The Auction

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Before heading to college I decided I would avoid Greek life like the plague. I was from a small town, my graduating class was under 150 kids, and I didn’t want to get socially overwhelmed by joining a sorority. I didn’t realize that Greek life was literally everywhere on campus. They were constantly hosting events, parties, and fundraisers. Pretty much anyone could go to their parties, provided they were hot enough or knew someone that could get them in. And everyone was allowed to go to fundraisers, since the more people that went, the more money they could raise.

Once I arrived at school, I quickly noted there were two groups on campus that got the most attention: Phi Beta Mu and Alpha Chi Epsilon. The Phi Beta girls were overly preppy and infectiously bubbly. The Alpha Chi boys were all jocks, and all ‘pretty’ boys. It was well known that the two groups often intermingled, if you know what I mean. You’d normally see a Phi Beta in her sky high heels, wearing their signature turquoise, paired off with a long haired dude clad in emerald from Alpha Chi.
Much to my chagrin, I got invited to two Alpha Chi frat parties right off the bat. I knew it was because they thought I was cute, I was definitely their type. I’ve been told I’m conventionally pretty, with wavy long hair that’s a glossy strawberry blond, and deep blue eyes. But, I’m incredibly shy, and even in high school I never dated much. I had one long term boyfriend, but we called it off before heading away to college. Neither of us felt that a long distance relationship would work out.

My roommate, Carly, tried to convince me to go to both parties, but I really didn’t want to.
“Tiff, you have to go, they almost never invite freshmen girls and you’ve gotten invited TWICE! Not going is like social suicide.”
“They’re just hunting for fresh meat,” I told her, “They’ll find someone new to stalk. And I don’t have any interest in joining one of their cliques, if I was going to join any sorority it wouldn’t be the Phi Betas, so the Alpha Chi guys wouldn’t want me anyway.”

I was, somewhat unfortunately, right about them craving fresh meat. They did move on, quickly. And next thing I knew Carly was the one with an invite. I told her I would drive her, the frat house was about two miles off campus, and I didn’t want her to have to take an Uber. I knew she’d be drunk after the party and it was too risky for a woman our age to be alone like that. She tried to convince me to sneak into the party with her, but I adamantly declined. The night of the party came around and I dropped off Carly out front and told her to call me when she wanted me to come get her. I watched her march up to the front door, a little wobbly in her new heels, and then she disappeared inside. Out front there were a handful of Alpha Chi boys sitting along the stone staircase leading up to the side door of the house. I could tell they were from Alpha Chi because they were almost all blond, with hair that fell down to at least their shoulders. It was one of their trademarks, to have long ‘luxurious’ locks. It wasn’t my taste, but I’m not one to judge. You could easily tell the freshmen guys, who were desperate to join AC, apart from the older members because their hair wasn’t nearly as long. Instead it tufted out around their ears and hung in their eyes. I looked back over at the guys out front. One of the tallest guys was smoking, obnoxiously letting the smoke swirl into the others’ faces. He kept dragging his greasy hair out of his eyes with his free hand, which made me wonder why they didn’t take up wearing ponytails… He had to be one of their more popular members, because all of the guys next to him kept laughing at everything he said, and every time a girl walked by, they all smiled and winked at him and him specifically. I couldn’t fathom why they obviously found him to be ‘the most attractive’, since there was no way of knowing what he looked like under all that hair.

Once I got back to my dorm I was feeling bored and unmotivated to do homework, so instead I went on Instagram and decided to try to find the profiles of all the AC guys. I thought it might be funny to look at old pictures of the senior members and find out what they looked like as hairless high schoolers. Right away I was able to find the tall guy who was smoking from earlier. His name was Austin McNeal, and he was from Massachusetts. A lacrosse player, I noted, and very into PDA with his PB girlfriend who was on the cheerleading team. There were no pictures of him from high school, he must have gone and deleted all of them once he got to college. And none of what was posted showed his face clearly, he had his long blond curls blocking most of his mug in all of them. Bummer.

A few weeks later Carly came back to our dorm ranting about some fundraiser that the PB recruits wanted her to go to. “They’re calling it ‘The Auction’,” she said, “It’s going to be so much fun, you should go with!”
“What’s the money going toward?”
“Well Phi Beta’s philanthropy is childhood cancer prevention, so I guess something to do with that.”
It sounded like it could be an ok time, and for a good cause, so I offered to go with her and act as the designated driver. Carly squealed with delight, and even though I still had no idea exactly what ‘The Auction’ was, I was pretty excited to go to an event with her. It would be a good opportunity for roommate bonding.

When we arrived, all of the PB girls were setting up a bunch of chairs. Five were on a raised platform which was serving as a make-shift stage, the rest were for the audience. I spotted a bunch of AC boys milling around, including Austin.
Once the chairs were set up, the girls made an announcement for everyone else to take a seat in the audience, so we made our way over to the front of the stage and found a spot to sit.
“What are they even auctioning off?” I asked Carly, “I don’t see anything set up to sell.”
“You’ll see,” Carly giggled, “This is going to be legendary.”
Once everyone was seated, the AC girls who were running ‘The Auction’ made their way into the crowd and selected a few PB guys to come back up to the stage with them. There were five guys total, Austin included I noticed, and they all looked confused as to what was going on, though they were trying not to look it.
One of the other girls took the microphone while her crew sat all of the guys in the chairs on stage, and then went and stood behind them. They must be cautioning off a chance to date one of them, I hypothesized. It just seemed weird that the guys didn’t look like they were in on the deal.

Finally, the girl with the mic spoke, “Good evening everyone! Thank you for coming out to our Alpha Chi fundraiser! You are all probably wondering what ‘The Auction’ is, and let me tell you, it is going to be the best fundraiser you’ve ever seen! Let me explain the rules. Under your chair is a paddle with a number on it, you’re going to use that to bid. Each bid is ten dollars, and for every thousand dollars raised we’re going to give one of these lucky guys a lil haircut!!”
The whole crowd whooped and cheered, with the exception of most of the PB guys. They all looked like this was the first time they were hearing this plan, and they didn’t look happy about it.
“If we run out of hair on these five guys, we’ll choose a few more from the audience. And listen ladies, we know you all love these lads’ long hair, we do to, but don’t you love raising money for charity more?? Plus, whoever donates the most at the end of the night gets to go on a date with an Alpha Chi or a Phi Beta of their choosing!”
The guys on stage were squirming, I turned to Carly and said, “Is it just me, or does it seem like the guys weren’t let in on what was being auctioned before this?”
Carly cackled, “That was half the fun of it. They would have all said no, they all love their hair too much. So the sorority planned it all without them knowing.”
“That just seems mean,” I said.
“Oh it grows back,” Carly laughed, “They’ll be fine. Don’t be such a stick in the mud.”
I wanted to leave, but it was going to be too hard to get out of my seat without causing a disturbance. Plus, I didn’t want to leave Carly to fend for herself and get a ride home…

The auction started, tentatively. People were probably a little unsure about the whole thing like I was. But slowly people started to get into it, and bids started flying in. Soon they were up to four thousand dollars, and four of the guys on stage had noticeably shorter hair. The girls cutting their hair had been tame, not taking off any hair above the ears. But then it got to five thousand, and it was Austin’s turn for a cut. I watched as the girl who was standing behind Austin grabbed a chunk of his hair on the right side of his head and severed it well above his ear. Unlike the other girls, she was being ruthless! She didn’t even try to make the ‘final’ cut look decent, instead he looked like he’d been run over by a lawn mower! I was too far away to see exactly what damage was done, but I could see a few places where his hair was sticking straight up, so there had to be some very short clumps amongst his still longish locks. It was making me a little turned on to think about him being so ruthlessly sheared, but mostly I just felt sorry for him. The PB ‘hairdressers’ ushered their ‘clients’ off stage, and then went into the crowd and dragged five more guys up into the chairs. I saw this as my opportunity to slip out, and at least go hide in the bathroom until Carly was ready to leave.
“I have to pee,” I told her, “I’ll be back.”

I rushed out of our row and made a dash for the hallway. Once outside of the auditorium I started walking toward the bathroom, when out of the corner of my eye I saw a flash of emerald green. The door to the men’s bathroom slammed closed, followed by what sounded like loud sobbing. I had no desire to go into the men’s room, but I was a little worried by how loudly whoever it was was crying.
I knocked on the door and called out, “Hey, you ok in there?” I heard sniffling and then quiet. I kicked the door open a little with my toe and peered in, wanting to make sure whoever it was hadn’t passed out on the floor. Standing at the sink, head down, still sobbing but muffling his cries with his fist, is Austin. I bit my lip and went in. “You ok?” I asked softly.
He didn’t look at me, he just growled, “Get out of here.”
“I’m sorry, I just, I wanted to make sure you weren’t hurt. I’ll-”
He turned to look at me then, and for the first time I saw his gorgeous green eyes, well one of them anyway. They were filled with rage. “I said GET. OUT.”
His face was puffy from crying. There were clumps of his hair stuck all over his clothes. The remaining hair on his head was still mostly long, at least on the left side, but some of the right side was harshly severed near the scalp. What I could see of his forehead and cheeks were dotted with angry red acne, probably a result of his sweaty hair constantly hanging in his face. Other than that he was strikingly good looking.
“Please, just stop staring at me and go,” Austin said, his voice sounding defeated.
“I-I… I didn’t mean to stare, I’m sorry. I… um, are you sure you don’t need help?”
“What exactly do you think you can help me with?” He spat.
Truthfully I wasn’t sure, I was just trying to offer support. We stood there in silence for a moment before he met my gaze again, “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have blown up at you like that. It was nice of you to come in here, to check on me.”
“I’m sorry for barging in,” I say, “And, um, I’m sorry about your hair.”
He lets out a sad laugh and turns back to the sink. His eyes well up with tears again when he looks in the mirror. “God, I feel so stupid. It’s just hair, right? Who cries over s**t like this.”
“It’s ok,” I say gently, “You didn’t ask for them to do this, it’s ok to be upset.”
“I’m gonna have to f-ing shave it,” he groans, “I got made fun of all throughout high school for having long hair, I get to college and finally it’s cool to have long hair, and now I’ve gotta f-ing shave it…”
“I think it will look good short,” I offer… oh god, why did I say that?
He scoffs and turns back to me, “I just know I’ll look like a damn 12 year old with short hair, zits and all. That’s why I never cut it.”
“I um… I have some medicated gel in my bag, if you want it. And concealer, until the spots heal.” What am I doing??
He gives me a sad smile, “Why are you being so nice to me? I don’t even know your name.”
“I’m Tiffany, or Tiff is fine.”
“Austin,” he says, “You’re too sweet to be a Phi Beta, what are you doing here?”
“I um, I came with my roommate, Carly Shay. She’s planning to join.”
“Right, makes sense.” He leans up against the sink and lets out a sigh. “You wanna come back to the frat house with me?”
I can see my eyes go wide in the mirror and Austin laughs, “No no, not like that. I have to head back there and see if any of my roommates have a trimmer I can use. I can’t keep wandering around like this. And, uh, so far you’re good company. I guess I just thought you might like to see the Alpha Chi house? We have a pool.”

I don’t know why I say yes, but I do. Next thing I know I’m sitting in Austin’s room, on his bed, at the frat house.
“How the f-k do you use these things,” he grumbles, trying to pop the plastic guard on the clippers he borrowed from one of his roommates. I’m amazed any of them had a pair, but apparently some of them have undercuts he tells me.
“Do you want me to help?” I ask tentatively.
He gives me a grateful smile and hands me the clippers, “You can’t possibly make this any worse than it already is, so go ahead. Have at it.”
“Oh I don’t know how to cut hair, I just meant I would put the guard on.”
“Does it look like I know how to cut hair?” Then he lets out a deep laugh, realizing that right now he looks like a little kid went at his head with craft scissors. “I won’t be able to get the back on my own anyway, might as well just have you do the honors.”
I can’t believe this. I’m about to shave the head of the most popular Alpha Chi member, in his own bedroom. “You’ve got a number three on here, is that going to be an ok length?”
He shrugs, “The hell if I know.” He sits on the floor, and I kneel behind him. I realize I have no idea how short a #3 cuts hair, but Austin doesn’t seem to care, so I click the clippers on and they whirr to life in my hand. Austin jumps at the noise.
“This sucks,” he whines, “I’ve made it 22 damn years without clippers anywhere near my head, and now this.”
“It grows back,” I say, “It’ll be ok.”
Gently I push his head down so his chin is touching his chest, then I place the clippers at the base of his skull. Slowly, I move them up toward his crown. They swiftly begin peeling away his long blond hair, leaving just a quarter inch of stubble in their wake. I gulp. His hair is about to be very short. I can feel my nether region stir at the thought of running my fingertips over the swath of bare skin in front of me, but I don’t know Austin like that. So instead I bite my lip and push the clippers up over his crown and to his hairline, dumping a massive clump of hair onto his lap.
“Holy crap,” he blurts, “I’m gonna be freaking bald.”
Methodically I make pass after pass over Austin’s head, sending blond hair raining down all around him and into his lap. Eventually I have to use one hand to direct his head where I need it, and move his ears out of the way. Every time I reposition my grip he tenses up a little, it must be completely unnerving to feel my palm up against his scalp.
Finally I’m finished, so I click the clippers off and brush my hands over his head to dust off any stray hairs. I could be mistaken but I swear I hear a little moan leave his lips…
He stands and goes over to the mirror to inspect, “Oh good lord, this is so bad.” He’s caressing his head like he’s trying to console himself. He’s covered in his own hair, so snakes his arms out of his shirt and tosses it to the floor. There’s a giant serpent tattooed on his back, and I can feel my face flush with lust. He lets out an exasperated sigh he spins to face me, and suddenly I can’t breathe. My whole body feels tingly. He looks absolutely stunning.
“It looks awful doesn’t it,” Austin says glumly, “I can tell, you look like you’re holding back a laugh.”
I’m not, actually, I’m holding back the urge to jump his bones. What has gotten into me??
“I um, I actually think it looks, um, nice.”
“You’re a horrible liar. Just be honest, go ahead, I can take it.”
“You look incredibly sexy,” I blurt, immediately regretting it and covering my mouth with my hands.
Austin’s mouth falls open and then pulls into a smirk, “Oh I see, someone likes the pathetic little school boy look.”
“I don’t think you look pathetic at all,” I say honestly, “You have gorgeous eyes, nice cheekbones, and your head isn’t even a weird shape.”
“Hmph,” he says turning back to the mirror, “Hey, can you put some of that concealer stuff on for me?”
He sits on the edge of his bed and I stand before him, carefully dabbing concealer over his spots.
“You really think I look hot?” He asks breathily.
I nod, focusing on the task at hand, but then he continues, “Do you wanna kiss me?”
“I don’t think your girlfriend would appreciate that, Austin.”
“My girlfriend? I don’t have a girlfriend. I was seeing one of the Phi Beta girls for a bit but it wasn’t serious.”
He’s so close I can smell his woodsy cologne mingled with cigarette smoke, and peppermint gum on his breath.
“I don’t think you’d want to kiss a girl that’s not in a sorority, isn’t that frowned upon?”
“The best things in life are frowned upon,” he smirks, “So, is that a yes or…?”
I have no idea what comes over me in that moment but I smash my lips into his and it feels like heaven. His lips are soft and warm and his tongue darts in and out of my mouth leaving a delicious hint of mint and tobacco behind. My hands are traveling all over his bare head and he’s groaning up against my lips and I can feel his manhood come to life against my leg.
“Do you wanna f-k me?” He moans in my ear.
I respond by unzipping his fly, and he pulls us both up onto the bed. I can’t believe I’m doing this, but it feels so good. We share a moment of euphoria and then he rolls off of me, panting, “If I’d have known getting scalped was this erotic I’d have done it years ago.”
I scratch my nails over his head and he moans softly. “You gonna grow it out again?”
“Hmm maybe,” he says, twirling a lock of my hair around his finger, “And then maybe I’ll let you shave me bald-bald, like with shaving cream.”
There’s a shimmer in his eyes that I like the look of. “Deal,” I say, “So you’re really gonna date an outsider, and a freshmen? And what are we gonna do when you graduate?”
“We’re gonna make it work, if you want to. I think we’ve got the start of a good thing going here.”
I nod in agreement. Something about Austin feels right, and even though I’ve barely known him a day, I find myself never wanting to be apart. “You don’t get to decide when it’s time for your next shave though,” I say with a wink.
“Yes ma’am,” he replies, giving me another hungry kiss, “Whatever you say. I am putty in your hands.”


Austin and I do more than make it work. In fact, we go steady all through college, even though he graduates far ahead of me. And then after I graduate, he proposes. We’ve now been blissfully married for three years! I made Austin wait months before I sprung his next haircut on him. As promised, he ended up completely bald, shaving cream and all. He definitely got some weird looks from people who were used to seeing him with long blond curls, but he no longer cared what anyone else thought. Well, anyone but me, that is. Sex after he was completely shaved smooth was so intoxicating, I never wanted to let him go back to having any hair. But it was fun letting his golden locks grow out and then shearing them off unexpectedly, so it’s a tradition we’ve kept up with. He’s currently got hair down to his shoulders and I’m itching for our next session, but I want to leave him hanging just a little bit longer… maybe.

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