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1950s,Urban suburb

Mrs. Kellen always had a head full of dirty blonde hair that reach her mid-buttocks(but she always had her hair up so you wouldn’t know).

She desired to cut it but her husband forbade it.”Honey, may I cut my tresses, just a tad”.

“Why would God create women if not for keeping their hair long and brushed. No, I forbid it”

Well, Mrs Kellen had two choices: either obey her husband or deceive him into forcing her to cut it.

So she said to her husband,”You were right, what kind of woman would I be if I cut my long, golden locks”.

Her plan was put into motion: she would flaunt her hair when her husband was around and she would “accidentally” be a clumsy dits. She would break plates and disobey her husband.

One day, Mr. Kellen had it:”Damn woman That’s it! I’ve got to punish you”. He took hold of her arm, Mrs Kellen prayed that her plan worked.

It did, they were driving in the car to a barbershop. She pretended to plead with him and cry like a schoolgirl(a handkerchief was a nice touch).

Ten minutes later:

The couple arrived at their destination and the man resumed his grip on Mrs Kellen’s arm.

Entering the shop, the patriarch thrust his wife forwards. The barber looked at her skeptically,”Oh, hi Bill, what can I do for you today”.

Husband pointed at the chair and resumed the conversation,”Oh, me wife has been a naughty girl, I want her hair cut”.

“Oh, that right, well I’ll fix her up for you in a jiffy”,he said, roughly pushing her shoulders down to fit her into the chair.

“Now what style?”asked the jolly round man. Mr. Kellen said,”Make it so we don’t have to come back here”. The woman had a strip wrapped around her neck and a cape was draped on her shoulders.

The barber was a bit confused,”Sir, no disrespect but I must know the style”.

“Then shave her!”the man exclaimed

Mrs. Kellen was shocked, this wasn’t her plan.

“Aye aye”,said the barber, undoing her hair and grabbing his shears.

*snip* *snip* *snip*
A few snips later:

The wife had now lost her mass of tangles and it lay in clumps on the grey ground. Her hair was now a choppy mess but the barber wasn’t done.

He traded the shears for the clippers and flicking them on, he gently tilted her neck down. The woman wasn’t so mad at this point but a smile slowly formed on her face.

She did, however, had to shed a tear to continue the charade.”Please, hubby, stop this insanity and let’s go home”.(he ignored her pleas)

The circumference of her head was now shaven completely.

Lifting her head, the mustached barber dusted her off and reached into a cabinet, taking out a razor and shaving cream.A hot towel was placed upon her stubbly scalp which she secretly immensely enjoyed.

Opening her pores, the towel was removed and a dab of cream was placed atop her head. It was spread by a special brush and once spread, the razor came next. It glided over her dome and no trace of hair was left. The barber put on aftershave on her scalp, slightly burning her scalp. A final dusting later, the barber called over her husband. “Does this satisfy you?”

“Immensely”,he said, the barber released his customer and wife rubbed her smooth hairless scalp as her man paid the Italian.

In the car:

Mrs. Kellen was still rubbing herself so her husband smirkly
put,”Did you like your punishment”

She started to fake cry,”Y-yes, dear”.

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