The Angora Salon (Part 3x: give and take)

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Author’s Note:

Oh hi. You probably thought I was going to post on DeviantArt didn’t you? Yeah, I thought that too… A submitting error proved us both wrong then huh! So to fill people in, and make the best of it; I’m posting an alternate ending to this story right here. The story on the next site will be much longer, but with more plot focus… On with the post!



It had been only two weeks after Thomas received his “Makeover” and already, he had seen such benefits!

In the moment, he hadn’t realized it but the tufts of his pointed ears had gained gilded highlights as well. Striking a sense of royalty in those he talked to, making them act as if hypnotized by him! Tom would also come to discover he had a way of beckoning folks. At the front desk, Tom would idly play with his raven locks, and this act solely would bring in customers! Why, it felt that this little shop of his was growing faster than he expected…


Yes indeed, word had spread around about a certain shop. Such an exotic parlor that even the stylist was practically swimming in his own pelt! surely, if he had such a beautiful coat he could make them beautiful too! As a matter of fact, so many had been inspired that the washrooms would fill up, while the barber chairs sat barren. But on those rare occasions he could cut, Tom would use his newfound charms to convince them, “Just a little shorter! For convenience, really!” And when Thomas was finished cutting more then his fair share, he could collect every loose strand under the guise on cleanliness…

Beyond any doubt, these glossy sheets have given him a luck unlike any other. And Thomas was determined to treat them justly! Every evening, after closing time he would give himself that “usual treatment”. Two hefty hours of soaking, conditioning, and playing with his umbra locks! Every night he could sleep, fully enveloped in fine silk! Tom didn’t want to toot his own horn, but under his care, the lengths have grown even greater in splendor! The greedy tresses swallowed the floors all around him, with no intention of stopping! Even when splayed in all directions the luxurious locks were too thick to see the tiles underneath! He hadn’t bothered with measuring them now, no point. In but two weeks, Tanya’s blonde hair had blossomed into a superior sleek mane! But who would surprise Thomas late in the evening then her, Tanya, the woman who so graciously “Donated” to Thomas’s cause.

Thomas, of course, had no intention of returning.

“Surprise Tom! I’m back! Ready to-” Tanya stopped dead in her tracks, seeing the dramatic change in her friends appearance. “Oh, Tanya! I’m so glad you’re back!” Tom said, already putting his plan into action. She stood there, her butchered blonde hair shows signs of recovery. It was still short obviously, only six or seven inches, but still dense enough to cover her once more. “w-wow…” she could get out. “I know, I know!” he brushed off. “So what brings you in?” he cooed, brushing the jet black curtains out of his eyes. “w-well good news! I finished early, And I figured…” “So you really are back!” Tom hugged her, enveloping her in an onyx colored embrace of silk! The comfort of which made her melt. “Oh…woah…ah- Thomas!” she forced out “How did you get this? You.. couldn’t before…” he finally let her go, giving her a chance to recuperate. “Aww well, I really shouldn’t have…” he started.

“But I just had to test the special products I ordered!” Tanya once again forgot to speak. “Oh, specials? products?” “Yes! A very, very strong hair growth serum! As you can see, I had underestimated it!” He laughed. This was only partly true, but she didn’t need to know about that. “So… This serum, is it available?” She said, completely convinced. “Why, you read my mind!” And, just like usual, they went straight for the washrooms. “Now,” Thomas told her, “I’ve just got to get it ready, I’ll be right back!” As Tanya sat in the spa, he walked into the Third room, storage. Here, in a much less stylish metal tub, the fruits of Thomas’s labors were. Hairs and curls of all kinds piled in the massive metal vat. Brown bristles, red waves, and quite a bit of white wool had brined together, thanks to Tom’s investment. He then poured the now liquid contents into a collection of jugs, which now lined Tanya’s tub.

One by one, Tom poured them out, demonstrating how fast Tanya had taken it in. “It’s amazing, isn’t it?” he purred, her eyes still glued to his shining cloak. “The serum! I mean! Why, I thought I was spilling it down the drain at first. And that’s how I ended up like this!” he joked, emptying the last drop. “Now the fun begins.” he said starting the water. Before her eyes, Tanya’s blonde piles returned! They grew in… different, Rather than the stick straight molten gold she was used to. It flowed out in great waves, crashing over each other to betray the now prevalent ripple in her otherwise perfect pelt. however, to have the length back, to have the volume truly shine, overjoyed her. But soon, her old lengths were reached, and the ripple continued still! Tanya soon found herself with plenty of extra, wavy, golden silk.


“Thomas…” she sighed, trying not to doze off, as she usually does. “I need to confess something…” she whispered, under the blonde tides. “Yes?” Thomas leaned in, letting a heavy black tendril slip into the tub, and suddenly, Tanya had a plan of her own. “C’mere!” she huffed, pulling Tom in. “What?! What are you doing?!” Tom’s charm slipped as he now lay in a massive blonde pile. “I Have to tell you, all those times I came in…” she sleepily said as, in an instant, she had rolled over! Tom, with his slick mantle, easily slid under the golden currants. “I think I’ve really fallen for you…” she said in her still, tired voice. With Tanya’s size, plus the mass of blonde, Thomas knew he wasn’t going anywhere for a long time. She takes a deep kiss, and smiles over him. “Now how about some real fun together!”

Indeed, word spread fast of an extravagant hair salon. Now there’s word that the stylist has hired some help. And who would believe it, but she’s got more hair then he does?!

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