Taylor’s Haircut

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With in a few minutes of driving, they were in front of Sue’s shop. “Are you sure they cut woman’s hair here”, asked JD, as Taylor put her cigarette out. “Sue said everyone was welcome” said Taylor, as JD turned off the car. “Do you think I should really do this, JD” asked Taylor, as she began to open the door. Before JD could answer her, Taylor said”you better still love me, if I end up bald”.

“I would probably love you more”, said JD. Taylor knew JD liked short haircut on woman. As Taylor closed the door, she said “I love you”. JD leaned over the seat, and said “love you too”. Then JD fired up the car, and drove off. Taylor waved to him, and he put his hand through the sunroof and waved back. Taylor stood there for 3 minutes, trying to work up the courage to go in. After 3 minutes of standing there, she opened the door and went in. She wasn’t  surprised to see Sue, when she got to the top of the steps. When Sue looked her way, Taylor said “Do you have time to do me, Sue”. Before Sue could answer her, she said “I want to go short”. “Have a seat, Taylor. I can get you in a few minutes” said Sue.

As Taylor was about to sit down, one of the barberettes, said “I can take you down here”.The barberette was removing the cape from his male client when he said this.When Taylor heard this, she turned around and looked in the direction of where the voice came from.The voice came from the barber furthest away from her.Taylor took two steps towards the middle aged barber,  when Sue said “Take a seat, Taylor. You don’t want Lisa to give you a short haircut.”She took a brief pause, and then said “This morning, I asked Lisa to give me a short haircut.If you want a haircut like mine, let her cut it for you.”

As Sue was saying this, the barberette’s  last customer walked past Taylor.He looked like most of the men that were in the shop.He had just gotten a flat top style haircut.He looked pretty muscular, however he was no where near as muscular as JD.This guy was dressed like a typical twenty something in their area.They lived in a rural farming community so this good looking male was not dressed in a business suite.He was wearing a stained grey T-shirt and blue jeans.When he walked passed Taylor, she could tell he must have worked on a dairy farm.She could tell this because she knew what a dairy farm worker smelled like.This is definitely somebody she wouldn’t want to hook up with.She wouldn’t hook up with a man like him because she liked her men to take showers before they went out and about the town.

Sue must have just got her head shaved, because there didn’t appear to be a hair on Sue’s head.Taylor wanted to get a short haircut, but not that short.She took a brief pause and planted her butt in a green plastic chair.When she did this, Lisa gave the Sue a dirty look.After she gave Sue a dirty look, she sat down in her barber chair.As he sat there, she thought to herself, that bitch wanted a straight razor shave.She didn’t have enough hair to do any other style other than shaving it bald, thought the barberette as she lit a cigarette.

Taylor sat down next to a woman that had the exact style she wanted. Taylor assumed that the woman was the mother of the young boy that was in the barberette chair. When Sue was done talking with Taylor, she flipped her clippers back on, and got back to work on the young boy’s haircut. He was probably 7 or 8 years old. Once she got the clippers back on, she raised them above his forehead and slowly lowered them to scalp. She pushed them forward shearing off all the hair in there path. Short hair rained down on the cape, as the barberette guided the clippers across the crown to the back of his head. The young boy made no effect to move, as she did this to him. Sue made several more passes, until the top and sides were the same length.

Once she got them all to the same length, she took a final drag on her cigarette and stubbed it out in an ashtray on her work station’s vanity. Sue pulled the cape off the young boy’s shoulders, and then removed the tissue paper from his neck. The barberette working next to Sue, helped the young boy out of the barberette’s chair, as she lowered it. When the mother saw the barberette removing the cape, she stubbed out her cigarette. When she got up from the green plastic chair, she pulled 2 $20 out of her purse. As she handed them to the barberette, she said “will this cover it”. As the barberette put the money in her bra, she said “yes, have a good day”.

As Taylor sat there, she wondered how much her haircut was going to be. She only had $40, a cell phone, and keys. If a boy’s buzz cut was $40, she wouldn’t have enough. “Taylor, I will take you, now” said the Sue. As Taylor made her way to the chair, the Sue grabbed a fresh Red cape from her vanity. Taylor’s hair was already in a pony tail, so it would be easy for Sue to cape her. As Sue used her foot to pump up the chair, she said “I’m Sue. I’m not a beautician, I’m a baberette. I’m not trained to give fancy haircuts”. “Would you be able to give me the style that the boy’s mother had” asked Taylor. Sue responded by saying “sure, Taylor, I can do it, but why would you want to cut off all this beautiful hair”.

Taylor didn’t answer her question. Taylor could see where this was going; Taylor’s regular stylist wouldn’t do it, either. That was why she was going to try to get Sue to do it. “Will you give me that haircut” asked Taylor. “That is one of the most extreme styles, I’ve ever done” said Sue. Taylor didn’t think it was all that extreme.Most of the women in her inner circle of friends had a variation of this style.As Taylor was preparing to get up and walk out, Sue said “Yes.”As Sue fastened a tissue around Taylor’s neck she said “I don’t want to hear any crying out of you if you don’t like the way it turns out.”Once the cape was secured, Sue pulled out the rubber band holding Taylor’s ponytail together. Her shiny black hair bounced down and hung over the back of the chair. “Do you mind if I smoke while I’m running the clippers” asked Sue. Sue paused, and then said “You realize I will need to use the clippers to remove the bulk of your hair”.

Without hast, Taylor said “That’s fine, I thought you looked sexy with a clipper in one hand, and a cigarette in the other”. As Sue was picking up the brush, she wondered if that was Taylor’s way of hitting on her. As she began brushing Taylor’s thick hair, she entertained the idea of being with Taylor in a lesbian relationship.She brushed it until it hung perfectly straight. Then she makes parts in with Taylor’s hair. She made one from ear to ear and 3 twists with hair on the top. Sue took a cigarette from her pack, and lit it. She took a few drags, and then unhooked her Aster 97, from its hook. As Sue flipped on the clipper, she started to get excited about the idea of her and Taylor being together.The clippers had no guard on it, when it met Taylor’s head. Sue began removing all the hair from the back and sides of Taylor’s head. Taylor’s head started out facing forward towards her chest, as the first stage continued, Sue moved it where she wanted it to be. Sue liked how Taylor just allowed her to do what she wanted to with her.Sue worked slowly around Taylor’s head, and every so often stopped to take a drag.

When Sue was working on Taylor’s neck, a sensational sexual feeling came over Taylor. Taylor was turned on by the actions of the clipper, not the operator.When Sue was satisfied that she removed all the hair from the sides and back, she hung up the clippers, and stubbed out her cigarette. Sue began putting shaving foam on the back and sides of Taylor’s head. Sue picked up a razor, and ran it across a leather strap attached to the barber chair. “Then she said “Now your going to experience the difference between a barber shop and a salon”, as she started to shave the right side of Taylor’s head. Sue said “What will your boyfriend think of you doing this”. She said this as a way of “testing the waters.””I’m sure he will be delighted” said Taylor. This wasn’t the response Sue was looking for; however, she decided to try again.By the time Sue took 20 small scrapes off of Taylor’s head, she said “most guys are crazy about long hair”. “My boyfriend is different” said Taylor.When Sue heard what Taylor said, she felt like she still had a chance to hook up with her.

A lot of times, women who live the lesbian or bisexual lifestyle in their area, kind of use “codes words” to express their feelings.They live in the bible belt of the south.A woman being in relationships with other women was unacceptable!A lot of lesbians or bisexual women used these “code words” to protect them from harm.A phrase like my boyfriend is different is one Sue often heard.Sue took this to mean that Taylor’s “boyfriend” was not a man at all.She believed that was Taylor’s way of telling her that she was a lesbian.Sue was almost ninety percent sure Taylor was a lesbian, she just needed to ask one more question to know for sure.

She made a few more scrapes, and then Sue said “Now, it’s time for us to drop the top”. This was the 2nd stage of the haircut. She took the hair down. Then Sue started combing it. As Sue began to do this, she said “What makes your boyfriend so different than other men?”As Taylor thought about it, one thing popped into her mind.She didn’t want to say it out loud.She was scared to.Sue picked up on that and said “It’s okay honey.I know what you want to tell me.”After combing it for a few minutes, every hair was where she wanted it. Sue turned the chair, so Taylor could see herself in the mirror.While Sue turned the chair, she whispered into Taylor’s ear.She whispered “My boyfriend doesn’t have a dick either.” Taylor wondered why Sue thought she was a lesbian.As Taylor looked at herself in the mirror, she debated whether or not to tell Sue what she was thinking about.

The big difference between JD and the typical southern man was the way he disciplined her.When she was “bad”, she got put in time outs.Most Southern men that Taylor had came in contact with; beat their women bloody when they acted up.Her mother became a lesbian after dealing with one abusive man after another.Unfortunately, it was one of those things that everyone knew happened.However, it was one of those things that no one talked about.For most Southern women, it was a beating a day keeps the doctor away not an apple a day keeps the doctor away.Despite only being with three men in her life, she had great knowledge of what men are capable of.At sixteen, her first boyfriend hit her repeatedly with a two by two.The second guy she made the mistake of laying down with sliced her face with a knife because he feared she was just too beautiful.

“You can see how flat it lies with the under cut. Without the under cut it would look a little bushy on the sides” said Sue. “I guess I made the right choice then” said Taylor. Sue didn’t respond to this. When Sue picked up a pair of scissors off the vanity, Taylor thought to herself I made the right choice when it came to picking a haircut and a spouse.Taylor was thinking this while Sue started cutting a line on the top of her occipital bone. Needless to say, a lot of hair dropped to the floor. Sue then slid the scissors just under Taylor’s jaw bone, and took the scissors all the way to the back of her head.

Now, Taylor could see the angle that would be her bob cut. Sue cut the other side, and then Taylor’s new haircut was done. She couldn’t wait to show JD. She was excited this was the first time; she had short hair ever in her life. Sue picked up a hand mirror, and gave it to Taylor, so she could see the sides and back. Taylor felt like a new woman, and said “I can’t believe this is me”. With that said Sue took the mirror back and started dusting off Taylor’s face and neck. “I’m going to want to see you every 2 weeks.”While Taylor was preparing to get out of the chair, she thought to herself, I bet you would like to see me a lot more than every two weeks.As Taylor felt the chair lowering, she said “How much do I owe you”. Before the chair lowered all the way down, Sue said “$20”.Taylor was so happy that it was just $20.Once Taylor stepped out of the chair, she pulled out a $20 bill, and handed it to Sue.

After she handed the $20 to Sue, she said “Can you spare a cigarette?”Sue looked at her kind of funny, and said “You smoke?”“Only like a pack a day”, said Taylor.She took a brief pause and then said, I left my pack of cigarettes in my brother’s car.Sue walked back to the vanity and tossed her the pack that was laying on the vanity.Before Sue tossed the pack to Taylor, she wrote her cell phone number on the back of one of her business cards.She put the business card in the pack before she tossed it to Taylor.

When Taylor caught the pack, she said “Thank-you.”Sue responded by saying “Don’t be afraid to use that number.”As Taylor put the pack of cigarettes in her pocket, she said “Can I call you tonight?”“Of course you can.” as she opened the drawer of her vanity.Sue was getting out another pack of cigarettes.When Taylor saw her doing this, she started slowly walking towards the steps.When she got to the top of the steps, she said “Bye honey.”

Taylor had every intention of calling Sue.She was going to call her, and be upfront with her.She was going to tell Sue, that she was 100% straight.She had no interest in being sexual with her.The last thing Taylor needed was rumors floating around their town.If JD were to hear a rumor that she was stepping out on him with a woman, she would be on the life long timeout.

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