The Angora Salon (Part 1: the regular)

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                                             (Author’s note)

I loved a lot of works from this site, so I decided to give a little back and try my hand at writing for once. This is my first story, feedback is welcomed, and expect more to come!






Thomas always had a love of hair, whether it’d be cutting, styling, or growing. This included his own fluffy black hair that, to the cat’s dismay, refuses to grow more than 3 inches. So it’s only natural that he owns the highest rated salon in the city. And that he got to know his share of fair-haired ladies. Most were regulars, and would book haircuts every other month.

And today that regular would be Tanya, a tall, blonde fox whom Thomas got to know well. While other regulars show up only so often, just getting trims. She comes in twice a week to get the conditioning treatment. Now this wasn’t without good reason… For she had been growing out her hair for years! Her golden blonde tresses had grown to cover every inch of her 6 foot figure! In fact, the luscious hair had grown so thick that onlookers could only see her ears and muzzle peeking out from the silky mass.

she walked in and gleefully waved. “Good morning Thomas~ How are you?”

“Good, you’re the first one in today!” Thomas chuckled from behind the counter. “So just why do you wake up so early?” He joked. “Well, pretty soon I’ll have to get up early for academy, so I figured I’d start sooner rather than later.” She said, idly playing with a lock, so long that it dragged behind her. “Oh, they accepted you? That’s great!” Thomas continued, “So, the usual?”, “Yes please.” she smiled back.

He beckoned her over the front room, through the curtains, to the washrooms. where a set of custom granite tubs waited. And so, without another word she had jumped in, and Tom began to work. Thomas sprayed the warm water over her shiny locks, almost filling the tub. Once the he had thoroughly rinsed her hair, he began to add conditioners and began to scrub. As he massaged her silken mane, Tanya relaxed, closed her eyes, and dosed off, oftentimes this would happen during her visits.

And that made her, unknowingly, one of Thomas’s favorite customers.

Thomas continued to work her hair, he could take as much time as he wanted. He lathered the hair, slowly, thoroughly sifting his hands through the soft lengths over and over. Until it’s ready to be rinsed into a glossy sheen. He then ever-so politely wakes her up, Where she gets dried, pays and goes on her way. Unbeknownst to her that it took almost two hours! This was her “usual treatment” as of late. Thomas considered himself Tanya’s stylist, a close friend, honestly. But he just couldn’t help himself around that mane! Tom felt that he was obligated to let it grow as beautiful as possible.

The rest of the day was a busy one, and when Thomas finally got home he could finally relax. Until who would call him besides his good friend Tanya. “Hello Thomas…” she began. “Tanya, you sound sad what’s wrong?” “Well the academy has a strict dress code… And I need to cut my hair.” Thomas paused, and asked the question he was dreading, “how much?” “Down to four inches at most…” only four?! Her hair would be almost as short as his!

Thomas was breathless, they had been growing that hair for so long, and the idea of cutting it and starting again was appalling, and she sounded calm about this? “Well it’s alright, we can just grow it out after I’m finished with classes!” she tried to sound cheerful. Tom felt outraged, all that work, all that care, just to start over? He knew it would take something magic to preserve those locks.

And magic he would find.

One of his stylist friends had recommend he check out some miracle product called “Transform-Hair”. While the name was laughable, the product itself sounded promising. “Regrow hair after it’s been cut! Reattach hair from others! Try today!” And with that, an express package showed up at Tom’s shop the next day.

“Now let’s see here…” Thomas said while looking at the bottle. It was a tall glass container filled with about one liter of pink liquid, and on the top was a little glass lid, like a shot glass. “Instructions! Hear we go!” He cheered as he read out the first instruction on the back of the bottle: “Step one: cut preferred amount of hair.” Well then, it seemed like back to square-one. But after the hair was cut… What was stopping him from using it then? That ad did say reattach didn’t it? And he knew it would take months or longer for her classes to be over, could he keep those tresses somewhere else? Or maybe… on someone else?

suddenly, almost right on queue, she walked in. Her silky mantle as wonderful as ever, flowing dazzlingly as she walked in. But her demeanor was something entirely different.  “Alright, let’s get this over with.”

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