The alien’s pet

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The year is unimportant because time travels differently on the aliens’ world.
America along with the rest of the earth, made decade sacrifices to their conquerors.
Every ten years, they handed over thousands of people into slavery to satisfy the “gods”.
The people would be shipped to Ædvartįsk to be sold as slaves or pets.
Eve was one of these slaves and her master was a general engineer of the galactic Occasion of squad nine.
He wasn’t cruel but ducking strict.
He was repulsed by humans appearances and 9/10, he sent them to alter domains to be “fixed” to his liking.
One triple sun day, Eve was electro magnetic pulsed to her leash and escorted to her “rebirth”.
She was intimidated by the huge facility before her and rightfully so.
Inside, humans lined the walls, mostly all of them bald and marked like cattle.
Eve was unleashed and shoved into a capsule.
A machine started by vaporizing her clothes and then the “fun” began.
Eve was gassed by a nerve agent and she couldn’t move at all.
A machine like a helmet descended but stopped short of her head.
Mini buzzer-like tools hovered around her and then sailed into her hair, making a sorta bowlcut on her hair.
They attached themselves back onto the helmet then their hive officially clamped onto her dome.
Eve could feel all her hair get tugged on by airy forces and each hair get sucked into its trap.
When she couldn’t feel any hairy warmth on her scalp, Eve thought it was over.
Eve wanted to scream but her jaw muscles and vocal cords were frozen in place.
The hair blocker stung like ten zillion bees and smelled achohalic.
Once the blocker was fully seeped in, the air sucked the elixir off her head.
The helmet then dropped a mask over Eve’s eyes.
Eve could feel tiny cutters extend and slowly shave her brows then another stream of remover was applied to her empty brows.
When that was done, Eve felt a needle hive touch her forehead.
With a beep, the needle poker began engraving her master’s symbol onto her forehead.
Once completed, the helmet unclamped itself and rose.
Eve was horrified by whom she saw in the glass.
A snake-like hose rose out of the floor of her cage and slithered into her vaginal area.
She was in a state of shock but soon, it hit her G spot and she soon felt erotic.
A second hose entered her ass and shaved her butt clean of hair.
The hoses exited back into their OG holes and Eve felt gusts of powerful air blast her off.
Her master came and looked at her.
“Satisfied?”said the host.
“I don’t like the skin, any way we could remove it”
“Without killing her”,said the host,”No”.
“What about tanning?”
“How tan, sir?”
“Let’s do a bronze glaze”
A swipe on the host’s tablet released a douse of tanning fluid.
It clung to her skin and completely tanned her permanently bronze.
Her master walked away with the host hot on his heels.
Eve’s capsule descended to below and another agent knocked her out.
She woke up in a puffy dress.
A giant wig was placed atop her bald dome and her eyebrows gained new life with sketches of their former selves.
She still couldn’t move, standing still on a platform in a pose of elegance.
Her platform then moved forward suddenly, she stood among other girls straight out of periods in time.
19th, 17th, and 16th century gals stood on platforms as well.
“18th century girl to the stage”,her master ordered.
An exoskeleton made her walk before her master.
She instantly dance like it was a ballroom of the 18th century.
Her master rose from his seat and got on stage to dance with her.
He looked human but he wasn’t, he was related to the galactic empire and thus, an enemy.
He danced with elegance engrained in his psyche and eyes that projected control.
“You are my pet, always loyal”
Eve remembered that.

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