Tanned to Perfection – One Year Later

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The original story ‘Tanned to Perfection’ was predominantly true, though the names and location had been changed.  This story is entirely fictional.  If you liked the original this is a continuation but if you didn’t, you might prefer to give this one a miss.

July 15th

‘Shit – two ‘threes’ in the same column!’ 

Pete looked at Sue over the top of his crumpled newspaper, suddenly realising he had just made a mistake in the sudoku puzzle.  ‘Why is it that I cock up the easy sudokus and not the difficult ones?  I can’t be bothered to go back and find out where I went wrong.  Maybe we ought to start to get ready.  Why don’t we run a bath and both get nice and smooth?’

‘Good idea.  We don’t want to be rushing later on.  I am really looking forward to seeing Anne and John on Sunday.  I can’t wait to find out what is going on.  They are being very secretive about the ‘surprise’ they say they have in store for us.  Knowing what they are like it will be a bit of a shock,’ replied Sue.’

It was late on Friday evening in the middle of July and Sue and Pete were due to leave in the early hours for an extended holiday on the west coast of France with their best friends, Anne and John.  The two couples has been friends for many years and nearly always spent their summers together enjoying the naturist lifestyle and being naked for days on end.  When they arrived the previous year Sue and Pete had discovered that Anne and John practised total head to toe hair removal.  They tried it for themselves and to say that they had been bitten by the ‘baldness bug’ was understatement – they loved their new look.  Since then, Anne and John had both been fortunate enough to retire and had bought their villa on the east coast of France.  They had finally moved in in April.  Sue and Pete had been talking about their visit for weeks and were eager to be completely hair free again.

Without further ado Sue and Pete went upstairs to run a bath and then proceeded to depilate each other completely from end to toe – something that they were by now well versed in doing as it was a practice that they undertook regularly.  Starting with the feet they took it in turns to apply shaving gel and shave each body part in turn – Sue’s feet and legs first and then Pete’s.  From there they moved gradually upwards, finally shaving each other’s head and face.  On this occasion though, and for the first time in nearly a year, Pete dabbed shaving gel onto each of Sue’s eyebrows and shaved them smooth with the razor.  He concluded by picking up a pair of tweezers and gently eased out her eyelashes.  Sue returned the compliment by attending to Pete’s eyelashes. They carefully checked each other to make sure that neither had any trace of hair anywhere.

Sue thought for a moment, looked at Pete and announced, rather solemnly,  ‘That’s it!’

‘’That’s what?’

 ‘That’s it – I’ve decided.  When we head off tomorrow morning I’m walking out of the house with a bald head.  And I’m not going to wear a wig on or draw on eyebrows for the whole holiday except to get through passport control.   I’ll give Anne and John a surprise of my own!’

‘It’ll surprise me, never mind them!  The thought of what other people might say or think has stopped you from going it up to now.’

‘I know I have but I’ve been thinking about it for ages.  If it didn’t bother me at all when I was in the south of France, it shouldn’t bother me anywhere else.  I shouldn’t really care what people over here might think.  I’ve just got to bite the bullet and go bald.’

They left their house shortly after 2 a.m. to drive to Portsmouth in plenty of time to catch the Brittany Ferries crossing just after 8 o’clock in the morning.  True to her word, Sue didn’t wear a wig and seemed oblivious to the occasional stare or sideways glance when they stopped at a service station en route.  As soon as they arrived at the ferry terminal car park she grudgingly positioned a hairpiece on her head and pencilled in her eyebrows.  Pete didn’t need to.    He had changed his passport earlier in the year and he was bald in the photo.  As soon as they reached their cabin Sue removed her wig and wiped off her eyebrows.

‘I am starting to hate wearing that wig.  I’m glad to be bald again!  Unfortunately I will have to do it all again before we get to France.

July 16th

The ferry duly docked at Ouistreham just after 3 p.m. and once they had cleared passport control, Sue one again took her wig off and attacked her eyebrows with a wet wipe.

‘That’s better!’ she said, smiling in the rear view mirror.

A long, steady drive concluded at a Logis de France near Poitiers where they showered, shaved and went downstairs for an evening meal.  They were studying the menu when Sue burst out laughing.

‘Hey, just look at their English translation of ‘Coquilles St Jacques’ – it’s brilliant! Whoever wrote the menu must have used a really bad auto-translator.’

Pete glanced down and chuckled.  Sure enough, beneath the words ‘Coquilles St Jacques’ was the translation, purporting to be in English – ‘Shellfish Holy Jack’.

‘I have just got to have Shellfish Holy Jack for a starter,”  said Sue brightly.

The meal was superb despite the dodgy menu – a Coquilles St. Jacques starter followed by a beautifully tender boeuf bourguignon main course with mashed potato and green beans and finally a crème brûlée.

‘That was delicious but I’m having a food baby.  The diet will have to start again tomorrow,’ said Sue, sitting back on her seat and puffing slightly.

‘Yeah, right!  Unless we pig out on French cheese, baguettes and pains au chocolat like we did last year, that is.’

‘You are probably right, but they are all so tempting and I just can’t resist them.’

Sue and Pete awoke early and set off after a continental breakfast, heading first towards Royan on the west coast in order to catch the ferry across the Gironde and then southwards towards Arcachon.

They pulled onto the pine tree lined drive of John and Anne’s secluded villa in the middle of the afternoon, having sent a text about ten minutes beforehand to warn them of their arrival.  John and Anne were waiting outside . 

John and Anne were both naked and tanned and, as far as Sue and Pete could see from the car, hairless from head to toe – much as they expected.  They certainly looked considerably fitter and more athletic than in the previous year.  John was significantly more muscular than before and had a pronounced ‘six-pack’ and Anne had a really athletic look about her – also quite muscular but extremely feminine.  Their bodies glistened in the bright sunshine.

Pete and Sue stepped out of their car to greet their hosts.  Pete hugged Anne and Sue embraced John.  To their surprise, John and Anne didn’t feel greasy or oily – in fact they both felt quite dry.

‘Great to see you.  Couldn’t wait to lose the hair this year, eh?’ said John, noticing that both Pete and Sue were bald and neither had eyebrows or eyelashes. ‘Glad to see that you are eager to carry on where you left off last year.’

‘We thought you might like the gesture,’ said Sue. ‘And besides, neither of us could wait!’

Anne ushered them into the villa and showed them to their room.  Sue and Pete emerged naked a couple of minutes later.  John brought over cold drinks for their guests.

‘I’m glad that you have kept up your personal grooming.  I think you will really enjoy your stay this year – we have a few pleasant surprises for you,’ said Anne.  ‘What do you think about our new look?’

‘You both look great.  You’ve obviously been working out and the tans are out of this world,’ replied Pete.

‘Yes, but nothing is quite as it seems,’ chuckled Anne. ‘We wanted to get rid of our ‘spare tyres’ so we kitted out the spare room as a gym and took up an exercise regime.  We started to get into the more muscular, athletic look.  What do you think?’

Sue quickly stated, ‘Very nice – I want a body like yours!  How long has it take to get into shape? But what have we missed – you look the same as last year.’

‘Not as long as you might think,’ Anne replied.  ‘We have both lost a huge amount of fat and feel much better for it. I’ll train with you if you want.  Notice anything different about our hair?’

‘You’re both bald, same as last year,’ replied Sue.  ‘Beyond that, no.  Give us a clue.’

‘Faces,’ added Anne cryptically.

Sue looked quizzically at Pete, then at Anne and finally John.  The penny suddenly dropped. 

‘Oh my God!’ exclaimed Sue, brushing the back of her hand against John’s chin and noticing it was smooth to the touch. ‘There’s no stubble or shadow on John’s face – or on his head, or yours.’  

She looked down at John’s body, focussing on his chest and pubic area and then at Anne’s pubic area.  Finally, her gaze returned to their faces, perceiving the complete lack of eyebrows and the lizardlike, lashless eyelids.  ‘You don’t have any hair at all!  What have you done?’

‘Removed it all permanently!’ announced Anne proudly.  ‘What do you think?’

‘Fantastic!’ uttered Pete.  ‘It must have taken ages.’

‘Not at all – that’s one of the surprises you will like,’ said John.  ‘We discovered a total body enhancement system on the internet shortly after you left last year.  It has quite a convoluted name but we simply call it ‘the machine’.  It was in the trial stage and they wanted volunteers to check out its efficiency.  The company was able to produce medical certificates to prove that it was totally hypoallergenic and completely safe, so we joined the trial earlier this year.  The permanent hair removal takes literally one minute on three occasions over a two week period.  The machine arrived at in the middle of May and neither of us has picked up a razor since the beginning of June.  We haven’t noticed any regrowth at all.’

Anne continued, ‘I doubt we could ever grow hair again – even if we wanted to. Any odd hairs that might grow back could be easily removed in the same way though we haven’t found any odd hairs so far.  We decided to surprise you but keeping it a secret for so long nearly killed me!  It is just fantastic.  It does artificial tans too.  The tan comes in dozens of settings from albino to light tan, bronzed, dark tan, all the way to black.  And the finish – matte, normal, sheen and gloss. Apart from hair removal which is permanent, all other settings can be adjusted to washable, which washes off easily in the shower, or semi-permanent.  At the moment, we’ve gone for the semi-permanent dark tan, sheen look.  It lasts for days – we have been this colour and this shiny for a week but are both due for a top up.  We have been waiting for you to get here,’ said Anne.

Sue and Pete glanced over at John and Anne and once again admired the definite sheen that covered their entire bodies.

‘Can we have a look at this ‘machine’ of yours?’ enquired Pete.

‘Are you hungry?  If you fancy something to eat, we can show you afterwards,’ asked Anne.

Sue and Pete suddenly realised that they were both peckish, not having eaten anything other than a sandwich since early in the morning and agreed.  Anne duly prepared a small salad Niçoise and John fetched a couple more drinks for the guests.

The ‘Machine’

After the snack, John and Anne took them into the spare bedroom, which had been converted into a gym.  In the corner stood a unit, about the size of a telephone booth, made of metal with a smoked, opaque glass door.

‘That’s it,’ said John.  ‘The best purchase we have ever made.  If either of you fancy a go, I’ll show you how it works.’

‘I fancy the permanent hair removal.  The idea of not having to shave again really appeals and if I can get a tan as well, so much the better,’ replied Pete.

John beckoned Pete to the unit and pointed to a control panel.  Sue followed to have a look.  ‘This is the control panel and, as you can see there is a digital display.  As you can see all the settings are displayed ‘Off’.  There are several options: Hair Removal, Tan and Physique and each of those has a number of further choices.  If it is alright, we’ll leave the Physique option until later as it needs more explanation.

You want the hair removal, so all I need to do is press the ‘Hair Removal’ button.  What tan do you want?’

‘You’ve got a great tan – didn’t you say you had a dark tan?  I’ll go for that.’

John repeatedly pressed the ‘Tan’ button until the words ‘Dark Tan’ appeared on the digital display and then asked,

‘Any particular finish?’

Pete looked at Sue and asked for her opinion.  Sue replied, ‘It is up to you, but I really like the sheen look.’

‘Sheen it is then, please,’ said Pete.

John pressed the ‘Finish’ button until the words ‘Sheen’ appeared.

‘Washable or semi-permanent?  I would go for washable unless you are sure.  Semi-permanent lasts for about a fortnight.’

‘I like your tans, so I’ll try the semi-permanent.’

John pressed the adjacent button until ‘Semi-Permanent’ appeared.

‘Just one thing,’ warned John. ‘The hair removal function really does work.  If you aren’t completely sure you want to be permanently smooth in a particular body part you really must cover that area up.  The unit comes with a range of shields.  If I remember correctly Sue grew her eyebrows back for work and you both decided to keep your eyelashes.  So if nothing else you might want to wear the goggles.  Of course, if you want everything to come off, don’t wear anything.  The unit is guaranteed to be perfectly safe, even near the eyes, and we have both been through it with no side effects at all – apart from ending up totally hairless for life!’  John chuckled.

Pete replied, ‘You’re right.  Apart from my eyelashes I have kept myself completely smooth all year and am used to it.  I had forgotten how much I enjoyed having bald eyelids too until Sue plucked my eyelashes on Friday.  I am seriously thinking of not wearing the goggles.  What do you think, Sue?’

Sue just smiled and said gently, ‘Why not?  I’m thinking of doing the same myself.’ 

John opened the door to the unit and showed Pete the inside.  When you get into the unit, you need to place your feet on the footplates and your hands on the plates above.  It is to make sure that you are spreadeagled, so that every inch of the body can be treated.  Once the machine starts sensors will move the spray heads into the optimum positions.  The treatment doesn’t hurt, but it feels like one of those high powered hand dryers.  Just keep your eyes shut as it moves near your face.  The procedure ends with a blue flash.  It feels a bit like an elastic band flicking against the skin, but isn’t painful.  The door will open automatically.  The whole treatment only takes about a minute but it takes another two or three minutes for the instant tan to set.  Whatever you do, keep your hands in the air until you are dry – otherwise you might end up with streaks or marks.’

And with that Pete pressed the ‘Start’ button and stepped into the unit, bald and without any covering.

The door closed and John turned to Sue and whispered, ‘Now for some fun!’

Sue panicked and sought an explanation.  John reassured her, ‘Nothing to worry about, but there are a couple of things I didn’t tell him.  I owe him one for the trick he played on me last year.  Firstly he will come out bright blue.  It is nothing more than an indicator and it disappears completely after a minute or two, but he won’t know that when he first comes out!  It just highlights any areas that may have been missed and they can be dealt with manually with this spray attachment.  Secondly, I’m almost certain he will get a massive erection – I always do.  I don’t know if it is the warmth, the speed of the jets, the scent of the spray, the electric flash or whatever, but every single time we use the machine we both get incredibly horny.  In a second or two you will see Pete as you’ve never seen him as before!’

The unit door slid open and there stood Pete, bright blue and shiny from head to toe, arms in the air, legs apart, sporting a huge erection.

‘Come on out.  I can see why your nickname is ‘Tripod’, laughed John.  Sue and Anne burst out laughing.

‘You sods!  I can’t control it.  And I’m blue for God’s sake.  What the fuck has happened?’

‘That’s strange.  It has never done that before,’ joked John.  ‘If it doesn’t wear off I suppose you could get a part time job as a Smurf.’

‘Looks wonderful to me!’ said Sue, reassuringly.

‘Ha, fucking ha!’ grumbled Pete, completely unconvinced.

‘Wow, You weren’t at the back of the queue when they were handing out cocks, were you?  I’m sure that you two will make the most of it!’ laughed Anne.   

John chipped in, ’To misquote Billy Connolly, “If you are lucky enough to get an erection at your age, try to make full use of it – even if you are on your own”.  You might want to adjourn to the bedroom – we will.’

Once Anne had told Pete about the blue indicator he breathed a sigh of relief and instantly began to relax.

”Do you want to go next, Sue?’

‘I’m still thinking what settings to go for. Can I go last?  Besides, I must go to the toilet first.  You carry on.  Why don’t you all go outside to dry?  I’ll join you in a minute or two.’

Anne moved towards the unit and, skipping the hair removal  procedure, pressed the same ‘Dark Tan’, ‘Sheen’ and ‘Semi-Permanent’ settings as Pete had done and went inside.  She emerged less than a minute later, blue from head to toe.  John followed suit and, he too, pressed the same combination of buttons.  He emerged totally blue and with a raging erection.

It was nearly five minutes later that Sue emerged from the villa.  She was bright blue from head to toe.  By now John and Anne had already adjourned to their bedroom.

‘They have gone to bed – they couldn’t wait!  Pete commented, propping himself up onto one elbow on the airbed. ‘What settings did you go for?’

‘Hope you don’t mind, but I’ve gone for permanent hair removal too.  I am going to be bald and proud of it from now on.  And I know you have always liked really dark tans, so I went for the ‘Dark Chocolate’ setting – it is a couple of settings darker than yours – with a washable ‘Gloss’.  I wanted to see what the difference is between sheen and gloss.  If I like it, I can go for the semi-permanent next time and if not I can try something else.’

A minute or so later, the blue tint had disappeared and Sue stood above Pete.  She was the colour of cocoa, much darker than the others, but even more striking was the dazzling shine.  Her entire body looked as though she had bathed in oil and as she bent forward to kiss him, Pete could almost see his reflection on Sue’s scalp. ‘Wow!  That tan looks fantastic – I’m staggered!  You look as though you have used a whole bottle of suntan oil on your skin,’ gasped Pete, instinctively stroking Sue’s leg with his index finger to see it it felt oily.  It was dry to the touch.

They quickly adjourned to their room.  When they finally reemerged Anne was in the kitchen getting a drink for herself and John.  Sue looked at her and said, rather sheepishly, ‘I’m afraid we got carried away, I’m rather embarrassed about what happened.’

‘Good grief, that is a hell of a tan and what a shine, Sue!   I haven’t tried the glossy look  but definitely will next time.  Don’t worry about getting horny – we felt the same way too.  And if you use the machine to top up your tans, it won’t be the last time it happens.  Just enjoy yourselves,’ replied Anne, smirking.

They spent the rest of the afternoon chatting by the pool. 

Surprise visitors

The doorbell rang.  John went to answer the door.  When he returned he said that a passer-by was lost and needed directions.

The conversation continued until a cough behind them caused Pete and Sue to turn around to see Kari and Björn walking out of the villa towards them.  Both were naked and completely bald.  They hugged Sue and Pete warmly. 

‘This is the other surprise we had in store for you.  When we told them that you were coming to stay, Kari and Björn were keen to see you both again.  As you can see, we aren’t the only ones who have been using the machine.   They have had as many sessions as Anne and I.’

‘We have no hair ever again,’ said Björn.  ‘We are like Anne and John.’

Even a cursory glance at Björn’s face proved his point.  Björn’s face was as smooth as John’s – there was no hint of ‘five o’clock shadow’.  Sue could readily see that Kari had neither eyebrows nor eyelashes. Björn was the same.

‘You both look fantastic – and you are both in such great shape too,’ commented Sue.  ‘You have both bulked up since last year.’

‘That is partly due to a ‘Physique’ feature of the machine,’ said John.  ‘As you know, Kari and Bjorn were keen bodybuilders anyway, but the machine has a couple of additional programmes – a ‘Fitness’ programme for a toned look and an ‘Athletic’ programme for the well-honed look and more muscular definition.  Obviously, it is also very dependent on a healthy diet and plenty of training as well.  To be fair, once we saw that we were getting good results, we have consciously exercised regularly and eaten less crap than we used to and it indefinitely working.  Anne and I have been using the Fitness feature, whereas Kari and Bjorn opted for the Athletic programme.  We have only been using the physical development programme for just over six weeks and you can see the results already.  Anne and I have really toned up but Kari and Björn have more muscle and definition than us.  They look really good, so we are going to start using the Athletic programme ourselves.  If you would like to have a go, I will show you what you need to do.’

‘In only six weeks? That is unbelievable!’ Sue replied with some degree of incredulity.  ‘All four of you are in superb shape, but I have to admit that Kari now has the sort of physique I have always dreamed of.  I would love to try out the Athletic programme.  Can we give it a try? I might be able to surprise my gym friends when I return home. 

‘You will surprise them anyway if you don’t wear a wig when you meet them!’ laughed Anne.

‘I’m sure they will be shocked but I have made the decision that once I have gone through passport control on our return journey I will be throwing my wig into the first litter bin I get to.  I am going to be a proud bald woman from now on and when I get home everybody will have to get used to it – like it or lump it.’ 

‘Well said, Sue!’

‘ I will go and sort out some food,’ said Anne after awhile.  It won’t take long.  It isn’t much but I prepared something before you arrived and just need to warm up a couple of things.  I hope you will both stay to join us, Kari.  We all have a lot of catching up to do.

Kari confirmed that they would be delighted to stay.

About twenty minutes later Anne called them in to the dining room where she had laid out a large buffet, with a variety of French cheeses, rillettes de porc, French bread, salad, quiche Lorraine and grilled chicken  – not to mention a tureen of French onion soup.

The six friends chatted late into the evening until Kari and Björn said that they needed to call it a day and head off home.  It was agreed that they would all meet at the usual beach two days later, weather permitting.

The following morning, John and Anne invited Sue and Pete to try out the Physique function.  Both opted for the ‘Athletic’ programme.

‘It is a little more complicated than the other programs, but once you are used to the routine, it is really easy,’ explained John.  ‘When you use this program, just follow the instructions on the screen inside the cubicle.  Basically, all you need to do is flex or tighten your muscles when the screen tells you to and hold the position until you get another instruction.  Just have a quick practice before you go in.’

Anne ran through a brief routine and asked Pete and Sue to flex muscles starting with the shoulders and moving down to their calves to make sure that they had the correct technique.  

‘Who’s first?’ she asked.

Pete stepped forward and entered the machine.  Anne pressed the ‘Athletic’ button and closed the door.  About five minutes later, Pete emerged, sweating profusely.

‘That was harder than I expected!’

Sue blanched visibly but John reassured her that by the time she had used the machine not only would Pete have recovered but would be full of energy.  Sue entered the machine and, in due course, staggered out, breathing heavily.  Within a matter of minutes both Sue and Pete were back to normal and both admitted that they felt full of life – ‘electric’ even.  John and Anne led them to the spare bedroom for a workout.

Three days later

Three days after the hair removal session in ‘the machine’ Pete noticed when he looked in the mirror that his face was smooth.   He looked down and couldn’t see any hair anywhere on his body.

‘Sue, can you have a close look?  Can you see any hair on me?’

Sue examined Pete from the top of his head to his toes and nodded.  ‘You know, I can’t see any hair at all.  Will you have a look to see if you can see any on me?’

‘I can’t see a single one.’

They went to the kitchen and proudly announced the news to Anne and John.

‘I told you it would work.  You both look great.  You will need a couple of top ups in the machine but it is too late to change your minds.  Even if both of you never have another session you will never grow more than a few stray hairs,’ confirmed John.   ‘But if you want to make sure that none grow back I would suggest having another session on Friday and then one last one next Tuesday.  If you do, you will both be completely and permanently hairless by the end of next week.  I don’t know if you have noticed but you both look as though you are starting to shape up.  You both look leaner than you did at the weekend and possibly a little more athletic.’

‘I think you may be right,’ replied Sue.  ‘Pete has definitely lost some flab around his middle and my tummy seems to be firmer than it was.  I’m very impressed with the Athletic function too even though it is early days.’ 

‘Actually, you do look a bit slimmer, Sue,’ said Pete, looking at Sue’s waist. ‘We are going to finish what we have started, aren’t we?’

Sue nodded in agreement. ‘Definitely!  If John and Anne are right about us only needing two more hair removal sessions, then by the end of next week neither of us will ever have hair again.  That is what we both want, so why stop now?  And hopefully by the time we leave in September we will be well on the way to looking quite athletic too.’

Anne and John smiled.  They knew full well that if Sue and Pete exercised regularly and ate sensibly both Sue and Pete would have tremendous physiques by the time they returned to England.


This only only my second story.  I would appreciate any comments – whether positive ones or constructive criticisms.  They will help me to improve and to decide what direction to go in.  

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  1. I liked your story as well. And agree the machine needs more options. Maybe a random setting for fun and pranking. Like having a blue skin for a few days. Or growing certain female and male body parts.

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