The Ad

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My ad:
Petite brunette with shoulder length curly mane and big brown eyes looking for man to creatively humiliate her as her dom.

His response:
Tall bald man looking for petite brunette to creatively humilate as his sub. Will need to be willing to shave her head and eyebrows. Are you that girl?

My response:
I could be. Let’s talk.

We chatted for a month over the Internet. Knowing that I would be sacrificing alot, including my beautiful hair, I wanted to make sure that he was the one. There’s so many people that pretend to be dominant. Especially online. No, he was the real deal. He had it in him to really punish me in the way that I needed. For that, I’d do anything, including shave my head and brows. We eventually agreed to meet at a hotel in a city near where we both lived for our first session.

After we checked into the hotel, he looked me over, running his hands over my body and through my hair.

“Are you sure that you want to be bald, slave? I really am planning to shave you head to toe. That wasn’t idle talk. Not a single hair will left on that body, except those pretty lashes, once we started,” he asked, tugging on my hair.

I shuddered. For the last month, as we’ve negotiated our relationship, I’ve been locked in chastity. Once I put the belt on, I mailed him the key. I couldn’t even give myself pleasure. His touch felt so good.

Looking at him, full of desire to be used by him to fulfill our mutual dark fantasies, I told him, “If it pleases you…”

He smiled. “Take off your clothing.”

So, I stripped naked, except for that damn chastity belt. He cupped each of my modest B cups. When he attached clamps to each of my nipples, my eyes teared up. Teasingly, he called me a wimp. Then he pulled me into his lap for a vigorous spanking with his huge hands.

“You’re not here to be pampered, brat. You’re here to be punished. Let’s get these ass cheeks nice and red before we shave you.”

I couldn’t help but bawl as he spanked my ass. Once he got both my butt cheeks red, he sat me down hard on a hotel chair. Then he used scarves to keep me in place and eagle spread during my shearing. As agreed, he set up a camera nearby to record the event. When he turned on the camera, he signaled for me to recite the speech that he sent me.

Through my tears, I said, “I give this man permission to shave me head to toe. I am his slave. As his slave, he has full leeway to punish me. He was chosen to shave me bald to strip me of my beauty and humble me. I thank him for that.”

The moment that I finished, he plunged his waiting clippers into my curls. They buzzed angrily as they worked. He covered the mirrors before we started, but I could see my curls fall to the ground. My tears intensified as the pile grew larger and larger. When he finished, including swiping off my eyebrows, he gave my stubbly head a vigorous rub.

“Let’s get you shaved smooth, bitch,” he said, putting down the clippers and picking up a bottle of shaving cream.

Laughing gleefully, he slathered me with shaving cream from head to toe. That nasty stinging blue gel kind that men use. As he ran his five-bladed BIC over my skin, I stayed every still. Even when he paused to switch out for a fresh blade. When he finally finished, he poured a bottle of cold water over me and then rubbed me vigorously with a scratchy hotel towel.

He ran his hands over my newly exposed scalp. “Look at you,” he said, “bald as an egg but not done.”

Then he picked up a Sharpie and began to draw over me. He especially focused on my face. It wasn’t until he finished that he uncovered the mirrors, letting me the wretched creature that he made me, bald and covered in his crude drawings, including a huge dick on my right cheek. As I stared at what I became, he unlocked my chastity belt, finally freeing my wet and aching pussy.

“Let’s now begin, my slave,” he said, inserting a finger into my pussy to finally give it some relief.

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