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“Harper, Harper”,hiccuped Vicky,”What number are you on?”
Harper swallowed her liquor and tried to not throw up,”Six! Haha”
A man next to them snickered to himself.
“What are you laughing at!”chastised Vicky.
“You girls are such dumb people to count your drinks to reassure yourself that you’re not drunk”, he said.
“Oh yeah”,mused Harper,”How many did you have?”
“Six martinis and”,he held up his bottle,”This is my first beer of the night”
“Wow, so savage”,mocked Vicky,”I bet we can beat you at pool, no matter how many drinks we had”
He smiled,”You’re on, losers have to do the winner’s bidding”
Dumbly, Vicky nearly screamed,”Deal!”
Harper went along with the insane games as balls went clack across the table.
But victory favored the man and he relished in his glory over the girls.
“Looks like I won, let’s celebrate before your punishment”
Harper and Vicky drank til they could only stomach to sip at the tiny glasses.
“Come along, girls”
“Where are we going?”asked Harper.
“I forgot to mention”,said the man,”I own this place so we don’t have to go far”
Harper helped Vicky walk as their guide took them below the bar.
Unlocking a door, the owner opened the door.
Lights on the edges of a mirror lit up. Three barber chairs sat, ready to be used.
Harper gasped and tried to maneuver her friend and herself out of there but two burly bouncers blocked her path.
“Get in there, lady”, said a bouncer as the other took Vicky from Harper.
The girl was cradled by the thug and taken into the barbershop as Harper was confronted by the other man.
“Thank you, Hank”,praised the owner, patting the big lug on the back,”Harper?”
Harper refused to go and so was man-handled by the other bouncer and taken inside.
With the girls inside, the manager locked all inside.
Harper was plopped into her chair and to prevent her escape, the bouncer handcuffed her to the chair.
Vicky was passed out and so she was not handcuffed.
Harper thrashed at her restraints as the bouncers took seats across the room.
“Well, girls”,said the man,”You ready?”
Harper cursed at him but he just rolled his hand as if to say: Who cares.
“Let’s get started”
Taking a strip of tissue from a roll, he encased her throat with the cloth and tightened it slightly.
He grabbed a cape and flipped it onto the girl, he combed through her hair and smirked.
The self-made barber went in front of the chair, opened a drawer, and retrieved a comb and scissors.
“Let’s clean you up, babe”
Harper bit at him but he took it lightly, laughing at her faint attempt to scare him.
She shook her head to try to evade the shears but he did not care, shearing Harper’s hair to a mess.
“Oops”,mused the barber, reopening the drawer,”Let’s tidy you up”
He pulled out shiny clippers and plugged them in.
The owner did not apply a guard, he wanted her stubbly, he jerked Harper’s head aside and flicked the switch.
The bouncers sat stone-faced as Harper was being sheared, one said to the other,”Shouldn’t have made that bet”
The comment hurt the girl as the clippers climbed up the side of her scalp and over the top some.
Her scalp was now stubble but the barber wasn’t done.
Taking a bowl and shaving cream, the barber mixed it with a brush and spread it over her scalp.
“I prefer a clean shave for my girls”
Seeing no way out and without her hair, Harper forced herself to relax and enjoy the experience.
The razor glided over her balding head and soon, no hair lay on her head.
A hot towel was placed on her head and the barber went over to Vicky.
“Please”,pleaded Harper,”You have me bald. Please don’t shave my girl-friend”
“Sorry, miss. But you both lost, it would be unfair of me to just shave you”
Harper watched as Vicky was caped and her blonde hair brushed.
Like Harper, Vicky’s hair was snipped off and buzzed completely.
Lathered, Vicky barely moved her head in her state.
A hot towel was also placed on her and their capes were removed.
The bouncers cleaned up the mess of black and blonde tresses before Harper had her cuffs removed.
“Get these two to the dressing room for their uniforms”
Harper did not react, it was she and her girl-friend’s stupidity that cost them their hair and their freedom.
The dressing room looked like a locker room but smelled surprisingly nice.
One bouncer opened a locker and took out a Germanic dress with a brown apron.
Harper and the now awake, shocked about the loss of her hair Vicky put on their uniforms and followed their escorts to the bar.
“Good evening, girls”,said their boss,”You are to work here for the coming months”
Harper and Vicky soon became accustomed to their workplace, they were paid the maximum amount for their position and their boss soon opened up.
Even the bouncers had a change in tune, they were nice chaps to the girls.
If a prick bothered them, they wouldn’t hesitate to deal with them.
But their new job required a routine shave which they soon grew to tolerate.
“Welcome to the Tipsy Clover, what’ll you have to drink?”, the girls would welcome new customers.

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