Teacher Fern

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My first day working as a math primary school teacher. I was introduce and welcome by my department head and colleagues. Among my colleagues, there’s a teacher caught my attention. At 5’6, fair skin, slim body, a cute face with glasses, and beautiful shiny black hair that is tie into a bun. As a hair fetishism, her high quality big hair bun caught me and my adventure begin.

I got a chance to talk to her. Her name is Ms. Fern from Thailand. She’s super friendly, easygoing and smell heavenly. Fern helped me a lot on my first week in school. As months past, Fern and I gotten closer together, I managed to take her out on a few dates, and never I seen her with her hair down. I thought taking her out on a date would let me see her full glorious length of hair.

One day, Fern and I are having a dinner at a beautiful restaurant. I popped that question and ask: “Fern, i was wondering… I never seen you with your hair down, how long is it?” Fern smile,” well H.T… its pretty long, if you want me to show you, after dinner lets head to your place.” I was drilled with the answer. It is the first time that Fern wanted to come over to my place and furthermore show me her hair.

After dinner, we head over to my home. She was amazed how neat and clean my place is, “Wow… nice place you got, H.T.” Fern walk around a little and head toward the couch and sat. She said “come here and undo my bun, if you want to see my hair.” I quickly went to the couch behind her and undo her bun gently. As I unravel her soft silky hair black hair, I could feel the thickness and quality of her hair. When her hair was unravel in its full glory, a sweet strawberry fragrant smell blast out hair and her hair fell all the way to the floor.

“Wow” I said, stoking my fingers into her straight silky hair. “Fern! it’s really long and silky.”

“Surprised? I always put in it a bun to avoid students touching my hair, that’s why i never let it down or even tie it into a ponytail. You don’t know what disgusted stuff these kids touched.”

“Yeah… but wow, your hair is amazing.” I said. “It is so soft and 5 or 6 inch thick, and healthy.” I couldn’t control my hair fetish instinct, I put my nose on her scalped and breath in that strawberry fragrant. Fern didn’t mind at all and seen to enjoy the hair stoke. We chat about her about hair. She told me the last haircut she had was 7 years ago.

“How long was it 7 years ago?” I asked. “Above my chest, and I cut it to a bob because i wanted to try something new” Fern replied. “Do you like it” I asked again. “I enjoyed it, its so comfortable and easy.” She replied. “So why you decided to grow it out again?” I said while playing with her hair with my hands. “Oh… I got lazy and didn’t realized how long my hair had gotten.” She stood up from the crouch, her hair was above her knee, turn around and she continue saying “H.T, do you like it? I know you like it because I caught you a few times staring at my hair.” Since Fern and I are close, I decided to be honest with her about my fetish. Because of my honesty and how well I treated her, our relationship went up to the next level.

Regularly, Fern would turn up at my place and we would have a wonderful sex time. I would stand behind her, smell the fragrant from her hair that is trap in the bun and let it free. My hands were consistently stoke hair while we bang each other. She would use her knee length hair and wrap it all over my face and kiss me hastily. Sometimes, she will use it wrap all over my dick for a hairjob. I tried all sort of hair fetish sexual act you can think of with her hair and I love all.

Months past, the school year was about to end and holiday came. Fern hair was getting longer, it almost touching her calf. We were chilling at my place on the crouch, I played with a piece of her hair beside her stoking it and smelling it, while she watch tv. I was getting bored of her long hair, but still love it at the same time. I need something to excited my hair fetish, or rather my haircutting fetish! It was time! I knew she loves me so much that she won’t leave me, and I knew she would do anything to make me happy.

“Fern” I said, while her eye still on the tv. “yes, babe?”. she answered. “Do you think it’s time for you to get a haircut?” I asked, twisting her hair around my finger. Fern head turn away from the tv and look me in the eyes and said, “I thought you love my hair, i didn’t have plans on cutting it short because it might upset you.” I replied, “darling, I love your long hair but I’m kinda bored of right now. I mean the hairjob and stuff i still love it but I want something new. I wanna experience cutting your beautiful hairĀ  while having sex.” We discussed about my haircutting fetish idea, and finally she agreed to it because she thought it would be fun. Fern decided a bob style, she love that cut because it looks cute on her and she had it before. “Alright Fern, in a couple of days I’ll cut your hair.” I said.

The following day, Fern and I went to the mall to get haircutting tools. This was the first time she let her hair loose. Everyone on the mall was looking at her magnificent calf length black hair. We stop by for a burger, Fern push her hair back covering the chair, everyone watch amazed by the shine of her long hair from the back while she was eating her burger. After lunch, we got the haircutting equipment and head home.

At home, Fern quickly jump onto the crouch feeling tired because of the attention she got at the mall. She push her long hair behind the crouch. Me, looking at her long hair, saying to myself, “I’m going to miss it, might as well enjoy her hair while it last.” I got a brush and start brushing her hair behind the crouch. Every stoke, I place her hair near my nose, catching every fragrant from her long. The whole day, I was playing with Fern’s hair, grabbing, pulling and smelling it. That night, I slept on Fern’s long hair knowing its going get cut.

The next day, I woke up with excitement. Fern was also excited because she going to get her haircut. In the morning, we went out her walk, Fern hair was tie in a ponytail. We talked about her haircut, and how are we going to have fun. Evening come, we had dinner and went home. Fern and I took a shower together, she giving me a handjob while I washing her hair. After the shower, we kiss passionately at the same time I was trying to blow dry her hair. Once it was completely dry, I asked fern “Are you ready?” Fern was feeling honry and excited replied, “Yes, let’s do this.”

On the bed, Fern was on top of me, she inserted my dick into her pussy and start moving up and down. I grab her long hair and buried it into my face, enjoying to softness silky hair. After 10 mins when I was about to hit my climax. I ask Fern to stop. She stop and quickly tie her hair into a ponytail. I grab a the scissor in one hand and another her ponytail, brought her to the chair. I sat on the chair, Fern kneel down between my legs, wrap her hair around my dick and start suckling it. I was looking at her, touching her head, and feeling REALLY GOOD. I said “let me cut your hair! (3 times)” she replied “CUT,CUT, CUT!” while suckling my penis with her hair wrap in it. I place the scissor behind the band, she continuingly saying, “CUT,CUT, CUT!” SIIIIINNNPPPP the first sound of the scissor, and the second sound SSSSIIIIINNNNNPPPP. Slowly working the scissor through her thick hair. It took about a minute or two to finally free her ponytail from her head. When the last snip was made, I blast it out all over her face and her ponytail, feeling extremely satisfied with the experience. After we’re done I made a few trims to even out her bob and also gave her bangs. Fern hair is now chin length bob style, her head feel light, and swinging her hair around smiling and laughing. She look at her ponytail and holding it that was just cut, “WOW! this is my hair? I didn’t notice how healthy and silky it is, it feels so different when it on my head, now I look it, no wonder you love it.” Fern said. I smile at her and said, “lets wash it again to remove my cum and keep it. I want to treasure this.” “I love this style, H.T! Oh.. how I miss this feeling.” she said.

When school reopen for the new semester. Every teacher and student were surprised to see Fern new haircut, they commented she look cute. Fern whispered to meĀ  “next time, let’s do it again.” I thought to myself “it’s going to take a few years for Fern hair to grow long again but what the heck, I’ll wait.”

“Part 2 coming soon”

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