Terms and Conditions (Part 2)

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Note: This is the continuation of an earlier story I’ve written and takes place around 3 months after the events of the first installment. These are to two first stories I’ve ever written so any feedback is greatly appreciated!


Monica rolled over a last time while the alarm clock kept beeping unrelentingly. She let out a groan and got up. Mornings had never been her favorite part of the day. Stretching out her arms, she went over her shortly cropped hair. It was hard to believe that it was almost three months ago since she had first taken place in Debbie’s barber chair. Three months is a long time in the age of social media and in that period she had amassed a total of almost 50000 instagram followers. Maintaining her online presence had become a full time job and all sorts of sponsorships were being offered to her almost daily. Offers from make-up brands, clothing stores and  the like piled up in her inbox, hoping they would get a feature on her rapidly growing profile. It goes without saying that she happily took most of those offers. The contents of her wardrobe had grown dramatically in these past few months and she often joked that if those companies kept sending her all of this promotional stuff she would have to hire a storage container soon. One type of offer she always refused however. Naturally, her hairdo attracted a lot of attention and quite a significant number of hair salons wanted to have a go at her in exchange for a shoutout on her page. Despite those offers she was still bound by the contract she had signed with SLP Promotions. So every two weeks, for these past three months, she had been dutifully going to the salon where Debbie then took out her clippers and razor blade in order to touch up Monica’s flattop haircut. She had grown to love the appointments and recently had started looking forward more and more to Debbie’s heavenly head massages and skill with the razor blade. 

As she rolled out of bed she quickly checked her phone. 105 new instagram notifications popped up immediately. Going over her calendar she realized that today was her lucky day. The planner indicated in bright bold letters:


9.00 Debbie


The excitement she felt washed away her residual sleepiness instantly. It was not only the prospect of the haircut that made her cheerful, but also the fact that she would be seeing Debbie. The initial awkwardness between the two women had vanished completely and they had developed a friendly but professional relationship. Monica sometimes looked back in shame on her high school days when she and her group of friends had bullied Debbie but the barberette herself seemed to pay no mind to the past, even joking about it and admitting that she had been somewhat of a weirdo as a teen. 


Monica brewed her usual morning coffee and quickly hopped in the shower. Her morning routine had drastically changed since her first visit to the salon. Not that long ago she would have spent hours trying to get her hair straight, but the flattop had entirely solved that problem. Long gone were the days of waiting for her hair to dry and her large collection of conditioners, moisturizers and shampoos had been replaced by a single pot of butch wax. 

After styling her flattop and applying a minimal amount of make-up she donned her new floral dress and high heels that had arrived from one of the shops in town only yesterday. As a finishing touch she picked a heavy golden Rolex watch and dashed out the door. 


She arrived at the barbershop at 8.50. 

“Well, aren’t you an early bird” Debby had just arrived herself and was standing in the doorway. 

“I just couldn’t wait to see you hun” Monica replied in a teasing manner. The girls greeted each other with a quick kiss on the cheek. “Feeling blue today, Deb?” Monica said, pointing at Debbie’s new haircut. 


This was somewhat of a regular thing. Every time Monica would come in for her appointment Debbie’s hairdo would have magically changed from the previous time they had met. This time, Debbie had traded her usual edgy pixie for a dark blue mohawk with the sides and back of her head being trimmed down to about one eight of an inch. She grinned, “What can I say, I just really wasn’t liking the green from last time. Now you go sit at the washing table and I’ll be right there with you”


Monica happily obliged and let herself slide into the comfortable chair. Debbie came out a few moments later, her pink barber apron tied neatly around her waist. As always, she massaged like a goddess, moving her skilled hands through Monica’s stubble and temples. When she had finished, she directed Monica to the barber chair. 

“Well, young lady, it’s high time you came in for a trim. Your hair is just way too long” she said in a stern voice as she went through Monica’s flattop with her hand. Debbie tried to keep a straight face, but both girls burst out in laughter. 

“Obviously”, Monica said, trying to sound serious “Clean up this mess please”. Debbie swung the usual thick denim cape over Monica and tightly fastened the three metallic buttons. As they popped into place Monica could feel the cape firmly seal around her neck and press against her breasts. The heavy cape was something she never really had gotten used to as it always seemed sealed just too tightly to be comfortable. “

You know, you’ve had this haircut for a couple of months now, maybe it’s time we change it up a little”, Debbie said while a devilish grin formed around her lips. 

“How do you suggest we do that?”, Monica asked. “There isn’t really much hair to begin with, unless we use extensions or something?”, she added hopefully. While the short flattop had worked miracles for her instagram career, she silently did miss her long hair somewhat. Debbie smirked again “Extensions aren’t really an option here honey. I was actually talking about taking the plunge”. 

“Wait, you mean like… bald?” Monica’s heart was racing. Despite only having a few inches of hair right now, the thought of losing those was terrifying. In her mind, there was a big difference between at least the semblance of hair and being bald.

 “I don’t know Deb. I’m just really getting used to this haircut…”


“And that’s exactly why we’re going to change it up, sweety” Debbie said with a surprising firmness. She added: “It’s not that you really have a choice in this matter. I still have that contract you signed with SLP Promotions lying somewhere around here. If you don’t agree, I’m sure you can take it up with their legal team. 


Monica sighed in defeat. Her hands were tied, just like last time.. 

She did not even have time to contemplate what was going on as Debby had already taken the clippers out of her apron. The hairdresser put her hand on Monica’s shoulder. “Look, it wasn’t exactly bad your career last time now was it? Just trust me, honey. ” She clicked off the guard  and put the clippers against the side of Monica’s head. She felt the familiar rhythmic humming of the clippers, moving slowly up and down the side of her head. After the right side of her head was meticulously clippered down, Debbie continued with the back and the other side. After this she switched off the clippers. 

“Now, you ready?” She asked, still smiling. Monica closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She felt tears rolling down her face. The idea that she would be bald in a matter of minutes was just too much. Debbie handed her a handkerchief. 

“Now be strong, girl. This is going to be a big change I know, but you’re going to look great.” Monica sheepishly nodded as she wiped her tears. She closed her eyes again. As she tried not to look the clippers hummed to life once again. An unfamiliar feeling hit her as Debbie moved the clippers through the middle of her head over and over. It seemed to go on for an eternity and when the machine finally felt silent she almost dared not to look.

 “That was the hard part” Debbie said. “Now it’s time for you to sit still and relax”. Monica stared at her reflection in disbelief. Her flattop was completely gone and she couldn’t even see a single hair on her head. Debbie was unrelenting, however as she had taken a pot of shaving cream and the straight razor from a nearby cabinet. In no time Monica’s entire head was coated with the white fluffy cream. The razor scraped over her scalp with Debbie’s short methodical scratches. The cold metal touched her scalp leaving absolutely nothing in its path. When she was done the hairdresser took a towel and wiped of the last of the shaving cream. “And now to finish up as always…” Monica calmed down as Debbie applied the soothing aftershave. It smelled like mint and felt cool on her exposed scalp. “Alright, we are done!”, Debbie exclaimed. “I would advise you to apply the aftershave at least once a day” , she continued. “It keeps the skin hydrated and gives the nice shiny polished look. What do you think?” Monica’s hands moved slowly over her bald head, touching every part of her scalp. “Oh god”, she said. “I’m actually bald”. “Well, yeah that’s what happens when you shave”, Debbie calmly said. “Honestly, this looks even better than your flattop. And I bet those people on instagram will think the same. Now, because we don’t want those pesky hairs coming back and have you looking like a fuzzball half of the time I think you should come to the shop weekly from now on so we can keep your head nice and shiny.” Monica nodded again. She kept looking at her reflection. This was going to be a big change. In that moment she did something very out of character for her. “Say uh, Debbie maybe you can give me that reshave at my place, maybe over a glass of wine?”. As the words left her mouth she was shocked by what she had just said. Oh my God, I’ve just asked Debbie out, she thought to herself. She felt her head growing red with embarrassment. Debbie seemed even more surprised for a second, but quickly regained her composure and winked. “Well, can’t say I saw that one coming, but I would love to do that honey” she went over Monica’s head again with her hands and placed a long kiss on her forehead. “Now, I think your instagram followers deserve another update don’t they?” , “yeah, yeah, I think they do..”, Monica smiled brightly. 



Debbie kicked back in her chair and relaxed. It had been quite a productive morning and even though Monica wasn’t fully convinced by her new look, she would come to accept it eventually. At least for the remaining 3 months on the contract Debbie planned on keeping Monica smoothly shaved. She laughed to herself. The contract was not valid in any legal way of course. In fact, the agency “SLP Promotions” did not even exist. Luckily, Monica had always been prettier than she had been smart and was easily misled by the seemingly real document. 

A couple of months ago, Debbie was browsing instagram and by accident found the profile of her old high school bully/crush. Initially she was just going to learn Monica a lesson she wouldn’t forget, but this whole project had turned out much better than expected. Usually she was quite level-headed and cool, but she had hardly been able to contain her excitement when Monica had asked to come over to her place. Who knew what this would lead to. Even though she did blame Monica somewhat for her miserable high school years, she still felt immensely attracted to her. In fact, over the course of these past few months, that attraction had only grown. She took her phone and opened up her instagram. She was immediately greeted by Monica’s new picture, it was simply stunning. Her green eyes shone like two big emeralds, had a big white smile on her face and she pointed to her bald head.


“Well guys, this the new me! How do you like it? #buzzed#baldchicks”


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  1. I loved the second part of the story! However, epilogue was a bit different story. I do appreciate the twist, but I’d personally prefer if the contract was real. Also I’d love a final update on Monica’s Instagram – how much new followers as well as sponsor deals would her bald look bring her.

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