The Arrangement – A Sex Slave’s Makeover

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(commissioned from Secretshaver)

My life was unbelievably bland. In high school I was always the dreamer, planning my future in the margins of my notebook. I mapped out my life in the form of images clipped from magazines. From my meager little town, moving to the big city for school and work, my dream wedding, and the mansion I would live in – everything was set to be perfect. And then life got in the way and dashed my magazine clippings to the wind. My mom got sick, so I stayed close to town to help take care of her, trading the prospect of Ivy League schools for community college. The only work I could find was at our local bank as a receptionist, which wasn’t glamorous, but the pay was decent and steady. For five years I sat at the reception desk watching as the world passed me by. The only highlight to my life were the days that Joshua Thompson came into the branch. Josh was a successful web app developer who brought in his deposits on Friday afternoons. He was easily the most beautiful man I had ever seen, and I hoped each time he came into the bank that he would notice me.

One Friday I was determined to get his attention. I sat at my desk dressed in a smart grey pencil skirt with a matching blazer cut tight to reveal two of my best assets. I’d decided to wear my mid-back length brown hair down instead of my usual “bank bun.” Instead of my contacts, I wore my librarian glasses, sitting in front of my computer, pretending to be busy with my daily tasks when Josh pushed his way through the front doors.

“Welcome to East 3rd Bank Mr. Thompson,” I said with.a smile as I removed my glasses. “Beautiful day today.”

“Really?” Josh asked with amusement. “I wouldn’t call a cloudy day like this beautiful, but to each their own.”

I felt so stupid. It sounded so good in my head. Despite my awkwardness, Josh did flash me a smile as he walked past me and into the bank manager’s office. Josh was wearing a tight pair of dress pants, with a solid blue button-up that was obviously tailored to his chiseled chest. I enjoyed the view of his ass as he disappeared into the office. Perfection.

Aside from Josh’s presence, it was a very dull day. Most people didn’t even come inside the bank, preferring to do much of their banking at the drive-thru window, ATM, or simply online. Seizing my window of opportunity, I found my way to my favorite past-time of online shopping. Browsing for shoes I didn’t need didn’t last long before Josh emerged from the manager’s office, looking particularly annoyed.

“I’m going to think this over before I make any decisions Ted,” Josh said, clearly holding back what he really wanted to say. “Thanks for meeting with me.”

“Listen Josh, I understand you’re upset, but let’s talk over the details again,” my boss Ted Armstrong called from the doorway. “We might be able to find some wiggle room in the numbers.”

Josh took a deep breath before turning back to Ted. “I said I’m going to think this over.”

Clearly defeated, Ted shut his door and Josh walked over to the head teller to drop off his deposits. I had never seen such intensity from Josh. Even his interactions with the teller seemed heated. After finishing his business, Josh began to make his way out of the bank. I averted my eyes, still feeling embarrassed from our previous interaction. Although I expected him to keep walking past my desk, I felt his presence looming over me.

“What is your name?” Josh asked

“Ashley,” I nervously replied, looking up, to meet his beautiful blue eyes and dark chestnut hair swept to the side. “I’m sorry about whatever…”

“Let’s not talk about my dealings with your boss,” he cut me off. “At least not here.”

A few awkward moments passed with me smiling at him, not knowing what to say.

“Would you like to join me for dinner, Ashley?” he asked. “I could use the company.”

“Um, I’ll have to check with my manager.” I stammered.

“No, you don’t.” Josh extending his hand towards me. “When you’re with me, you don’t need to check in with anyone.”

As if in a trance, I grabbed my purse and took Josh’s hand as he led me out of the bank and into the overcast New England fall weather. Josh escorted me over to his black Porsche. I practically sank into the embrace of the leather seat. I had never sat in anything as luxurious as his car before. Josh hopped into the driver side seat and drove off without letting me know where he was taking me. In fact, he didn’t say anything the entire ride.

“We’re here,” Josh announced. “I hope you like Italian.”

“I do,” I told him as I followed him into the restaurant.

Josh led me past the host without saying a word before seating us at a table. As if on cue, a waitress sprang up out of nowhere with a bottle of wine, two glasses, and our menus. Completely silent, the waitress opened the bottle and poured our glasses while Josh scanned the menu.

“We’ll have the veal parmigiana,” Josh bluntly told her. “And two salads with that vinaigrette I like.”

The waitress took the order and quickly dashed off to have it filled. It was easily the most efficient and no-nonsense experience I had ever had at a restaurant.

“Impressive,” I commented as I reached for my glass. “They all jump at your command.”

“I know what I like,” Josh matter-of-factly declared as he stared deeply into his wine glass. “I don’t like compromising or waiting.”

“Well I’m glad you asked me to come with you,” I said, showing my appreciation. “I had started to think you’d never notice me.”

“I’ve always noticed you Ashley.” Josh said as he looked up to meet my gaze. “But I’ve tried hard not to mix business with pleasure.”

Although my brain had exploded with a million different questions and a million different scenarios were playing out in my head just from that one statement, all I could answer was a simple “Oh.”

Josh was straightforward as he returned his attention to his merlot. “I’m a man of complicated tastes. I am very hesitant to choose a partner, as it involves a level of trust I am not comfortable giving away.”

“Well, I for one would love to learn more about your complexities Mr. Thompson.” I flirtatiously replied, placing my hand on his. “If you’d let me.”

“Call me Josh,” he responded with an unexpected warmth, placing his other hand over my own.

Our intimate moment was cut short as the salads were delivered to the table. The conversation drifted between our life stories, families, and funny anecdotes. By the time our entrees arrived, I felt like I had known Josh for a lifetime on a personal level. It was wonderful. Before long, I found myself back in Josh’s car, giving him directions back to my parent’s house.

“Thank you for an incredible evening.” I said, opening the passenger side door. “Sorry It has to end with you dropping a grown woman off at her mom and dad’s house.”

“Stop.” Josh said with a chuckle. “I think it’s noble what you’ve done to help your family.”

Josh leaned in and kissed me on the cheek before I got out of the car. I waved at the car as it drove off into the night. I felt like Cinderella returning from the ball as I approached the front door.

The next morning, I awoke to find a text message from Josh asking me to meet him at his house and that a driver would be ready to pick me up in 30 minutes. After a quick breakfast and a vague but acceptable explanation about where I was going to my parents, I threw on a pair of jeans and spaghetti string top. Satisfied with my looks, I grabbed my bag and left the house, only to be greeted by a white limousine, complete with driver.

“Ms. Lambert?” The driver said, opening the door. “My name is Zane. I’ll be taking you to Mr. Thompson’s estate this morning.”

It was hard to not squeal with delight with the situation. I felt like a princess being escorted to her gorgeous prince. I hopped into the back of the limo and was rushed to Josh’s lavish mansion. I didn’t have much opportunity to converse with my chauffeur as there was a mirrored glass divider separating the driver’s seat from the rear of the car. As Zane pulled up to the front of the house, Josh met me at the door.

“I hope you don’t mind me sending a driver for you,” Josh said, leading me into the house. “I had some business to attend to before you came.”

“Being treated like royalty?” I giggled. “I don’t mind at all!”

“I’m glad to hear that” Josh said touching my shoulder. “How would you like to be treated like royalty every day for the rest of your life? To never again worry about money or about having what you need to care for your parents? I can make that happen.”

“I don’t think I would complain.” I replied with a smile. His offer was incredibly enticing, if not a bit cryptic as well. “But what do you mean?”

“I know what I like. And I like you.” Josh returned the smile. “If you can deal with my complexities of course.”

“Of course!” I was unable to hold back my excitement. “But I’m still confused by all of this.”

“I want you to be my partner,” Josh explained as he led me deeper into his home. “A sexual partner of sorts. One dedicated to fulfilling all my desires.”

“So you want to dominate me?” I asked as I followed Josh into his study, some hesitation creeping into my voice. “Is that what you like?”

“It’s so much more than that,” Josh said as sat in a high back seat and ushered me to sit in the chair opposite to him. “I would have you altered to bring total and complete pleasure to me.”

I was speechless with how Josh was discussing his proposed partnership. I sat there in the chair with a blank look on my face as he continued wait for my reaction.

“I told you I had a complex taste.” Josh softened his expression and smiling. “I can understand if what I’m asking doesn’t appeal to you.”

“It’s not that having sex with you wouldn’t be appealing.” I replied, breaking my blank stare. “It’s just a lot to take in. How would I be ‘altered’ exactly?” I couldn’t lie that this aspect made me a bit nervous.

“Let’s not get bogged down in the details, my dear.” Josh said nonchalantly. “Just a haircut and maybe a little cosmetic work and you’d be perfect.”

“Well, I could definitely use a trim,” I replied with a smile, my apprehension fading. “If you tell me how you want it to look, I’ll take care of it at my next appointment.”

“Ashley, if you were to agree with what I’m proposing, I would be in control.” Josh stood up from his chair and walked toward mine. “Are you interested in losing that kind of control?”

Time felt like it froze as the weight of his question bore down on my mind. I could feel his commanding presence taking hold of me, swaying my thoughts. I made my decision, fully aware of the ramifications. “Yes,” I whispered.

“Good.” Josh motioned for me to stand. “We’ll get right to work with the modifications if you’re ready.”

I simply nodded. For some reason I could not resist the temptation of becoming something of a sexual tool for the man I had been lusting over for so many years. I was led back outside where the limo was still waiting. Zane opened the door for the both of us and we got comfortable inside while he drove us back into town. The ride was quiet. I was, of course, nervous about how rapidly things were moving, but I couldn’t help but to be curious about the whole ordeal.

Eventually the limo stopped in front of a salon called ‘The Razor’s Edge.’ Once inside, Josh walked up to the front desk and informed her that he had an appointment with Tanya for a special treatment. Catching the hint, Josh and I were led back to a curtained-off area where we met Tanya. Tanya was a beautiful black woman close to my age with striking features highlighted by the fact that she was perfectly bald. “Hey there, Josh,” she happily greeted him. “Who’s your cute friend.”

“Good to see you again, Tanya. This is Ashley, my new partner. I’m here to have her made over.”

“Well you picked a good one, Joshy,” Tanya said before ushering me to her salon chair and running her fingers through my hair. “So, what are we doing with this pretty little thing today?”

“Full treatment.” Josh said as he watched Tanya playing with my hair. “I want her to look perfect.”

“Okay babe, why don’t you strip for me, because we’re going to be making a mess.” Tanya took on a forceful demeanor as she helped me out of my spaghetti strap top. “Let’s go, Ash. All of it.”

I stood up and began to remove my pants timidly while Josh and Tanya looked on. I hesitated for a moment before I slid out of my panties and undid my bra, exposing my breasts.

“Take a seat sweetheart,” Tanya ordered me as she firmly pushed me back into her chair. She turned to Josh again. “Want a cape on her?”

“No.” Josh replied as he moved to the side of me. “I want to see it fall onto her bare flesh.”

Tanya busied herself behind the chair for a moment before she revealed a pair of red clippers with no guard on them. “Do you know what these are for, Ashley?” Tanya asked with a hint of wicked glee as she brandished the clippers.

“You use them to cut hair,” I stammered, confused by her question.

“Correct.” Tanya replied with a smile. “And today, they’ll be cutting your hair.”

Tanya spared me further dramatics and didn’t ask me if I was ready or not before she turned the clippers on and plunged them into my hairline right down the middle of my scalp. I only needed to look down at my lap to know that she was taking my hair shorter than it ever had been, but without a mirror to look into, I had no idea how much she was going to leave behind. Pass after pass was made until Tanya was and the clippers were turned off.

“Told you we’d be making a mess,” Tanya playfully said, motioning to the massive pile of hair sitting in my lap. “But we’re not done yet.”

I reached up to feel my head, shocked to feel the stubbly, bristly remnants of my hair. Tanya had shaved me down to nothing.

“The clippers do a decent job of getting as close to the skin as possible.” Tanya explained as she placed a warm towel over my head. “But they’re no substitute for a razor finish.”

Razor?” I repeated in an alarmed tone.

“That’s right, Ash,” Tanya said with a smile. “I’m going to shave you bald. You’ll be nice and smooth like me.”

A lump formed in my throat as the words left Tanya’s mouth. I looked up at Josh for answers only to be met with a determined gaze from a man that clearly got what he wanted. And right now, he wanted me bald.

Tanya lifted the warm towel from my head and began to spread shaving cream all over my scalp. The foam smelled faintly of lavender, providing a pleasant aroma. Once it was evenly spread out Tanya began the task of scraping the last bits of hair from my head with a three-blade razor. After every stroke, she cleaned the razor off by running it under some water from the sink before returning for another pass. While it started off with a raspy feel the blades soon began to glide over my scalp, no longer meeting resistance from hair. Clearly satisfied with her work, Tanya toweled my head off, the soft fabric stimulating my now exposed pate. Without skipping a beat, she applied shaving cream to my eyebrows and took them off with two quick strokes of her razor.

“Now for the smoothness test,” Tanya giggled with anticipation as she reclined my seat all the way down until I was lying flat. After a little wiggle of her hips, she slid her panties down from beneath her leather skirt to the floor. Without hesitation she hiked up her skirt up, exposing her glistening, smooth mound. Tanya positioned her vaginal lips over my now hairless head and began grinding against it. I was still coming to grips with my recent depilation and didn’t have the strength to fight back as Tanya continued to grind over my head and face. I couldn’t help to think of how good it felt to have her lips slide back and forth over my newly balded skull. I caught a quick glance of Josh. He was clearly enjoying the show, but there was a hint of impatience in his expression.

“You’ve done a great job, Tanya, but don’t get carried away,” he told my barber as he checked his watch. “We have another appointment to get to. You should wrap things up.”

Tanya didn’t let Josh’s interruption stop her gyration as she continued to grind against my smooth head. Soon, I felt her convulse slightly and a warm liquid spurted onto my scalp.

“Don’t worry love; it’s not pee,” Tanya reassured me, clearly sensing concern growing on my face as I ran my hands over my scalp. “I’m a squirter.”

Tanya raised the salon chair and turned it towards the mirror so I could finally my new appearance. I gasped when I saw myself; I looked almost alien with no hair. As stunned as I was about seeing my head perfectly smooth, I couldn’t help but think that I really pulled the look off. As I admired myself I heard the clippers power back up and felt Tanya force my legs apart. The vibrations felt fantastic as Tanya proceeded to strip my pubic hair away. She then lathered up my pussy and worked her magic again, removing the stubble and leaving nothing but smooth skin.

“Carpet has to match the drapes,” she straightforwardly told me as she put her razor back on the counter. “We going permanent?” she asked Josh. “The treatment usually takes 30 minutes.”

“We won’t have time before the next appointment.” Josh replied. “Just treat the rest of her body with the depilatory soap. She has to be completely smooth.”

“Okay girl, you heard the man. Follow me.” Tanya instructed as she pulled me out of the chair and walked me to a back room with a large shower stall in it. She placed what looked like an unlabeled shampoo bottle into my hands. “Rub this all over yourself. Every inch of it.”

Tanya watched as I entered the shower, shutting the glass door behind me and turning on the water. I did as I was told and began washing myself with the unknown soap, rubbing it over every part of my body. The tingling began almost instantly, and it was quite pleasurable. After the sensation subsided I stepped under the shower head and allowed it to wash away the lather. Once I was completely clean, turned it off and stepped out. Tanya gave me a towel to dry off.

“That treatment should last you about a week,” Tanya told me as she as ran her hands all over my body to confirm that no hairs were missed. “All right, you did good. Now I just need you to close your eyes for me.”

I did as I was asked and shut my eyes. I felt her pinch at my eyelids a few times.

“And there we go. You are now completely hairless.” Tanya proudly proclaimed as she showed me the tiny hairs in the palm of her hand. “It’s definitely an acquired taste, but I think you’ll learn to love the look.”

Tanya walked me back to the main room where Josh had waited. He gave me an approving grin as he saw my now totally hairless body. I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. I looked so strange with my eyebrows and lashes missing, but at the same time, I felt unbelievably sexy.

Tanya gave Josh a bottle of the depilatory soap which he slipped into his jacket pocket. “You can bring her back for the permanent treatment whenever you want. Until then, make sure she uses this every other day to keep her hair from growing back.”

“Thank you, Tanya.” Josh said as he handed her some money. He kissed her on her scalp, causing her to blush. “Let’s get going Ashley. We don’t want to keep Dr. Randall waiting.”

“See you later, Joshy,” Tanya playfully called out as she picked the mound of my hair off the floor and dumped it into the trash can. “Have fun with your smooth Barbie doll!”

I quickly slipped my clothes back and followed Josh to the front of the salon. Several of the patrons and beauticians looked my way and gave me an approving smile as we paid and exited. Instead of getting back into the limo, Josh walked me down the street for several blocks, as if he was showing off his latest domination. I was definitely turning heads as many people stared at me. Some looked shocked, while others had expressions of amazement and even arousal. I felt a rush of adrenaline knowing my new hairless head was drawing so much attention. As the cool autumn breeze wafted over my scalp, I shivered both from the chill and from exhilaration.

Josh led me down the street until we reached our destination. The words “Phillip Randall DDS, Family Dentistry” were displayed on the front of the building. He opened the door and beckoned me to come in. I was rather surprised to find a dentist open on the weekends, but I supposed there had to be some available in case someone needed them.

Josh walked me past the reception area and back into an empty exam room. He gestured for me to sit down in the dental chair as a gray-haired man in his early 60s wearing a long white coat entered the room.

“Nice to see you Dr. Randall.” Josh said, reaching out to shake the man’s hand. “Sorry if we’re a tad late. Her haircut took longer than expected.”

“No worries Josh, I had a root canal run long as well.” Dr. Randall slipped his bifocals onto his face. “What are we doing today?”

“Initially I was thinking just the front.” Josh said as he showed an image to Dr. Randall on his phone. “But now I’m leaning more towards the complete set.”

“You know I prefer that.” Dr. Randall said with a smile. “Does the young lady have any objections?”

“She does not,” Josh answered before I could.

“Want me to use anesthetic or do you want her awake for the procedure?” Dr. Randall asked as he began to busy himself in his exam room drawers.

“Keep her conscious,” Josh informed him before looking at me. “Of course she needs to be numb; I don’t want her to feel any pain. But I want her to be aware what’s happening.”

No further words were shared before Dr. Randall came to me holding an arched tray with gray putty in the upper and lower cavity. “Bite down on this,” he instructed me as he shoved it into my mouth. I did as he told, having some trouble getting my teeth out of the sticky substance when I’d finished. The dentist put the tray to the side and rummaged through a drawer, returning with large syringe and a plastic teeth retractor in his hands. He opened my mouth and slipped the retractor into the sides, forcing my jaw open before he jabbed the needle through my cheek and pushed the plunger. After a few moments I felt my entire mouth go numb. As if he knew the exact moment that the drug kicked in, Dr. Randall came back to the chair holding a pair of pliers.

All questions about what procedure I was having done left my mind as he placed the pliers on what I assumed was my right canine tooth. I could feel intense pressure as Dr. Randall began tugging on the tooth, though the Novocain kept me from feeling any pain. After a few wiggles the tooth was pulled from my mouth with a sickening slurping sound and discarded in an awaiting tray before reaching back in to work on the next tooth. Although I wanted to resist what was happening to me, all I was able to do was start crying. Tears were flowing down my face as tooth after tooth was torn from my mouth and dropped into the tray with a clink. After what seemed like an eternity of absolutely torture, Dr. Randall removed the last of my molars with one more heavy slurp as it exited my gums. The retractor was removed and a cup of green liquid was handed to me.

“Swish this, dear,” Dr. Randall instructed me as he passed me the cup. “It’ll help with any discomfort.”

I did as I was instructed and swirled the liquid around, taking the opportunity to explore my now empty mouth with my tongue. It was amazing to me how much more space there was without my teeth getting in the way. As the chemical moved throughout my mouth, I could feel my gums tightening up. I couldn’t help but look at the tray of my teeth sitting on the table as I spit the liquid into the sink. My hair would grow back if I didn’t use that soap, but they would never return. I’d sometimes wondered if I would lose my teeth as I got older; I never expected it to happen when I was only 26.

“Nice straight teeth are ideal for pulling.” Dr. Randall said as he handed me a towel to wipe away the liquid and saliva. “No complications to contend with.”

I looked up at Josh, searching for some answers as to why he was doing this, but found no response in his stoic gaze.

“How long will it take to fill up the cavities?” Josh asked, glancing at his watch again.

“No need for stitches,” Dr. Randall replied. “That’s a new compound; closes up the gums and stops any bleeding.” He stuck his gloved finger into my mouth and ran it over my still sensitive gums. “She should be ready.”

“Would you like to do the honors?” Josh asked glancing at him with a smile. “Give you a chance to enjoy your work.”

“I always enjoy taking them for a spin when I’m done,” Dr. Randall gleefully said as he unzipped his pants, exposing a large erection. I could feel his hand in the back of my head as he pushed his cock into my mouth. Without my teeth, I couldn’t put up much of a fight.

“It’s okay to try and bite,” Dr. Randall said as he continued to fuck my mouth. “I like how it feels when you gum on it.”

As if in a trance I clamped my gums around his penis as instructed, giving his shaft a bizarre massage. I sucked him off for about ten minutes before a hot load of semen spilled into my mouth. I reflexively swallowed before he slid his cock out of my mouth and back into his pants.

“You picked up a good one here Josh,” Dr. Randall pleasantly said as he started cleaning up the exam room. “The perfect specimen.”

“She’s becoming even more perfect as the day does on,” Josh responded giving me an approving smile.

Dr. Randall gave Josh two small pill bottles. “Painkillers for when the Novocain wears off, and antibiotics to prevent infection. Be sure she takes one of each when she gets home. She should stick to soft foods for a while. Her gums will be quite tender for a day or so.” Dr. Randall said as he ran a finger over my gums again. “Sucking on something firm should help if she feels uncomfortable, if you know what I mean,” he said with a sly wink.

Josh motioned me to stand up from the exam chair. As I was being escorted from the room, I stole one last glance at my pristine white teeth laying in a haphazard pile on the tray. I felt very self-conscious walking through the waiting room, bald and toothless. It felt like everyone was staring at me, only now, I didn’t enjoy being the center of attention. Just two hours ago I had a full head of luxurious brown hair and a mouth full of teeth. Now I was bald, toothless, and dreading what Josh had in store for me next. Josh settled the bill at reception before we exited the office to find his limo waiting outside. He held the door open for me as I slid inside, climbing in after me and closing the door behind him before Zane sped off down the road.

“You look beautiful Ashely.” Josh said running his fingers over my scalp.

“I look like a freak,” I struggled to say, though with my toothless mouth it came out sounding like “Ah wooh wie uh fweah.” I couldn’t stop myself from crying again. “Why did you have him pull out all my teeth?”

“If you’re going to satisfy me sexually, your mouth needs to be made more accommodating.” Josh explained as he allowed me to weep. “Your teeth would have gotten in the way; they needed to be removed. Aren’t you pleased with the results?”

“I’m hideous,” I sobbed

“You are the furthest thing from hideous, Ashley.” Josh said in a comforting voice. He rested my head on his lap where I continued to cry. “You look exactly how I want you to look. I told you my desires were complex.”

As tears dripped down my cheeks and onto Josh’s pants, I could feel his erection growing. Without any prompting, I slowly unzipped his pants to reveal his large member throbbing in my hands. I wrapped my lips around his penis and began to suck on it just as I had done to Dr. Randall. The old man was right; Josh’s rigid cock felt good on my tender gums. I managed to pleasure Josh for twice as long as I had the dentist. Just as I felt him prepare to climax, he pulled out and squirted his load all over my smooth scalp. The sensation of the warm liquid slowly dripping down the sides of my head felt wonderful.

“You really don’t think I’m ugly?” I slurred, my tears starting to dry up.

“This is how I prefer you to look.” Josh said, smearing his sperm across my scalp with the tip of his cock. “Baldness suits you, and your toothlessness adds a level of pleasure that I can’t put into words.”

“Then I’m happy you made me your ideal woman,” I slurred with a toothless grin. Knowing he was satisfied was enough to make me feel content as well.

“We’re not done yet,” Josh informed me. “You still need a few piercings and tattoos before your transformation is complete.”

The car pulled up to the tattoo parlor at the edge of the town. After Josh cleaned the semen from my head with a hand wipe I was escorted inside. The shop was empty except for a gorgeous Hispanic woman in her early 30s with waist length red hair. Almost every inch of her exposed skin was covered in tattoos ranging from animals and fairies to epic scenes from history. Her entire body told a story.

“Wow Josh.” The woman whistled in amazement, motioning towards me as we entered. “Looks like you already did a number on her.”

“She’s still a little sensitive about the rapid changes Carmen.” Josh said in a more tender tone than before. “But I’m hoping we can add some ink and piercings to complete her look.”

I stood there silently as Carmen walked around and examined me. I felt her hands run across my scalp.

“Any changes to what we discussed earlier?” Carmen asked as she lifted my tank top over my head and pulled my pants and panties to my ankles.

“No,” Josh responded. “Go with what I told you. I like to keep things simple.”

“All right. But simple or not, it’s still going to hurt.”

“She’s a tough girl.” Josh said motioning towards me. “She can take it.”

Carmen led me over to her chair and began prepping her instruments. I had never seen a tattoo gun up close before, and the look of it frightened me a bit. I hoped that I could make some small talk to take my mind off the procedure, but before I had a chance to say anything, Carmen slipped the needle into a vial of ink and held the gun to the top of my scalp. The machine whirred to life and all I felt was excruciating pain as she began dragging it across my forehead. I gripped onto the arms of the chair tightly as she continued to make more passes, adding extra ink to whatever pattern Josh had envisioned. She was relentless, and when I thought she had finally finished, I discovered to my dismay that she had merely only paused to get more ink. This time she moved to the back of my head, though mercifully this one didn’t take as long. Just as I felt like I had reached the limits of my endurance I heard the tattoo gun power down. My scalp felt like it was on fire.

“Branded just as you specified,” Carmen said, looking at Josh for approval. “She can cover it up with a wig or concealing makeup when you’re out in public, but when it’s just the two of you, they’ll be on display for your enjoyment.”

“What did you put on me?” I wearily muttered as my head throbbed. I had to know to satisfy my curiosity.

Carmen grinned as she took out her cell phone and snapped pictures of the areas where she’d applied the ink, showing them to me. My eyes bugged out when I saw her work. I now had the word “SLUT” written across my forehead in big black letters, while a barcode now adorned the back of my skull.

“A small, but useful branding to mark you as my own,” Josh explained.

“Don’t you think everything else I had done was enough to mark me?” I tried to say in a snarky tone, though my lisp didn’t do much to convey the sarcasm.

Carmen stifled a laugh. “Oh, if you think that’s extreme then buckle up, sweetie, because the fun stuff is next.”

Carmen positioned herself at my abdomen and fired up the tattoo gun. Although the pain was considerably less intense than on my scalp, each movement of the gun still sent waves of burning pain. After she had completed her work, the gun was powered down and I was able to catch a glimpse of what she had done. She had written the words “OPEN 24/7” below my stomach, with a large black arrow between the “N” and the “2” pointing down at my crotch.

“Excellent work,” Josh complimented Carmen. “Let’s do the piercings and then we can call it a day. I don’t know how much more she can take.”

Without saying a word, Carmen picked up a piercing gun prepped with several small silver rings, which looked even more intimidating than her previous tool. She spread my legs apart, jammed the gun into my crotch, and clamped it down onto my clitoris. I screamed and arced my back in anguish. My agony wasn’t over yet as she did the same to my nipples, harshly jamming a ring into each one. Everything felt like it was going dark as I felt like I was going to pass out from the intense wave of pain.

“Settle down, slut.” Carmen said without any concern for my well-being, playfully slapping my breast. “I just gave you an express ticket to O-town when that baby heals. A few flicks to those rings and you’ll be singing my praises.”

Josh took my hand as he helped me up from the chair. I was trembling, the pain still fresh and intense. I needed him to keep me steady as I pulled my jeans and panties back up.

“Be sure to keep the inked areas and clit clean for at least two weeks,” Carmen told him as she taped what looked to be plastic wrap on the spots where she’d tattooed my head. “Normal saline works just fine to keep it from getting infected. You won’t be able to fuck her pussy until it’s fully healed, but she’s got two other holes; you’ll make good use of them. When are you planning on inducting her?”

“I need to let her recover first,” Josh responded as he guided me towards the door. “I’ll settle up the bill on Monday. Thanks again, Carmen.”

I felt so limp as Josh helped me into the limo and drove me back to his mansion. My head, nipples, and clitoris throbbed intensely, and it felt like I was slipping in and out of consciousness. The last thing I remember was Josh giving me the pills from Dr. Randall’s office before I was put into a bed. As my bare head touched the pillow, I fell into a deep sleep.

I was gently awoken from my slumber by Josh’s voice calling out to me. Little by little my heavy eyelids opened and focused on his smiling face.

“You were starting to push it; it’s already past noon,” Josh playfully said while coaxing me to sit up. “How do you feel?”

“Like I was hit by a truck,” I slurred, immediately reminded that my teeth had all been ripped from my mouth. “So much for hoping all of that was a dream.”

“I have a few presents for you,” Josh said, handing me a small pink box. “A little something to show my appreciation for indulging my fantasy.”

I opened the pink box to reveal a set of dentures. Having never worked with dentures before, I struggled to fit them where they needed to be until they fell into place. A flexible compound on the underside of the plates contoured to the shape of my mouth and after a few jaw stretches, they finally felt like they fit.

“Smile for me.” Josh instructed.

I did as I was told, displaying the dentures proudly. Josh seemed pleased with the fit.

“I had Dr. Randall rush their production. Considering how upset you were with losing your teeth, I didn’t want to deprive you of replacements for too long.”

“Thank you,” I said with some difficulty, though I was able to articulate better than before. Trying to speak with false teeth was much easier than trying to speak with no teeth.

Josh handed me another box, much larger than the last. Without wasting anytime, I opened the box to reveal a large mass of brown hair. Upon further inspection, I discovered that it was a wig that resembled my discarded hair. Josh assisted me in placing the wig onto my head. After adjusting the wig to my scalp, I felt a slight suction. Josh handed me a mirror. Aside from my missing brows and eyelashes, it looked as if nothing had changed.

“I’m glad you like them,” Josh said, satisfied. “I know they won’t fully replace what you lost, but I wanted to think of some way to thank you for surrendering to my desires the other day. Not many women would endure what you had for me.”

“I asked for this Josh,” I told him with more confidence. “I asked to be included into your life and you definitely delivered.”

“Fantastic.” Josh replied. “Then I hope that you will join me tonight for a special party in your honor.”

“What kind of party?” I was surprised but also intrigued.

“One where you will be the center of attention.” Josh said as he stood from the bed. “Gather your strength and get ready for tonight. It will be an experience you’ll never forget.”

After taking a moment to wrap my mind around everything that had happened to me, I attempted to stand up from the bed and immediately fell to my knees. Having slept and not eaten or drank anything for nearly 24 hours left my body in a severe state of weakness. With great difficulty I managed to stumble my way out of the bedroom and down the hall to the kitchen by holding onto the walls and furniture. Upon arriving at the kitchen I was greeted with the aroma of scrambled eggs. I managed to seat myself at an empty seat at the table where I saw Zane preparing breakfast at the oven. I watched as Zane handled the cooking utensils like a pro, whipping up a full plate of eggs, hash browns, and melon which he then served to me.

Before I could dig into the food, Josh placed his hands on my shoulders and said, “The food is soft enough to eat without teeth. You should practice.”

I slipped my dentures out of my mouth with a slurp and set them on a napkin before I began to devour my breakfast. To my surprise, eating without any teeth wasn’t as difficult as I had imagined. Taking my time and using my gums to break apart the food, I was able to swallow everything on my plate with ease. As I finished the last bite of eggs, I looked up and saw that Josh and Zane had watched me with fascination the entire time.

“You must have been starving,” Zane said with a chuckle.

“Famished!” I replied before gulping down a large glass of juice. “You’re an incredible cook.” A mischievous impulse popped into my head. “After I’m done eating, you can try this out if you want,” I joked while pointing to my mouth. I hoped that Josh wouldn’t mind my playful jest.

Zane smirked. “I appreciate the offer, Ms. Lambert, but I’m not interested in women. Though if you have any gay male friends who are looking for a wild time, be sure to send them my way.”

“You got it,” I nodded.

After breakfast I was able to walk with renewed strength and made my way to one of the mansion’s bathrooms where I had a moment to fully inspect the new me. I carefully removed my new wig and placed it on a crystal mannequin head sitting on the counter. Having left my dentures in the kitchen, I opened my mouth to explore the emptiness. My gums were not as tender as they were after the extractions and all my sockets had closed up as Dr. Randall said they would. It was surreal running my finger over the smooth surface that once held my teeth. Closing my mouth, I noticed that my cheeks had sunken in slightly and my lips were curling inwards a bit. Seeing it for the first time since I had them removed, I discovered that rather than looking ugly, I felt it made me look more refined.

Turning my attention back to my head, I noticed the plastic wrap taped to my forehead and carefully peeled it away, revealing Carmen’s “SLUT” logo. The skin still felt tender, but it was obviously healing nicely. “Slut,” I stated, my lisp making it come out as “thluh.” I would definitely need to put more practice into speaking without the dentures. Given what I’d learned about Josh, he would probably want my teeth out at all times whenever I was here, so it would be best if I could converse without any difficult.

I didn’t see any hair growth on my scalp or eyebrows at all. Whatever was in that soap Tanya used certainly did the trick of keeping me smooth. She had said the effects weren’t permanent, though, and part of me held out hope that I would be permitted to grow my hair back one day. Until then, though, I could at least take some comfort in the knowledge that I rocked the bald look. After arousing myself by running my hands over my perfectly smooth head, I tossed off my shirt and pulled my panties down to my ankles to expose my piercings. Feeling my nipple rings made them pert and stiff, while the slightest touch to the metal ring that was now attached to my clitoris sent lighting through my body. The sensation was so intense I couldn’t stop myself from playing with it until I brought myself to orgasm. Carmen wasn’t lying about the benefits. After I’d climaxed, I washed it with a saline rinse as instructed.

The rest of the day was spent relaxing and taking care of matters from yesterday. I’d called my parents to assure them that I was alive and well. They were naturally worried when when I didn’t come home last night or contact them, but they explained Josh had sent Zane to their house by to tell them that I had become sick and was resting at his estate. Zane also presented them with a check for $100,000 to help with my mother’s medical expenses. I was overwhelmed by Josh’s display of generosity. If my hair and teeth had grown back right at that moment, I would have let him get rid of them all over again to show my gratitude. Josh later informed me that before our escapades yesterday, he’d called the bank and informed Ted that I was quitting my job. Although it was a little forward of him, I reasoned that he was just tying up any loose ends to ensure that I was freed up for my new position in his life.

After lounging around for several hours, Josh informed me that it was time to get ready for the party. He took me to a guest bedroom where I found a beautiful red dress was laying on the bed begging for me to put it on. It was a bit of a tight fit, but it felt comfortable to wear, barely covering my breasts and ass with the skimpy material.

“Simply ravishing,” I heard Josh say from behind me. “I hope you like my choice.”

“It’s not what I’m used to wearing,” I replied with a smile, “but I think I pull it off spectacularly.”

“I’ll meet you in the car when you’re finished,” Josh replied with an approving glance. “Leave the wig here, though. I want everyone to see that glorious dome of yours.”

“Of course.” I couldn’t wait to see how everyone reacted to the sight of my naked scalp. I even rubbed some baby oil onto it to give it a nice shine. With some trial-and-error I managed to draw on some convincing eyebrows and apply enough makeup to conceal my tattoos. After making sure my dentures were in place, I made my way to the limo where Josh met me. The ride was spent in silence as we drove towards our destination. Where was he taking me, I wondered? At one point the limo stopped near a hospital, and my mind went to bizarre places. Maybe his “party” would involve more extreme transformations. He might be taking me to get my breasts and butt enhanced, or maybe something even more drastic like having all my limbs removed. All those scenarios were proven false when the stoplight turned green and Zane continued driving.

Eventually the limo stopped in front an old nightclub that I had always thought was abandoned. Stepping out, Josh led me through the front doors into a brightly lit lobby where a large muscular man in a tuxedo stood. Josh removed two tickets from his jacket and handed them to the giant of a man. After reviewing the tickets, the bouncer stepped aside and allowed us to pass.

We entered the main floor of the club which, to my surprise, was packed with people, several of whom I recognized from around town. Like me, every woman in attendance was bald, tattooed and pierced to some degree. So much for me standing out among the crowd. No pleasantries were shared as Josh escorted me to our seats near the stage at the rear.

“Ashley, is that you?” I heard a familiar voice ask after sitting down. Turning to my right, I saw a hairless young Asian woman in a white mini-dress with vines and flowers tattooed across her arms and legs and a diamond stud in her nose sitting next to me. It took me a few seconds before I recognized her.

“Lisa?” Lisa Choi had been one of my closest friends since high school. Like me, she’d stayed in town after graduation, drifting between part-time jobs until she married a successful doctor. We still hung out every now and then, but I had never expected to run into her in a place like this, or to see her looking like that. I couldn’t believe the silky raven hair I’d so often complimented her for was a wig.

“Wow, I never expected to see you here,” she said with amazement, flashing a gummy grin. She must have had her teeth pulled a while ago considering how well she could speak without them.

“I never expected to be in a place like this,” I admitted, “but my life’s gone through a lot of changes lately.”

“Oh, believe me, Ash, we’ve all been through this.” She gently took my hand. “It’s a shock for the first few days, but after that, you’ll come to love your new life. Trust me.”

“I’m already starting to see the benefits,” I told her. “If you don’t mind my asking, though, why do we have go through such an extreme makeover? Our hair, our teeth, the tattoos?”

“I don’t know the exact reasons why,” she explained, “but from what I’ve heard it’s some kind of ritual to prove our dedication. We allow our masters to change our bodies into objects of physical and sexual gratification to demonstrate our submission to them. I think we get shaved so that we don’t spend too much time washing up or fussing over our hair. As for the teeth, well, you’ve probably already figured out why they get rid of them.” We both nodded and smiled knowingly.

Before I could ask Lisa any further questions the lights dimmed and a spotlight was shown onto the stage. After a moment, Tanya from the salon came out onto the floor, completely naked. Without any clothes on I could see several tribal tattoos on her chest, stomach, and thighs, while the words “CUM ON MY HEAD” were boldly displayed above her breasts in gold letters.

“Ladies and gentlemen,” Tanya spoke into the microphone. “It is my esteemed pleasure to welcome all of you to our weekly gathering. Tonight is a special night as we will be inducting a new member into our circle.” Everyone in the crowd began cheering. “One of our brothers has found an offering he feels will be a perfect addition to our group and has brought her here so that her induction can be finalized. This offering has been augmented according our bylaws, and now awaits the final trial where she must be deemed acceptable by a minimum of three current members. Having personally contributed to her transformation, I can assure you that you’re all in for a treat. Will you all please welcome Ashley Lambert!”

The audience erupted in wild applause as a second spotlight was shone onto me. I froze under the light, experiencing a bizarre kind of stage fright. I still had no idea what I was going to be expected to do to cement Josh’s and my membership, but I had a feeling it would be sexual in nature, and the thought of giving into my carnal desires in front of so many people was unnerving.

Josh grabbed me firmly under my arm and led me down the aisle to the stage where a strange seat was set up. The cheering and continued as loud claps, whoops, and whistles accompanied my journey to the stage. Once there, Josh spun me around slowly, causing the applause and cat calls to get even louder. He took out a hand wipe and rubbed the makeup off my forehead, revealing my “SLUT” brand to everyone, then spinning me around to show off the barcode. After that, he held his hand out in front of my mouth. Knowing what he was asking, I took hold of my dentures and pulled them out, depositing the top and bottom sets into his palm. Every act of exposure drove the crowd even crazier. With some help from Josh, I slipped out of my dress and underwear, my naked body now on display for everyone to see. “Get on your hands and knees,” he whispered to me. I did so without any hesitation.

“Brothers and sisters,” Josh loudly proclaimed to the crowd, “I have brought with me tonight a most exceptional specimen.” He began gently rubbing my head. “She has proven her willingness to surrender her freedom to satisfy the desires of others; shedding the trappings of her former life so that she could be reborn as a devoted sex slave. And she is now ready to be inducted into our community. Who among you wishes to evaluate her?”

From what I could see, at least one hundred hands shot into the air. Josh looked pleased as he whispered his choices into Tanya’s ear. She walked out into the audience and bought two men onto the stage. One was Lisa’s husband and the other was Ted, my old boss from the bank. Tom shot me a sly, greasy smile as he unzipped his pants to reveal a girthy half-erect penis. “I’ve always wondered how that tight little ass of yours felt, Ashley,” he leered with a lustful tone. “Now I finally get to find out.”

As Ted moved behind me, Dr. Choi dropped his pants and held his own member in front of my face. He put his hand on the back of my head, then forced his cock through my lips and into my mouth. Instinctively I started sucking, running my tongue along the head of his cock and using my gums to gently rub the shaft as he thrust it in and out of my throat. I took a quick side glance into the audience where Lisa was sitting. As odd as it may sound, I felt a bit uncomfortable blowing her husband in front of her. My concerns were misplaced as I saw she clearly didn’t mind. She was obviously enjoying the performance, fingering herself under her dress.

While Dr. Choi continued to fuck my mouth, I felt what I could only assume was lube being applied to my anus before Ted began plowing my ass. It was a surreal feeling to be fucked at both ends at the same time, but it was also incredibly pleasurable. I began convulsing with every pounding my rectum took, waves of ecstasy travelling from my ass throughout my body, unable to hold back another powerful orgasm. Ted finished first, pulling out as he was about to climax and shooting his spunk over the back of my head. Dr. Choi managed to hold out for a solid thirty minutes before he exploded in my mouth. I could feel his warm semen slide down the back of my throat before he withdrew his penis, depositing the rest of his cum on my scalp. I was disappointed that we were done.

Dr. Choi and Ted whispered something into Tanya’s ear before she came over and knelt beside me. She placed her hands on my scalp, massaging the cum in to create an even layer coating my cranium. After that, she reached towards my still dripping pussy and ran her finger along its length, sticking it in her mouth when it was covered with juices. She pulled it out with a loud pop. “Damn, girl, I didn’t think you’d get this excited,” Tanya teased me, sounding impressed. “You’re practically leaking. I just hope you’ve got a little more energy in you.”

Tanya rose to her feet again to address the audience. “I’d say that’s two votes of approval, but we still need one more. She’s already shown that she can give men a good time, so let’s see how she does with the ladies!”

The cheering resumed as Tanya scoured the crowd for the next participants. She made her selections and called them up. Lisa was one of the new pair selected, along with a woman in a trenchcoat who had a spider’s web tattooed across her scalp. I couldn’t tell who the second woman was until she took off her coat and revealed the many tattoos adorning her body. It was Carmen. She was completely naked under her coat, the only thing on her being a 12-inch long red strap-on. I nervously gulped, realizing what she had in store for me.

My new fuck partners came onto the stage to massive applause. Carmen walked next to me. “Thought yesterday was painful, chica?” she asked, giving me an intimidating toothless grin. “Wait until you see what I’ve got planned for you today.” She slowly stroked the dildo. “No lube this time. You’re gonna feel everything.”

While Carmen walked around me so she could properly violate my ass, Lisa stepped in front of my face, hiking up her dress to show her smooth pussy, still wet from her recent masturbation. “Can’t let my husband have all the fun,” she told me as she grabbed the sides of my face and pulled it forward into her crotch. I began eagerly lapping at her clit, intoxicated by the scent of her pussy. As I’d done with her husband, I used my gums to give her labia a pleasant massage. Given how wildly she was squealing and squirming, it seemed like I was doing a good job.

Carmen was not gentle, giving me a hard smack on each butt cheek before she rammed her phallus into my ass over and over again. My moans of pain were muffled by Lisa’s thighs. I could hear Carmen moaning as well with each thrust, enjoying herself immensely. It must have been a double-ended dildo, I reasoned. Her fucking was intense and brutal – I hoped it would never end. Eventually, she was spent, withdrawing the strap-on from my anus and panting heavily after she’d brought me to climax again. Lisa finished shortly after, moving my head under her pussy so her juices could flow onto my scalp. If anyone had told me my first lesbian experience would be this bizarre I’d have never believed them.

The women conferred with Tanya again, and she smiled widely, showing off her gums. “It’s official! With four votes of approval, Ashley Lambert is hereby inducted into our circle!”

The audience erupted in applause as Josh and Tanya helped me to my feet. I was wrapped in a robe and escorted from the stage to an adjoining dressing room, my legs feeling like jelly. It’s true what they say about walking funny after you’ve had anal for the first time.

“That was quite a show Ashley.” Josh proudly declared, kissing me on the lips. “I knew they’d accept you.”

“I’m glad I didn’t disappoint,” I told him, sounding a little out of breath after the intense sex.

“You could never disappoint me,” he said, holding me tightly. “You are my goddess, my perfect sex slave. And I promise to treat you like royalty for the rest of eternity.”

With tears of joy welling up, I embraced my lover and master. As we hugged, I caught sight of myself in a mirror on the wall. There I stood, a woman completely devoid of hair and teeth, my scalp glistening under the dressing room lights from the seminal and vaginal fluids covering it, a tattoo marking me as a whore on display to the entire world. I looked at my reflection and smiled. Saying “yes” to Josh’s request was the best decision I had ever made.

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