That One Night

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That one night…That changed my life forever.

I was always known as the beauty queen in college.  A member of the best sorority, guys loved to drink with me, and I was known to be crazy in bed too.  But one thing had always bugged me, was it just my model looks that kept me in everyone’s good graces? Or was my personality something that everyone loved?  Honestly, I couldn’t tell.  My guy friends always told me that my body was a 10.  Perfect C cup breasts, curvy hips, and a big, well-shaped ass, could lure pretty much any guy into my bed.  Not to mention that my waist length blonde hair, bright blue eyes, and tear drop face had their own sensualizing effect on those males who crossed my path.

It seemed though, that all those things were what had garnered all my friends.  Sure I loved my sorority, but all the girls were blonde and gorgeous, just like me.  And wherever the ZETAS went, we were always attracting lots of frat guys.  Were my guy friends actually after me for some pussy?  I decided to test my friends.

I went to the store and bought a load of haircutting and shaving supplies.  My I had never liked my blonde hair, ever since I was a little girl.  It got in my mouth and whenever I was hooking up with some guy, it always seemed to be in the way.  What would it be like for it all to be gone??  One last stop before I returned home, the wig shop.  I had to pick up something to hide my baldness in class! Even if my friends did accept me, there was no way I was going to go to class bald! When all the other weeks I had been the gorgeous blonde one, who no one could expect had the highest grade.  I purchased a blonde wig that was supposed to suction to a bald head, and supposedly would be almost indiscernible from my real hair.  As I was leaving the store, an item on a shelf caught my eye.  “Hair-Be-Gone!” Was what the label on the jar said.  “Tired of shaving all the time?  Just want to be smooth and shiny for a while?  Try Hair-Be-Gone and put those shaving troubles out of your head!”  I grabbed a jar and went back to the checkout line.  With that purchase I was ready to head home and shave my hair!

I stood in the bathroom naked.  My blonde hair draped over my breasts.  I pulled the clippers out of the bag and plugged them in.  “Here goes nothing,” I thought to myself, and I plunged them right down the middle of my head.  I continued running the clippers along each side until the only hair left was on the back and sides of my head, on top there was a little stubble, but I was mostly bald!  I shaved the hair off of the sides of my head, now I really had no hair on my head!

I then pulled the razor and shaving cream from my bag.  I figured if the ProGlide could handle a beard, it could take care of my stubble no problem.  I lathered my head up and shaved it smooth.  It was so erotic, removing all that nasty hair from my body, that I masturbated furiously after I was done.  Stroking my bald head as I rubbed my clit, it was amazing!  I had never felt a sensation like this!  I decided that my smooth head should be kept for a while, so I took a handful from the jar and smeared it on my head.  The burning sensation was intense, but it was worth it to not have to shave every week.  As I wiped my head off, I glanced at the jar again, there were several levels of power listed on the back,  “weekly, monthly, NEVER AGAIN!”  I hadn’t noticed that there was more than one type, and slowly I began to get nervous.  What if I had bought the “Never again” level?  I turned the jar to the front side and my fears were realized.  Black letters on a purple background, “NEVER AGAIN!”  Oh shit, now I was probably permanently bald!   I glanced into the mirror, tears in my eyes, and realized that the hair had hidden my beautiful eyes, now they were the highlight of my face.  My bald head really accentuated my facial features, and I still had a great body.  Perhaps this could turn out to be a good thing.


I looked at the clock, 7:40 pm, it read.  It was almost time for me to go out.  I pulled my wig on my head.  I decided tonight was not the night to reveal my now permanently bald head.  I headed out to the sorority house in my nicest and sexiest dress. After pounding a few shots with my sisters, we left for the frat houses.  We palled around with the guys and luckily my wig stayed firm on my head, even after I had a few more drinks.  Then a group of us left for the bars.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the guy who I had been trying to woo since last semester, but nothing had worked.  I had never known how to talk to him, but tonight, my courage was bolstered by my confidence after my hair cut and all those drinks I had had.  I walked up to him.  “Trevor hey! Whats Up?”  “Oh dang, Kate, you look great tonight! Could I buy you a drink?”  After he bought me a drink (and several more), we took to the dance floor, sensuously grinding across the dance floor.  After a few songs, he whispered “Let’s go back to my place.”

We hopped in a cab and couldn’t contain ourselves.  Making out like young highschoolers in the backseat.  When we arrived at his place, thins got even more heated.  Trevor was fingering my pussy and after I while I came and screamed in ecstasy.  I decided to return the favor and got down on my knees to suck him off.  I opened my mouth and engulfed his cock, and to my surprise he grabbed my hair.  I was hoping that he wouldn’t pull of my wig, but his grip was too strong.  When he came in my mouth, my wig came off in his hand.  He looked first at the wig, then at me.  “Damn.  What happened here?”  He smiled and stroked my bald head.  I explained how I had never liked my blonde hair and had shaved it off that morning.  “I really like it.”  He said.  “It really brings out your eyes.”  I was shocked.  “In fact, I’ve always had a bit of a fetish for bald women.  It has always turned me on.”  I climbed on the couch and whispered sensuously into his ear, “well it’s a good thing I accidentally made this permanent.”  He grabbed my arm and we ran into the bedroom, where I had one of the best fucks of my life.


The End

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