Teen Boy’s First Salon visit

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I was 16 years old in the late 1970’s when longer men’s hair was popular.  After my hair had grown out from a barber shop cut where I was buzzed almost to the skin, it was time to get a cut again.  My hair was long and overgrown and just really a mess.

Several guys at school had been going to a hair salon in town.  I was shy about going to a “Beauty Shop” to get my hair cut, but finally relented. I made a Saturday morning appointment. I parked my 4- wheel drive vehicle in back because I didn’t want anyone to know I was going to a beauty shop.

I went inside and was met by a beautiful lady at the reception desk. She had loose curls that were heavily frosted, a look that I really adored.  I was looking around inside the salon. The lady asked me if it was my first visit, and I said it was.  The salon smelled beautiful with all the scents of shampoo, conditioner, perfume etc.  nothing like the old barber shops I was used to.

I was nervous about this whole thing and she saw that.  She guided me to her chair and asked me to sit down.  She started massaging my neck and shoulders to relax me.  I liked that a lot.

She asked me how I wanted my hair cut.  I told her I wasn’t sure.  She combed my hair out to check the length and condition of it. She asked me “How about a curly perm like many young guys were getting them. I told her “No” on the perm. She said I had really great thick healthy hair that she could cut into a lot of great looks.  She showed me some photos, and told me she really liked the feathered cut with a center part.

I agreed to the cut and she motioned in a flirty way with one finger for me to follow her.  I followed and she took me back to the shampoo stations.  She sat me down and put her hand under my neck as she slowly laid me back in the chair.  She began running water and when it got warm, she wet my hair, applied some sweet-smelling shampoo and began to wash my hair.   She rinsed out the shampoo and applied conditioner which also smelled beautiful.  While I laid back letting it work, she started massaging my head around my neck, temples, cheeks ears and face. I had never experienced anything like this in my life. It felt so fantastic it began to turn me on.

It ended all too quickly. She wrapped my head in a towel and helped me to sit-up.  By this time my legs felt like jelly from everything I had received.  She directed me back to her chair.  When I sat-down she got real close to my ear and told me in a very low tone that only I could hear “Relax Dear, I am not going to do anything you don’t want me to do.” “When you walk out of here, you’ll look feel like a new young man.” Then she smiled sweetly.  I think I must have blushed slightly.  She placed a large gold-colored vinyl cape around me and secured it at the neck.  She smiled at me in the mirror, and took the towel from my head.  She picked-up a comb her station and asked me “Are you ready?”  I nervously nodded my head and she started combing out my hair and sectioning it out, twisting most of it to the top of my head and securing it with a clip.  She cut the hair off across my nape, and then started combing up a section, grabbing it between her fingers and cutting it off.  Once she was done with the back, she did the same to the sides. It seemed like she was cutting off a lot from the size of the clumps that were sliding -down on the cape.

When she was satisfied with the sides and back, she would bring down sections from the top one at a time.  I was facing the mirror so I saw every snip she made.  I also noticed how beautiful this lady was.  She was combing and cutting, asking me about my age, girlfriends, hobbies etc.  Suddenly it appeared she was done cutting, as she laid down her shears.  But she picked-up a haircutting razor and began cutting-in layers all over.  I enjoyed it as I could actually hear the razor cutting the individual hairs.  She went around my head a couple of times turning me and the chair to various places.  When she was satisfied with the cut, she added some gel to my hair and began drying and styling it with her blow dryer and a large brush.  As it began to take shape, I was very pleased with the way it looked and made me feel.  I was smiling and this made her smile as well.

She loosened the cape at the neck and swept off most of the loose hairs around my neck.  A tiny clipper was used to square-off the bottom of the nape. She then rubbed some conditioner on the nape of my neck and shaved off all the short hairs, with a straight razor before wiping the neck dry with a towel.   Then to my surprise, she ran her fingers up and down the shaved area and planted a wet kiss on the back of my neck.  I had been more than slightly aroused since the shampoo and head massage. I was trying hard not to make a mess in my pants and her chair. The rubbing of the nape and kiss came really close to pushing me over that edge.

She showed me the back of my hair using a hand mirror with the one on her station.  It looked fantastic! It was a precision cut, even though there was a bit of lipstick on my nape.  She leaned over towards me and placed her arm around my shoulder from behind and asked if I like the cut.   I smiled and told her I loved it.

She spent a few minutes showing me how to style it and how to go back to a side part if I wanted, then told me she wanted to see me back in her chair soon. She said she would touch-up and re-shave the neckline for ½ the regular haircut price. She wiped the lipstick from my nape.  I was thoroughly aroused by this time.  She took out a business card and made my next appointment on the front and then wrote something on the back.   She reached down to remove the cape from the bottom so as not to dump all the hair on me.  When she did, she felt the large erection the cape had concealed.  She looked at me, winked and smiled.

I asked her if there was a restroom and she said she would show me where it was located.  We walked back behind the shampoo area to a bathroom. She opened the door and began to close it, with her inside as well.  She reached over and gave me a hot wet kiss on the lips, and began to undo my belt and trousers.  Once the trousers and underwear were out of the way she grabbed onto my erection, and began working it.   It didn’t take long for the orgasm to overtake me.  She smiled, cleaned me up, and helped me get the underwear and trousers back in place.  She gave me another wet kiss and told me this was just the start of a beautiful thing.  She walked me out to the counter where I paid the receptionist and left, still in somewhat of a trance the hairstylist had put me in.

When I got back to my truck, I looked at her business card. Sure, enough she had me set-up for another appointment in 2 weeks.  I turned the card over and it said “Call me you stud!”  A phone number was also written there.   I did and it led to a long-term relationship.

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