The Baby Sitter

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The babysitter

“The babysitter is going to be around at 7:00 so don’t give him or her any trouble we’ll be back in a couple days time.” “I don’t get why I need a babysitter, I’m almost 18.” “Exactly, your not an adult yet so you can’t be by yourself that long.” When 7:00 came i heard the doorbell ring. I got up and opened the door to my surprise there was a woman no older than 20 with big brown eyes and a nice rack but more importantly had a shaved head to a 0. It looked good as well. This weekend wasn’t going to be so bad after all. I ushered her inside and showed her around. After a while she was watching tv while I was in my room. I was thinking about her and her shaved head and I started to get hard. I reached into my pants and started to wank. I pulled up the image of willow Smith bald and pulled down my pants. I was about to jizz when the door opened. “Oh. I see.” She said unwavered by my masturbation. “My last boyfriend was like you. He was the reason I shaved my head then after he dumped me I kept it shaved cause it was easy and I love the way it looks.” By now I had pulled my pants up and frantically closed the photo. She continued however, “let me guess, you wanna shave your head but you don’t because you’re scared of how you will look and how others will react.” I opened my mouth to deny the truth but she cut me off. “Stop denying it. You have a thing for shaved heads.” I nodded. “Well I have a thing for guys with big penises so I think we can do something for each other.” She grabbed me by my hair and took me to the living room. There she pulled my pants down to reveal a throbbing boner. She then took her shirt off and her bra. I took my shirt off and after I was fully naked she followed. We were now both fully naked even her pussy was naked, not a hair in sight. In fact she was completely hairless apart from her eyebrows and eyelashes. She then reached into her bag and took out her clippers. While my attention was into her right hand holding the clippers her left hand had wandered and found my rock hard cock. She wrapped her hand around it and started stroking slow at first then started building up. I had forgotten about the clippers and now I was squeezing her round tits. That was until I heard a low hum followed by a higher pitched hum and hair falling onto my dick. I quickly reached up and felt a thin layer of stubble in the way of my fingers and skin! This made me hornier and she could tell. I sat down on the couch while finding my way into her pussy hole using my fingers. She, with her left hand was wanking me off while shaving my head with her right. Pretty soon my head was covered with nothing but stubble. She then got on her knees and started to suck me off. I, with one hand was rubbing my bald head and with the other rubbing her bald head. She had also reached into her bag and found a razor and started shaving me from the feet up. I lay on the tiled floor while she was shaving my legs and wanking me off. My bald head was freezing against the cold tiles. I could feel her razor moving up slowly but surely. She would wet me then apply shaving cream before shaving the area then rinse and repeat. Pretty soon she had shaved my legs and now with a delicate female touch she was shaving my bush. After 10 minutes she told my to put my arms up and she shaved my armpits. She then covered my face in shaving cream and whilst closing my eyes she hog tied me and put a ball gag in my mouth. She then shaved my whole head including my eyebrows and facial hair. She then flipped me over my hard penis now pressing against my smooth belly. She then repeated the process on my back. Shaving delicately between my butt cheeks and around my butthole slipping a few fingers in and out. After a while I was completely bald and she flipped me over. And started to squat on my crotch area. She then inserted my penis inside of her vagina and started fucking me. She would berate me saying “you’re just a baby, you don’t have armpit hair or leg hair hair or any hair. Look at you nobody will love you. You’re all mine forever. There was no boyfriend idiot. I have a head shaving fetish plus I’m just younger than you by a month. I lied to your parents. We’re perfect for each other.” As we finished simultaneously she said, “this is going to be a fun weekend.”

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