The Angora salon (part 2: finders keepers)

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Ok, so I’ll be the first to admit, a story like this is pretty out of place here on the site. So I’m thinking about jumping to another website like DeviantArt. Leave a comment if you think I should keep posting, or if I should make the jump!





“Are you sure you want to do this?” Thomas asked, setting down the bottle. “yeah… I’m gonna be alright…” Tanya sighed. “Do you wanna start off with the usual? You know, for old times sake?” “No, I just want this over with as soon as possible.” Tom pressed no further, he knew her mind was set. Rather then the curtains, into the washroom like always, they instead walked right to a barber’s chair, in the corner of the front room. Thomas reached into a drawer and grabbed an electric clipper, the strongest one at his disposal. “All of it?” “all of it.” she answered. And with that, they began.

Tom started with her bangs, which enveloped her whole face. BZZZZZZ! The clippers slowly worked through her silk until, for the first time, Thomas could see her eyes. “Wow… I always though you had green eyes.” he continued down the rest of her scalp, buzzing away the silky lengths through an entire streak along her head. More and more, the golden waves crashed down to the plastic tarp on the floor. To Tanya, the tarp guarded the floor, but to Tom, it guarded the hair. “Well, look on the bright side,” Tanya tried to joke, “When I come back, we’ll have a lot of growing to do!”

The clipper chewed lines down her head steadily, and soon, her head and neck were cropped of lengths. Moreover, the rest of her pelt was still full of flowing locks, making it look as though she were wearing a grand golden dress. Tom tried to work quickly, but the thickness and volume of hair made that impossible, even for the heavy duty shears. Tanya stretched her arms out, and the clippers made short work of her blonde sleeves. More and more, the glossy gold cascaded to the floor to join the ever-growing pile.

She stood up while Thomas ran the clippers down her back. He was careful, thorough in his shearing and slowly revealed her tall frame. Eventually, only on her tail did her hair grow farther then four inches. Finally finishing, Thomas shredded the gold from her in it’s entirety. Her once mighty mane now in a great hill, as wide as the four foot stylist was tall.

“Please” Thomas asked “You don’t have to pay, you this wasn’t a haircut you wanted.” Tanya looked at herself in the mirror. Her now short blonde hair did nothing to hide her lengthy build. Since her fur was so silky and Thomas’s was so downy, it looked as though he had more than her. She said “Thank you Tom, you’re a good friend. And I’ll be seeing you.”  With that, she had left, and Tom was sure she wouldn’t be back for a long, long time.

Now he had snagged his magic bottle and closed shop , for his work was only halfway done.

Tom’s mind raced, was he really gonna do this? Should he tell her? I wasn’t going to matter, he thought, she wouldn’t see him for months. His blue eyes looked over the mass of hair, even in this sad state it was breathtaking. Every lock gleamed in the light, every gossamer tress was hand treated, hand washed, and hand tended to by him. he simply had to save it!  He began to read off the instructions off the back of the bottle:

"Step 1: Cut preferred amount of hair."

He wouldn’t call this ‘preferred’ but moved on:

"Step 2: place hair in a water-proof container."

Alright, he thought, a water-proof container big enough for all this… his tubs in the washroom! They did it before. So he scooped up the tarp, marveling at how heavy its contents were, and carefully dumped the silk into a tub.

"Step 3: pour only one cap of Transform-hair's hair-repair solution onto hair. (amount of hair is irrelevant)"

Only one! Thomas scoffed at the notion the one of these shot-sized caps would work on the blonde mass before him! Nevertheless, the directions seemed adamant, so he filled up the cap, and splashed the top of the mount with it. He thought, only for an instant, it sizzled…

"Step 4: Mix well, until substance is smooth."

“mix? What am I making? Cake batter?” He snarked at the wording. And with gloved hands, he started to mix. Tom couldn’t lie to himself, he simply loved working on this mane, it was so shiny… so flowing… so… fluid? Yes indeed, the top of the soft mound was almost a honey-like consistency, much like the products he would so happily condition it with!  he stirred the semi-fluid silk into the rest of the pile and gradually, the tub was filled with a creamy colored concoction, The individual strands blending together seamlessly.

"Step 5: When warranted, apply compound directly onto follicles, do not rinse before applying."

"step 6: rinse to promote growth"

"And step 7: Enjoy your hair to the fullest!"

Thomas was restless, this was it, and there was only one thing left to do. Gently, Thomas lowered himself into the tub. almost immediately, he had absorbed the entire mixture with no trace. “Did it work?” he questioned nervously, “Only one way to find out.” he resolved as he took the faucet and started rinsing.

The first change was in texture, his overly puffy dew had thickened, and now lay flat on his head! He watched in awe as his charcoal coat took sheen, reflecting more and more light, converting into a glossy jet finish! Thomas turned off the water, this next step demanded his undivided attention. The water in granite tub was soaked up, and it was replaced with midnight black hair! The color was in stark contrast with before, but the volume, the texture, and of course the length was all too familiar with its new owner!

Thomas slid out of the tub, had absorbing all the water. The hair- no, HIS hair was dry. The top was an obsidian black that glided stick-straight down to the floor, where at the ends ten inches of golden highlights now lie. At this point Tom realized something: He was just over four feet tall. And Tanya, being six feet tall still had over a foot trailing behind her… This meant his hair would slither well over two feet after him! He was in ecstasy. It hadn’t been late when Tanya finally arrived, so he had plenty of time to play with his new, glistening mane. He would spend hour after hour brushing every inch.

And when he was finally finished, he would sleep soundly in his new satin sheets…

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  1. You’re right in that your stories are unique for this site, but I’m sure there’s some crossover who enjoy them. That said, dA has a huge furry contingent, so whether you continue posting here or not, I’m sure some folks there would love them.

    Thank you for contributing!

  2. Hey there! Thanks everybody for the feedback! I’ve elected to start an account of the same name (no caps, no spaces) over on DeviantArt! There I’ll be reposting this story and it’s continuations. Not only that, but also any other goodies I churn out in the future. Who knows? Maybe when I wrap my head around digital drawing I’ll put this story in color! link:

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