The Auction, Nate’s Story – Part 1

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If you haven’t read my story “The Auction” you might want to read that first for a bit of backstory on what’s going on here. This is the story of another “client” from that fateful night!


“Babe, I have to tell you something.” Those are the words no one ever wants to utter to their significant other, but what I had to tell Nate was super important. It could also get me into a lot of trouble for telling him, but he needed to know.
He raked his long dirty blond hair away from his face and peered up from his desk, brown eyes tinged with worry. “Yeah? Everything ok babe?”
I bit my lip, “You have to promise not to tell anyone what I’m going to tell you.”
“You know what’s said in the frat house doesn’t leave the frat house.”
“No I’m serious, Nathan, not even your brothers. No one, ok?”
He wasn’t going to appreciate me using his full name, but I needed him to know I was serious.
“Fine, ok, what is it?”
“You know how Phi Beta is running a fundraiser next weekend?”
“Mhmmm, ‘The Auction’ or whatever, yeah.”
“Well, you’re not going to like what they’re going to be auctioning off.”

Now, for a bit of context, my boyfriend Nate and I have been going out for the last three years. We’re currently both in our senior year of college. Nate is in a frat, Alpha Chi Epsilon, and I’m in a sorority, Phi Beta Mu. The AC guys almost all have super long hair, it’s one of their unspoken ‘dress-code’ rules if you will. Nate is no exception, his hair hangs about mid back and is super thick and shiny. When we met as freshmen his hair barely reached his ears, but he hasn’t cut more than the split ends off since then. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love his hair long. I never used to be attracted to guys with long hair, but its grown on me (no pun intended). But, I would be lying if I didn’t wonder what Nate would look like with shorter hair. It had been two years since I’d really gotten a good view of his face, or his stunning eyes. I’d resigned myself to the fact that he was going to just have long hair forever, or at least until after graduation, and it was never something I brought up since at the end of the day, it was his hair and his choice. I loved him either way.

“You gonna spill or what?”
“They’re auctioning off all of the Alpha Chi guys’ hair.”
“I’m sorry, they’re what?!”
“They’re auctioning off your hair,” I repeated, “They didn’t tell any of the AC guys because they knew you’d all say no. The plan is to just pick five guys at a time and drag them up on stage. For every thousand they raise they’re just gonna chop off one of you guys’ ponytails at random.”
Nate looked like he’d seen a ghost, “They can’t do that, can they? That seems like its gotta be against school policy. Did anyone tell them this was a bad idea?”
“You know how it is, the school doesn’t care what Phi Beta does, sororities are untouchable. And I tried to reason with my sisters but I was completely outnumbered. I’m sorry, babe.”
“Well I’m just going to not go, I can’t go!”
“If you don’t go, they’re going to know I told you.”
“Well then what am I supposed to do, huh? Jesus Christ Bailey, this is some really stupid sh-t you guys think you’re gonna pull.”
I pulled him into a bear hug and rested my head on his shoulder, “I know, I’m so sorry babe. The best I can offer is, I can volunteer to be one of the ‘hairdressers’, and I will try to not let them pick you.”

He stayed wrapped in my embrace for a moment before nuzzling my neck and then pulling away and taking my face in his hands. “Would you still be with me if I had short hair?”
I nodded, “Of course, Nate, I don’t love you for your hair. When we met it wasn’t this long and I still fell for you.”
“How about…. What if I was a brunette?”
I felt my face twist up in confusion and he let out an awkward laugh. “Babe, I don’t think cutting your hair short would magically change the color.”
“No, I know that, but um…” he looked nervous and his hands fell away from my face, and started wringing in his lap.
“Babe, I would love you no matter what. You know that. Is this your way of telling me you want to change your hair?”
“Well the thing is, I already have been…”
“I’m not following.”
“I knew I wanted to join Alpha Chi since before I got here and, um… All of the guys were blonds, but I wasn’t, so…”
“Wait wait wait, are you trying to tell me you’re not a natural blond?!”
Timidly he met my gaze, “Unfortunately, yeah.”
I couldn’t help but laugh, “I mean, I’ve always wondered why your roots were so dark, but I just figured it took a while before the sun bleached it out like the rest.”
“I’m sorry, you probably hate me now-”
“”Nate, honey, I could never hate you. I just feel bad you’ve had to hide this for so long. You should have just left it alone. You didn’t have to make that big of a change just to join, right?”
“No, I didn’t. I just really wanted to make sure I got in, so I made a snap decision. And I never thought I would miss it but… sometimes I do. But then I was worried if I stopped dyeing it, I’d be ostracized. Plus, you’ve only ever known me like this so…”
“Not gonna lie, my first serious boyfriend had very short, very dark brown hair. And he was quite handsome. Ended up being an a$$hole, but a handsome a$$hole.”
“Is that your way of trying to make me feel better?”
“My point is, I could get used to whatever. So if you wanna go back to brown, then so be it.”

He wrapped me in his arms again and we got up and went to snuggle on the couch. I was winding my fingers absentmindedly through his hair, and the movie we were watching was just about over, when he looked over at me and said, “You know your plan isn’t going to work, right?”
“What plan is that, babe?”
“Even if you volunteer for the fundraiser, there’s no guarantee you can keep the other girls from picking me. You should just pick me first.”
“If I pick you first, then I have to cut your hair. Isn’t the objective here to not have to do that?”
“The odds are I’ll get chosen, Bail, I think we both know that. What are you gonna do, knock them over if they try to go for me? If you pick me, at least I know it would be you cutting my hair.”
“Maybe I could just ask them if they can skip you.”
“Do you really think they’d do that? Who’s going to stop them from choosing me just to spite you for being a cop-out?”
He had a good point, but was I really going to be able to hack off his hair on stage like it was nothing? I’d be devastated making him do something he wasn’t ready to do…
“It makes the most sense, Bailey. That’s what I want, I want you to pick me, and then I know at least I won’t walk off the stage with a bald patch.”

That night I had a dream that I ruthlessly cut off all his hair, and when he turned around to face me, he was a breathtaking sight with short dark hair and sultry brown eyes. When I woke up it honestly made me a little hot and bothered thinking about what he’d look like if I could convince him to go really short like in my dream. I knew for the fundraiser all I was going to do was lop off enough for a ponytail as a trophy, but maybe afterwards he could be persuaded to ditch the rest…

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