the back honey.  I suggest we do an undercut bob to try to preserve some length.”  Relegated to my fate I surrendered  “Whatever you need to do.”  I glanced at John who watched on supportively.

What happened next was unexpected.  She sectioned up my hair using her comb to create a line just below my occipital bone.  Trina reached to her station and picked up her clippers.  She removed the guard and turned them on as she adjusted a lever on the side. “Chin down dear.” as she gently nudged my head forward.  The steel of the clippers vibrated against my neck as she quickly pushed them upward.  With the first pass I could feel the cool air on my scalp.  She worked quickly shearing the hair off the back of my nape.  Trina explained “I had to go to the skin to get that thing off.  I know this is short but you will have some coverage when we are done and it is really gonna be edgy.”  I swear it felt like the back of my head was bald.  She moved to the right and left sides of my head using the clippers to bare my scalp in dramatic fashion.  My suspicions were confirmed as I could see my bare scalp revealed in the mirror.  She turned off the clippers and used her trimmers to tidy up around my ears and nape.  She then began taking down the sections of hair as she worked on trying to preserve some semblance of a bob.  Just as she had explained she expertly sniped about 1/2 inch above my earlobe and angled the back at a subtle grade.  Finishing her work she commanded “Let’s get you shampooed.”

I stood and followed nervously reaching up to feel my nape.  My cold hands startled me as they touched my freshly shorn scalp.  The faint stubble had to most unusual and amazing feel.  I blushed and admitted “I kinda like the way it feels!”  Trina turned back and smiled knowingly “Wait until we get is styled.  Your are gonna love it.”   The next few minutes were that of true bliss as Trina massaged the shampoo into what was left of my hair.  She gave and excellent massage and the feel of her fingernails on my buzzed head was exhilarating.  She gently dried my hair with a warm towel and directed me back to her chair.  She blew me out and applied some product.  I was shocked at how quick she was done.  Smirking Trina laughed “Now this is low maintenance!”  We all laughed heartily.  She gave me a mirror as I examined my new self.  Honestly, I loved it.   Reaching up I ran my fingers up my bare nape “It actually feels great!”  Trina exclaimed “Doesn’t it!  I shaved one side of my head one time back in beauty school and kept it buzzed for about at year.  This makes me miss that look!”

Turning to John Trina inquired “Well, what do you think?”  John was caught a bit off guard and blushing “I actually like it!  But it is gonna be weird having a girlfriend with hair shorter than mine!”  he laughed.  Simultaneously Trina and I made eye contact.  She winked and looked back toward John “You know I could fix that little dilemma for you.  I don’t have another client for 30 minutes.”  I joined in “You could use a haircut babe and I don’t want to be the girl with hair shorter than her beau!”  John stammering “Oh… I guess I could use a haircut.”  Trina quickly uncapped me as she guided John to her chair as we changed positions.  “What do you think Chris?  I have been doing a lot of buzzcuts this summer.  It is so hot out and bald men are really kind of a thing these days with guys like the Rock, Jason Statham and Bruce Willis rocking a bald head!”  “Oh yeah and what about Vin Diesel?  Hot!” I chirped in.  John clearly trapped and quickly realizing his fate stared back at us from the mirror.  “Let’s go ahead and get our money’s worth John!  You’ll love it.”  Trina instructed.  Turning to Chris Trina inquired  “How short should I take him?”  Smiling Chris instructed “Go at least as short as my undercut, maybe even shorter if you like.”  “My pleasure.”  Trina proclaimed.

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