Terrible trio pt.1

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“Look at you”,said Hana,”Looking like a poor, ugly bitch”.

“Oh look, she’s crying. Cry baby! Cry!”antagonized Kim.

“You think because you come to this school, we can be friends”,Sakura chastised,”You’re nothing but a low life pig: oink! oink! piggy”.

The three bullies pushed their victim around and made fun of her.
They took it too far when Hana snipped off the victim-girl’s hair.

Instantly, a teacher turned the corner of the hall and stood like stone: stareing at the bullies.

They froze quickly and pretended they weren’t doing anything.

“Girls”,his gravely voice boomed,”If you aren’t out of here in five seconds, I’m calling the principal.

They fled at once, leaving their victim at the teacher’s mercy.

He walked over, scooped up the bullied girl, and carried her to his office.

He placed her on a well-furnished chair and surveyed the damage.

“They really did a number on your hair, it won’t be much, but I’ll salvage what I can”,he said, opening the closet of his.

“Oh, please sir. Don’t cut it short, my mother will flip out”,she pled.

“It will be chic modern, I promise you. On a separate note: do you have a name?”he asked.

“Daisy, what’s yours?”she said back,”We always called you Mr. Might”.

“My name is Hito, not a long name”,he explained, clipping her hair to the top of her head.

“Pray tell, why were those ass-of-women bullying you?”said Hito.

Daisy shrugged her caped shoulders,”Maybe because I’m from a poor family”.

She started tearing up

“Aw, honey. I was from a poor family myself and look where I am now”,he comforted.

“Yeah, you are a low life gym teacher!”sobbed Daisy.

Hito hugged her: Come now, you’re alright. I may be low on the corporate food chain but that doesn’t make me useless. Now, no more crying, my dear.

Daisy accepted a clinex from Hito and calmed herself down.

Hito unclipped her hair and wetted it with a spray bottle of spring water.

He first, trimmed the hair down to the same length. He took up a styling razor and texturized it, layering it also.

Daisy was a bit sad to see her hair fall onto the cold ground but once the haircut was complete, her mood changed.

Receiving a mirror from Hito, she saw that her long locks were cut into a bob-like hairstyle.

Daisy was released from her clothy robe and she hugged her stylist teacher. He merrily smiled sheepishly.

The terrible trio thought they got away with their crime but when they were summoned to the headmistress’ office, they knew the jig was up.

“Have a seat, girls”,sarcastically ordered the headmistress,”We have a lot to discuss”.

The head of the school took her throne aggressively as if her rage made her to do so.

The girls acted like they were the victims and acting in self defense.

“Cut the bull crap”,advised the headmistress,”I know what you three did to that girl. So if I were you, I would shut up and take your punishment like the young ladies I thought you were”.

That shut them up:

“Now, your parents were not to thrilled about your recent exploits and agreed to my proposed consequence”.

The girls look scared witless,”What punishment?”.

“Tomorrow, instead of school, you three will board a bus and I’ll explain then. You may return to class now. Thank you for coming. See you girls tomorrow”, concluded the headmistress.

That night: Kim, Hana, and Sakura stressed about their fate deeply, to the point where they couldn’t sleep.

Cut to the next morning:

“Good morning, girls”,greeted the headmistress,”I hope you slept well”.

Judging by their baggy eyes: they did not sleep well.

“Well, come along”,said the chaperone, taking their backpacks and storing them by the school door.

As the bus rocked and swayed, the girls seemed to dose off but were clapped awake by the headmistress.

When the bus stopped, the girls almost screamed out loud for the bus parked at the foothold of a quaint little barbershop.

“We’re here”,sung their tormentor,”Come along, girls. Let’s not keep the barber waiting”.

The girls were seared to their bus seats so the headmistress took Hana and Sakura by the ear then came back for Kim.

“Headmistress, I’m sorry for what I did!”pled the bully,”Please don’t make me go in there”.

The headmistress didn’t care so Kim’s ear, she took and marched all three into the parlor.

“Greetings”,salemed the barber. He was old, round, and hairless,”I hear these three have been naughty girls. Well, give me an hour and I will set them straight, I promise or your money back”.

He laughed jollily as the headmistress prodded her disgraceful pupils into the three empty chairs.

The headmistress caped Kim while the barber caped the other two.

“So, we’re doing the same style on all three of them?”he asked.

“Yes, smooth bald”,smirked the mistress.

“What!”the three roared.

The barber and mistress started laughing hysterically.

“I’m just mess’in with you girls”,howled the head of the school,”But I promise that this punishment will teach you humility”.

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